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  1. Michael Giacchino: The Call of Duty of film composers.
  2. To me this is needless tat. And a very poor substitute for the shamefully never produced blu-ray comprehensive documentary/recording footage treatment we're long overdue for the world's greatest living orchestral composer. Screw artwork and wordy back-patting; I want two hours minimum of John Williams: his life and career under the spotlight in 1080p, and dozens of hours extra, LotR style, of the man at work. Raw footage, fill those blu-ray discs the f*ck up! It's about goddamn time.
  3. I mean, who tried to watch the Jurassic Park movies for the characterisation anyway? I'll tell you who: idiots.
  4. Ah, Ghostbusters. Great movie.
  5. Been meaning to give that a whirl for a little while now, or ever since noticing it mentioned here and then having Netflix spam it on their front page every time I switch it on. I think it's going to be one I must try alone though, which is why I haven't gotten around to it yet. Plus the animation style doesn't naturally appeal to me, but I can probably get past that if the content itself is superior.
  6. Another post about a movie Wojo hasn't seen blah blah blah. Oh wait - oops! My bad, an easy mistake to make!
  7. I could have sworn I made a thread like this one years ago, entitled Whatever happened to the Likely Lads? But there's no record of it. Weird.
  8. How old was Alfie Allen there? Feels even a bit wrong, knowing what they had in store for the young chap.
  9. I play some 2D stuff and the like too. Isometric games like Shadow Run, or Bastion, or Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Knight Lore. Very fine games. Indies. Have you played Nidhogg? A brilliant 2 player scrolling fighting game. It looks like utter arse as you can see. We make allowances for diversions though don't we. Plus I've been doing this since about 1983, so I'd be stupid not to appreciate how far games have come. Google says it's also 4 player co-op. Is it "shared world" then? Very roughly sounds like Destiny, or maybe The Division. Games which are online but can be played solo.
  10. Portal 2 and The Last of Us are probably the two best game I've ever played. That's a fallacy. Actually, the artist's original vision is constrained by hardware limitations all the time, the Watch Dogs "downgrade" controversy for example. Undesirable trends such as chugging engine performance is continued proof that artists and developers do anything BUT design their titles "within those limitations" nowadays. I remember the reveal trailer for the new Zelda game, I remember the beautiful screenshots and how clean of artifacts they were. Sadly the game doesn't look as nice as that anymore. To me that's a big pity, because the original vision is compromised. Look, it's great that you don't mind "jaggies" and whatever else (screen tear?) artistic compromises which must be made in order to get titles running for your gaming pleasure. But it's 2016, and along with tight, highly finessed and deep gameplay; some of us also just really value strong visual integrity to go with it. What's really wrong with that? Do you enjoy movies which look substandard? Breath of the Wild will be a great game no doubt, but it's a brand new game, and I hope the Select version does it greater justice than what is seen in the latest trailer.
  11. Whoa, one of my top two favourite games of all time just had a semi surprising sequel unveiled. I care very much. I care about the art and I want it to match the artist's original vision as closely as possible; the technical fidelity should never undermine that vision, ever.