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  1. I only share dick picks on snapchat. They don't ban you there for that stuff.
  2. You all are so old. Who uses Facebook?
  3. I recently rewatched 2001 and the lack of music as Dave lobotomizes Hal is superb. P.S. I enjoy 2001 and Star Wars. Am I a supremely enlightened being above all of you in camp one or the other?
  4. He should score a zombie flick.
  5. I too feel the hollowness of the originals. I think it's a holdover of the 1970s monotone aesthetic. The music departed dramatically from that, but the filmmaking didn't. The music is actually the most lively element in the original movies. John scores a graveyard.
  6. How out of touch! And more...Renaissancy/Classical to fit the cleaner prequel aesthetic.
  7. Ya'll are such arseholes to each other. GET ALONG DAMMIT.
  8. Nearly two decades ago, the prequels were considered horrible. Unbelievable. Ridiculous. Throw whatever synonym of "WTF" on there as you might. Now many Star Wars fans of old are dead. Replaced by people who grew up on Jar Jar. Donald Trump is president, so any criticism of things being politically unrealistic has gone out the window. The Patriot Act was a democracy saying, SURVEIL US, to thunderous applause. The Tragedy of Darth Plageius the Wise is an internet phenomenon. Prequel sales are up. Prequel quotes are up. More people are getting together and rewatching the Prequels. Shoot, I just rewatched them over the last two weekends. And they are more endearing than I remember. And my god, Hayden Christensen makes an amazingly realistic teenager. He is exactly what you would expect Darth Vader to be as a teen. And I think that pissed off a lot of the nerds, by virtue of being too realistic. The nerds were really all Anakin's during their teenagehoods. Talented and "smart" and because they knew it, also insufferable and whiny, and they just couldn't see it, like Anakin couldn't his own failings. But things are different. Has the tide turned? Are the prequels in vogue?
  9. I'm with @Quintus, I want this, even the epic trailer bits to be all Williams.
  10. I couldn't have done it. Man deserves credit for taking on a tough order: "yo, reboot Star Wars." He did a professional job.
  11. My guess it was Michael Giacchino who wrote it...
  12. Whoever wrote the TLJ trailer music should score a Star Wars movie is all I will say.
  13. Looking at the trailer again, the harsher lighting in parts looks very retro. I dig it.
  14. Last time I felt that was No Man's Land in War Horse. Holy shit, a man from almost a century ago writing kick-ass fresh action music.
  15. Trailer looked amazing. Incredibly well done.