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  1. Ron Howard's best movie? Easy.
  2. If by "fine", you mean decent and competent, then yes. All Howard's films are that. Competently directed and technically proficient. None of them are in the gutter, but none of them soar either. I don't have hate any of those movies. I don't love any of them either. They're "fine." He generally doesn't make bad films, he just doesn't make great ones. If he has a "style", I'm unaware of it. He's the king of mediocrities...the Salieri of the film word.
  3. You've pretty much described almost every film that ends with the words "Directed by Ron Howard".
  4. America

    Why yes sir I do. I mean, Trump's got everything he needs. He's got fuel in his missiles, and the keys to the code. I mean, Trump loves waking up in the morning not knowing what's gonna happen or, what enemy he's gonna make, or where the country's gonna end up next. Just the other night he was sleeping in Trump Tower and now here he is in the whitest and grandest House in America having champagne with Kanye. He figures the Presidency is a gift and he doesn't intend on wasting it. You don't know what indictment you're gonna get dealt next. You learn to take life as it comes at you... making each Tweet count.”
  5. The Birthday Thread

    Well it’s not every day someone turns 501!
  6. the mstrox thread

    I have a hard time seeing him in that role.
  7. Blumenkohl's Rules for Good Listening

    Are you sure it's "spine tingling"? Not "hair raising" or "pulse pounding"?
  8. the mstrox thread

    Make it so & May it be.
  9. the mstrox thread

    I think that's an excellent plan. And when you get home you should light some candles, run a bath and put on some Yanni.
  10. The Birthday Thread

    Wouldn't this be more appropriate as a belated, day-after birthday wish?
  11. Blumenkohl's Rules for Good Listening

    Some of these are spot on, some are off, some are inspired, some are rubbish, some are repetitious while others contradictory. All are interesting. A good effort Guv'ner. But perhaps better titled "How I live my musical life." And rules? Where music takes me doesn't need "rules"! Carry on.
  12. The Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Steef! Surely, the best of times.
  13. Ugh. Don't remind me of that. One of several of beta Han's cringe worthy lines in that movie. Han Solo should not sound like a self-help guru.
  14. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    Order of the Phoenix is actually one of my favourite Potter movies. Ironically, it's the shortest film (I believe) but the longest book. Which is fine b/c that book probably had more that could be comfortably removed than any of the others. It's not perfect (none of them are), but it's one of the better ones. And Imelda Staunton kills it.