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  1. SCORE: John Carter

    Man...this was the time I'd buy every new Giacchino album. And this still stands out as the best film score of his. I haven't bought a Giacchino album since Jupiter Ascending. His new stuff is the occasional Spotify/Apple Music listen these days...
  2. Where's Bloodboal?

    Because of the European GDPR regulation kicking in in a few weeks most forum software now provides this functionality. It’s part of “right to erasure”.
  3. Where's Bloodboal?

    It will be illegal to refuse when GDPR goes into effect in a few weeks. My my guess is that we will ban and delete all European users and prevent European IP addresses from ever accessing this place.
  4. Where's Bloodboal?

    Why God of course.
  5. Then you are lost. Anyways, sensible Canadians should demand to be called father (or mother) under C16. The West is spazzing itself to death. We are at this point in all in Chairman Mao’s Enlightened Leftist Let’s Control The People’s Language through law territory.
  6. Damn fine work on that George Lucas Photoshopping, by the way :-)

  7. Anyone good with Photoshop?

  8. Headphones

    I gotchu fam. Here’s whatchu need:
  9. Headphones

    I don’t normally recommend Bose but these are pretty good as far as sound and noise cancellation.
  10. Headphones

    15 minutes charge in the case gets you 3 hours listen time. If the normal wired earpods are comfortable for you, these are about the same.
  11. Headphones

    My favorite gadget on the planet right now, because it's so un-gadget-like. A couple of strange 1.0 user interface choices (i.e. you can't control volume from them)... But it just kinda works. It's an invisible but vital part of my daily life.
  12. What's Happening At JWFan?

    Well, actually, because I think I'm done with dissecting culture that once drew me to this place. And I think that comes with age. The passage of time is the best filter and the best curator. Life's too short to waste it reverse engineering music, feelings, and emotions. It be what it be. If I like a movie or music it's cause I fucking like it. I feel feelings because I do, and that's all the reason and analysis I need. And all the shit that I used to think I liked because I dissected them and broke them down into reasons why I liked them are no longer true. This forum serves as a historical reminder of that. The things that I loved viscerally and irrationally 10-15 years ago are the things I love viscerally and irrationally today. Most of what I liked because I dissected, debated, argued, and analyzed holds nothing for me ten years later. There is no debate, no convincing, no argument. The underlying premise of this place: discussion and analysis fundamentally holds no value for me anymore. Too academic and being academic is an itch I no longer have. So the question then is: why am I here? Well I like knowing what new albums are coming out, but that's about it...
  13. Where's Bloodboal?

    Alex sees us as NPCs in a video game or extras in a movie. There for scenery. Hence he notices the change in scenery but doesn’t miss any individual.
  14. Where's Bloodboal?

    Yeah something doesn’t feel familial (or is it familiar) around this place anymore.