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  1. Do you mean the e.g. "In the Making" boxes that explained some of the evolution of certain cues and noted the differences between the film version and the OST version (and sometimes the CR version)? I thought that it was a conscious decision to leave all that stuff out in the physical book and not focus on the "behind-the-scenes" material as far as individual cues were concerned. Perhaps it was also to make the Annotated Scores in some way unique. If I remember correctly Doug's book doesn't actually make mention of the CRs in relation to the book in any way or direct people to the Complete Recordings, which is what the whole track-by-track narrative of the other half of the book is based on.
  2. Because the Deluxe Edition was put together by top men. and in putting it together they Quo Vadis (Tadlow re-recording) by Miklós Rózsa: Such a gorgeous score with brilliant melodies and all the colour and variety a sword&sandal epic of the era warranted. The Witches of Eastwick by John Williams: A bit of sprightly devilish mood music before going to work in the morning. Such a terrifically fun score.
  3. Which doesn't diminish the news that it was performed for the first time here in Europe in 2016 and now we have a video of the performance available.
  4. Well this very curious Bespin boycott leaves more of those FSM CDs for the rest of us. One extra one at least.
  5. Total Recall (1st disc of Quartet Records release) by Jerry Goldsmith
  6. That was a lovely little story! Thanks Stu for posting this!
  7. Thank you BB. Thank you for giving me strength to finally decide and settle on an avatar!
  8. Yes it is quite excellent. But I still prefer the opening half. The First Knight by Jerry Goldsmith
  9. Yes it is one of those strange composer preferences that seems at odds with the nature of the piece itself.
  10. The Missing by James Horner Perfect Storm by James Horner Merlin by Trevor Jones
  11. Sleepers by John Williams Silence of the Lambs by Howard Shore