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  1. Trump is under-represented in polls. There is a clear social stigma in publically announcing you support Trump (look at Peter Thiel and Silicon Valley this week). We can expect that your average non-extremist voter who supports Trump is less likely to report to a pollster on the phone that they support him. That means every model relying on polls is underestimating Trump. We don't know the degree of bias, it could be 1% or 51%. This is why it's also possible (with a great deal of uncertainty) that he could win the popular vote and lose the electoral college.
  2. I may need to get surgery on my shoulder....fuck.
  3. Fuck off, you moral fashion police. See, Stefan? That wasn't so bad was it?
  4. So find women who are into that sorta thing. Nothing wrong with that. But I take your point that a certain class of people in society will look down on you and the woman who enjoys that life choice. Ignore them or tell them to fuck off.
  5. Four or five months ago, it felt like it was just the media overhype. In the last couple of months it has escalated rather quickly. Perhaps a response to the media fanning the flames. A couple of days ago the Republican HQ in our state was firebombed. If Trump wins I think there may be rioting. If Hillary wins I think there may be rioting. This is not like past elections. The folks with party banners are behaving like sports fans. If their team loses...I'm certain it'll be like Canada after a major hockey game. You are Canadian. Your people burn cars over a hockey game!
  6. Yeah, that's cute and all...but I'm actually worried for my safety on election night, no matter who wins.
  7. This is a much broader problem than what you think. The social and political climate in America is toxic right now. I don't know how well it's conveyed to the rest of the world, but families are splitting on political lines, friendships are ending because of who people are voting for, and things are accelerating towards shit. It's turning into a country where the two political minority sides (the Republicans and Democrats, with a respective 25% and 30% of the voting bloc) no longer want to coexist in the same nation. And the majority half of the country with no party allegiance (roughly 40% of the voting bloc registered as independents) are caught in the middle. It's not necessarily people refusing to talk to each other that I'm worried about, but the direction of the vector. No matter which figurehead of partisan radicals wins this election, the underlying problems that have led to this partisan toxicity and the partisans themselves are still there.
  8. Why must we live life using Victorian norms, Melange? What made them so special? It represents a minuscule moment in human history. Worse, they oversaw the decline of Great Britain and they are now extinct. Idiots. The kind of gentleman you seem to be referring to seems a bit cartoony. Why not hold the door open for any person who is behind you? Why do you feel the urge to direct it at a particular set of genitals?
  9. Dude, I listen to music with so many different mindsets and mental images that it's probably better ask, "under what mental situations do you not enjoy music?" I can enjoy music thinking about some craftsman handmaking rosin for the strings...or the movie...or reading another book entirely. Or imaging myself living my life to the movie. The thrill of driving down a highway. Enjoying a cup of coffee.... This is a terrible question.
  10. It's a classier trope than some of John Williams' recurring dittys!
  11. I'll check those out! It's different from the status quo, but it's just sort of Philip Glass/Ludovico Einaudi type material. And those two write it better. :\ Thanks for the suggestion though!
  12. Death smiles at us all, and all a man can do is smile back. We are all dying, some slower than others, some faster than others. How did you die today? This thread is dedicated to that question. It is our story, our struggle. Day by day. Today I woke up and I could barely lift my left arm above my head. I think I've done something to my rotator cuff. It's doing better now, but I think it may warrant medical attention. Waiting and seeing. Since it's caused by mechanical motion, I think I can at least rule out an ongoing heart attack...I hope...
  13. I think it will definitely be a Star Wars score for a Star Wars movie.
  14. I tried the Young Messiah by Debney, after realizing the first track is just a rip off of Trevor Jone's Cleopatra, I didn't continue with your list.