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  1. Have we reached peak Hans Zimmer?

    This is not a place for fairness or rationality!
  2. America

    The Trump dynasty has filled with the dictionary with great words. Yes.
  3. America

    But you’re from Rural Virginia. You do not get the privilege of poking fun at other people’s intelligence! That’s like a ginger poking fun at someone’s ugliness!
  4. America

    No, but you got what she meant.
  5. America

    Otherwise can mean in a different way. The day has been incredible, but in a different way from cuddling your little nephew. God damned hippies! *Waves cane* 30 varieties of two genders, but god forbid we look at the third definition of a word in a dictionary!
  6. Have we reached peak Hans Zimmer?

    Doug Adams can’t keep the complete LOTR in print. So he’s an amazing but otherwise useless individual with a Twitter account.
  7. Have we reached peak Hans Zimmer?

    Daniel Pemberton is a versatile young composer.
  8. Have we reached peak Hans Zimmer?

    Anyways, apparently Johan second coming of Jesus was not a versatile enough composer to handle a movie like this. So they brought Zimmer on board to help. Why is Zimmer catching flack? There is a growing trend that new composers are highly specialized freaks. Like an athlete who only has biceps. They write one style and one style only. Compared to Goldsmith, Williams, Horner, or Zimmer THAT is the most shameful and sad trend in film music. It’s weird. Through that lens, Hans Zimmer is the last of a dying breed, not the problem. He is prolific because he is a true film composer of the caliber and versatility of the greats.
  9. Have we reached peak Hans Zimmer?

    I still remember in the 1990s when people were saying the same thing about Williams. Because yes, every Williams score sounded like Williams and every non-Williams score sounded like bad Williams.
  10. The official Smart Phones and Tablets thread

    Biggest news of the event for me was that my iTunes movie library will get upgraded to 4K for free.
  11. How have I changed since ET&Elliot4Ever?

    You’re not Drax? Then who the fuck is Drax? Are you Drax?
  12. The official Smart Phones and Tablets thread

    I mean let’s be fair, a 6 year old phone still getting iOS updates and going obsolete is amazing. Especially when android doesn’t even update you after 2-3 years.
  13. Definition of "definitive"

    I just want to chime in and say I applaud Thor for not relenting to the patriarchy.
  14. Joeinar got caught by hurricane Irma

    Reset his post count, then ban him!
  15. Joeinar got caught by hurricane Irma

    Steef is purging society of the weak-hearted!