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  1. The Official Michael Giacchino Thread

    Yeah, the fourth highest grossing film worldwide, such a failure!
  2. Grossest fast food item ever?

    I guess this ISthe grossest fast food thread.
  3. The Photography Thread

    Why spend money on soft focus when you can invest in a gallon of Vaseline to spread on your lenses for life?! It's what most of those old timey cinematographers did in most of those shots you're thinking of!
  4. Where is Bloodboal?

    Shut up newbie.
  5. Men like that...they never come back.
  6. Where is Bloodboal?

    I hate to say it, but I told you all there'd be a good 50% chance he wouldn't be posting here by 2018.
  7. Grossest fast food item ever?

    I can't respect the fast food opinion of someone who eats Turkey burgers. You should be ashamed.
  8. What does everyone think of 'March of the Resistance'?

    This theme is a bit of an ear worm for me. I'm not hugely in love with it, but when I find myself absent minded;y humming it's the resistance March.
  9. Where is Bloodboal?

    Really? I usually just went right by his posts! I should go back, maybe he is posthumously funnier. In life he/she was funny in the same way that punnypeople are funny. RIP.
  10. To the moderators

    A spambot could never be a moderator. AI is just not there yet.
  11. What Are You Eating Tonight?

    Europeans have no right to talk. You worship inbreds as Kings and Queens! Also Stiff is oriental because he is east of me.
  12. The official Smart Phones and Tablets thread

    Probably minimal, like the Apple Pencil. I'd estimate ~60-120 mAh total capacity for the headphones that might run for 10-12 hours without needing a charge. The iPhone 6S, for reference,has a 1,715 mAhbattery
  13. The Photography Thread

    Ah the soft focus lens, a staple of ancient porn.