Williams Interviews at NY Times

‘John Williams Lets His Muses Carry Him Along’
“I never experienced anything like a block. For me if I’m ever blocked or I feel like I don’t quite know where to go at the next turn, the best thing for me is to keep writing, to write something. It could be absolute nonsense, but it will project me into the next phase of thinking. And I think if we ourselves as writers get out of the way and let the flow happen and not get uptight about it, so to speak, the muses will carry us along.” – Full article

‘Musical Titan Honors His Heroes’
The idea of placing a bust of Copland on the grounds was proposed to Mr. Williams 20 years ago by an executive of the Boston Symphony. Though the plan never came to fruition, Mr. Williams could not let the idea go, and each summer when he visited the campus it became stronger. “I began to think that not only Copland should be represented, but Koussevitzky,” he said. “And certainly Bernstein.” – Full article

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