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  1. John Williams And Nikola Tesla

    Oh, get off your high horse. You don't have to be a music expert to suggest that Williams has not been a pioneer. Influential? Sure. In more ways than one. Being part of a 'cutting edge' musical scene at some point? I'll agree on that too. But don't confuse that with "paving new ground".
  2. John Williams And Nikola Tesla

    No question jazz is ingrained in Williams' music -- even seemingly straight-up neo-romanticism like STAR WARS. But it's by no means a pioneering effort.
  3. John Williams And Nikola Tesla

    He operated within that style early on, but he was hardly a pioneer in it. Williams has never been a pioneer of anything in terms of 'new styles and sounds'.
  4. John Williams And Nikola Tesla

    That's what I just said. His genius lies elsewhere.
  5. Anyone can make playlists, including myself. But a proper composer or producer-produced album -- with listening experience in mind (which I'm not convinced BLADE RUNNER 2049 was) -- is always preferred. As I've said many times, producing a proper album is more than just assembling playlists. But it's the second-best option when there's no better alternative. I actually have several other albums lined up for similar "playlist treatment" when I get time and stamina (even creating playlists is not "easy", I think, but it's doable). It's how I survive in this C&C-crazy world.
  6. John Williams And Nikola Tesla

    I think Williams IS a genius, but not necessarily in the 'paving new ground' way. I tried to watch the first two minutes of that video, but quickly turned off. Silliness galore.
  7. In absence of better alternatives, you do what you have to do.
  8. The 90-minute soundtrack release is almost unlistenable, IMO. So I assembled this 53-minute playlist for anyone wanting a more succinct listening experience (with emphasis on the Vangelis-like stuff over the "action" stuff): 1. 2049 2. Sapper's Tree 3. Rain 4. Sea Wall 5. Memory 6. Mesa 7. Joi 8. Wallace 9. That's Why We Believe 10. All the Best Memories are Hers 11. Blade Runner 12. Almost Human In addition to removing some tracks, I've also rearranged the sequence slightly to allow for better listening. That is, I've kept "Mesa" (as the best track) midway. I've put "Sea Wall" and "Wallace" as 4 and 8, to break up the ambiance cues slightly. While the long, 10-minute "Blade Runner" contains segments I'm not too fond of, it also works as an end credits suite of sorts. I think this will work for me for now.
  9. Jurassic Park VS The Lost World

    Exactly. The final "hat" scene is not intended as a take-over, but rather as a last "Ha! Gotcha!" from Spielberg to the audiences that expected he would. Will be interesting to see if they make any references to Mutt in the 5th movie, though.
  10. Jurassic Park VS The Lost World

    I was never as bothered by this particular scene as everyone else. It's actually a pretty damn intense scene -- and following immediately after the great warehouse scene. It's no more outlandish than a lot of stuff in the first three movies. I maintain that it's really only from Peru onwards that there are several critique-worthy scenes.
  11. Jurassic Park VS The Lost World

    Most certainly. But I actually re-watched KOTCS two days ago. I've always defended that film too. The first hour or so is actually quite good. It's only when they get to Peru that things start to go a bit haywire. It's still entertaining throughout, but some of the setpieces are rather stupid -- even when taking the general 'camp'/anything goes value of the Indy universe into consideration: the swashbuckling car chase, the Tarzan thing, the Indians creeping out of the woodwork, the whole interdimensional beings thing. All of this could have been solved a bit better. Still...the film is overall not as bad as people make it out to be. But THE LOST WORLD is a lot better.
  12. Jurassic Park VS The Lost World

    Guess I'm one of the few who also really like THE LOST WORLD, the movie.
  13. Jurassic Park VS The Lost World

    Hey, hey....easy now. No need to get dirty. I've never said there haven't been anything good by Williams in the last 12 years. Only that most of the scores (except WAR HORSE) have been underwhelming compared to his usual standard. Many of them are still reasonably good, because Williams' bar is really high. I understand your love of melodies and such, but I'm thankful that Williams has more layers to his music. I'm glad that for every STAR WARS, you also have an IMAGES. Or THE LOST WORLD. Dismissing that score as "mediocre jungle music" seems bizarre to me, to say the least. But hey -- to each their own and all that.