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  1. I just listened to the WGBH recording of the concert last night and thought it was overall terrific. Williams seemed to be in good health and mood and his anecdotes already recounted in this thread were such good fun. Lockhart was equally fun and such a showman with his little anecdotes between the pieces. I wish we had such concerts around here as well.
  2. The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    Must be a wee bit agonizing for the label to be sitting on this for 2 years and waiting for an approval from the studio.
  3. The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    Which is not even a long time for such a project considering how long it can take with all the phases to get some of these scores released.
  4. The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    I am happy to note there is almost 30 minutes of unreleased music in the actual film score itself in addition to the alternate material, so the expansion is quite substantial. There is a small previously unreleased thematic idea used for two scenes I am particularly interested in hearing, a religioso-styled piece which seems like Newman's little nod to one of the melodies from Prokofiev's Lieutenant Kije.
  5. I would consider it cross-fertilization, where the series gave creative spark to Martin to do something with a character the show had already killed off, not just poking fun at the show runners or robbing them of some nice plot twist. The books were already too sprawling to ever to be featured in their full extent in the series anyway, so some character arcs and story twists were bound to be left off. This is of course a very interesting situation where the TV show based on the novels has gone beyond that source material before the author has finished his work so the roadmap is less definite and the longer the show goes on without Martin catching up, the more it will deviate from the author's vision in details, large and small. Martin has often talked about his approach into creating these novels, mentioning two broad categories of writers based on the style they approach their writing, the architects and the gardeners, saying he belongs to the latter: This is perhaps why such expansive creation tends to sprout a lot of branches unforeseen by the author and thus it takes perhaps more time to follow all these various plot twists, half-mentioned stories, legends and personages and find them a place in the main storyline of the novels. Some of these, to continue the gardener analogy, bear fruit in abundance and others just wither away and die without giving much to the overall creation except perhaps a small diversion and touch of verisimilitude with reality which is full of stories that lead nowhere. But this cultivating approach can produce a lot of meanders in a river which should perhaps flow in a straighter line and not all of these meanders are very integral to the story. Martin has in his own words an overall picture of where the story will lead in terms of major events that will take place but as with most writers the details of how to get to these pivotal moments are very much in the dark until he puts them to paper. Alas as of May 2016 he is still not finished with the Winds of Winter.
  6. Well the showrunners have very ferociously killed off quite a few characters still left alive in the novels so that was bound to happen.
  7. The Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Josh500! Or should there be a poll on whether it is good or not?
  8. John Williams' The BFG (2016)

    I think any thread here can make the natural progression from on-topic discussion into people mentioning how they didn't like Indy IV score, a lot of shouts of agreement and disagreement and then it's anybody's guess where the road takes us. It's a journey of amazing discovery!
  9. The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    Well I upgraded my Shawshank Redemption. Always thought it was one of Newman's best. It was an irresistable bottlecap for me! And I see the shipping costs climb ever higher for those of us living outside US. 16$ for this set alone. Ouch!
  10. Oh that is going to be a tough one for translators if and when this bit is presented in the upcoming novels. Forgot to mention that I liked how they cast well-known actors for even the bit parts like Richard E. Grant as the thespian playing King Robert and Australian actress Essie Davis as lady Crane. Looking forward to seeing British actor James Faulkner as Randall Tarly, Samwell's domineering father in the upcoming episodes.
  11. Sounds like a smart move from Dany. A grieving widow sails to Westeros with her inherited fleet. Yeah. I thought it was a silly boast from Euron as the isles are not known for their forests. They would have to raid the North for timber to build his dream fleet.
  12. Yes. And the drowning is part of most of the ceremonies of the Drowned God, not just the coronation. And in a way it is a rite where they see if the god has accepted him as the rightful ruler, drowning unworthy. It has been a while since I read the book so I don't remember was Euron resuscitated or did he pass the rite on his own. The version in the series is simplified in many ways, not the least in the fact that Balon had other brothers to contend for the throne of the Iron Isles after his death, whereas in the series they are not even mentioned. Plus the priest shown in the episode might or might not be Aeron Damphair one of Balon's brothers, a priest of the Drowned God and one who opposed the choice of Euron for the throne at kingsmoot.
  13. The novel version was better. This was obviously doing some heavy plot bulldozing to get us to the next phase in the action.