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  1. Shadowlands is indeed sublime, even if it doesn't feature Tolkien per se, and even if Deborah Winer's performance is grating. You've reminded me that I need to watch it again.
  2. A box without hinges, key or lid, yet overpriced treasure inside is hid.
  3. I would not pick up this thing if I found it lying on the side of the road.
  4. ...and then I'll get my commemorative box.
  5. Here's my final offer on this set. Nothing. Not even the price of postage to send me the commemorative box, which I'd appreciate if Warner would put up personally.
  6. You might just skip LOTR and give Sword of Shannara a try.
  7. Beautifully said Icanus.
  8. I was reading an article today about how impactful the Harry Potter books were to people of a certain age growing up. Some of the stories were quite moving. I read Lord of the Rings the first time while I was growing up and it got me through my parent's divorce. I don't know how I would have survived that without being able to escape to Middle-Earth. Over time as I got older with re-reads it become more than an escape, I learned to recognise its depth and complexity in ways I didn't as a child. It inspired in me a life long love of literature, history, tales, folklore and legends. I went on to major in History at Uni and I wrote my thesis on the Icelandic sagas. Tolkien's classic has impacted me in ways that I'm not sure even I fully appreciate. Which book, film or piece of music changed your life, and how? Or if not changed your life, had a major impact on it?
  9. Nonsense! Of course you can imagine movie themes. U2 and Brian Eno already did this in 1995 with Passengers: Original Soundtracks. 1. "United Colours" From United Colours of Plutonium (Japan) 2. "Slug" From Slug (Germany) 3. "Your Blue Room" From Par-delà les nuages / Beyond the Clouds (Italy) 4. "Always Forever Now" From Always Forever Now (Hong Kong) 5. "A Different Kind of Blue" From An Ordinary Day (USA) 6. "Beach Sequence" From Par-delà les nuages / Beyond the Clouds (Italy) 7. "Miss Sarajevo" (featuring Luciano Pavarotti) From Miss Sarajevo (USA) 8. "Ito Okashi" (featuring Holi) From Ito Okashi / Something Beautiful (Japan) 9. "One Minute Warning" From Ghost in the Shell (Japan) 10. "Corpse (These Chains Are Way Too Long)" From Gibigiane / Reflections (Italy) 11. "Elvis Ate America" (featuring Howie B) From Elvis Ate America (USA) 12. "Plot 180" From Hypnotize (Love Me 'til Dawn) (UK) 13. "Theme from The Swan" From The Swan (Hungary) 14. "Theme from Let's Go Native" From Let's Go Native (South Africa)
  10. I'm in sophisticated film circles and we talk about Spielberg and Scott all the time! Even more than Michael Bay!
  11. It's well known in sophisticated film circles that Scott has always been jealous of Spielberg and is trying to capture some of the Spielberg magic. Ridley's Exodus movie in 2014 earned almost 100 million less than the other 2014 biblical epic, Noah. What was Noah about? An Ark. Connect the dots people.
  12. I'm surprised no one has picked this up. In 1979, Ridley Scott released a film called Alien. In 1981, Steven Spielberg releases Raiders of the Lost Ark, featuring the Ark of the Covenant. In 2017, Ridley Scott releases a film called Alien: Covenant. Coincidence? I think not.
  13. OK, now we're talking about subtle costume changes to iconic Harrison Ford characters.
  14. I always thought the tie was an odd choice, and definitely a liability for someone prone to getting into fist fights and being in close proximity to plane propellors & trap doors.