Monsignor’s ‘Gloria’ Performed in Indianapolis

Indianapolis Symphony uses John Williams’ own copy of the score.

Reported by Matthew Stevenson:

On March 25-26, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and Symphonic Choir performed John William's setting of the Gloria from Monsignor as part of a pops concert of Hollywood and Broadway Choruses. Conductor Jack Everly mentioned that this piece was not in publication, and in order to perform it, he contacted Mr. Williams directly and he (Williams) loaned out his own copy of the score and orchestra/choir parts. The concert was surprisingly deep for a pops concert and the Gloria was definitely the highlight of the night. Had I been thinking more quickly, I would have recorded it on my iphone. Alas I did not. (I should also mention that the concert included the Star Wars Main Titles with an choral part written in – I assume by Everly. The purist in me didn't care for it much.)

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