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  1. Yeah, that's the one. However, we do not know the circumstances of the "walk-out". Whether it was the musicians' reactions to the piece or some other factor. Perhaps they were just unruly that day, and Williams had a bad day, and it came to a halt.
  2. I was thinking of solo singing, primarily. I was not aware that you sung in a choir, though. We never talked about that when we met.
  3. I like this: Affirms my belief that he will write music right up untill the day he dies -- like you see in AMADEUS.
  4. Wow, cool. I thought I was only one who sang around here! Sounds like an intriguing concept. There are enough Williams songs to fill up at least two or three albums, but this is a great start. Good luck, Martin. I'll certainly check into this when it's out. You sound kinda like Paul Williams, so I hope you've thought about including his Williams songs as well. Oh -- and I prefer your version of "If We Were in Love" over Pavarotti's, actually, as I don't think his voice fit the style of that song very well.
  5. 24

    I'm not denying that there can ebb and flow in quality within seasons, and even -- perhaps -- seasons overall, but that doesn't really detract from the pleasure of coming back. I think both 24 and now HOMELAND are keeping top form overall! A better example is SUPERNATURAL, which is now into its, what, 12th season? I've seen all the episodes, and I still tune in every week even if I'm not as interested in the storylines as I was some 4-5 seasons ago (up to and including the leviathans). It's about absorbing the place and characters and atmosphere. Heck, that's even why I like certain sitcoms, like CHEERS. An interest in storylines or originality or whatever was not what kept me coming back for 14 seasons. It's coming into that bar "where everybody knows your name". I'm surprised so few others get that out watching series. It's mostly just 'story, story, story'. I think I'm one of the three people who actually think TWIN PEAKS got better in season 2!
  6. 24

    Well, HOMELAND pretty much picked up where 24 left off, but hey -- I'm game for more. I've never understood why some people always say "oh, they should have stopped after the first film" or "first season" or whatever. If I'm truly in love with a series -- including the characters that occupy it and the general ambiance and universe it draws up -- I really can't get enough of it. I want it to go on and on and on.
  7. Yeah, I remember those from way back when. Very cute.
  8. Alien 5 by Neill Blomkamp

    Please no. That's an even worse idea than the Blomkamp project.
  9. Alien 5 by Neill Blomkamp

    That's a good call. I had to google her, but she looks kinda like a 20's-something Newt. I can understand why you guys have no issues with the continuity glitch, but as someone who obsess over this thing -- especially in the ALIEN-related universe -- it got my knickers in a twist, and continues to do so (even if I've come to terms with it). But yeah -- I wouldn't be gutted if they scrapped this project, and instead opted for a sequel where ALIEN: RESSURECTION left off (lots of possibilities!).
  10. Alien 5 by Neill Blomkamp

    That's OK. I've long since come to terms with the continuity glitch in this project, so at this point they can just as well go all out. I doubt they're getting Carrie Henn, though. She has never played in anything else. I believe she's been working as a teacher since the early 2000s.
  11. I wish they included the character names as well, as most of these names are unfamiliar to me (too much hassle googling all of them!). But yeah -- the most flabbergasting omission is Michael Ontkean as the sheriff. I wonder what that was all about? Robert Forster is a great actor (and he looks kinda like an older Ontkean), but still.... Oh yeah, and no Michael J. Anderson as the dwarf.
  12. Music to the BFG - compare to this mp3!

    Didn't we establish that the original trailer music is from STARDUST by Ilan Eshkeri?
  13. Alien 5 by Neill Blomkamp

    I liked the second half too; that's where the antagonist turns into a sympathetic protagonist -- one of the best examples of a successful transition of this kind that I've seen in recent years. Blomkamp showed lots of promise with this film, but then he faltered a bit with ELYSIUM (which is OK, but on the mediocre side) and then fell flat competely with CHAPPIE. So the evolution is not promising. But I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for now. He only has three feature films to his credit. I've not seen any of his earlier shorts.
  14. Alien 5 by Neill Blomkamp

    My views on this project hasn't changed -- I'm skeptical because a) Blomkamp hasn't made a good film since DISTRICT 9 and b) I hate the fact that he's ignoring 3 and 4. On the other hand, I really can't get enough of the ALIEN universe, so any chance to spend more time there is great news. I'm continually torn between these two poles. Whatever Weaver or others say.