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  1. Or have one of our Spanish JW fans here translate it for us.
  2. Why the heck doesn't he write original music that sounds threatening then? That Rocketeer reference sounds very awkward, like a thinly veiled copy of the original that just comes off as clumsy.
  3. The Wolfman by Danny Elfman: A terrific score for a not so terrific retake on the old Universal monster movie. The music is just oozing atmosphere and Elfman handles the horror with suitable pathos and tragedy here with a smattering of romance thrown into the mix but also provides ferocious bite when need be with furious action passages. Medal of Honor: Frontline by Michael Giacchino: Still one of Giacchino's best efforts. Themes, action setpieces, emotional material all come together to form a hugely entertaining whole. Williams' influence can still be felt in the action music especially but that is only a good thing with a strong motific hook grounding these tracks while the composer spins the familiar themes for the baddies and good guys around them.
  4. Yes! Yes! They will take everything from him! Leaving him alone and bitter! At war with the world.
  5. John Williams, the International Man of Musical Mystery! Women want him and men want to be him! Especially Giacchino!
  6. It's wonderful news certainly! Every new book on the Maestro and his wonderful music is! But alas I do not read Spanish, which curbs some of my enthusiasm.
  7. I am sure Disney will buy PJ's Weta and push him out and develop this new series of films without him. History is repeating itself!
  8. I am glad PJ didn't decide to start making small movies after the Hobbit.
  9. It is definitely the Mordor Dubstep you hear at that moment.
  10. Of course we need more! More of the good stuff! Let's leave nondescript noodling to lesser composers!
  11. I thought the opening pitch perfect with the flute solo but the busy music for Joey and the rest of the horses frolicing in the meadow that follows is too hyperactive for its own good. The opening third is a bit too overscored but the spotting improves during the rest of the film. But the whole score makes for a brilliant listening experience because of its exuberant nature. I still consider Homecoming as one of the absolute classic JW end title tracks that has such wonderful flow and spirit to it as it spins from one theme to the next with such fluid ease.
  12. All moderators should have a Bilbo Skywalker or two in their care—to teach them the meaning of the word, and to correct them.