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  1. I hope! Max, who would love for Giacchino to be installed as the permanent spinoff composer
  2. I really enjoyed Iron Man's theme--my favorite of the three (?) Iron Man themes so far, honestly. I thought it sounded heroic, sort of how Peter would think of Mr. Stark, and I really like its appearances the "Ferry Dust Up" and "A Stark Contrast" tracks. I think it has a lot of potential, and I'd love to hear Giacchino get to use it again in the future. There's a great interview here about Giacchino's work on this and War for the Planet of the Apes, and he confirms that his Spider-Man theme is supposed to be young and clumsy like the character, which is why I think I like it more than the other Spider-Man themes (though, admittedly, I'm not 100% sure what part of Elfman's main titles is his main theme, even after several listens). What I like about Giacchino's Marvel scores (that other people might not like so much) is that his themes aren't just heroic fanfares. Spider-Man's theme is clumsy and Doctor Strange's theme is kind of sad, but I think both themes reflect their characters well (and I still think that both themes receive pretty heroic renditions in their respective scores). Iron Man's theme sounds the most heroic to me, but that's also how Peter imagines Iron Man, so it's still fitting to the character in a way. And I think the other themes in both scores fit their films just fine. The Ancient One's theme is very mystic and is probably my favorite from Doctor Strange, and while both films' love themes appear only briefly in the films/scores themselves, I really like their longer renditions in the end credits. I think Vulture's theme and the music in his scenes (such as "Fly-By-Night Operation") do a good job capturing the "assembled" nature of the character--combinations of different weapons and machines from different previous villains--and I like the dark choral writing for Kaecilius. It might not be the most distinctive theme in that score, but Kaecilius also isn't the most distinctive villain, so I can forgive Giacchino for that... But overall, I like that Giacchino's themes reflect the nature of their characters, even if that doesn't lend itself to the most heroic music ever written. So anyway, to summarize: A Giacchino fan is happy with Giacchino.
  3. I didn't get a chance to write this earlier, but I saw the film last Thursday, and I thought it was great! Easily my favorite so far this year, as is Giacchino's score. I thought Giacchino's standouts in the film always felt appropriate. Did anyone else think that some of the choir was removed from the movie, or am I just mistaken? I might do a score breakdown by theme and track, like I did for Dawn, but overall I agree with the new themes that @DominicCobb mentioned (the lamentation theme, the posse theme, the Colonel's theme, and Nova's theme) as well as the returning themes from Dawn (the "Noble Apes" theme, the "Humans" theme, and Caesar's theme). I noticed the "Baby" motif as well, but I wasn't sure if it would still work as the "Baby" motif until I reconsidered the scene this morning. Do you consider the opening to "Planet of the Escapes" to be the prison escape motif, since the opening melody plays much longer in the film? Where do you think you heard the "War" motif?
  4. I read a few weeks ago that they developed backstories for side characters for potential spinoffs, and they said that Maurice the orangutan originally came from a circus, which is where he learned sign language. So maybe that "circus" theme is a theme for Maurice?
  5. Maybe they're saving the announcement until the Pixar D23 presentation next Friday (July 14)?
  6. I really liked that! Not sure if I'm the biggest fan of the song at the end, but I definitely look forward to hearing more of the score soon!
  7. I found another picture of sheet music (different than the one originally included in the first post before it was removed from Facebook) that shows Giacchino as the composer. The sheet music here lists the arranger as Germaine Franco, who was also the orchestrator listed on the sheet music in the first post. Maybe they brought her in as an orchestrator to add some extra flair?
  8. At least this seems like a confirmation (if a tweet from 2 months ago can be trusted)? I hope it turns out to be true! If it is true, I wonder if Giacchino scored this Coco-related short film too. There aren't credits at the end, and I haven't found any credits online either. But if this is him, it might give us an idea of what the actual film might sound like.
  9. I thought the track sounded okay (I like that choir at the beginning), and I'm curious to hear the rest. I started listening to a lot of Desplat after he was originally announced for Rogue One, and I never felt that action music was one of his strengths. He can write some catchy, lyrical themes and pieces, but I generally find his action material lacking. That had me worried for his Rogue One score, and was why I was so happy when Giacchino (my original pick/hope) took over. I don't like to compare this to Giacchino's Rogue One, because while I really, really like Giacchino's score, we'll never know what it would've sounded like if Giacchino had been given as much time to write it as he was for, say, Star Trek Beyond or as Desplat was for this. And we also don't know what sound Desplat would've used for Rogue One, because I don't think Desplat's Valerian sound here would've worked in Rogue One. Likewise, Giacchino might've produced a more Jupiter Ascending-style sound if he had been chosen for Valerian--we'll just never know. So, short story long, I don't think Rogue One vs. Valerian is a fair comparison... ...but since everyone is comparing/will compare them anyway, my vote is still for Giacchino.
  10. All I meant was that since multiple reviews are mentioning the score, it sounds like the score must stand out (in a good way) in this one--which excites me, because Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is among my most favorite Giacchino scores. From IGN, who gave the film a 9.5/10:
  11. Slashfilm gave the film (and Giacchino's score) a very positive review! Source: 'War for the Planet of the Apes' Review: One of the Most Significant Blockbusters of the Decade
  12. Track list! My most anticipated 2017 Giacchino score. (Beware of spoilers)
  13. *insert gif of Mace Windu saying "Our worst fears have been realized."* One of my fears when Lucasfilm started making Star Wars films again was that Zimmer or his clones would eventually score a Star Wars movie. I guess it's a real possibility now... I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for Giacchino.