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  1. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    I think the effects in Jaws are fine. I'm pretty forgiving of practical effects, especially when they were done well and with care at the time. I still think Star Wars (1977) looks better than the prequels. So storytelling in that regard goes a long way. Best thing I can say about the effects in Jaws is, as many times as I've seen that movie, the shark is still working.
  2. Have we reached peak Hans Zimmer?

    One morning I came home after being out all night...a friend had opened up a new Italian restaurant in London near Covent Garden and we closed the place down, then helped ourselves to his wine cellar. When I got home I collapsed on the couch but didn't feel like sleeping (or so I thought) so I popped in the Gladiator DVD. Fell asleep like 5 minutes later of course. Eventually, the movie played through and the DVD switched back to the menu screen, which looped 60 seconds from the main theme as the menu reset. Over. And over. And over. For 12 hours. Having drank all night, I was constantly in that half awake/asleep dream state where time and space have no meaning and I couldn't figure out why I kept hearing the same piece of music again and again, and how long was this movie anyway? Didn't even have the energy or presence of mind to reach for the remote and turn it off. That thing turned into an ear worm that stayed with me until it was mercifully replaced by Hedwig's Theme. Not that there's anything wrong w/the Gladiator score, but after that, I didn't want to hear anything from Zimmer and pretty much ignored everything he did soundtrack wise until Interstellar. Some nights though, I wake up in a cold sweat and can still hear it...the screaming of the Hans.
  3. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    Jaws is pretty much a 10, relatively speaking. The only knock I'd put on Jaws is that among the Spielberg "classics", Jaws (and to a lesser extent CE3K) feels the most dated. It doesn't make the drama any less compelling, of course. And it may be my own thing, but mid-late 70's clothes, hair, etc. date a film for me more than something from the 60's or 80's does.
  4. Have we reached peak Hans Zimmer?

    I agree. I agree. Wow, I'm agreeing w/both cremers & thor this morning. There's been a cosmic shift somewhere!
  5. Have we reached peak Hans Zimmer?

    Well Vaneglis' Blade Runner score is at least somewhat overrated anyway. Parts of it works brilliantly in context of the film (which I concede is the first priority of any score), but I've never found it to be satisfying as a solitary listening experience. So yeah, I can't imagine any "expanded" version of the score w/new material would be much better.
  6. Have we reached peak Hans Zimmer?

    I don't blame Zimmer at all. Any more than I blame Lucas and Spielberg for inventing the modern blockbuster. Zimmer is who he is. You might as well blame a cocker spaniel for barking. It's the insatiable demand by studios for his brand (and I do mean brand) of music that caused him to start farming the work out. Zimmer's scores have their place. I just wish it wasn't everyplace.
  7. Have we reached peak Hans Zimmer?

    So in reading that article I learn that Vangelis is still making music...something I did not know. I just assumed he had retired. So if that's the case, why isn't he scoring BR2049?
  8. My guess is he had signed an NDA w/Lucasfilm, and the blog possibly put him in violation of that. Or at least from Lucasfilm's POV. And even if Lucasfilm has no real right to ask to him take the blog down, just the threat to an individual from an organisation w/Lucasfilm's unlimited legal resources is often enough to get someone to comply.
  9. DC Cinematic Universe Thread

    Sorry to disappoint you, but she's over 18 in that pic Steef.
  10. DC Cinematic Universe Thread

    Drew Barrymore doesn't look the least bit comfortable in that pic. It looks like someone, put this on and make sexy.
  11. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    Not really. If they were done first and foremost for fans of the show, they wouldn't have half of the typical action blockbuster, crowd pleasing (or so they think) crap that they crammed those films with. The only film I really think was made for fans of the show was the first one. Which also happens to be the best (flawed as it is).
  12. DC Cinematic Universe Thread

    Jim Carrey in tights.
  13. DC Cinematic Universe Thread

    Can't say I'm a huge fan of Batman Forever (it's OK). But you're definitely right that there's a lot of revisionist history when it comes to this film. It was very popular and well liked when it was released. Val Kilmer got good notices for his portrayal and in general there was praise for the light tone and comedy of the film. I think it just suffers from association with the dreadful film that followed it....which in fact does deserve every bit of criticism it gets.
  14. DC Cinematic Universe Thread

    Isn't this a bit like taking a bite of cake then saying "Oh, this is, taste it!"
  15. DC Cinematic Universe Thread

    Finally saw Wonder Woman last night. I enjoyed it well enough, but I have to say, after all the hype, I was a little underwhelmed. It was above average in terms of a comic book movie, and entertaining enough in terms of what those movies are supposed to deliver. But not much beyond that. It was pretty much a by the numbers comic book origin movie. It's a bit tonally uneven, and I think the middle is probably the best part of the film. It's bookended by pretty generic stuff however. It most reminded me of a cross between Captain America and Thor (though it's better than either one of those origin films). Chris Pine is servicable but not much more than that. I did like that he got to do a little espionage (he is supposed to be a spy after all) in the party scene when he's talking to the poison gas woman. But the romance was completely unnecessary and almost counter productive. And a lot of the characters just didn't work, especially the oddly out of place Native American character. WTF was that supposed to be about? In fact they should have mostly just stuck to Pine and Gadot...the rest of the "team" was superfluous. Especially since there's no chance we'll ever be seeing any of them again. The Amazon island was cool I guess, but the CGI wasn't that good in those scenes. I did like that Thewlis was cast against type, and while his character was largely wasted, I thought it worked well enough. It did seem odd they'd kill of a god in that way, I thought for sure they'd want to save Ares as a big baddie for a future movie. I do like the look of the film (I generally prefer the look of the DCU to the MCU), and it must be said that Gal Gadot is distractingly gorgeous, and is quite possibly the most attractive woman on the planet. She also has nice, natural charisma. I can't decide yet how good of an actress she is. She nailed the alternating innocent babe in the woods/fierce warrior thing quite well, but in other parts I was a little unsure of her delivery. It's hard to make someone who looks like that seem vulnerable and strong at the same time, so I give both Gadot and Jenkins credit for pulling that off. So all that said, I think she's a fantastic Wonder Woman and I think she'll get even better in the role. Gadot is far and away the best part of this film. Wonder Woman is an interesting hero, and I liked that way she was handled here. So there's a lot of good things to say about the film. But I just just expecting more, and I can only conclude that all the glowing reviews and cultural hoopla was in part at least a reflection of the gender issues that went along with it. And along those lines, I have to say...I don't really get it. It's not like there haven't been LOTS of genre films featuring and centred around strong women, this is hardly the first (though you wouldn't know it from the press). It's like how Discovery is being praised for it's "ground breaking" diversity and allegorically engaging in current political and social issues. I saw another article how Discovery is going to be the first Star Trek series that really tackles war (as if DS9 didn't exist). And of course all those things have been done by Trek before, and well. Back to the "strong woman" thing though...yeah, I guess she's role model for young girls, the same way Thor is supposed to be a role model for young boys? So sure, now little girls can aspire to be an unattainable god the same way little boys do...with all the concomitant disappointment that later comes along with that (as if discovering that you're not actually a princess wasn't enough). I Just think that aspect of it has been way played up. And a lot of the comments on Facebook and Twitter..e.g. "FINALLY a strong woman in a genre film" and "It's a feminist masterpiece" have been downright embarrassing. So a good enough movie to be sure, but a far cry from what social media has been saying about it. It's neither that great or that important.