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  1. War for the Planet of the Apes begins recording tomorrow!! This is probably my most anticipated 2017 score from Giacchino. I can't wait to hear him build upon his themes from Dawn (which I listened to earlier today) and to hear what new themes he's written!
  2. I'm not sure if this deserves its own thread or not, but Sky High is finally getting a release from Intrada. Track List: 01. Sky High Opening (4:48) 02. Trouble Downtown (0:46) 03. Next Stop… Sky High (1:35) 04. Round-Up (0:36) 05. Welcome To Sky High (1:11) 06. Power Placement (Brandon Christy/Michael Giacchino) (2:31) 07. Still Looking/Stare Down (0:28) 08. Lollipopless/The Secret Sanctum (3:55) 09. Medulla All Blown-Uppa/I’m A Sidekick (1:41) 10. Vat’s An Idea!/Respect The Hat (1:14) 11. Cafeteria Brawl/Proud Papa (3:34) 12. Movin’ On Up (0:34) 13. A Friendly Wave (0:33) 14. Sidekicked Out (0:52) 15. Save The Citizen And Private Tutor (Michael Giacchino/Kevin Riepl/Chris Tilton) (4:04) 16. Kiss Of Death (0:56) 17. Homecoming News/Makeout Sanctum (1:28) 18. Keeping Promises (0:42) 19. She’s Totally Into You (0:37) 20. Gotta Get To Sky High (1:23) 21. Pacified (3:41) 22. Fighting Back (1:24) 23. Royal Pain Is Monologuing (4:38) 24. That Could’ve Been Messy (3:03) 25. You Saved Sky High (1:14) 26. Sky High End Credits (2:02) Time: 49:50 The Extras (Additional Cues) 27. Bus Away (0:10) 28. Power Placement – Coda (Brandon Christy/Michael Giacchino)* (0:08) 29. Starting With You (0:10) 30. A Friendly Wave (Alternate Take)* (0:32) Extras Time: 1:04 Total Time: 51:10
  3. Maybe Pixar asked them to take it down because they haven't made an official announcement yet?
  4. I guess we should take this with a grain of salt until it is confirmed, but according to this photo, it would appear that Michael Giacchino has already composed the score for Pixar's Coco! I hope this turns out to be true. It could be a colorful score from him!
  5. When Disney put the Star Wars Rebels soundtracks for sale on iTunes/Amazon/etc. last month, the soundtracks (and therefore track lists) didn't show up until the day they were released. Maybe that will be the case here?
  6. I don't think anyone has mentioned this yet, but the soundtrack will be released digitally this Friday, October 21! I can't wait to hear the rest of this score!
  7. I love that! I've been listening to it on a loop with the suites for Super Mario and Megaman. The rendition of Hyrule Field in this almost brings me to tears. Wonderful performance! I'd love it if we could get clean recordings like this for the Symphony of the Goddesses medleys not included on the Skyward Sword CD!
  8. So J.A. Bayona, the director of Jurassic World 2, posted this on Twitter for Giacchino's birthday yesterday. Could this be a confirmation that Giacchino is returning for Jurassic World 2, which will be the fifth movie in the franchise (hence the hand)? I really, really hope so!!
  9. Was there any actual confirmation that Giacchino had signed? It would make sense that Zimmer would be the composer since he and the director have worked together many times before. At any rate, I would take Rogue One from Giacchino over this any day.
  10. I was always pretty skeptical of Giacchino's involvement. Aside from that tweet, the only other sources were IMDb and Wikipedia, neither of which are that reliable. That article you linked to in the original post just listed a few of his credits from IMDb, as evidenced by the inclusion of The Tale of the Kite, which is only mentioned on IMDb. So I don't think Giacchino dropped out as much as he was never involved to begin with.
  11. Hans Zimmer to Score DreamWorks Animation’s The Boss Baby