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  1. Yes, that is it. Usually its quadrangle, size of a credit card.
  2. 2014 Football (Soccer) Thread

    Sorry Merkel if sounded too harsh, as I said It was great first victory, congratulations!! I just can't stand Cristiano and Pepe because what he did in the last CL final, that doesn't belong in football. But that is a different story. And I saw the Great Figo there, looked still amazing!!
  3. 2014 Football (Soccer) Thread

    Bullshit. there was nothing emotional in that departure, only one hit too rough, yellow card of course. Funny thing is this was a tournament of TEAM WORK instead of those egoistic solo players and sadly the most annoying primadonna won the title. For the rest of the team(except Pepe) and their brilliant coach was this first big win of course fine. Italians brilliant defense, Germany's multifaceted offence and even Iceland/Wales kind of devoted team play was so fun to watch. And about Zlatan, HE has made his teams perform better(not national team, too bad players) 12 national championships, carrying his teams. Unlike this primadonna CR7 who is bashing his team mates, always arrogant for the referees with that stupid smile etc... Wow that brilliant Cristina's TM goal celebration, it's so...modest and beautiful.
  4. THE BFG OST ALBUM Discussion

    Bye. greetings, infantile hooligan
  5. THE BFG OST ALBUM Discussion

    Really? I mean really?
  6. Sorry this Bump, it's very old thread and I tried to warn but this editing with windows 10 is impossible. Yes these lists seems to vary time to time. That is also why I bumped this.
  7. It has been almost the same but I liked more CE3K being in the the top.
  8. THE BFG OST ALBUM Discussion

    Thanks!! I have a good story about the flute compositions for BFG. Later, I have some questions to ask before...
  9. Now it is official! The Book Thief reached second place in my top ten list. Superman was dropped out.
  10. THE BFG OST ALBUM Discussion

    Or there might be things you do not see or can find. Well, there is still the dumba-dumba level a la Hansu to explore.
  11. THE BFG OST ALBUM Discussion

    I do not own this CD yet, is there a list of the players in the booklet? I'm interested in the names of the flute players.
  12. Brian Eno Hates John Williams

    Oh this Airport music is brilliant. It is so much better than those annoying flutes in BFG.
  13. Brian Eno Hates John Williams

    No. That is why You FAIL. SUH is right.