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  1. Star Wars Prequel Music Resource (part 2)

    Random question - does anyone happen to remember which game file contains the clean opening for the bongo surfacing near Theed in TPM? Not the flaring trombones, but that rising string figure. I know it's somewhere but I can't seem to find it. Edit: Never mind! Another question, though: did we ever come to any conclusions about where the brass version of the DOTF intro belongs? The one heard in the film right as the doors open to reveal Maul? (I've been messing around with editing some TPM stuff, if you can't tell.)
  2. It still fascinates me that you're so vehemently opposed to hearing the music simply as it was written and recorded. I can completely understand enjoying certain "artistic adaptions" - there are some albums out there that truly rework a film score into something that works better on CD. But this quasi-religious belief that all film music absolutely must be changed in order to be a valid album is...perplexing, to say the least. It's as if you think the process of changing the music is the entire point of the album's existence. For me, the value of music doesn't come from the effort put into editing and rearranging it. The value of music comes from the music.
  3. What does everyone think of 'March of the Resistance'?

    That about sums up my feelings on the matter, too. The scherzo feels dull to me at the concert suite tempo. The film cue takes a much more exciting speed.
  4. What does everyone think of 'March of the Resistance'?

    I sped up the recording for my edit. #SorryNotSorry
  5. There may be some superficial similarities, but I still think the harmonic language isn't quite right for it to be Williams. Could be wrong, but that's what my gut's telling me.
  6. I don't think anyone thinks that cue isn't Williams. To me, it's very clearly an alternate for one of the early scenes. Not a doubt in my mind that this is Williams' work.
  7. The Quick Question Thread

    Another question, one I apologize if I've asked before: does anyone know anything about the Star Trek main theme arrangement on the album Star Tracks? It's an absolutely phenomenal arrangement, but I've never been able to find any information on who arranged it, when, and for what purpose. Any ideas?
  8. Some scores grab me right away, but others take numerous listens to start appreciating. Scores like TLW and even the unimpeachable Raiders weren't initially favorites of mine. With Williams' recent output, I find that the action music in particular takes me a while to get into - much of "The Falcon" bored me until I'd listened to it repeatedly and gotten to know its rhythms. Repetition is truly a double-edged sword. Multiple listens allow the brain to more effectively predict what's about to happen. A little predictability makes a piece satisfying...too much makes it boring. My most goosebump-inducing listening experiences have all sat right on the boundary between familiarity and freshness.
  9. LOST - the music

    Good catch. I'm guessing it's just one of the violas or cellos attacking that note in a way that happens to mimic a human voice, but it sure does sound like humming, doesn't it?
  10. Yeah the center channel removal absolutely massacres the sound quality of the digital-only features. It still does a number on the Blu-ray audio, but it's not that distorted. For my own listening, I use some tricks to simulate a bit of stereo space, and then I use my imagination and my memory of what the undistorted music sounds like under all the dialogue and sound effects.
  11. How Many of You Can Read Music?

    My poor piano teacher would always tell me, "You're playing what you think it should sound like. Let's try playing what's written."
  12. The Quick Question Thread

    Oh yeah, has that edit on the OST been performed or recorded elsewhere?
  13. How Many of You Can Read Music?

    That makes sense to me, and lines up somewhat with my own experience, although what I'm hearing internally is probably a few diopters blurrier than what you're hearing. Even simple melodic lines just take me a hair too long to work out, especially when accidentals are involved. That's part of why for recreational piano playing, I've always preferred playing by ear. I'm much quicker and more fluent with that. Play me a simple ditty that's short enough to remember, and I'll be able to play it back to you on the first try. Give me the same thing in sheet music form, and...well, I'll get there, and possibly with greater accuracy, but it'll take me longer.
  14. How Many of You Can Read Music?

    Fair enough. It's a pity that part has always been so tough for me. I can read rhythms very fluently, but it takes me a moment to internally work out what's going on as far as pitch goes. (Which is funny, because I read written words unusually quickly, and I've got a pretty decent musical imagination - I can hear collections of notes and their relationships quite well in my head.)
  15. Star Wars Episode VIII (Rian Johnson 2017)

    Personally, I'm hoping for the return of ET's species. Maybe prior to joining the Republic, they were the first Jedi!