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  1. Thanks...going through a bit of a rediscovery of Barry at the moment. I had forgotten how good High Road to China is (and how much you can hear it in OOA).
  2. Which edition of Out of Africa is the one to get? Opinions on the 1997 Varèse?
  3. I like a lot of the DC of Aliens, particularly the auto rifles, but the whole thing is marred by the colony scene at the beginning, which is completely unnecessary and kills the momentum.
  4. Sorry...that's what I meant, since (after) the first season, not including it. My bad. I thought the first season was pretty good. As you said, captivating murder mystery, world building, and I thought the whole thing had a nice Southern Gothic feel to it. It was with season two the show started to become ridiculous. By the end it was just self-parody.
  5. There isn't one. Both films just suck. EDIT: Didn't all those ruins get sucked into some kind of vortex at the end of KOTS?
  6. Agree with all this. This was really before movies were giving their characters this kind of "origin" story, so in a way it was ahead of its time. But it was handled like the gimmick it was. I was thinking the other day that I don't really want another Indy film with Harrison Ford. He's just too old for the part. Leave it as a trilogy. That final scene in Crusade with Indy literally riding off into the sunset closes out his story perfectly. That said, I'm comfortable with recasting the role and seeing stories about a younger Indy's a way that I'm not regarding the Han Solo film. I was trying to figure out why I'm not bothered by recasting Indy in a way I am Han Solo. I think it's partially because there are SO many other stories to tell in the Star Wars universe, it's not really necessary to go there, whereas with Indy, Jones is the story. If we want more Star Wars stories, we can have it without Han Solo. Not so with Indy. Moreover, Solo has mystery and certain intrigue about his past that Indy doesn't have. Like the Clone Wars, NOTHING they can possibly put on screen will match whatever a vivid imagination has Solo doing when he was younger. Over explaining the character will ruin a big part of his mystique. Solo's a rogue and scoundrel in a way Indy isn't. Scratch the surface too much and the character loses his mojo. Not to mention of course that in addition to the Last Crusade, we've seen several incarnations of a Young Indy, and the character has already been played by a few actors. So I would not mind seeing more of the character on the big screen, I think there are a lot of stories to explore in that world...without Ford and Spielberg. I think movies about a younger Indy can be more than just "this is how Indy became Indy"...which is what I fear the Solo film will be. Anyway, this kind of thing seldom works. When I watch A New Hope and Ben talks about the Clone Wars I still don't think of robot droids and The Trade Federation, and if I do it only detracts from the I just try to ignore it.
  7. Clearly you haven't seen Kingdom of the Crystal Skull or Star Trek Beyond.
  8. Well under that logic I guess you could argue that Interstellar, a movie about black holes, sucks as well.
  9. I watched True Blood, a show that sucked since the first season, b/c my s/o liked it. Comes with the territory.
  10. Last Crusade has really grown in my estimation over the years. It was always my second favourite of the three Indy films (and still is), but I find myself enjoying it more now than ever. In some ways I think it's superior to Raiders, and IMO the last act of Crusade beats the last act in Raiders. That said, what hasn't grown on me is the "flashback" prologue, which I used to find to be interesting but now I just think its distracting.
  11. I don't get emotionally attached to memorabilia as a general rule. They aren't valuable enough for me to sell them yet, but that's not to say they wouldn't hit a price where I would. Don't get me wrong, It's a beautiful set, and quite possibly the finest presentation (both in terms of physical presentation and music) of a score ever. But I don't have an emotional attachment to them, and haven't pulled them off the shelf since I ripped the discs.
  12. The longer those stay out of print, the more my pristine copies are worth!