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  1. But if the past is good. Now everything must sound fucking zimmer
  2. Seriously??? I had to stop listening Powell stuff, sweet but no style(too modern, do not know the orchestral sound) Williams' stuff was instant classic. Man he is still good😍😍😍
  3. Seriously?? Why not to wait the real thing. It is awesome!!
  4. Music needs the (finest) music critic as much as a bird needs an ornithologist.
  5. 1 - 3. WH 4. Ryan Both scores are bloody brilliant.
  6. Well it's unfair to compare, this is one of the best halls in the world and TLJ is recorded in the studio. I prefer the latter ofcourse. I just heard Chicago symphony orchestra live playing JW in a very bad hall. It still sounded so much better than this, especially the brass section.
  7. He is conducting all Williams' music without scores? Must be a fan.
  8. Me demented?? I think all the others here are nuts. Johnny is still brilliant.
  9. Geez. One page of semantics!! But about the Solo theme its funny that some of the "fans" are mad about Johnnys involvement.... I think that Powell is so much a fan of this legend that he is happy to work with the legend. This negativity of some members is just too much. See you in three years.
  10. What could be Williams' big "problem"?

    Dont ever underestimate the power of the white sides!!
  11. It looks quite small, narrow hall but I think there are about 1700 seats and maybe few hundred standing places. Best hall I ever performed and it looks awesome. Too bad I'll lose again in the fight for the tickets...
  12. I think it says "TV-konzert" in that information of concert on Sunday.