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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/BJe_BBjBCVk/ Hmmm...didn't work.
  2. An Instagram code. Didn't work, so I just took a screengrab instead.
  3. I LOVE black licorice (both soft and hard). Also, it goes spectacularly well with red wine. My third favourite candy after potato chips and chocolate.
  4. I still think the film looks promising, but here in Norway, people are making fun of the ship designs, as they resemble our licorice candy "Lakrisbåter" (licorice boats):
  5. Sad news. SEE NO EVIL, HEAR NO EVIL is one of my alltime favourite comedies.
  6. This. Definitely this: Also, his concert work "A Young Person's Guide to the Cello" is intended as a comical piece.
  7. The Jones concert looks awesome -- I wish there some way to watch the whole thing -- and I'm surprised it includes so many film and TV bits. Great programming!
  8. I think James Fitzpatrick is the guy to call. He's the producer of these rerecordings, and he's the one who hires Nic Raine for conducting duties. But as I said earlier, if you're going to rerecord Williams, then PLEASE, pretty please with sugar on top -- rerecord something completely unreleased!
  9. Yeah, but then again you have about as much knowledge about electronica as John Williams has about social media and modern composing software.
  10. Ha, that's weird. I googled 'Jeff Eldridge John Williams' etc., but nothing came up. But yeah -- that's the "museum page" right there!
  11. Daft Punk's TRON: LEGACY is not only one of the very best scores of the 21st century and on my own personal alltime Top 50 list, it's also a great example of an artist having a sound that is tailored exactly to the tone of the film (8-bit, retro Arcade sounds for neon CGI landscapes -- "amped up" by orchestral forces). But that's also the only thing it has in common with BLADE RUNNER or Jóhannsson. Beyond that, I have no doubt they're going to be very different in style. My guess is Jóhann will do his own thing (he always does), but perhaps reference some instrumentation and "synth sounds" of Vangelis' original.
  12. Jóhannson is not only fitting, but one of my own top candidates after Vangelis himself -- weaving dark, ethereal textures like those the Greek did for the original. Fantastic to have his involvement confirmed at last!
  13. Didn't Jeff Eldridge use JW's autograph as his logo? I can't remember, and the site seems to be taken down for good (not even available in its "museum format" anymore).
  14. Same here in Norway (which happen to the be most expensive country in the world). There are special student dorms all over Oslo, of course, but the waiting list is long (I think it was, like, 13.000 in line this semester, which is a lot in Norwegian terms). So the student organizations recommend newcomers to rent together, in collectives and such, if at all possible. Yeah, that's the big difference between our cultures, I think (the same difference that exists between Northern Europe and Continental Europe). We're more focussed on early independence, and I must say I agree with that philosophy. Staying with your parents untill your twenties and thirties is not healthy in the long run. But we do have examples of that here in Norway too, although it's more rare. Heck, my own uncle stayed with his mother (my late grandmother) untill he was 50. But he's completely nuts. But to each their own and all that. I'm not going to sit on my high horse and think that everyone who chooses to live with their parents beyond the age of 18 is turning into immature adults or whatever. I've seen examples of perfectly functioning people in their 30s who lived at home untill way into their 20s. But it's not something I would personally recommend. The challenges of finding housing -- however difficult and whatever extreme measures one must take -- is part of life and personal growth. For me, it wasn't even a choice -- my parents (especially dad) made it pretty clear when I started high school that I would move out at 18. Because then my younger brother would take over my room. My two younger siblings also moved at that age (more or less). It felt scary at the time, but in retrospect, I'm glad I got the life experience.
  15. As you can see above, that's my number 2! It's generally among his most respected scores. I actually think the CD is spectatular in how organic it flows between the existing music and the original material. Fantastic concept album!