‘War Horse’ and More on Cinematic Sound Radio


On this edition of THIS JUST IN! we will be featuring music from John Williams’ new score to Steven Spielberg’s WAR HORSE. You will hear two seperate suites – one at the beginning of the program and one at the end. You will also hear featured suites from THE RUM DIARY (Young), PUSS IN BOOTS (Jackman), FIREFLIES IN THE GARDEN (Cornish), REAL STEEL (Elfman), MY WEEK WITH MARILYN (Pope/Desplat), TOWER HEIST (Beck), DOLPHIN’S TALE (Isham) and THE IDES OF MARCH (Desplat) . During the course of the program you will also hear shorter selections from LORD OF THE RINGS: WAR IN THE NORTH (Zur), PSALM 21 (Christensson), THE ARTIST (Bource), IN TIME (Armstrong), JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN (Eshkeri), CHILLERAMA: ZOM-B-MOVIE (McCreary) and A DANGEROUS METHOD (Shore).http://www.cinematicsound.net/?p=1580

Note – We’ve now added a mobile/smartphone stream. This is especially helpful for iPhone users who want to stream the show on their device.

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