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  1. It was an amazing year for this wonderful composer, well deserved!! Sadly this is the only place in this world that cannot see that.
  2. This is how the world should always work...😜😜😜
  3. "...score everyone seems to love" ??? More TLJ haters than lovers here.
  4. Nobody cares what you think. Heil the negativity!!
  5. Definitely going to watch this. Looks better than any star trek ever.
  6. Finally some wise words here in JWFan!!
  7. It is a wonderful score and it should have won!!!
  8. John will win. Also dear basketball. Double win oscar party here with wife. 3.15 am here
  9. I think it is totally ok. If you like these scores. But yes, they are not titanic
  10. The rules are wery simple and good. If Beshin or you hate these scores you dont have to join or make any "funny" comments.
  11. Stay away, you hate both scores. No more funny jokes needed.
  12. The Force Awakens VS. The Last Jedi

    broken record
  13. Of course it is not!! Because Thor is a great guy.