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  1. Seconded. Sadly agree. Yes. At least Rogue One took some risks and tried something different. TFA.
  2. This is a family site. Take your sick fetishes elsewhere. BTW, I'll never be able to shop at Aldi again. So thanks for that.
  3. Rogue One had more highs than TFA, but I found the latter to be more consistent throughout, both tonally and in terms of story.
  4. There are active Wagner & Shakespeare forums (FAQ: those guys are dead), so I think we'll be just fine. Though we may have to change the name to JRRTFans.
  5. Someone wants one more Oscar. Hollywood Trump hatred + Streep=Gold statue. And who is Mark Rylance going to play? Nixon? Why is it that Spielberg, someone who can do anything he wishes, apparently drawn to the most mediocre projects imaginable? Everything he does now (except Ready Player One) feels like something Soderbergh or Ron Howard should be directing. With any luck Harrison Ford will be too old (if he hasn't crashed his plane into a ditch) by the time Spielberg has time for Indy V, leaving the series at a trilogy.
  6. Agree w/all this is except the last bit...I'm guessing it will track like Prometheus...mediocre reviews...60-70% on Metacritic, and a solid, but unspectacular, box office performance (assuming that Life coming out a couple months earlier doesn't take the wind out of Covenant's sails).
  7. Allied. Silvestri sure knows how to write a pretty, sentimental little melody. Too bad he's been writing the same one for 20 years.
  8. What is "cannon" in this context? I'm not sure Alien has a cannon the saw SW or ST does. AvP is certainly contradicted by Prometheus, and Blomkamp has already said he'll ignore anything after the second movie in his Alien sequel (if it ever happens). Certainly nothing that came after Aliens is cannon in my book. And I'm not sure what difference it makes. Crystal Skull and the PT are both cannon, but that doesn't mean they're authentic in terms of their source material...and it certainly doesn't mean they don't suck. I don't see how anything that happened in Resurrection makes it OK that the Alien is now busting through spaceship windshields in Hulk like fashion. Just because other directors (including Scott) screwed up with Scott and Cameron did so brilliantly doesn't mean it should be repeated.
  9. I've donated to the DS9 crowd fund, and am psyched to see what they come up with. I just read that given it's unlikely we're going to see DS9 (Star Trek's best series) in HD anytime soon, they're going to try to render some scenes in HD for the doc on their own, assuming they can get permission. It's already been established it can be done by one of of DS9's SFX guys, so if it happens it will be pretty cool.
  10. Bloodboal, where's your ROTK review? C'mon mate, finish what you started.
  11. Yes. There's nothing in that latest trailer that's remotely original. It's way too slick, and the actors look like...actors. And act like bratty millennials. Nothing about this seems lived in. The whole thing just feels off. And worst of all, the Alien is no longer a mysterious, malevolent terror. It's an action figure...a comic book villain. That scene with the Alien trying to bust into the ship windshield was cringe worthy....a genuine jump the shark moment. Cool and fanboyish, to be sure, but so far removed from its source material as to be unrecognizable. Ridley Scott is being derivative of himself, and remaking his own movies. If Ridley Scott were a band, he'd be covering his own songs. It feels fake, it feels forced. It is derivative. And unnecessary. Nothing I've seen in either of those trailers or that awful promo comes across as the least bit genuine. When I saw the eggs, and the facehugger, I didn't think "Cool!", I thought...."again"? Why? Is there anyone among us who can't say with a reasonably high degree of certainty exactly how this film is going to play out? There are no more ways to tell this story, I'm convinced of that now. I didn't need to know and see the origins of the Aliens any more than I needed to see the Clone Wars. Somethings are better left alone, and to the imagination.
  12. So sad. Guess we can pretty much count him out of everything from now on. I know the "In Memoriam" is obviously pre-recorded, but I wonder if they could put something in there...Hollywood has some skill at last minute editing. Or is it just for people who died in the previous calendar year?
  13. I don't think I've seen the TE versions of these movies since the initial DVD releases. Once the EE's came out, which I consider the definitive versions of these films, I never watched the TE's again. For that reason, it's hard for me to respond to your specific criticisms, because at the moment I'd struggle to recall which scenes from the EE aren't in the TE. I know the big ones, of course, but it's really the smaller moments and extended scenes that are the glue that holds these stories together and make the EE's so superior (at least in the case of the first two films) That said, I love TTT and consider it just behind FOTR. I certainly think it's superior to ROTK, which probably has more memorable, and emotional, moments than TTT, but doesn't hold together as a film as well as the first two movies (not to mention having significant narrative flaws).
  14. I've got a sinking feeling a Titanic forum really wouldn't be very popular.