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  1. Headphones

    They will be your microphones!
  2. Headphones

    They could! Yes!
  3. Headphones

    So that's what heaven looks like!
  4. The Say Something Nice About The Person Above You Thread

    I always stop to read his posts and think he is an important member of this community, and I genuinely don’t know why....which tells me I need to have some meaningful and memorable engagement with this fellow!
  5. John certainly gives his themes within a franchise a genetic lineage.
  6. Your current audio equipment..

    I got my own this morning. This thing is amazing as a speaker and as a marvel of acoustic engineering. The Siri stuff is okay in terms of what you can do with it, but again the acoustic sorcery going into even that aspect is mind-blowing. You can stand 50 feet away (~15 meters) and in a normal voice say "Hey Siri" while music is playing, and the thing lights up. To compare: my wife can't hear me from that distance while the music is playing. This thing is outdoing the human brain in terms of speech processing. I think I now realize what Tomlinson Holman (the inventor of LucasFilm THX, and the TH portion of THX) has been doing at Apple since 2011...
  7. For 19 years, I have believed this to be case. Convince me that it is not?
  8. Just keep blowing that horn of yours.
  9. I think your brain melted in that sauna of yours.
  10. Feeble of mind as well.
  11. He’s a Finn. They don’t have much in the world, let him have his backwards ways!
  12. Did you watch Django Unchained? How did you respond to Jerry Goldsmith blaring for 5 minutes in that movie?
  13. His point has some merit. When you choose to put classical music into your movie you are bound to form some associations with elite and pretentious snobbery. But to diss 2001 for having snobby classical music is to diss the Queen of England for wearing snobby clothing. It’s a snobby movie and the snobby music works.
  14. The Say Something Nice About The Person Above You Thread

    Fun to mindlessly banter with.
  15. You dismissed a bunch of people’s work as effectively applied library music, but calling that bullshit crosses the rudeness line! Come off the high horse! We are all standing in the mud my friend!