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  1. The score is heavily reliant on the main theme and the love theme but besides them there are a few repeated motifs here and there. And there are a few of these one-off cool little ideas throughout the score.
  2. I am far from an expert on this score but if I remember correctly it only appears in the carriage chase.
  3. I'd say that if the 70 minute album doesn't do it for you, I don't think the full score is going to change your mind as it is more of the same. The whole final battle of course is there but it is basically the same elements and thematic ideas put through their paces in a longer grander scale.
  4. The Prequels really didn't have one overarching villain (Palpatine was in hiding most of the time) so there was no chance for a single villain theme to emerge as every episode had different villain in the spotlight. TFA was a bit like ANH in that it had a villain with a motif or motifs (Imperial motif and Death Star in ANH and Kylon Ren's two distinct motifs in TFA) so JW could well expand Kylo's material into a new more elaborate theme or create completely new one for him. I'd love to hear a long lined melody forged out of the established two ideas, which might perhaps take a most Imperial March like guise to double as an idea for the First Order. Hope springs eternal.
  5. Cutthroat Island by John Debney: The new LLL set, which does have improved audio and some little extensions here and there. Great fun if somewhat exhausting in this long form but it is still one of the career high points for this composer. The LSO is in top form and all the piraty adventure scoring is infectuous, culminating in the 18 minute final battle sequence which is a mammoth of action scoring capped off by the 10 minute end credits which might actually be the best distillation of everything fun in this score.
  6. I'd love to hear Kylo Ren's theme expanded into something militaristic and more fully developed in the sequels. Perhaps some new idea for the First Order would also be in order.
  7. We should phone Mike Matessino and ask him to convince Williams that 2 discs is what the fans really want. They can do 1 disc release for casual SW fans.
  8. RIP Mr. Kaye. You're reluctant efforts to get those two British airmen out of France will always be remembered!
  9. John Carter by Michael Giacchino: This is actually pretty good. Funnily I like the villain material more than the hero's theme.
  10. It is time to hand the lightsaber to a new generation. Star Wars the Next Generation.
  11. I'd like the last one to be Ashes of the Empire then, which also taken from that opening crawl. Sounds so cool.
  12. With Téa Leoni and her screaming.
  13. We'll have to get Matessino to negotiate Tintin's posthaste complete score release!
  14. We badly need a concert version of that!
  15. It is a very competent sequel score, somewhat too frenetic at times but otherwise very entertaining. Davis' own thematic offering, the maudling Americana family theme is unfortunately just corny and is trampled all over by Williams' classier themes but when Davis comes to his own in the more biting action passages he sounds fine and in his own ballpark. His imitations of John Williams work about half of the time without inducing a cringe as they lack certain fluidity and grace of the originals and much thanks to Johnston they feel like obligatory nostalgia hooks rather than very well integrated into the rest of the score. It feels like the director is suddenly aware of nostalgia in every scene even remotely reminding him of JP and goes "Oh shoot there is that brachiosaurus, quick Don use the hymn theme from JP! This needs some wonder! WONDER I TELL YOU! Then again something like the 4-note carnivore motif is given a great spin by Davis in his raptor music. So while not the most memorable piece Davis has ever written it is a nice little sequel score, which I definitely prefer over the Jurassic World.