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  1. Can I say how overblown this was? You read the headlines and think some amazingly entertaining shit went down. You tune in and it's your classic normal Trump we've seen for the last decade, actually more calm and funny than he has been since taking office. Did he bait the press into undermining their own credibility with that conference?
  2. Multi. English Deutsch 日本語 官话
  3. On the other hand, the 25th amendment allows for the cabinet and VP to remove the president from power. UNFAIR!
  4. Too late. The media already shat on it. Case in point the great smoking gun NYTimes article on the Russia collusion rather elegantly laying a case for how certain it is...but prefaces it all with, "none of the intelligence officials we interviewed on this matter have yet to see evidence for what we are about to claim." The only difference is Trump clumsily plays with the truth, and the media sets up a candle light dinner and background violin music first.
  5. Finally.
  6. Is Shore a serious composer now? A Palace Upon The Ruins, the whole album is lovely by the way.
  7. The EU couldn't piss America off anyway, so that's a moot point. Which leaves the EU as a target for exports. That's a moot point as well because the EU itself is anticipating that 90% of demand for EU exports in the next 15 years will come from non-EU nations. Given a lean UK economy freed from thousands of EU regulations (what is it, 13k, 15k business regulations from Belgium?) versus the EU behemoth, I would wager that Britain is better positioned to adapt and meet export demands from the 90% non-EU countries.
  8. What exactly did they get out of the Eurozone that they can't get on their own with some mercantile shrewdness? You make it sound like Europe and America are the only lands with goods, money, resources, and a willingness to trade.
  9. I'm not surprised. But I've seen cracks in the more moderate Trump supporters I know. That will put a limit on his political power, if he continues that route. The people bought his message, but he still needs to be effective. The kind of people that got Trump into the office are the kind of people who can quickly sniff out people who are all "tawk." If life doesn't improve for his base, the'll abandon him. Him, being singular. I don't anticipate that there will be some return to "normal" after Trump. I think the left is somehow hopeful that Trump/Brexit thing is an aberration, one that will be corrected within the next 2-4 years. They think we will just get back on the Clinton/Bush/Obama wagon like nothing happened. This new order is around to stay. The old order, as long as they cling to the old ways, is doomed to failure. They can cry and protest, but they are gone. They need to put their muscle behind the likes of Sanders/Gabbard. Fast. Otherwise the dems waiting for a mid term take over of congress are in for quite a shock.
  10. Actually, since the US is increasingly looking inwards, now would be an opportune moment for the British Empire to rise from the ashes of HK1997 and lead the English speaking world. United English Peoples. UEP. "Yep."
  11. Sarah Palin is still loved and around.
  12. People into Bladerunner usually are.
  13. Looks like he'll be relegated to lightly-Christian Rom Coms in Hollywood from henceforth.
  14. The son of God in the Bible Belt comes out against Trump's immigration ban: The company that brews the blood of Christ in the south releases pro-immigration super bowl ad, claims coincidence: