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  1. *opens GD* Lol do I shite read those thread titles to make sure I'm posting in the right place.
  2. I didn't see Obi Wan show up in Corrie either.
  3. JW gets a mention in the BBC review: Will Gompertz reviews Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★☆ - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-42329374
  4. If he's yet to be contacted or informed then the assumption is they're not writing anything for Gandalf.
  5. The small talk Thread

    Anyone else visit Reddit for its stumble on potential? I've pretty much migrated there in the last couple of years, but only as a lurker, mind. Stuff like this will catch my eye, which I already knew about, But then a reply post will froth up and enlighten me further, https://www.reddit.com/r/todayilearned/comments/7k6wpo/til_sir_ian_mckellen_broke_down_on_the_set_of_the/drcgmw3?context=3 The sheer size of the Reddit membership seems to point to it being the ultimate source for geeky fascinating details like this.
  6. Pasi says it's his best Star Wars score? Either he's drunk again, or I REALLY need to get on this album.
  7. They could just as well have cast Emma Watson and achieved the exact same result.
  8. That isn't my point though. In Star Wars '77 we are dumped headfirst into an ongoing war between factions which bit by bit are shown to us to have history and motivations. We see that imperial empire fall at the end of that story, Palaptine was portrayed as being the last great threat of his kind. I'm happy for there to be new evils rise, but after that you can be damn well sure I want to know where they came from and how they gained status.
  9. Wow! Who gives a shit! Pfft, hype spinners messing me about like that.
  10. In the months before release, I kept seeing a very stern and wearied (potentially even "fallen") Luke Skywalker in the promo material. Then I saw the official poster and there he was again at the very top of the image looking quite sinister and all powerful, almost like Palpatine. There was crimson red everywhere, it was very dark to me that, as if it was to be a major theme and shift in tone (like ESB and TOD). Was blood to be spilled in The Last Jedi? Could Rey actually be seduced in this? Honestly, I was hoping she would be. Struggle with her demons etc etc and fall into darkness by the end (in time for potential redemption in Part III. I thought she was going to slay Leia at the end of the film. See, in the media last week, I kept hearing about some big twist that nobody would see coming and that the producers themselves had appealed to early viewers to keep the secrets to themselves so as not to spoil the big surprises this movie was said to have. I foolishly concluded that Leia dying at Ren's hands was it! It would have been so shocking and perfect. See, when I learn a movie has a big twist, nine times out of ten my brain's logic inevitability and annoyingly figures out what it is before I see the film, it's one of the reasons I try to stay dark these days and actually pay almost zero attention to movie journalism surrounding a film I might be interested in. I was well wide of the mark on this occasion though (typical!), and for me it's because they didn't have the guts to aim for something quite so strikingly unexpected. It's just another predicable SW movie after all. So yeah, I've spent the last few days wondering what the hell twists and surprises they were actually talking about. I still don't know.
  11. I did enjoy it for what it was, I was entertained. But it was just 'fine' in the end, nothing more than that though.