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  1. Star Trek Discovery - Beware Spoilers!

    If Isaacs goes my interest in this show will take a serious hit. Every Trek show has had a high caliber actor in that role. Martin-Green is fine, but she's just not there yet and lacks the pure presence that Shatner, Stewart, Brooks, Mulgrew & Bakula had. One thing Trek has always done really well is cast their lead.
  2. Star Trek Discovery - Beware Spoilers!

    Yeah. There are individual connections between characters, and definitely characters working together, but I get no sense of camaraderie among the crew as a whole. In every iteration of Star Trek the crew has felt like a family, and you just don't get that here. I would just dismiss that as "it's only nine episodes in", but frankly as painful as some of the first nine episodes of TNG, DS9 & VOY were, by that time you already felt like they were a genuine crew working towards a common goal. So while Discovery may get better, I'm not sure that aspect of it will change. Maybe that's just not how the show is designed.
  3. Star Trek Discovery - Beware Spoilers!

    Lower Decks is probably the episode that did this the best. Data's Day is still from the POV of a high ranking officer.
  4. Star Trek Discovery - Beware Spoilers!

    What a change of heart about this show you've had Steef! Now, go watch Orville!
  5. Star Trek Discovery - Beware Spoilers!

    Wherever it is, Lorca certainly didn't enter the coordinates to Starbase 48 when he plotted that jump.
  6. Star Trek Discovery - Beware Spoilers!

    They're in a parallel universe.
  7. Bored Steef? I see what you did there.
  8. Star Trek Discovery - Beware Spoilers!

    Apparently, Sonequa Martin-Green was told early on that her character will eventually become Captain, but it hasn't been decided how or when. Of course, of that could change, depending on fan reaction and how the show evolves. And that plan may have gone out the airlock after Fuller left. I also would like to see Lorca become a more central character. In fact I'd like to just see it become more of a genuine ensemble like the other shows, with the Captain being the character everyone else pivots around. What do you have against a human/klingon pairing? Racist!
  9. That's not funny. That's not funny at all.
  10. DC Cinematic Universe Thread

    Sounds like they should have brought on a Synder protégé, or at least someone willing and able to copy his style to finish it. Wheddon is fine, but I can't think of two directors who take such a different approach to this material. No wonder it's a mess.
  11. DC Cinematic Universe Thread

    You disappoint me Quintus. I never took you as someone who cares what the internet mob thinks.
  12. DC Cinematic Universe Thread

    I haven't seen a single one of them in the cinema, and that won't change for this one. But I've enjoyed them all and I'm probably one of the few people who generally like the look and tone more than the MCU. They're by no means masterpieces, but nor are the Marvel films. They're comic book movies, and I adjust my expectations accordingly. Actually if you took away Tony Stark, who really is a great character, I probably wouldn't be interested in the MCU at all.