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  1. I'm nearing the end of the main campaign of GTA V, on PC. It's awesome, and has held my attention in a way Far Cry Primal did not (although I'm going to return to that once this is done).
  2. Another US shooting spree: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-39397938
  3. No, but you're a bit festive.
  4. Only to people who think like Cremers. - Quin Tus
  5. The US was even less ready for a black president than they were the high possibility of a female one. Hillary's sex had absolutely nothing to do with it. More like somebody was just unwittingly caught projecting. - Quin Tus
  6. Why put it in italics and sign it? Oh that's right I remember now - it's because he's a pretentious bellend! He thought it was quote worthy, one for the JWFan ages 😂
  7. Better to leave Mass Effect for a year and see what sort of state it's in by then.
  8. I haven't done that at all. I'm merely following advice.
  9. Tbh, Neill has always been a middle of the road actor to me.
  10. Heh heh, if you say so
  11. It'll be absolutely killing him that other global leaders (and fringe despots) will be viewing him as being weak right now. Really? Were they they just being melodramatic over his flight ban too? (I agreed with that policy btw.)
  12. Very fine line between the two. Being on the wrong side can be disastrous. This poster is very handsome. Still couldn't give a crap about the movie it's for, mind. Does that mean the poster has failed? No, because this is actually just the case of my personal preconceptions ruling my responses. The 2000s: the era of over-thinking promo posters.
  13. So Drax, Trump looks bitch ass weak this morning. How does that make you feel? Let's just hope he doesn't feel the need to reassert himself by invading a small country. His damaged pride probably needs a little pick-me-up after the recent beatings he's had. And they say a newly incumbent president's first year is his most powerful. Trump is arguably proving otherwise thus far.