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  1. Hakuna matata, what a wonderful phrase hakuna matata, let's shoot you in the face No more worries, just an ends to your days It's our problem free philosophy. Hakuna matata! But I am truly shocked by this news. Have we discovered a new rival?
  2. He should have at least heard a better score in his mind and not something horrible lacking in subtlety and beauty.
  3. There's that word again. "Heavy." Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there a problem with the Earth's gravitational pull? And then some personal favourites to listen to in the background while reading some Raymond Chandler: L.A. Confidential by Jerry Goldsmith: Yes this one is back in rotation. And as good as always. Jerry knows the tropes of the genre to a T from the expansive or rhythmic readings of the weary but noble main theme as the detective travel from one location to another or the violent bursts of action with sharp rhythms and driving percussion when they hunt for criminals or crooked cops or the silken jazzy strings and trumpet for the love scenes torn between tragedy and passion. Chinatown by Jerry Goldsmith: Another listen to the new Intrada set. While it might be a bit of a bottlecap as one of us here puts it, hearing the complete score in its inteded sequence with all the little unreleased (but interesting) cues sprinkled in makes for a pretty great listening experience for a Goldsmith fan.
  4. Absolutely stunning smaller moments among the unreleased material. It is Williams at his most heartachingly lyrical.
  5. I found it to be quite strong album really, very elegant and very subtly crafted. It took quite a few listen to get into this one fully. But considering he has 10 (with Rogue One it was 11) projects slated for this year alone, it is rather amazing he can keep the quality this high none the less.
  6. And it is implied that it is actually the friendship of Gimli and Legolas that brings about the Fourth Age of Gondor because without Legolas there would be no Gondor or Minas Tirith left.
  7. That should be called "A Shore Fan's Understanding".
  8. The Village by James Newton Howard: A haunting and beautiful and most fittingly for the season an autumnal score. I guess something in Shyamalan's films or working method just brings the best out of the composer (most of the time).
  9. I have to admit that the score has grown on me. Just took a listen and there is a lot to admire. Sophie/BFG related melodies are terrific old fashioned nostalgic "they lived happily ever after" type of feel-good material and genuinely moving and things like Dream Jars is a fun curiosity but what brings this score down a couple of notches for me is the over-familiarity of the Williams' children's fantasy scoring tropes that he leans on quite heavily in many places here.
  10. Good suff Karol, good stuff.
  11. Star Wars needs more of those phat low bass region drones to be more hip with the youngsters. Johnny should brush up his dubstep skillz for the sequel.