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  1. As with all Moffat productions, this show has gone to shit.
  2. Not artists stealing from others, but from themselves... Doesn't bother me at all these days. In the past I looked on it negatively, and now-a-days I find it kind of positive. It's fun hearing an idea explored in a new context. Has growing senile also mellowed your sensibilities?
  3. I'll be your campaign manager. I will make you great again. I will make you a mod!
  4. Drax, it's happening!
  5. Rule number one: ignore the response of anyone who has an answer to "what's the best equipment/tool for [insert broad field]." It's like asking a chef what the best tool for cooking is. Or a handyman what the best tool for household work is. If the Chef or handyman responds he is an idiot and must be avoided!
  6. I think that's why it'll be regarded as classic. It hasn't gotten the same level of attention as 28 days later. The gap in attention leaves open room for future public interpretation. Things that are so good that they are dissected at release rarely live long in the social consciousness. There's not much new to be said about em.
  7. The Ant-Man young Douglas is more of an animated photoshop than a fully CGI character. Not to diminish the amazing work, just a different technique.
  8. Even with the most sophisticated techniques, there is still a high error rate in replicating a real life human without artistic stylization. Just hold out your hand in front of you and see how much subtle movement there is in a hand being held still. Note how these subtle random bits of motor noise cascade down your arm. Just holding out your arm changes how blood flows through your veins and subtly changes the color of your hands. The amount of variables and their interactions is simply beyond the reach of dollars and technology.
  9. I like em. They are a bit of the bass-high heavy, so not much middle fullness, but great pair for the price. The sound profile makes them a little fatiguing on orchestral, and they don't shall I put know the rolling/wave like strings technique John Williams uses in War Horse? They don't sound quite smooth and rolly, more harsh and sharp on these.
  10. Meh. Idiots should be shouted down for being idiots.
  11. The children of today are weak. Byproducts of helicopter parenting!
  12. You imbecile, you've missed the analogy. Poo is not technology. I am referring to the increasing computational power at the disposal of current, and more importantly future musicians. They will be able to shape the world of sound in ways a pencil, paper, and piano writer can't even conceive of. Steef and your foolish argument against technological aid would rob Rembrandt of the unique qualities of oil-based paint that helped him create the very paintings you saw. It's tantamount to a fan of ink-painting claiming Rembrandt is a lesser, weaker, or less passionate and hardworking artist because oil paints are slow drying and much easier to blend, rework, and texture on canvas compared to most other painting mediums. You rarely see developed and mature artists put so much emphasis on what tool or technique is superior. You use the tools and techniques for what you want to achieve. The one uber alles mentality stinks of modern academic classroom-generated wannabe artists rather than the doers, makers, movers and shakers, and apprenticed artists who are true creators. For what John Williams wants to achieve, his medium works for him. For what Zimmer wants to achieve his medium works for him. For what Rembrandt wanted to achieve, a slow drying oil paint worked for him.
  13. While you print pictures on t-shirts with passion and love, others printed dresses with modern technology and love!