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  1. John Williams' The BFG (2016)

    WarHorse is a very fine movie, little old school but some very strong moments.
  2. Rey's Theme – John Williams' Best Theme Yet?

    And Pirates of Caribbean being classic.. meh. Probably the most boring and stupid music ever. Except hansus muzak
  3. Rey's Theme – John Williams' Best Theme Yet?

    Or he is just funny. I love those kilometer long posts, especially when people quoting them...
  4. John Williams' The BFG (2016)

    I'm looking forward for this score, since Johnny's last scores have been so brilliant(especially TBT). Zero interest for the film though.
  5. Is this 'Theme' heard in Harry Potter

    Hmm interesting. Never noticed...
  6. Rey's Theme – John Williams' Best Theme Yet?

    Well there is a difference between Throne Room music and the sunset force theme. The latter is nice the first one almost corny. Rey's theme beat that easily, the concertversion is incredible, I do not care how it is in the film.
  7. It is great!! I mean you watching shit movies like supes vs. bat etc. This is just so much higher level...
  8. It is a great movie?
  9. This is just good news. I'm now trying to listen MOS through but cannot do it. It is pure shit. I liked his Interstellar quite a lot but it is one one of the greatest films in 20 years...
  10. It is indeed wonderful! And with this brilliant orchestra...oh dear. The Book Thief
  11. Favorite Golden Age Composer? (Poll)

    Herrmann. Only one I carea little of this bronanza.
  12. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    85 pages of this shit. Oh dear. What next? Inuit vs. King Kongs? Booooooring
  13. But I think Johnny went too far on stage, when he flipped Ennio off.
  14. That's cool. I've actually visited to your beatiful city in 1997. p.s. I think I have seen the picture of you before, maybe it once was your profile picture...