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  1. No! It's not a bug! They've obviously repositioned it there so as to help mobile users avoid accidentally hitting the thread title link instead, which I've irritatingly done many times. The software devs have previously acknowledged this issue! Please don't report it, it's better now! The change has to be by design.
  2. Personal Matters? Never heard of that editing suite before. Back when I used to dabble it was all Nero and Windows Movie Maker.
  3. Anyone heard Gregory Porter? Svelte voice of doom! It's like melted chocolate. Then you have those jazz hooks on top...
  4. In these arrangements, sure. But I have a tendency to tune more into the gentle balletic travel the theme has.
  5. I disagree on both accounts. It was only a possibility for that sort of usage, though. I just happen to think it is one of JW's finest ever melodic compositions.
  6. This is most helpful (and finally definitive, I hope). Thank you for the information. To repeat the sentiment one last time: it is a big shame no other arrangements or tribute versions of Monica's beautiful theme exist. Anywhere. Such a waste of a seemingly underrated piece.
  7. Quite a pleasing choice.
  8. My understanding is 'The Reunion' is the only fully fledged version of the 'Where Dreams Are Born' theme which doesn't have the accompanying vocal. It it led by the piano instead and features those lovely warm strings playing beneath. Am I wrong about that? This is what I'm getting at in this whole discussion. Sadly, the music Karol kindly helped me out with is not the same thing.
  9. Nearly missed this reply. Yes, a boy's voice would have been far more preferable in this instance. Howard Shore has a fine and highly agreeable choral aesthetic, especially for solo vocalists.
  10. Not till October Richard, cheers mate. Maybe I misinterpreted your tip to mean the piano version, which is on the OST. Karol just helped me out via PM so let me listen and I'll be back.
  11. Really? I wonder why nobody mentioned this at the time - because it was precisely this information which held me back from making a purchase. I need to acquire these cues can urgently, actually.
  12. Can you be more specific? I've made enquiries about this exact subject before here and KK among others stated the vocal and piano versions are all that are available. I'd also tried a YouTube deep search at the time. It's nice. But not ideal.
  13. Actually, I do. The piano renditions, while nice, aren't really as satisfying to me as something more symphonically fleshed out would have been. I can hear the soft cellos playing in the background of WDAB, and I spend the whole time wishing they were the focus of the entire sound and theme. Endlessly frustrating whenever I listen. I'm very fussy with piano as film underscore. Then again, at least it isn't more of that fucking done to death ruminative piano the newbies here (and you?) love so much lately. It's frickin' everywhere. The video above reckons it is written by committee?
  14. What I meant was he would have furnished the Blue Fairy and absolutely gorgeous Where Dreams Are Born melodies with luxuriously soothing strings instead of the painful soprano warbling. Just no bag pipes either, James! I'm talking pre Titanic Horner here.
  15. Horner would have made far better use of the two main themes in that score.