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      (UPDATE 1) Server migration next weekend   11/26/16

      Hi JWFAN.COM members,   Update: The migration need more time.   5-11. Dec. 2016.   The server is ready, a dedicated system:   Intel Xeon® E3-1225v3 Quad-Core 32 GB DDR3 RAM 2x 512 GB SSD   New os: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Plesk Onyx Management system
      Server backup 250 GB, not the same datacenter. External backup   Server location: DataDock in Strasbourg
      Fully redundant MPLS ring structure with a total capacity of 550 Gbit/s Core backbone Frankfurt-Strasbourg: 100 Gbit, Deutsche Telekom: 17x 10Gbit,
      Level(3): 10x 10Gbit, TeliaSonera: 8x 10Gbit, Cogent: 5x 10Gbit, Telefónica: 3x 10Gbit,
      DE-CIX: 6 x 10Gbit, ECIX: 6 x 10 Gbit Uptime 99.99%  (Network)     server migration next weekend.
      3 or 4. Dec. 2016.   I post a update when I start the migration.
      JWFAN.COM is offline for 3-4 hours.   Andreas  


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  1. Donald Trump will ban this movie.
  2. Hope not. Trump > Pence.
  3. Oh god. Are they going to rip off his twig and berries and stuff it in his mouth?
  4. Dickishness aside, congratulations Stefan. You are an inspiration to us all. Songs will be sung of this day. And fuck you for not thanking me in your list of people. All those days you and I would rack up your post count with virtual instant messages conversations in threads on here.
  5. I am reporting this thread as spam and a violation of forum rules.
  6. Do you feel that you've evolved now?
  7. So, it's gonna be a best seller. Cool, thanks for the info!
  8. Bombastic? More like pewpastic.
  9. The problem is nothing else is palpably better than an iPhone. Everything is at roughly the same level of decent but mildly annoying. A few years ago, you got an iPhone or a MacBook Pro and it was BETTER than the best Android or Windows laptop. I don't think that's true anymore. It's all very equal and unexciting. Unless you're a power nerd like Quint or Jay I guess. They get excited if you can very carefully make sure your LED flash goes off 2.3 ms after you get a notification, rather than 2.1 ms. Very exciting stuff.
  10. So looking at the internets these days it seems like Apple II renaissance is dead. 1997-2016. Didn't even make it to 20 before the bozo MBA's took over and ruined it.
  11. Compare what the experts are saying now, with what they said about who would win this election to begin with. Being wrong just means you get to keep prophesying until you're right!
  12. My face/ear grease destroys leather on headphones.
  13. If you're in the market for the big Koss headphones, I recommend these new bad boys: https://www.koss.com/headphones/over-ear-headphones/ur42i UR42i
  14. Nostrawrongus has spoken.