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  1. Received it today....and the jewel case wasn't broken!!!
  2. This album is great if you like piano arrangements. BUT what happened to the piano in the Sabrina theme??? Listen to around the 1minute mark.
  3. Black Friday! - What do you believe in?

    Nothing by Williams.
  4. Looking forward to my cd...of course with broken jewel case as always....
  5. The harp is more prominent at the 1996 CD at 1:15 where the 2002 has only celesta I think.
  6. I think they're talking about The Mission (Amazing Stories).
  7. "E.T.'s Halloween" is a masterpiece as is "E.T. and Me" and "Abandoned and Pursued".
  8. It has a touch of Williams' Dracula. I like this passage very much and want to have it in stellar audio quality.
  9. I'm sure the Adventure Ride music is on disc 2. MM would not leave it out.