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  1. Star Wars credits segues, and why they've started to suck

      You got fat. 
  2. The Big Bad Top Gear Thread

      I've met him in the real world a couple of times. He is incredibly smart, particularly when it comes to engineering, thoughtful and rather genial. 
  3. Headphones

      Soldering is a great hobby.    You can fix most headphone wire issues in ~10 minutes including set up and clean up. 
  4. Who is the sexiest young celebrity these days?

    Lacking in the leg shape department. 4/10 legs. 
  5. Is John Williams a Hans Zimmer Fan?

      Have you looked at your profile picture?
  6. What are your Top 3 Force Theme renditions?

      Came here to say this. Saw that it was already said, so I quoted it. 
  7. Is John Williams a Hans Zimmer Fan?

    Steef's latest major work is basically pop saccharine, pulling on every obvious cheap musical trick in the book. His use of minor triad emotional chords "I've got MS/I may be dying" is just so simple and expected. Doesn't show a lot of structural thought, just emotional punch after punch. Satisfying to read in the moment, but leaves one hollow in the long term. It's really geared towards today's impulsive, instant gratification youth.   Though I do give him credit for at least attempting to lead up indirectly to the emotion by making his thread start with "I need music for an MRI" instead of a more pedestrian and usual blunt "I'm dying, cry for me."     Interesting, can anyone do a syllabic breakdown of this?   My ear is telling me it's a 5-syllabic motif, with the "at" syllable forming a fulcrum around which the sentence balances, but again, it's just such an overused sentence progression.    Theres no subject to go with the predicate. And the use of a question mark within that concept just doesn't sound right to my ears. He just keeps writing this amateurish garbage. And people eat it up.   
  8. Is John Williams a Hans Zimmer Fan?

    I'd probably rank my posting talent equivalent to John Debney or Joel Mcneely. I can mimic the more complex post structure of the greats, but with far less heart, skill, and soul.    I think your short three word sentences do grow tiresome. So amateurish. But you don't have a classical training in English. But what can you expect from a pop poster?
  9. Is John Williams a Hans Zimmer Fan?

      You're a fine pop poster, but not much of a post composer.   You will never touch Incanus, Marcus, and TheGreyPilgrim.
  10.   From his latest interview:   "I mean, I think much of music which is done in contemporary films is fabulous"
  11. Rey's Theme – John Williams' Best Theme Yet?

    So reading that Williams interview...apparently "revivified" is a word.
  12. Blade Runner 2

    Impressive. Most impressive.
  13. The only place I see negative reactions is in this thread. Most everyone and their grandmother loved this score.
  14. DANG IT! I "Ripped" Somebody Off!

      It's some kind of psychological disorder.