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  1. America

    ^these must be the Facebook debate equivalents here. Already?
  2. I'll dig out my favourite luminous green shell suit for this.
  3. America

    Yeah I was being facetious.
  4. Best love theme in a movie EVER

    It's always been Wifeing from Conan the Barbarian for me, no question.
  5. I'll be going but I'll be wearing a disguise so don't even bother looking for me.
  6. America

    The gun free zone thing is joke, as if it was ever going to do anything to stop people simply ignoring the "rule" - as frequently demonstrated on the blood soaked floors of US schools. Anyway, at least in this one there was an armed good samaritan on site who was able to act fast and take the shooter down before he hurt anyone. So phew for that... I always feel sorry for the minority civilised and intelligent community over there when this happens, because it must be incredibly frustrating. Plus they will be acutely aware that the rest of the western world considers their country to be the sad laughing stock of the world, which must bother them.
  7. America

    Breaking: Shooting at Parkland, Florida school - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-43066226 The US needs less gun laws not moar, give guns to the children goddammit!
  8. Miserable fucks weren't they.
  9. She's got a t-shirt which says "Don't you know it's rude to stare?" printed on it. That's the situation.
  10. That's what Indiana Jones 5 is going to look like.
  11. Managed to find the cowbell version on YouTube. It was surprised good, and no I hadn't heard it before.
  12. She won't be arsed mate. Although I guess I could change it to something more respectable like this instead:
  13. I'm praying for the long awaited revision of Banning Back Home to be debuted.