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  1. Featuring the two best Moore Bonds. Nice. And great opportunity to see one in the cinema (though too bad it's not SWLM...of the two, I think it will gain the most seeing it on the big screen).
  2. ST: TMP. Because it's the best one.
  3. He has a point about Rey's character arc (or lack thereof).
  4. ...she moves in mysterious ways!
  5. BB, do you dislike this movie enough to ignore it when it comes out on video...i.e., are you willing to reappraise it?
  6. Very, very rough. Best to Zack & family. And JL will be just fine in Wheedon's hands. And if not, it's just a movie.
  7. Jay, when you're in a spat with someone here, who moderates it? Is there a designated "emergency moderator"?
  8. Well, it pretty much is a carbon copy. Almost scene for scene. Even as a kid I spotted that right away. Oh, and where does a large chunk of Moonraker take place? Rio. Rush as a record called "Rush in Rio." Where is Drax's hidden launch facility? In a temple. Rush has a song called "Temples of Syrinx". And that's only scratching the surface. Really, Richard, I shouldn't have to connect the dots for you like this. If only Bond drove a Red Barchetta...
  9. Moonraker, the third best Moore Bond, is better than at least one movie by each of the other primary Bonds....Diamonds are Forever, License to Kill and, tied for the two worst 007 missions, DAD and QOS. As a RUSH fan, Moonraker should be one of your favourite Bond flicks.
  10. "My God, what's Bond doing?" "I think he's attempting re-entry sir."
  11. Thanks film critic and historian I see!
  12. I rank the films and the scores in the same order....the order of their release. Though I confess that while I think FOTR is absolutely the best of the trilogy, my fondness for the score may be based in sentimentality. Objectively speaking, both the subsequent scores are at least as good, if not better (though I've always felt ROTK "felt" different from the first two). I haven't been around that long, but I was thinking....hasn't pretty much every topic imaginable regarding any genre film or score be covered already around here? As someone who hasn't been around that long, I'd love to see a robust discussion of the SW OT scores vs. the LOTR scores. Both as individual scores and a lifetime achievement. But I'm sure THAT'S been done more than once also. So bring back the JWfan greatest hits I say!
  13. All the Bond films have definitely been products of their era. Whenever they recast Bond, I sorta would like to see a period piece set in the 60's.
  14. The most cheesy had to be from View to a Kill... "The name's Stock. James Stock."