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  1. Other than fact-checking anti-Apple propaganda, you two almost make this place worthwhile to post at. When I'm drunk. And bored.
  2. Quint, yes. You? No.
  3. SWEET! Love you Steve! <3
  4. Wow, @Jay, you've fallen to being a rather mediocre sleuth in your old age. Everything okay? Getting your news from secondary clickbait sources with substandard reporting? Not bothering to look at the primary source that actually explains what's going on? Disappointing! That's a barometric vent for the altimeter, not a speaker grille. Maybe it's time you stepped down from moderating? All you do is irritate and harass @Stefancos.
  5. I cherish each of Steefs magnificent posts.
  6. And the Dutch just get steamrolled in the middle no matter who is fucking up!
  7. So it would seem the French continue to show their penchant for surrender. And an American has to come in and clean up this mess!
  8. They should really just co-compose. I think I've finally cracked it, the reason Desplat and Gia are independently not quite as great as Jerry Goldsmith or John Williams is because they're basically supposed to be one. If you smashed them together, you'd have a great composer.
  9. That article is BS.
  10. They're not switching to every three years. They got fucked by their partnership with a sapphire glass company, which threw their product roadmap out of whack.
  11. Local clothier/tailor/fashion designer.
  12. It's not unheard of to have the strings in one studio, the brass in another, and the choir in a church. This thread is from 1920 I guess.