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  1. A fine lineup. A very fine lineup indeed.
  2. Is Emil Richards actually playing on the recording? As I understand the text they used his instruments but he is not himself playing this stuff. Great that they got to use the original instruments on this recording though.  
  3. Rey's Theme – John Williams' Best Theme Yet?

    As theme-oriented as Williams is, it doesn't come as a surprise that it must be a very deep rooted working method by now. He usually goes about solving the dramatic puzzles of a film through composing themes. I think he has commented in several interviews how the themes are really the linch pin and then the application of them to the film is secondary and to him much easier than finding the themes in the first place.   Lately Williams has also surprisingly started to score characters with multiple themes. The scores for Tintin, War Horse and Lincoln seem to revolve around several independent musical identifications of the main characters's different facets, often very literal and small facets. This is something Williams didn't do very often in the past. E.g. with Tintin the character has three distinct ideas working in tandem but there is no overarching long lined theme. Joey in War Horse is the musical center around which the whole story revolves, Albert's music included. With Lincoln all the themes seem to derive in one way or another from the president's persona and actions.
  4. Ah another Wintory score. I'll have to take a listen soon.   Tale of a Lake by Panu Aaltio:     A quite lovely sequel to Aaltio's Tale of a Forest documentary music. As with the previous score broad melodic themes alternate with varied and colorful orchestral vignettes but this time a unique element is the Finnish vocalist Johanna Kurkela, whose voice plays the role of a water spirit in the music, bringing ethereal additional textures to the music. While not a staggeringly powerful soloist her contribution does give the underwater music suitable mystical colouration and emotional pull.   There is a immediacy and intimacy to the woodwind rich writing that is enhanced by the crisp recording. It is a full-orchestral tone poem which isn't ashamed to be big or bold or sentimental showing off the colorful orchestrations although at times it feels like it is trying a tad too hard to do everything with a big splash, shifting gears and presenting abundance of effects during each and every track but luckily Aaltio has along the way created some very satisfying self-contained musical pictures that range from awe to humour.   I look forward to exploring this music more deeply. I hope we hear more of Aaltio soon as the composer shows promise even if his own voice is not always quite as prominent as one would wish.
  5. Rey's Theme – John Williams' Best Theme Yet?

    Williams has mentioned how he often responded to the archetypes Lucas created with his characters so he strived to create something resembling that archetype in musical terms. To me it seems this produces sometimes broader and sometimes narrower fit for the characters in question.
  6. Rey's Theme – John Williams' Best Theme Yet?

    Hey you finally figured out how to use an avatar on this forum! Yay!
  7. Somehow that doesn't surprise me.   But that stuff went completely past me when watching the film and I have not missed it for a second.
  8. Fan-favourite? Hmmm. Really? Besides the initial reports that this piece exitsts, I can't remember a single mention of this piece outside JWFan. I know there is life beyond this place but there has not been any buzz over Jabba Flow anywhere as far as I know.
  9. An all Williams Playlist of the famous and not so famous including Jurassic Park, E.T., A.I., the Five Sacred Trees, the Violin Concerto, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Empire of the Sun, Heidi, Superman, Tintin, War Horse, Lincoln, Star Wars scores, Indiana Jones scores, the Oliver Stone Trilogy, Sleepers, Hook, Angela's Ashes, Images, Far and Away and many more and including of course Happy Birthday Variations.
  10. When did everyone become such a spelling nazi around here?
  11. Very cool news! I am glad these live to projection performances are becoming a trend. Long may it last!
  12. I don't think JWfan2234 has quite adapted to the spirit of the messageboard yet. He'll soon learn our ways. We are not a bad lot really but require a bit getting used to.
  13. Williams Flute concerto Re-recording

    As I mentioned in the thread relating to the articles on the new Star Wars score, how the music critic of one of our biggest newspapers did a piece on Williams last month and while it started promisingly with an overview of his career and achievements it halfway through degraded into veiled (and not so veiled) innuendo that he had basically copied Korngold, Holst, Stravinsky etc. and cited the same old examples. So unfortunately this kind of one dimensional often simple and dismissive view of him and his musical output is still alive but is gladly becoming less prevalent.