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  1. What if on every other station, at the cinema and all over the streaming sites, there were endless different Star Treks constantly coming out? Can you imagine that?
  2. I don't like watching reality "talent" shows either, of which there are many. Should I not "moan" about those either? Over saturation has been an issue with that form of entertainment and how audiences respond to them, yet there are still more superhero shows on TV and at the cinema than there are X-Factors and Big Brothers. Live and let live and all that, c'est la vie.
  3. It'll probably be like the Total Recall remake, this. Redundant. I'm surprised people here are following its progress actually. Is it a director of note or something?
  4. I don't know how people can be bothered keeping up with all these superhero shows and movies, they're much of a muchness and the sheer amount of them doing the rounds at any one time feels completely unspecial and the polar opposite of extraordinary. Not exactly "super". More like normal heroes. Boring heroes.
  5. First movie was ace; sequel ruined it, they presumed it was something more than popcorn.
  6. Like Ted Danson before him.
  7. Why not?
  8. Top of the Lake was very good, yes. Stunning, too.
  9. Was the person in that image supposed to be a challenge or something? Anyone over the age of thirty would recognise her instantly. The winner takes it all.
  10. I'd just call it a TV comedy series. Like Curb.
  11. Yeah the sequel was really solid, although neither really set my world alight at the time. The third game was the best one by far for my own money.