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  1. Then why can't Stefan be a negative nancy in the video game thread?!
  2. It just seems so ridiculous to spend 8 years of your life analyzing in depth why you don't like something. You get a mixed drink, you don't like it, you pour it out. You get something else. You go to a restaurant, you don't like it, you leave and don't come back. You take a vacation, you don't like the location, you leave and don't come back. You take a vacation elsewhere, perhaps some place you've been to and enjoy. But you watch a JJ Abrams Star Trek movie, you hate it, so four years later you go watch the next one. You hate it again, and buy the Blu-Ray and carefully analyze it and decide you hate it. Then you write an essay on it. Three years later you watch the trailer for the next one, and pre-order your IMAX RealD 4D tickets, and go in and hate it. Then you stick around for the next one. In what world is that sane behavior?
  3. Jesus Christ! Trekkies, and not all, but a very vocal minority: If you don't like it, don't fucking watch it. Paramount, Simon Pegg, JJ Abrams, and Justin Lin do not owe you a fucking thing. Star Trek doesn't belong to you just because you love a couple of TV shows and movies. So quit taking every fucking decision the people behind these movies make as a personalized fuck you to you. And if you can't quit, ask a loved one to take you to the nearest mental health facility. Enjoy what you got and move on. It's been 8 damn years. Lots of people will go in and enjoy what these new movies bring and eventually they will also move on. Be happy with your 540 hours of pre-Abrams Trek and STFU. Oh and the same goes for you assholes with regards to similar topics: Disney Star Wars, Modern John Williams, etc. etc.
  4. How Many of You Can Read Music?

    Yup. Dude, there are apps to help you do that these days. When I used to do 3D modeling or drawing and the like on a more regular basis I got very adept at being able to visualize something in my head and then trying to recreate it on the page or in a 3D space. But the more experienced you get, the more you realize the brain as a creative engine is actually counterintuitively more conservative and limiting than the physical world. It's constantly trying to make things fit into its sum of experiences. My most creative work tended and tends to be when I have a "sense" or "suggestion" in my head. I have rough ideas, and all the shapes and forms seem like a blurry suggestion in flux. Then you start fiddling about with ideas, at a physical, mechanical layer and find new interesting stuff. Muscle memory is easy to overcome. You can train yourself out of habits with a pencil or piano. You turn your paper upside down, work in a mirror, etc. But the brain? The brain is a beast of a trap. It's unbreakable some days. This is probably why LSD is so profound for artists...it shatters your brain's "MUST MAKE SHIT FIT INTO WHAT I CONSIDER TO BE REALITY/CORRECT" filters, censors, and oppressors.
  5. LOST - the music

    I took the Lost soundtracks for a spin this past weekend...and I heard something I hadn't heard before: Season 4 Soundtrack, "Lying for the Island" 3:16-3:22 Is that a woman's voice? If it's an instrument I can't place it at all.
  6. Meeting John Williams

    People who crowd at entry points to yell and shove memorabilia in celebrity's faces are kinda dickish. You are from a classier time. Or place!
  7. This sounds very meh. Like the album cover. And the sampled plastic piano.
  8. Canada Inferno!

    Wildfires are important parts of ecosystems. In part, our fire suppression habits to save the cute animals and our homes cause these larger wildfires.
  9. Who is the sexiest young celebrity these days?

    Quint and I diverge on athletic builds and what not, but good lord I agree with him on this Agent of Shields girl.
  10. The Official Michael Giacchino Thread

    Yeah, the fourth highest grossing film worldwide, such a failure!
  11. Grossest fast food item ever?

    I guess this ISthe grossest fast food thread.
  12. The Photography Thread

    Why spend money on soft focus when you can invest in a gallon of Vaseline to spread on your lenses for life?! It's what most of those old timey cinematographers did in most of those shots you're thinking of!
  13. Where is Bloodboal?

    Shut up newbie.