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  1. WAR HORSE for score. I don't care for the TINTIN score at all. Movies is more difficult. Both have significant flaws in parts and/or elements, but also some really great sequences. Neither are Spielberg favourites of mine, and I would put them more or less evenly in that box. But if I had a gun to my head, maybe WAR HORSE.
  2. The end of BRIDGE OF SPIES, when Hanks returns to his family and then eventually falls asleep on his bed, is also an extremely Capra-esque moment. Of course, Capra and many of the other Hollywood old-timers have always been a source of inspiration for Spielberg, and I love it when he appropriates or nods to these artists through his own lens. Like Victor Fleming at the end of WAR HORSE etc etc. THE TERMINAL was one of these 'ode' films that I think worked very well. The whole film, really, but with individual moments where it really stood out. Like the restaurant scenes.
  3. The "window" story is a fairly famous anecdote that he's told several times. It's even in the liner notes of the soundtrack CD to FAMILY PLOT. But yes, I agree with your thread topic; someone (hopefully me) SHOULD do a properly researched book on the man.
  4. And a bit misunderstood. Spielberg was going for a definite Frank Capra melodrama vibe with this one, and succeeded, IMO.
  5. We should do a separate topic about movies we've been in. I have one too.
  6. They've mostly done older re-recordings in later years (like the Tadlow/Fitzpatrick albums), or 'crossover' compilations. But I'd certainly give my left arm for a Prague rerecording of something like STORIA DI UNA DONNA.
  7. Some extra thoughts about the OST: The Goldenthal/ALIEN 3 riffs in "Lonely Perfection" are cool. Also, the 'metallic' sounds and military percussion รก la Horner in cues like "Cargo Lift" or "Terraforming Bay". Plus the creepy, slightly dissonant horn call that was the best thing about Streitenfeld's PROMETHEUS. And obviously several cameos of Goldsmith's themes. But also plenty to enjoy in Kurzel's more 'reference-free' tracks. The main surprise to me was how MUSICAL this album is. Sure, there are some cues that have a more 'sound design' feel, but a lot of it has listening value. Challenging and dissonant, but listenable.
  8. Hey, bollemanneke, the 90s called -- they want you back! In all seriousness, it's been many years since Prague was a somewhat 'clunky' film orchestra. Today, they're some of the best in the world.
  9. It's certainly up there (like you, I also loved that Victor Fleming-like shot). It's not on the level of UTOPIA (see below for a sample), which IMO is the alltime greatest when it comes to TV cinematography (with TWIN PEAKS on second), but among the shows running right now, it might very well be. No offense to GAME OF THRONES, HANNIBAL, TRUE DETECTIVE, PENNY DREADFUL, THE WALKING DEAD and all other 'lavishly' photographed series.
  10. Grieg's "Morning Mood", obviously. It speaks not only to my Norwegian soul, but remains a brilliant piece of music despite being used and over-used in films and tv shows and whatnot for almost 150 years. Plus, it's stageplay music, film music's quirker, older brother.
  11. Well, we obviously disagree strongly on that one, so let's instead celebrate that we both think MINORITY REPORT is a great film.
  12. Are those actual clips from the movie -- or more of those 'pre-movies'? I think I'm gonna hold off watching anymore now, untill I see the actual film. TJ
  13. Quite the contrary, over the last decade or so it's been embraced as the misunderstood masterpiece that it is. Most of the 'cineastes' I hang with -- even the Spielberg critics -- seem to like it now. And it's been the object of many an analysis in both academia and elsewhere. That's my experience, anyway.
  14. I'm hoping it will be more in the vein of SPLIT and THE VISITORS -- that he keeps the 'indie' aspect of those films that worked brilliantly. Not sure he's able to go back to the Hollywood style of filmmaking.
  15. But remember, folks -- I like this score, which means that you all have to dislike it. Otherwise, there is no order in the universe. Awaiting your judgements....