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  1. The LLL version of Poseidon contains a hefty amount of source music and few versions of the Morning After song and Williams's sparse 35 minute score and Johnny does deliver most of his music with clenched fist here.
  2. The score is divided roughly into two categories as it was with all three Irwin Allen catastrophe movies, the source music styled pop-ish tuneful material and the sparse, steely, mournful and creepy dramatic underscore for the obstacles the characters have to overcome to survive and the tragedies that happen along the way. Although this one contains perhaps less of the pop tune sensibility than the two other disaster spectacles (there is half an album of source music here though) it is quite removed from Williams' more tuneful efforts really. The main title theme appears very sparsely, mostly to open and close the proceedings although I think it is a great one, full of turbulent foreboding. Interesting comparison on the LLL album are the two alternate takes on the main title sequence which are dark, non-thematic, atmospheric and creepy, more avant garde than anything else on the disc. In all honesty I do not find myself returning to this trio of scores too often (although I should listen to Poseidon more as I think it is a fine if subdued dramatic score), but I would place them in order as follows: 1) The Towering Inferno 2) The Poseidon Adventure 3) Earthquake
  3. Game of Thrones

    We thrive on secrecy!
  4. That sounds a bit hefty for The Poseidon Adventure. Still waiting for a re-release of The Towering Inferno to appear, one of the few JW scores I don't own along with Conrack and Paper Chase.
  5. Game of Thrones

    There were some surprising exits from the series in the second episode. Or rather I was surprised they came at this point, not that they happened.
  6. The Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Lee!
  7. Game of Thrones

    Decent doesn't cut it! I demand excellence!
  8. The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    Don't forget a miniature poster of Rita Hayworth.
  9. The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    Wow 2 disc release of the Shawskank Redemption! Can't wait to see what will that contain.
  10. Game of Thrones

    It is known!
  11. Tribute concert of John Williams in Paris

    A terrific concert and Rey's theme encore was simply ace!
  12. Gloria Cheng Interview

    All around a fascinating talk with some keen insight into the music of not only John Williams but other composers represented on the Montage album. And you have to love the Cheng's little shout out to JWFan, which Ricard's site surely deserves as the first and foremost fan and news site for the "rock star" Maestro.
  13. Oooh excellent news! Interesting new interpretations of this stuff.
  14. It's a lot of fun in the grand 1980's adventure score style. Among Broughton's most delightful creations.