John Williams Looks Forward to Scoring New ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Indiana Jones’

John-WilliamsLOS ANGELES — At 81 years old, legendary composer John Williams is busier than ever, as he scores JJ Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode VII and is raring to work on Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones 5. John quipped that he expects to be working until he’s 100 and beyond.

“I’m quite a bit older than he,” John said of Steven, his frequent artistic partner. “It’s been, for whatever reason, always a wonderful relationship. Since he is younger than I am, I will try to keep up with him, do the music for Indiana Jones 5. I will try to keep up with the other gentlemen, including JJ Abrams, who’s doing Star Wars VII, and we will see how long my eyesight will hold out. —That’s the present state of things.”

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