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  1. For me it's always a pleasure to hear Williams own voice in these compositions
  2. Reminds me on Can's fun!
  3. I like the classical approach on Frolic! What does anybody else think about it?
  4. Could it be Flute and Clarinet? Maybe Flutes in octaves...
  5. I'm really very thankful I still can appreciate a new Williams score.
  6. I love "Pete in Heaven"...
  7. Whoa, I love the wonderful brass section in "Meeting the Queen" from 1:38 on...
  8. I love the magical theme in "To Giant Country" (0:54), quite potter-ish! The end of Overture reminds me of E.T.s Halloween (concert version), Williams at its best! The Finale is wonderful. It has a very strong "Lincoln feeling" I think. BTW, the Main Theme from the BFG is quite similar to 'With Malice Toward None' from Lincoln imo (the first 5 notes or so), but has a total different feeling. BFG has some very nice highlights (Giants Netted, Dream Jars, Building Trust, Sophie's Future, Snoring and Sniffing). I have to say I love it already and I'm sure it will grow on me in the next couple of weeks.
  9. The Lost World in the jewel case
  10. I like the rendition in the Finale very much!
  11. Nice! Today I got shipping notice for my CD. Should arrive tomorrow...can't wait!
  12. Hopefully it's not just the Overture reprised.