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  1. I was 20 years and on my way to a pro player but had to quit playing when I got my first orchestral position. Too many hits to my lips and fingers...One year my team gave me a car in order to make my studying easier...kinda semi-pro already
  2. Major wow!! As a former player and a huge JW fan, this is wonderful.
  3. Of course it is lovely that my wife will join me, I just tried to be funny. She is also a musician and I cannot think any musician who doesn't love John Towner.
  4. I'm going to do this, never seen Johnny live. Bad thing is, that the wife want to travel too so this turned out to be class B Journey I want to hear 2-3 concerts if they are different program, I do not understand the ticket policy?
  5. Indeed!! Then again, who is Doug?
  6. Lame!!
  7. Am I the only one who thinks that "Dry Your Tears" is one of Johnny's weakest pieces of music. And that soundtrack is out of my top 100 list. And no interest to (re)buy this collection.
  8. No, not really. He said TBT and TFA are some of Johnnys weakest scores and likes his music from the 40's. I say: Thor, eat more codfish, its good for you!
  9. And I will have my usual 2-3 bottles of red as my nightcap. It's Friday night and theGrey is theGrey again!!
  10. Really? It is perfect on the ost as it is, young girl singing. Like Stefancos said its very likeable. Nothing special if it would have been sung by the pro.
  11. "If we were in love". Naturally the Boston Pops instrumental version!
  12. Never tried any and knowing my addiction maybe I shouldn't...
  13. I didn't like this music much when I bought the CD the year it was released. Few years ago I purchased the film on Blu-ray and now I love the music, and the film is still very enjoyable.
  14. 5 of us who voted YES, should have JW drinking party!!