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  1. So I am going to buy the 3rd disc digitally and see the "I need the better composer but they are all dead" part from youtube. I hate this forced buying of the old discs. Fuck sony
  2. Is it possible to buy only this third collaboration cd+ dvd?
  3. There are only few modern composers I like, Arvo Pärt is definitely one of them. And as a Finn, his name sounds very fine to me.
  4. Of course I will watch it, my expectations were not very high before I read your comments... actually l may have seen this on crappy VHS in the 90's...
  5. I received it (and Conrack) last week but haven't watched(or listened to) it yet, been too busy... edit: I read your thoughts and I think I don't need to see this film I will only listen to that isolated score...
  6. Cool. For me it's going to take a little bit longer...
  7. I'm not very enthusiastic about this recording. The selection and its not the Boston orchestra. There is always some extra magic with the great orchestras( Ryan, Schindler & Lincoln) I have already almost every of them with (brilliant) LA players. The New Beginning will be lovely, though. Im definitely going to buy this
  8. Yes, but the question is, how well has he done all that.
  9. Hey it!s not over yet!
  10. This track, about 36 (light)years ago from the LP(picture-disc)...life has never been any better!!
  11. But Me!! I just cannot live without one. and she is the lucky one, she is going to get 2 cool BLUs...
  12. Ordered!! Also Conrack. My poor wallet, this site will end my marriage.
  13. Thanks! This will be great for the Mrs. I love the music.