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  1. America

    Frankly Disco Stu, I have very little sympathy or empathy for a good chunk of latent accusers in Hollywood (the ones who were adults when said event occurred ), even for the allegations that are proven true. Once you’ve bit your tongue for a decade and profited off the system, put a smile on and posed in pictures with your attacker, THEN come out and make your accusations ten years later, while over a decade other fresh and innocent people have been taken advantage of, you are as slimey as the perps. At at that point you turned from a victim into a prostitute. There is something to be said for being a decent human being with honor. And that means you make personal sacrifices so that other innocent people are not harmed. That means you call out Weinstein ten years ago. You risk your career, for the greater good. You forgo your profits so that others do not feel the terrible things you felt. You don’t fucking pose in pictures with him and put a smile on while your bank account accrues interest and innocent people get harmed. The only thing this episode tells me about our world is that most of Hollywood is as morally bankrupt as we’d all come to expect. Accused and accusers alike. A bunch of greedy slime.
  2. America

    That this has turned into a witch hunt/knee-jerk mob justice situation where accusation alone confirms guilt, then disproportionately affects people’s lives and their family’s lives?
  3. America

    Moral conscience. You speak like we are anything but animals.
  4. America

  5. If Danny Elfman had written a good score, this wouldn’t be a problem. It’s irreedeemable crap, he shat over his own theme, John’s theme, and even the Wonder Woman theme. By comparison, the popular reaction to TFA was hugely positive. It’s one of the best selling film scores in the last few years. This forum has to get it through its head that just because you have an orchestra and more notes on the page than average doesn’t mean your music is good.
  6. After JJ ruined the mix of TFAs music by keeping it at whisper level, I’m going to listen to the soundtrack before going to see the movie.
  7. The official Smart Phones and Tablets thread

    This is just disgusting. So many peasants! Jay, if us rich members donate a few thousand, can we get our own 1% Sub Forum?
  8. America

    You’re a dinosaur, old man. It shows in your wisdom.
  9. America

    Not poor for long.
  10. The official Smart Phones and Tablets thread

    Well, now I can officially like this phone that I already liked. Thanks reviewers.
  11. The official Smart Phones and Tablets thread

    Well, fine. I hate you. iPhone X is pretty nice. iOS 11 succkkkksssss.
  12. The official Smart Phones and Tablets thread

    The other problem with “wireless” charging: you can’t freaking use the phone while charging it....unless you stand and hover awkwardly over the charging pad.
  13. Favorite Television Main Titles of the 2010s?

    C'mon, you know what he's trying to say.
  14. America

    This isn't going to stop. It's just getting started. It's going to continue and spread. Unfortunately society will evolve to bring it under control. Western society is going to restructure itself to take on norms more similar to Middle Eastern/Eastern norms. But it'll be for entirely different reasons. Where hard-line muslim nations separate men and women for honor/god, in the West we will separate men and women for liability reasons. No man who is more than half-wit will voluntarily go in a room alone with a woman ever again. The liability is too high. And of course, as usual, women will suffer due to this. Mike Pence is probably sensibly chuckling at all this, since as a rule he never puts himself in a room alone with a woman who isn't his wife.