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  1. I have all of them. Love the lighter cues from Earthquake. Main Title,Let There Be Light andAn Architect's Dream from Towering are highlights for me. I mainly listen to the Main Title andEnd title from Poseidon. Unfortunately the soundquality for both Towering and Poseidon is not good imho.
  2. THE TOWERING INFERNO & JFK coming from LLL!

    I'm really waiting for the Patriot. Hopefully this year will see an expanded release.
  3. Earthquake

  4. Hal Leonard Signature Editions

    Oh! Nice, this is very welcome!
  5. JW receives Lifetime Hollywood Music Award

    What a great and deserved honor for Williams!
  6. Varese Sarabande releases Family Plot!

    It's may not the easy listening type of score but it definitely has some very intense and good moments. The sound is OK but I wish it were real stereo.
  7. John Williams scores to suffer the least editing?

    I thinkStanley & Iris is quite unedited. Beautiful film, beautiful music.
  8. John Williams' concerti on Naxos

    Cool, thanks!
  9. John Williams Upbeat / Feelgood Music

    Snowy's Theme from Adventures of Tintin.
  10. John Williams' concerti on Naxos

    Wait, there's already another recording than the Sandoval one? Where can I get this?
  11. I prefer the OST versions of bothThe Ways of the Force and Torn Apart. The "interrupetd" versions doesn't really grow on me.
  12. Scherzo for X-Wings

    Thing is, many people think faster is better.