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  1. I know! I started it. I mentioned to Wil Wheaton at Comicon one year and it just ballooned from there.
  2. This discussion reminds me of an argument I posited years ago (which to my surprise later became a plot point on Big Ban Theory) which was that if Indiana Jones simply stayed home in Raiders, the outcome would have been essentially the same, or even better for the Allies. Either the Nazi's don't find the Ark, or if they do they open it and get face melted. Either way, all of Indy's efforts actually amounted to very little in terms of the Ark (though poor Marion probably would have gotten tortured and killed had the Nazi's found her themselves). Also, without Indy's involvement, the Ark is flown to Germany and most likely opened by Hitler. In that case, pack your bags boys, war's over. Point being? It's a movie, go with it.
  3. Agreed that this was far better than Stranger Things. As far as the finale goes, I haven't seen it since January, but if I recall my negative reaction to it wasn't the final scene. It was that, after the excellent writing, pitch perfect pacing and characterisation, the whole thing unravels in a way that is predicated upon coincidence, plot contrivance and most annoyingly, people doing stupid things. Which always drives me crazy. And alll the people being saved, or screwed, at the last second and action just felt a little rushed, with an over reliance on traditional TV tropes which felt off key to me after nine episodes of slow burn. That said, the show is still among the best that's come out in recent years, and I'm eagerly awaiting to see where they take it in Season 2.
  4. Yep, I was the same. Utterly riveting. There are several shows I like, but I can watch them while checking email or web surfing or chopping vegetables. This show was pure eyes on the TV for me. It all comes together...casting, character, plot, ambience, mood set design, music, etc. And as I said before, there's nothing else quite like it on at the moment. But get on with it already so everyone can talk about the finale!
  5. Well, I'm not sure "allowed" is the right word. We really don't know the circumstances of what went down with that whole fiasco. Shore was in a tough spot...what was he supposed to do, walk away from what is the culmination of his most important life's work? Jackson certainly was calling the shots. For all we know Jackson didn't want Shore in Wellington, and preferred to work with Pope. One thing I don't buy is that Shore wasn't passionate and committed to this project, and I don't but that he let control of it go willingly. One day I'd really love to get the full story of what actually went on here (a story I'm convinced began with King Kong).
  6. So do you guys think Gia is intentionally trying to copy Williams (whether he's succeeding or not) or is Williams simply one of his inspirations?
  7. Well said. I actually find the approach to be strikingly original, at least for among current TV trends. I don't think there's anything else quite like it on at the moment, at least that I've seen.
  8. What did you think of the obvious 80's influences?
  9. You're right. I decreased the font size. Seriously, I'd like to talk about it, but really don't want to spoil anyone.
  10. Excellent show. I watched every episode intently and found it incredibly engaging. A rare example of being better the source material, IMO. But the season finale
  11. Man in the High Castle is excellent. IMO the best series from last year. I'm half way though season 4 of The Americans. Most engaging season yet.
  12. Yep. I saw the play, and it was a lot of fun, and truly wondrous the way they created that world on stage. Then I picked up the book and found it to be...unreadable. I literally could not get past the first third and put it down. The deficiencies in plot and dialogue are definitely masked when you see the production. That said, even in the play the whole thing just feels off. It definitely has a fan fic vibe to it. I do think it detract from the story, and for my part I consider the Potter story to have ended with Deathly Hallows. The sad part if Rowling is really done with Potter like she said, why would she allow the final word on the series to be written by someone else?
  13. Your biggest fan.
  14. Well, I didn't say "hostile". There was just the guy who basically told him he was being arrogant, facilitating IP theft, being ethically questionable and disrespecting artistic integrity! Other than that, I'm sure he felt right at home. BTW, I'm just taking the piss. I like you Stefancos (serious about that) and enjoy your posts. And I'm sure Dustin's a big boy and can handle it.