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  1. Happy 84th Birthday John Williams!

    It gives me great pleasure to speak on behalf of the JWFN and the entire John Williams fan community in wishing Maestro Williams "Happy Birthday" and many happy returns. May your joyful spirit and sublime notes be with us for many years to come. It is our pleasure and privilege to continue to join you on your musical journey.
  2. She noticed his unabashed stare, but this time she only smiled.
  3. I'd now rank the Star Wars films thusly: 1. The Empire Strikes Back 2. Star Wars 3. The Force Awakens 4. Return of the Jedi 5. Revenge of the Sith 6. The Phantom Menace 7. Attack of the Clones
  4. How Mutt's Theme should have sounded like?

    The fact that there's something called "The Adventures of Mutt" always reminds me of just how wrong that whole enterprise was. I have a separate, small shelf where I put the Prequel Trilogy, Alien 3 & 4, Matrix 2 & 3 and Crystal Skull Blu-Rays, segregated safely from their counterparts. Right now I'm going back and forth on whether to move The Hobbit films there.
  5. Reflecting on the film a bit (which I loved), I did notice a couple unwelcome holdovers to some of the things Abrams did in Star Trek. For one, after watching the film, I would have liked have had a little more information on the Republic, the Resistance and the First Order. And it occurred to me that in fact in fact Abrams gave similar short shrift to the Federation in Star Trek (oddly described as a "peacekeeping and humanitarian armada"). I came away with the impression that Abrams just simply wasn't interested in that kind of exposition, or those aspects of the story, at all. I certainly didn't want the story getting bogged down in it, ala the PT, but I would have liked a little bit more. I'm sure those are things that Abrams was happy to let other directors handle in future films. Another Abrams holdover from Star Trek was the notion of very young, inexperienced people suddenly becoming powerful and effective enough as to almost render experience moot...i.e. a bunch of green Starfleet cadets almost effortlessly assuming senior positions on a Starship, and Rey's sudden skill with a lightsaber. I would have preferred to see the scene unfold as it did right up to the moment Rey picks up the sabre, at which time Ren should disarm and bring her close to death fairly quickly after toying with her a bit...and then some deus ex machina saving the day and Rey...which Abrams did only minutes later with the Starkiller base coming apart anyway. But in this case, I think Abrams wanted a proper Rey lightsaber duel in his movie, and he got it.
  6. I had no objection, in concept, to the politics in the prequels and learning more about the Republic, Senate, their relationship with the Jedi Council etc. In some ways the story (at least the one Lucas wanted to tell) demanded it. My issue is with the ham fisted, clunky and vapid way it was all handled.
  7. We saw a lot of things in the Prequels, most of which I'm trying to forget. I think Abrams was doing the same.
  8. What's of most interest to me is how much time will have passed between Episodes VII & VIII. I think most people are operating under the assumption that, given how TFA ends, VIII will pick up right away. Which I suppose makes sense from a story standpoint, but would certainly be inconsistent with the lengthy gaps between Episodes in the previous trilogies. Yes, I can see a scenario that picks up almost immediately, with Rey's training, etc. I could also see a jump of several months (if not more) where Rey is already well into her training. I'm also more or less leaning towards Rey being Luke's kid. Oh and I think of Yoda's race, Maz Kanata is.
  9. I'm a little surprised at the relative lack of love this score seems to be getting. It's instantly connected with me in a way the Prequel scores, and The Hobbit scores, haven't. As someone who has spent a fair amount of time lurking this board, I think many of you are better than I am at separating the music from film itself. I've found that, no matter how much I may be able to appreciate a score on its own merits, there's a limit to how much I'll revisit the music if I haven't connected to the film on a certain level (as I have with this film). Is there any word on an expanded edition?
  10. I'd pick the LOTR scores, which I adore, over the Prequel scores or TFA. But for much of The Hobbit score I was never quite sure what Shore was doing. Or Jackson for that matter. Listening to BOTFA gives me a headache.
  11. I don't. I'm sure they probably will. The fact that I'm nitpicking about wanting to know the state of galactic politics pretty much demonstrates how much I unabashedly enjoyed this film. Had a stupid grin on my face throughout. That's not to say I didn't have some minor issues with it, but on the whole I was happy to be manipulated by the nostalgia of what as essentially a remake. Which is just what Star Wars needed, IMO.
  12. I don't mind that they ignored the Prequels, they deserved to be ignored. But while I think it only makes sense to assume that the death of the Emperor and Vader didn't mean the Empire just went away, the notion of restoring the Old Republic was what the Rebels were supposedly fighting for in the OT, so I think it makes sense that the state of what's going on the galaxy deserves at least some mention. I get ignoring the politics that dragged down the Prequels, but as it is it basically seems like nothings change on the chess board since ROTJ. Has the Rebel Alliance simple become the Resistance, and they've been fighting for 30 years? LMFAO.