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  1. Yeah. Nobody really cares, apart from the celebs.
  2. Jane's great, I'm watching him in The Expanse at the moment. His Punisher was also ace! Not hopeful about an actual good Predator sequel anymore though.
  3. Every Which Way But Original
  4. Batman vs Superman is the Razzie favourite? Oh, I guess it isn't the underrated brilliance some here made it out to be then.
  5. Don't be ridiculous, it was a classy joint.
  6. I instructed my kids to spit on him while he was down, it was a right scene.
  7. I just asked her, she said sure. I'd just choked a bookworm with it before the snap was taken.
  8. Cremers considers me to be a "thug". Heh heh.
  9. That, plus Close Encounters and Poltergeist. It's like it's the same housing estate.
  10. Of the choices available I went with Dunkirk.
  11. Is Excalibur the one with Helen Mirren's tits and a really skinny Picard? It's a relic.
  12. Make Bond badass again! #SHIT NEWS