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  1. Fantastic news! ordered it together with ST.Beyond Deluxe Edition
  2. Some years ago I re-watched the film again and realised that there are some short little gems missing from the OST...looking forward to these pieces.
  3. I've voted for Dracula and The Patriot.
  4. Merry Christmas friends! What a Christmas it is...great family, great food, great music!
  5. Sunrise O'Er Jurassic World sounds very similar to Fanfare for the Common Man. Who is Mick Giacchino?
  6. First I wanted to order it directly from LLL. But I ordered it now from Intrada together with Broughtons "All I want for Christmas". I hope they receive it soon from LLL to send it out.
  7. I think I will order direct from LLL. It costs some bucks more than other stores but I think I will get it faster that way. And I really want it to be under the X-mas tree.
  8. On march 24.-26 it comes to Lucerne, Switzerland:
  9. New music for intermission by JW!: 21CO_E.T._Generalprobe
  10. I like the '96 release soundwise.