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  1. That's one of the striking differences between the two scores, IMO. The original is about people's reactions to dinosaurs. The sequel is about the dinosaurs themselves, and the jungle they inhabit.
  2. The orchestra was plenty big - the synths add different colors that aren't always possible acoustically. The players are credited under Keyboards: Ralph E. Grierson Randy M. Kerber Michael A. Lang Chet Swiatkowsku Just about every cue from both scores uses synths somehow.
  3. Count me among those who would prefer more notes on the music itself and less on the film - but it's a minor thing for me, too. The main thing is the music.
  4. The character is described as having worked in Kenya, but his accent is just a plain old English variety.
  5. Regarding the dynamic range discussion: I took the OST and JP Collection versions of Journey to the Island into my DAW and found that I had to reduce the gain of the latter to between -6 and -8 dB to get the quieter passages to match apparent loudness. Sure enough, this made the louder passages sound a lot quieter than they did on the OST. The difference is less pronounced with TLW, as I suspected, though it's still there. And I actually prefer the new mix, unlike with JP. I think I'll ditch the TLW OST but still favor the JP OST in my edits.
  6. Greater dynamic range than before? I haven't studied the waveforms (yet), but it seems patently obvious to me just from listening that both scores underwent much heavier compression for this release than for the OSTs. I never touched the volume once in the quiet parts, and I heard the loudest moments "crunch" back down to 0 dB. Color me skeptical, though I suppose I could be wrong.
  7. It's like that fanfare from ROTS's "It Can't Be"...if not the best part of that cue, it's at least ONE of the best, and it was removed for the OST. Makes no sense. Praise the film score gods for video games and boutique labels!
  8. Tracked from Remembering Petticoat Lane.
  9. I'm totally the same. Don't want to hear the theme at the beginning of JP, but I love TLW's theme bookending that score. I was really struck by how effective that presentation is.
  10. I think I agree with most of the removals and a lot of the tracking, in the context of the film at least. But on album, I want it all as it was recorded - and now we finally have it. Such a joy to listen to!
  11. It's literally just being done for a one-time special event after park hours. If it were a permanent thing, I'd be mortified - don't touch my beautiful Spaceship Earth. But this is fine. I've been to private parties in Disneyland with pop music playing on Main Street. All the rules of theme park design go out the window for events like these, and then everything is magically back to normal again for the next day's guests.
  12. Yeah, it's a very cool moment - one of many in this score. Listening to it for the first time last night, I was struck by how surreal it was to hear all the music that had previously only been heard in mockup form. Those moments were somehow strangely familiar and yet completely new at the same time. I was surprised how my old low-tech mockups actually captured something of the real thing pretty well, though obviously the actual recordings sound a million times cooler.
  13. It could have been worse, John...a lot worse. As for TLW, at first, I was fairly disappointed by the film and massively disappointed by the score, for many of the reasons already discussed. My opinion of the film has become slightly more charitable with nostalgia, while my opinion of the score has experienced a 180 degree shift. There's some really fantastic stuff in there.
  14. mp3, with a really high sample rate and a really low bitrate. We're talking 2 Mbps, 3482 kHz. That's the ticket.
  15. Whether it's noticeable and whether it's a good thing are purely subjective, but I assure you there's definitely compression going on here, and not just a gentle ceiling in the loudest peaks. Tonight I'll be giving TLW a whirl...maybe that one will sound fine to me. (And because I don't want to sound unappreciative, it bears mentioning that I'm still VERY glad this release happened, and I don't regret buying it in the slightest. What a treat just to have all of JP, let alone all the unreleased wonders of TLW I'll be enjoying tonight.)