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  1. Well yes. But of course such thing would never happen.
  2. That is quite a one-LotR-sided playlist, curated or not. So many missing important Shore scores.
  3. Thanks BB! If only Martin was as quick a writer as the showrunners. Now that he is supervising four spin-offs he'll never be able to finish the last two books in the next ten years.
  4. Remind me, when is the next season starting again?
  5. Oooh thanks for the heads-up pub! I am sure to check this one out ASAP! I love how the composer is able to make most of the resources at his disposal and craft very interesting sounds and inventive instrumental combinations, even when he is going all out bonkers and eclectic like with Deformers (I have heard the tango-style preview a while ago).
  6. Memoirs of a Geisha by John Williams: Classy. Very classy indeed. Night Crossing by Jerry Goldsmith: Soaring. Very irresistible rhythms but mostly wonderfully soaring. Star Trek: First Contact by Jerry (and Joel) Goldsmith: A person favourite Trek score. I really dig all the suspense music in this one and of course the hymn theme for the first contact is ace.
  7. Happy Birthday Stefan( @Stefancos)and @Chris ChrusherComix!!! To your interminable health!
  8. It certainly translates into a fine tone poem styled album. A bit old fashioned, sure, but oh so very good and I don't I have ever heard Yared quite in this form. On the Beach by Christopher Gordon: Again. A wonderful album despite its often sombre nature. Beautiful stuff. This guy should really be scoring more high profile pictures. Catch Me If You Can by John Williams: Now this is some old fashioned playful jazzy fun, perfect for my morning stroll to work.