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  1. Get it here from ebay: Making the Grade Basil Poledouris Limited Ed. Varese CD *Rare* Sold out Sealed
  2. Get it here from ebay: An Almost Perfect Affair Georges Delerue Limited Ed.(1000) Varese CD Rare Sealed
  3. Get it here from ebay: Blizzard Mark McKenzie Limited Ed.(1000) Intrada CD *Rare* Sealed
  4. Get it here from ebay: Hook - John Williams (Limited Sold Out 2CD Set La-La Land Sealed)
  5. Yeah, that's probably right. I just think he shouldn't try to sound like Williams. Man, I am REALLY looking forward to SW VIII!
  6. I can not say that I am disappointed. Though I was really disappointed by the Potter scores 7 & 8. What a missed opportunity! I just hope that Giacchino doesn't writes a new Trek score for Star Wars. I like the Trek scores but it would be nice if he could give Star Wars another touch. And I don't think he should do a Williams cameo...
  7. Well, if at least we would talk about "Frosty the Snowman" but this....
  8. For me it's always a pleasure to hear Williams own voice in these compositions
  9. Reminds me on Can's fun!
  10. I like the classical approach on Frolic! What does anybody else think about it?