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  1. So come on Marian! Release us from this suspense! What is the sound issue?!!!
  2. Hehe I was too lazy to check the first page of the thread. Jim Ware mentioned it is a suite from the score which might also contain some reworking of the score material.
  3. Hopefully we'll get to see CRs sooner rather than later. I hate waiting.
  4. I have the LSO version somewhere but haven't listened to it in ages. It is big, splashy, very cinematic in construction but overall I am not terribly impressed with it. I should take another listen. It has been years since I did that.
  5. The Beauty and the Beastmaster The Demolition Man Who Wasn't There Dirty Dances With Wolves
  6. What audio issues? To my ears the Intrada disc sounded just fine.
  7. Isn't Nerakhoon (The Betrayal) already released? At least the film score is. Did Shore adapt some kind of concert suite from the score?
  8. I am perfectly fine with the Intrada set as I don't have such extensive knowledge of the score beforehand nor do I remember the score from the film with such detail that these small things would bother me too much. A great score and as I said before a fantastic new find for me in JG's discography.
  9. The NeverEnding Story of a Woman
  10. Fisher King Kong Jurassic World Trade Center Sex, Lies and Videodrome
  11. Ah of course. Again typing too fast and too much cursory reading fo the post.
  12. Where do those percussion stringers go in The Cage? Any editing advice?
  13. The Ghost and the Darkness Falls Inherit the Wind in the Willows Of Mice and Men In Black What's Eating Gilbert Grapes of Wrath Gone Baby Gone in 60 Seconds
  14. RIP Mr. Thielemans.