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  1. I'm so glad I started collecting in 1993. In the mid 90's, I bought this CD just in a regular record shop in Rotterdam.
  2. This site plays the same samples automatically: http://www.musicline.de/de/player_flash/0050087329181/0/0/50/product
  3. SAMPLES ONLINE: https://www.weltbild.at/artikel/musik/the-bfg-big-friendly-giant_21774301-1#information Click 'Titelliste'. Enjoy..! ADMIN NOTE: Discuss the samples HERE
  4. https://www.weltbild.at/artikel/musik/the-bfg-big-friendly-giant_21774301-1#information Click 'Titelliste'. Enjoy..!
  5. I've been told that Heather Clark is credited as flute soloist in the CD booklet.
  6. Track times revealed: http://www.universal-music.de/various-artists-family/diskografie/detail/product:350174/the-bfg
  7. Although I'm an optimist, there is no guarantee he'll score those films either. Of course, no scoring job is a certainty until it's recorded and all, but with Bridge Of Spies still so fresh in my memory -to which Willams was initially officially attached (GSA website, etc.)- I'd say a Williams score is a guarantee when he's actually busy writing the score.
  8. What is really needless is when people paint a cardboard image of this place, suggesting it's infested by non-critical, raving fanboys and that the ones who *can* think -the superior intellectual beings- are somehow a 'victim' of the mindless, Williams-idolating first group. NOBODY called anything a masterpiece based on the released clips. Nobody. I know it, KK knows it.
  9. KM CALLS IT A MASTERPIECE..! Such typical JWFan-boy schtick..! Very amusing.
  10. WHERE did you read this..??? Is there another BFG thread I don't know about..??? Your completely one-dimensional, false sketch of this board and your 'holier than thou'-attitude is the truly amusing thing here...