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  2. Don’t need money, don’t take fame, don’t need no credit card to ride this train.
  3. Apocalypse Now on Netflix. Never watched it. That's a long movie. I watched the first part, that's enough for today!
  4. You load sixteen tons, what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt.
  5. I just read he lost his daughter during production on the movie, I had no idea. Bloody hell.
  6. But the Post was composed after... it’s funny though, how that score sort of opens with almost the same motif from TLJ. Like how ‘Closing in’ from CMIYC features a very similar chord progression as ‘Across the Stars’.
  7. I didn't have a spare £150! They will be mine one day... Yep the one in the Bullring.
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  9. Her Mozart’s Turkish concerto with Karajan is among by favourite interpretation of this work, even if Karajan slowered the tempo a bit for her. She was what, 13-14 yo on this historical recording?
  10. Poor Cersei having to walk around in the nuddy with her face awkwardly pasted on some double's body. And what was with burning that poor scaly faced girl at the steak? The Jon Stark battle against the skeletons was awesome, but everyone's stabbed him to death, so how does he come back? The dragon to the rescue to fight all those masked freaks in the stadium reminded me of that bit in AOTC when the clone army arrives.
  11. We should have stayed in the damn car...
  12. The best suggestion I saw was Hour of the Gun. Our own Yavar.
  13. Skipper RMS Titanic, this is inGen harbor master. You are approaching iceberg at flank speed. Reduce at once, over.
  14. I’ve seen them all but those are my favorites.
  15. This is not the thread for listing all the Bond films you've seen.
  16. True, but the father in me couldn’t imagine losing a child. But you’re right.
  17. Making movies (on location)? Send us a communiqué.
  18. What happened to Snyder is irrelevant. I sympathise, but a bad film is a bad film, end of.
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