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  1. It's Lucasfilm, so it'll run and run and run. It's like never forgetting the Holocaust. And if you're telling me you're defending making Indiana Jones a narky old pensioner who causes scenes in fast food joints, there's nowt more I've got to say to you on the matter.
  2. I never watched Young Indiana Jones (I briefly trialled it when I was a kid, but Flanery had inadequate charisma, zero ruggedness and the theme tune was all wrong) so I know very little about it.
  3. So the official canon says that Indy became a grouchy OAP thug who banged on at youths about how they don't know they're born? Seriously, Lucas should just kill himself.
  4. Shanghai is a great opener, but it's no golden idol.
  5. Is this real? Please tell me it isn't.
  6. Apparently there isn't one. It's gonna run for as long as people watch it.
  7. And then Rick will kill him anyway. It's like going through the motions.
  8. Chuffed to see Glenn's demise at last! He ought to have been killed off long before, but his power of invincibility finally wore off and not before time. Negan, and the general OTT handling of his scenes, is a totally ridiculous character addition at this stage though, my suspension of disbelief has been breached. The violence I was alright with, but the scenarios in which it played out; my brain and its capacity to be be entertained now simply rejects what it is expected to put up with. That whole thing in the caravan and the "bring me the hatchet" was just so fucking stupid, and probably an all time low for The Walking Dead. But still watchable, in the crudest, most brain-dead sense. Which more than anything is a frustrating pity.
  9. They live at the bottom of the garden!
  10. Depends on one's personal group. Shawshank would have gone down well if I'd have watched it with my own particular friends.
  11. More than these, I want to see the return of delightfully unresolved 4 note Death Star motif.
  12. I never did see it either! My word is my bond.
  13. I avoid the proper thread because I'm normally far behind everyone else with it. On this occasion I'm up to date, but that's unusual.
  14. Sorry if I spoiled The Walking Dead for anyone here, I thought I was vague enough.
  15. I can't remember what the conversation was originally about now.