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Listen to John Williams’ 2018 Chicago Concert

John Williams’ concert with the Chicago Symphony on April, 26, 2018, the first of his four consecutive performances with the CSO from last year, can now be listened to online at CSO Sounds & Stories. Richard Kaufman conducted the orchestra during…

Decoding the Musical Themes of ‘Star Wars’ (Audio)

Frank Lehman, assistant professor of music theory at Tufts University and creator of the online catalogue of Star Wars leitmotifs, discusses Williams’ themes for the saga in an interview at WBUR Radio in Boston. Decoding the Musical Themes of Star…

New Williams Interview (Audio)

John Williams talks with WCRB‘s Brian McCreath about Star Wars, Film Night at the Pops, and how he decided to succeed Arthur Fiedler as Pops Conductor in 1980. Discuss this topic in our forums