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  1. Ha, ha...please, let me have some of that Dutch weed you're smoking.
  2. Of the titles given, some immediately cancel themselves for me -- ROGUE ONE & DR. STRANGE (for obvious reasons). One title is difficult to pick, because I suspect minimal score music and more source/classical music -- VOYAGE OF TIME. The rest could be reasonably fine, but ultimately it boils down to ARRIVAL and PASSENGERS, both of whom I look forward to very much. If I really had to pick between them, though, I guess I'd go for ARRIVAL (which is what I chose in the poll) -- if only because the idea of Johannsson and sci fi is so tantalizing (so is Newman and sci fi, but we "kinda" got a taste of that with WALL-E already).
  3. A little bit, but not much. I'm still playing it on Spotify. Waiting for prices to drop on the CD.
  4. Yeah, but that's a very rare 'happenstance'. THE MAG 7 may not have been a truly great score to go out on (AVATAR was Horner's last truly great score), but it's certainly better than going out with something like LOONEY TUNES, which Goldsmith did!
  5. Why would you compare this show with STRANGER THINGS? They have nothing in common. On a personal level, though, I connected more to ST than MAN. In fact, now that it's been several months since I binged the first season of MAN, I can hardly remember anything of the plot at all, except the pilot -- which I saw twice.
  6. Indeed, although some of those are a bit of a stretch. Yes, both THE ROAD and THE BOOK OF ELI are postapocalyptic films, but that's pretty much where the similarity ends.
  7. Not sure that would make an interesting fiction film. Except for the flying, there wasn't much in terms of outrovert drama in Horner's life. That I'm aware of, anyway. Quite the contrary, he seemed to live a secluded life for the most part. But I would LOVE to see a good documentary about him -- like the famous story of when he used to date Goldsmith's daughter etc.
  8. It's not the first time such things happen. They seem to happen with regular intervals (DEEP IMPACT/ARMAGEDDON, ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES/ROBIN HOOD, JOBS/STEVE JOBS, THE CAVE/THE DESCENT, DANTE'S PEAK/VOLCANO and so on).
  9. Watch out, John Williams, there's a tiny Tie Fighter out to get you!
  10. I liked the first season, but I didn't fall in love with it, as I've done other tv shows in the last few years. Still, I'm gonna tune in for season 2 in December.
  11. Yes, I'm sure there have been several threads about this in the past. "Scary/dark" is also a rather loose term that can mean different things. But as far as Williams is concerned, I'd mention... "Barry's Abduction" from CE3K "Killing Marcel" from IMAGES "The Raptor Attack" from JURASSIC PARK "The Shooting of Wilson" and portions of "Cua Viet River, Vietnam, 1968" from BOT4OJ "Vision on the Stairs" from THE FURY "Apparition on the Train" from HARRY POTTER 3 "The Temple of Doom" from INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM "Spyders" from MINORITY REPORT Anything from WAR OF THE WORLDS Anything from NIXON "The Attack at Olympic Village" from MUNICH Loads more. I want to give a special shout-out to SLEEPERS, perhaps the darkest and most adult/contemporary Williams has ever been, especially the music for the sexual and physical abuses of the children. The transition scene between the past and the present is fantastic. I think it's called "Last Night at Wilkinson" on the soundtrack.
  12. Awesome! Very refreshing to read a positive comment!
  13. I see. Well, it seems like most of you have made up your mind already. For my part, I'm optimistic based on the trailer -- there are so many elements to be enthusiastic about here (Tyldum, Newman & sci fi, the premise, the visual ideas, the suspenseful third act etc.), but I'll reserve proper judgement untill I've seen it.