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  1. Interesting... I saw that on his Wikipedia page a few days ago, but I didn't think it was actually happening (The LEGO Batman Movie was on there, too, but it had been confirmed by that point that he *wasn't* scoring that one).
  2. That's the one! The piece starts around 9:00 but doesn't really get going until around 10:15-12:00. It also appears from 8:00-8:45.
  3. According to the live stream on Facebook with Giacchino preparing with the orchestra, this theme represents "what the 5-year mission means." They played the theme in full, too--there's another climax that happens right when this clip cuts off. It sounds great!! I can't wait to hear it on the soundtrack!
  4. And yet another clip!
  5. Another clip! It sounds like the same melody as the choir clip, but with the orchestra this time. This sounds gorgeous!
  6. A small clip of the choir rehearsal for the live premiere:
  7. Oops! My bad. I haven't checked that thread since I've been at work. I should've looked before I posted!
  8. The early reactions to the movie have been very positive. I can't wait to hear the cue this tweet is referring to!
  9. A short clip from the film with what sounds like Giacchino's score!
  10. The Book of Henry will hit theaters in September. Exciting news! I'm very interested to hear this one (as I am with all Giacchino scores, admittedly).
  11. Giacchino is currently recording the score at Abbey Road! Having loved Jurassic World, I'm excited that Giacchino and Trevorrow are teaming up again. I can't wait to hear this one!
  12. Composer Threads

    10 Cloverfield Lane soundtrack samples! 1. Michelle 2. The Concrete Cell 3. Howard 4. A Bright Red Flash 5. At the Door 6. Two Stories 7. Message from Megan 8. Hazmat Suit 9. A Happy Family 10. The Burn 11. Up Above 12. Valencia 13. The New Michelle 14. 10 Cloverfield Lane Total running time: 1:03:32 I think the samples sound pretty good! I plan on purchasing this score.
  13. Wow, I hadn't heard that piece before! I need to search for more of the unreleased cues from AOTC. The trivia gallery for the episode actually says that the piece was "inspired by" Philip Glass, so I guess Kiner is starting to branch out to find "inspiration" now...
  14. Kiner's scores are at least vaguely Star Wars-y. This is just painful. (I'm not the biggest fan of Kiner, really. He has some nice pieces every now and then, but the rest of his work is either forgettable or a blatant rehashing of Williams. I would at least like the chance to own the pieces of his that I like, though.)
  15. So we get this garbage, but not expanded prequel soundtracks, full soundtracks for Star Wars: The Clone Wars, or soundtracks for Star Wars Rebels? Ughhh. I have full faith in Disney, but I find this decision...disturbing.