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  1. Nuke Town is probably my favourite part of the entire movie. It's bizarre, uncanny, and it has a great look. It's visually unique in the Indiana Jones aesthetic.
  2. The idle evening guilty pleasure continues unabated and we have nearly gotten up to date with Benidorm, last night's episode of which ended with Joan Collins, in a "may as well" sort of way, resolving to get jiggy with Johnny Vegas in a hotel room. After that, I can basically stop watching all forms of visual entertainment henceforth, TV and movies, because I feel like I have seen it all. May as well sell the telly.
  3. I hate it, mainly for spoiling the perfectly formed trilogy the series was for years.
  4. For me it's tied with his War of the Worlds, but don't you actually quite like Indiana Jones 4?
  5. As apposed to insultingly rubbish, horrible green screen vine swinging, and mobile fencing.
  6. The fridge scene in Indy was total BS. But compared to many other more damning things about that movie, it was absolutely fine.
  7. Like Indiana Jones surviving a nuclear blast inside a refrigerator.
  8. Yeah just looked it up. I was 23 years old 17 years ago. I can barely remember the film.
  9. I'm no big fan of Shyamalan, but I enjoyed Signs. Well, apart from the meaningful dead wife parts. But as a good schlocky scares movie, it was effective. I've been slowly forcing myself into the idea of reappraising Unbreakable one of these days, because I hated it when I saw it at the theatre all those years ago. Thought it was really boring.
  10. Honestly as in, I'm not taking the piss. It is not unlike me to say something similar to what I said above as sarcasm. The honestly was to ensure the Howard Shore suggestion did not come off as such. And to think you thought you knew all of the nuances of the language, huh, Drax!
  11. Who is the the sexist young political prisoner these days?
  12. The part where he throws himself on the plane's wing is the best.