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  1. Always remember that job hunting is an outlier process. Most of the time nothing happens, and every once in a while you get a hit. You cannot consider every lack of response as a reflection on yourself. Or you'll go mad.
  2. For my first official paying job, I helped my uncle on his turkey farm for 3 months as a teen. 😵
  3. Nope. Married and with kids is a double bonus. He doesn't want to get fired then. A 19 year old has nothing to lose. Depends on the company. My company lets us work from home during morning hours. And no one sits around watching a clock to make sure you're there. Though most everyone is salaried so it doesn't matter does it? Now that said, when crunch time comes, crunch time comes and you're expected to do what's necessary to you know...have a company so you can have a job. But that's the exception not the rule.
  4. are seeing the musicians bow their instruments.
  5. I can barely maintain interest these days.
  6. Establishing guilt on a historic event is less complicated, than say, how do you effectively rehabilitate a murderer? How do you ensure a good life for the children of the victim? Where do your facts go then?!
  7. Decision making based on facts for complex issues has been no better than looking at tarot cards or rolling dice. What's your point? Data is useful when the problem space is clearly defined, well-understood, and unchanging.
  8. Because Hillary was a ideologically a hawk, and far more dangerous than a narcissistic, ideologically tabula-rasa real estate developer. She was one of the biggest salesmen of the Iraq war, which has snowballed into much of the middle eastern nuisance we see today. She was advocating poking at Putin and his nuclear arsenal throughout her campaign. She advocated interfering in Syria and arming and funding rebels, which even Obama backed off from as we learned the rebels were linked to Al Qaeda and the like. She would have been the more harmful candidate to the world.
  9. And by the way, I think we need to be unforgiving and relentless in how we deal with extreme elements. It needs to be handled with a scalpel, not a hammer. Turning this into some East vs West thing is not scalpel. If you want to treat a cancer, you always want the most extreme treatment at the most local source. You don't shoot the patient and call it solved. IRA also didn't as a matter of course indiscriminately TARGET civilians as I recall? More rebels than terrorists?
  10. Nope. The research shows that terrorism is one of the least effective ways to get what you want.
  11. No sorry, it's not. The Middle East is a medieval-era nuisance. Nothing more. Nothing worth sacrificing our courage, our ideals, and our principles over. ISIS is being beaten back by a coalition of people Melange claims are out to get us! Wait, so they want to get us, but they are beating back the force that declared war on us?!
  12. The Great Russian Bear has hundreds of thermonuclear warheads aimed at Melange's puny little island, and he is cowering under a blanket living in fear of a life and death struggle with a couple of angry dudes with an unkempt beards who are hated even in their own home regions.
  13. You sound like you just got out of Verdun fighting for Western civilization. Calm down you hysteric pansy. We may need to send you to a Victorian doctor to use special tools to massage the angst out of you! Your response to the situation is excessive. This isn't some life and death struggle between east and west, this is cyclical global instability that comes and goes. The Syrian refugees are the least of your worries. Why aren't you as concerned about more concerning life and death struggles, like the geopolitical nuclear situation?