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  1. Giacchino is currently recording the score at Abbey Road! Having loved Jurassic World, I'm excited that Giacchino and Trevorrow are teaming up again. I can't wait to hear this one!
  2. The Bear McCreary Thread

    10 Cloverfield Lane soundtrack samples! 1. Michelle 2. The Concrete Cell 3. Howard 4. A Bright Red Flash 5. At the Door 6. Two Stories 7. Message from Megan 8. Hazmat Suit 9. A Happy Family 10. The Burn 11. Up Above 12. Valencia 13. The New Michelle 14. 10 Cloverfield Lane Total running time: 1:03:32 I think the samples sound pretty good! I plan on purchasing this score.
  3. Star Wars "Rebels" - Kevin Kiner Returns!

    Wow, I hadn't heard that piece before! I need to search for more of the unreleased cues from AOTC. The StarWars.comtrivia galleryfor the episode actually says that the piece was "inspired by" Philip Glass, so I guess Kiner is starting to branch out to find"inspiration" now...
  4. Kiner's scores are at least vaguelyStar Wars-y. This is just painful. (I'm not the biggest fan of Kiner, really. He has some nice pieces every now and then, but the rest of his work is either forgettable or a blatant rehashing of Williams. I would at least like the chance to own the pieces of his that I like, though.)
  5. So we get this garbage, but not expanded prequel soundtracks, full soundtracks forStar Wars: The Clone Wars, orsoundtracks forStar Wars Rebels? Ughhh. I have full faith in Disney, but I find this decision...disturbing.
  6. The Official Michael Giacchino Thread

    Michael Giacchino Wins Annie Award for Inside Out
  7. Star Wars "Rebels" - Kevin Kiner Returns!

    Rebelshad a fantastic episode last night, and Kevin Kiner's score was featured very prominently. I thought the score was great throughout, but this piece in particular seems to have caught a lot of people's attention.It's different than anything I've heard him compose before. I'm honestly just glad that he didn't score the scene with a butchered version of "The Asteroid Field" or something.
  8. Michael Giacchino's Zootopia (2016)

    The soundtrack will be released on March 4. 1. Try Everything – Shakira 2. Stage Fright 3. Grey’s Uh-Mad At Me 4. Ticket To Write 5. Foxy Fakeout 6. Jumbo Pop Hustle 7. Walk And Stalk 8. Not A Real Cop 9. Hopps Goes (After) The Weasel 10. The Naturalist 11. Work Slowly And Carry A Big Shtick 12. Mr. Big 13. Case Of The Manchas 14. The Nick Of Time 15. World’s Worst Animal Shelter 16. Some Of My Best Friends Are Predators 17. A Bunny Can Go Savage 18. Weasel Shakedown 19. Ramifications 20. Ewe Fell For It 21. Three-Toe Bandito 22. Suite From Zootopia
  9. The Bear McCreary Thread

    Tilton would have been nice as well. :/ I went through a phase at the end of 2013/beginning of 2014 when I was really interested in McCreary, mostly because I was amazed athow productive he was. But there's something about his writing that, after a while, I just got really tired of, and it's difficult to explain. I think he can write some great themes, but I find his underscore very lacking/slow most of the time, and while his action music can be catchy at times, he uses this one sound in almost all of his music that annoys me after I listen to a few tracks. I don't know enough about music to explain what that sound is, but it's like a crashing "chhhhh" sound during the exciting parts, which could be cymbals or drums or ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I'll see if I can find an example and post it here. I'm still amazed by his productivity, but I haven't listened to a full score of his in almost two years, I believe. (Also, Ireally, really don't care for his use of synths. At all. I find hissynths to be very disruptive and distracting from the orchestra.) That all beingsaid, I hope his score for 10 Cloverfield Lane turns out well and isn't just an hour of tense strings or whatever.
  10. The Official Michael Giacchino Thread

    I posted this in the Bear McCreary thread, but McCreary has scored 10 Cloverfield Lane, so it won't be Giacchino.
  11. The Bear McCreary Thread

    Bear McCreary has scored the upcoming Bad Robot film 10 Cloverfield Lane. I was really looking forward to a Giacchino score for this one. :/
  12. Star Wars "Rebels" - Kevin Kiner Returns!

    I mean to post about this show more, butI have been loving Rebels. I miss The Clone Wars, but this show has been filled thevoid nicely. The new crew is fun to watch, and I really enjoy the nodsto other Star Wars media, like The Clone Wars (with appearances from Ahsoka, Captain Rex, Hondo Ohnaka, and Cham Syndulla). I'm really looking forward to the second half of this season. It seems like we have a ton in store! As far as the music goes, I stillwish Kiner would avoid the obvious Williams references (whether to theStar Wars scores or to other films). Kiner proved with The Clone Wars that he could write music that was his own but that could still fitin the Star Wars musical library, only referencing Williams' themes when appropriate. With Rebels, Kiner seems to rely on those references too heavily, and it can be somewhat distracting. I wish he would develop more of his own themes rather than try to repurpose bits and pieces of Williams' scores. But all that being said, sometimes he has pretty nice moments, like the Kanan-Inquisitor duel in the finale or this moment below. These kinds of cues make me wish for a Rebels soundtrack (as well as expanded soundtracks for The Clone Wars).
  13. The Official Michael Giacchino Thread

    Very true... Here is the poster. The colors of the sky remind me of the Cloverfield poster, and the overall design reminds me of theSuper 8poster.I'm kind of excited for this now!
  14. The Official Michael Giacchino Thread

    Ha, I was on my way here to post about that! Ihope he will, but I wonder if the film has the budget (only $5 million) for someone like Giacchino. I guess we'll have to wait and see...
  15. I'm happy Williams got anomination! I wishGiacchino had gotten something for the great year he had.