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  1. It was meant for the end credits roll. The moody 30 second ending with the synth choir performing the TLW carnivore motif in the Tranquilizer Dart was originally where the score ended (emotionally a very strange choice, way too pensive) and the concert version of the themes was meant to start at the credits. And I have always thought it strange that JW prefers to perform the "hymn" theme so fast in the concert suite he conceived. It feels like the orchestra is playing as fast as they can so they can go off to lunch or something.
  2. Hey give the man a break. He just bought all possible versions of the Fantastic Beasts soundtrack and possibly some more different printings/editions of The Hobbit. He is a collector after all.
  3. None of those problems here. We of the Finno-Ugric language family do not carry the burden you Romance language speakers have.
  4. The BFG by John Williams: I have to say this one has improved over time. While obviously not top tier JW material there are some lovely sincere emotional moments in here especially in the latter half. Always by John Williams
  5. Well that is no wonder since the whole In the Trailer cue was dialled out of the film. And I didn't pick up on it from the mock-ups. Plus that is not THE MOST noticeable melody JW has written is it. And shouldn't that be "dinosaur baby" theme if we are exact as in the second instance it is baby T-Rex.
  6. We can only dream of how those cues would have turned out if JW had had time to rescore every tracked scene in the film and write fresh variations on the TLW theme for each one.
  7. Very interesting. So Johnny put a lot of ammo into a bookending theme that was going to be used only twice in the film. The man is a beast.
  8. Williams really embraced Spielberg's brief of having that Latin American jungle percussion flavour in the sequel as it really comes to define the score. Interestingly after the initial music for the ship's wrek the San Diego music is more orchestral than the score on the island while still retaining some of the percussive colourings. The Visitor in San Diego is pure orchestral mayhem. I don't know if this was a conscious decision by JW though.
  9. The little nervous woodwinds in that cue are great! And that build-up at the end which was dialled out of the film is pure JW, those panicky whipping brass, woodwinds and strings before the crescendo.
  10. Didn't you get it? That's the whole joke and punch line in one sentence.
  11. Do you want to hear a bass guitarist joke?: A bass player walked past a liquor store.