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  1. Wow, you're a really big Christopher Tolkien fan!
  2. When news that Lord & Miller were leaving, I started wondering how I'd feel if Disney surprised everyone and named Lucas as the director (not that they'd be crazy enough to do such a thing). Obviously I quickly came to the conclusion that this would be a very bad idea, but I did decide that I wouldn't mind seeing Lucas return to the galaxy he created, under very limited circumstances: 1. It would have to be a non-saga film. Lucas had his chance to continue the Skywalker story and blew it. 2. It could not involve any existing characters or situations. He's done enough damage in that area as well. 3. It would have to be a stand alone, "Star Wars Story" with limited canonical impact and not directly tied to any ongoing storylines. So with an entirely new set of characters in situations that have little to do with what going on in the rest of the galaxy, I think it would be interesting to see what Lucas came up with. Otherwise he can stay far, far away.
  3. Perhaps you're right about this, maybe Howard's perfect for it. I'll have to reconsider my opinion.
  4. What's not to understand? I said Howard was a mediocrity. Lord and Miller would have sucked. So Howard's a step up from that. I didn't shed any tears when I heard L&M were gone, but Howard would not have been my first choice to step in. That said, if Howard brings back Madmartigan & Sorsha, I'm on board!
  5. Oh, no doubt. And I think Howard's movie will likely be a step up from what Lord/Miller would have produced, which I was convinced was going to suck. Howard goes up from suck. That said, I wonder about tone. Didn't I read that 3/4 of principal is already done? Sounding a lot like Superman II. Will we see the "Lord/Miller comedy cut" in 20 years?
  6. RON. HOWARD.????!!!!! Seriously, the patron Saint of mediocre directors helming a Han Sol movie? Ugh. This is almost as bad news as if Spielberg were directing it, and only slightly better news than if they brought Lucas out of mothballs to do it. Well, we can be sure of two things. One, it won't suck. Two, it won't be great. It will be a competently executed, technically proficient and entirely forgettable mediocrity like every other Howard film. And prepare yourself to learn how Han got the Millenium Falcon, met Chewie, met Lando, made the Kessel Run, said "I have a bad feeling about this" the first time and started wearing only b&w clothes. All on the same day.
  7. Danny Elfman is the RON HOWARD of film composers.
  8. I wonder if Richard Lester is available.
  9. Well why don't they put him in charge?
  10. I tend to agree with this. Kasdan, while talented (and Empire is the best SW film) is basically the Nicholas Meyer of the Star Wars universe...i.e. both given way more credit than they deserve and regarded the "go to" person/franchise saviour when things go tits up based on nothing but work they did more than three decades ago.
  11. Relatively speaking, JW doesn't have any bad scores.
  12. To be honest, all these movies are a blur to me. I've seen them all (except the new one), once, but when I think about them it's just a jumble of scenes. They all sort of run together. I vaguely remember thinking the first was better than the latter ones, and I enjoyed all those about the same I guess. I think the only one I saw in the theatre was the third, and I'll definitely be waiting on the new one.
  13. Only partially so.
  14. FWIW The Hobbit trilogy is superior (or at least first among lesser siblings), but that's not really interesting. What's interesting is how similar these two trilogies are in what they get wrong, and how many of the same mistakes Lucas & Jackson made....beginning with getting rid of anyone around them with the ability to say "Um, no".