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  1. They are idiots. We are having the best decade of the best film composer ever. They are privileged to witness that but NO!!!
  2. Ok. That explains I never liked that piece too much.
  3. Yes that is the recording I was playing with. Actually it can be the only recording made of this piece... I'm sadly not any Rautavaara specialist to do any recommendations , I own basically only those I'm playing with. Surely composer worth to explore, too bad we usually wake up after the artists pass away...
  4. The search of the blue fairy in an outstanding piece of music. What is wrong is that too classical style of the singer, it would be so much better without that much vibrato or with a kid voice. It's only the "highlight"(terrible female vibrato shouting) of that piece, otherwise it is beautiful, the brass choir etc as is the whole soundtrack. Brilliant.
  5. I would ask "Why there is a Tolkien Central in the web pages dedicated to You but no Hansu Central?
  6. Is that Frontier thingy that choir piece and which recording you have? I play in HPO recording.If the memory serves it was in english. Somehow weird music but still very fascinating, pure Rautavaara.
  7. Weird but funny as hell.
  8. RIP Einojuhani He sure had his own voice, that Angel stuff is beautiful. I played in many recordings of his music and travelled many times the same tram nr. 4 when I worked in Helsinki. Nice guy.
  9. How would this work wearing a blue turtleneck?
  10. Yes. Surprisingly I haven't liked anything this man has done ( didn't know his involvement.). I love my ear. I'm going to spend my next 50 years again without his output. greetings
  11. What??????
  12. Yes, that is it. Usually its quadrangle, size of a credit card.
  13. Sorry Merkel if sounded too harsh, as I said It was great first victory, congratulations!! I just can't stand Cristiano and Pepe because what he did in the last CL final, that doesn't belong in football. But that is a different story. And I saw the Great Figo there, looked still amazing!!