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  1. The most important thing to remember, though, is that my taste is always the correct one, and everyone else's is completely wrong.
  2. DRACULA is discussed all the time (sadly not so much the music or film itself, but rather people's craving for an expansion). MIDWAY less often, but often enough. Both should be wellknown to most Williams fans, and not only us hardcore researchers. If you don't know them, you ain't a proper Williams fan! But to the public at large, they do perhaps qualify.
  3. I'm now toying with the idea of going through all of Williams film scores by year. It would certainly take me a few weeks, although some are easily run through (for unreleased scores like DADDY-O or I PASSED FOR WHITE etc., I only have 1-2 audio rip tracks). I've done this on a couple of occasions in the past; anyone else done the same?
  4. The prospect of (another) Boston Pops Williams CD is tantalizing, but I'll reserve my enthusiasm for when I actually see a track list. If it does indeed focus on the 'lesser known' material (of course, to Williams fans, neither MIDWAY nor DRACULA are lesser known), then it might be interesting. If it's yet another 'greatest hits', however, it's probably not for me.
  5. Geezes, the search engine of this place is so dreadful. How come no relevant hits when searching for 'montage' or even 'gloria cheng'? I know there was a previous thread on this, so feel free to "merge", Jay. In any case, the Montage discussion panel is now finally online for all to see! Check it out: https://vimeo.com/190646677/524fb0af33
  6. I just skimmed through the Dailymotion episodes; I haven't seen them in full. But the April-69 date at least gives us a cut-off point.
  7. I never liked Wes Anderson (there, that should please Alex!). I have issues with 'semi-quirk', as I call it, i.e. universes that are drawn up with realism (albeit stylized), yet where things are always a bit "off". All-out quirk in the style of Tim Burton I can enjoy, but not the Anderson kind. I have a number of things that 'grate' and that may cause a negative value judgement of a movie (for me) -- if it's too "hipster", if it's very centered on information-heavy dialogue, if it's ripe with apathy etc.
  8. You're right, she marries and leaves at the start of season 3 (my bad!), but I think it's the "Bunny Hug" episode she's hooked up with the guy. In any case, my guess is it's either of those (the hook-up episode or the marriage episode). It's weird, however, that the article is seemingly from 1968, speaking as if the song has already been featured. Let me know if you find any footage of this.
  9. Interesting, I wasn't aware that he had written the lyrics for the ROSEWOOD spirituals.
  10. No mention of the lyrics. I -- too -- doubt Williams wrote it. Has he every written proper lyrics (beyond 'vocalizations' a la "Duel of the Fates" etc?).
  11. Yes, but I didn't spoil any story elements, and that's the main gist of the embargo. Mostly general, vague remarks.
  12. I've found a handful of season 1 episodes on Dailymotion, but I couldn't find the Williams song there. My guess is that it was featured in the last episode of season 2 (episode 30: "Bunny Hug"), as that is where Tuttle's character falls in love and marries before she leaves the series.