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  1. Ripping CDs from the library, wrong?

    Morally, it would be considered bootlegging, but in this day and age, nobody really cares.   I have a different example. A few years ago, I spent several months transferring my entire CD collection (about 1000) to iTunes. That's obviously OK, as it's for my own personal consumption. But the problem occured when I sold off (and continue to sell off) some of my CDs, but still kept the iTunes transfer. That's also in a morally ambigious territory, but I don't feel terribly bad about it. For me, it was merely a matter of freeing physical space. Besides, several of the CDs I "sold off" were give-aways or close to give-aways.
  2. So I clicked a STAR WARS thread for once, and WOW, this sounds like something RIGHT up my alley! I'm an "electronica-head" and would never have been interested in film music (or even John Williams, for that matter) if it hadn't been for my love of electronic music first, in the 80s onwards.   So yeah -- bring it on! (I also belong to those who dig Meco's STAR WARS album). Also, it would be a great companion to my other re-interpretation albums (organ, jazz etc.).   I'm particularly excited about the track from Röyksopp, which I've read about for some time now.   [Edit: OK, after listening to the samples, I'm not quite as enthusiastic anymore. I hope the tracks that aren't sampled are better, so I can pick and choose]
  3. Your favorite John Williams pictures

      Could very well be, which means that I'm already too late in my plans to be the first to write this....
  4. Williams Flute concerto Re-recording

      Agreed, but just last week I saw some of that attitude here in Norway. A new film music program started on Norway's main broadcasting channel -- a program inspired (copied?) by my own webcast Celluloid Tunes. Or so the host of the program told me. A bit annoying, but anyway.....their first program was about STAR WARS, and the co-host churned out some classic stereotypes ("that Williams loves his brass, doesn't he?") and they insisted on playing multiple pieces that "inspired" John Wiliams' music -- all the typical stalwarts like KING'S ROW, Holst, Prokofiev etc.   Thankfully, though, this is getting more and more rare, as you say. It only seems prevalent still in 'film music developping countries' like Norway.
  5. Williams Flute concerto Re-recording

    No, but it seems like the Vimeo video has been taken down.
  6. Williams Flute concerto Re-recording

      Not for free, no. You have to buy the digital or physical album. If you buy digitally, you can at least choose to only buy the Williams piece for cheap, and not the rest.
  7. Your favorite John Williams pictures

    Did you guys see the John Williams photo that Doug Adams just put up on Twitter? JW and his family in Scotland, ca. 1970.  
  8. Happy 84th Birthday John Williams!

    Happy birthday to a composer who actually changed my life, in many ways!   84 years isn't THAT old in today's world, but it's certainly old enough. Williams is certainly three times more healthy and vibrant than my own grandfather was at that age.   Here's hoping he has his mother's genes, and that we'll have another decade of new Williams music to look forward to.
  9. Ranking JW's 21st century scores

    I like E.T. and Elliot's enthusiasm for the score! I know all about championing scores and styles that aren't well-liked by a majority of film score fans. From his username, though, I would think E.T. was his favourite score?
  10. The 2015 IFMCA Nominations

    It is no secret that I dislike Giacchino's music in general, and I was a bit disappointed that my colleagues in the IFMCA voted his stuff so high up. But hey -- he's popular, I get that. And he surely had a big year in terms of the titles he was associated with.   (of his work last year, I only found TOMORROWLAND tolerable, and then even only parts of that).
  11. Ranking JW's 21st century scores

      I used to REALLY dislike ALWAYS, but it has grown considerably on me in later years (as my general music taste has changed), even that seemingly aimless "Heaven" track. Today, I would say I vastly prefer ALWAYS over THE BOOK THIEF.
  12. Ranking JW's 21st century scores

    Hard to speculate in such things. I would certainly welcome a concert treatment of those 'small' Williams scores. I think what I love so much about them could be easily transcribed to an interesting suite format of some kind (there's a potenial 'guitar suite/piece' in STEPMOM, for example). But I doubt it's ever going to happen.
  13. Ranking JW's 21st century scores

    I think Williams' talents stretch way beyond the big symphony orchestra, although that is one of his major strengths. In fact, one could argue that his jazz talents, for example, are on the same level as his symphonic writing.
  14. Heroes & Aliens concert

      Whoa! Fantastic. I would have loved to hear that. Was this broadcast or filmed in any way?