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  1. Raiders for both, though Temple of Doom gives it a run for its money in the score department.
  2. Couldn't have said it better myself. While I have a hard time picking a favorite between the two, I have no trouble identifying the superior flow of TLW. That being said, I do find that the finale of the first score leaves a better taste in my mouth. The end of TLW feels a little abrupt to me, though I really like all the material. I feel more satisfied after JP.
  3. Haven't seen either film. I prefer the first score - in the second one, the derivative stuff is derivative, and the new stuff just doesn't especially do it for me.
  4. I haven't seen 2. As far as scores go, the original easily beats the sequel for me, though I do like both.
  5. When I talk about the score to a film, I mean all the music written for it, not just what the filmmakers ended up using... As far as the questions at hand, I definitely prefer the first film, but comparing the scores is super tough. I'll vote for the first one simply because I've loved it for longer, but as you vs. diamonds. Either way you win.
  6. I've sometimes wondered if I might somehow have just the slightest touch of Asperger's. I've never received that diagnosis from a professional, though. (Depression and anxiety, very much yes - although those have miraculously getting better, just when I thought I was beyond help.)
  7. Very curious to get official word on Williams' involvement in the teaser. That first half does sound like it very well could be his work, but I don't hear anything that makes me 100% sure. In any case, I like it a lot. Kudos to the marketing team for letting Rey's and Kylo Ren's themes be featured.
  8. Interesting article. They definitely would have had to find ways to make it feel different from the climactic ROTS battle. In any case, I thought the version they thought was extremely effective - like literally everything else in the finale except that final twist. It felt like a bait-and-switch...nothing in the flash-sideways set it up as an afterlife scenario. It was all going in the direction of a true alternate timeline. A good denouement makes you go, "Aha, now this all makes sense!" I didn't get that feeling at all here. Like I said, though, I love literally everything else about the finale. I suppose you could even argue that my problem is with the way season 6 set up the finale, not with the finale itself.
  9. This thread is very silly. From my perspective, it's pretty simple, really. Treat other people well. All people. If they have an experience that is radically different from your own, listen with compassion and an open mind. In other words, don't be an asshole.
  10. I'm cautious to make purchases in general. I've never bought an album "just because" - I've gotta be feeling certain it's going to bring me joy for years to come. That's not to say everything I've ever bought has stood the test of time, but I don't regret too many of my purchases. I prefer specialty label releases, but I'll buy an OST if that's the only thing available. Either way, I almost always wait to listen till it arrives. And I usually will still make the purchase even if I disagree with some of the album production choices.
  11. Low blood pressure is only a problem if you're feeling physical symptoms like lightheadedness. If you feel fine, it's not too low. (The opposite of high blood pressure, which creates long-term problems with few or no symptoms.)
  12. My car would probably be the most expensive single item. The only contender for second place in recent memory is my digital piano, which cost around $1500. I've bought computers and other electronics of comparable value, but not recently. I seem to recall writing a $2200+ check as a security deposit on a place I was going to be renting, though I had roommates paying me back for their shares.
  13. I actually really like Augie's, but it certainly is an unusual addition to the Star Wars musical universe. I'm not a big fan of the album versions synths, but I can look past those and enjoy the percussion and brass. The children's choir isn't awful (like in the album version of Victory Celebration).
  14. A very tough question to answer. My gut instinct is to go with ESB, but the competition is stiff indeed. I know TPM and AOTC aren't in the running for me, even though they're both fantastic. I could imagine any of the other five at least temporarily becoming my favorite, though. ROTJ is the most completely satisfying, ESB is the most interesting, ANH brings me the most joy, ROTS brings me the most sadness, and TFA just has a great mix of emotions topped off by a superb credits suite. I guess it depends on what I'm looking for. ESB is probably the one that's hardest for me to criticize, and I guess I'll vote for it here, but Williams has never ended a Star Wars film badly.
  15. Thanks for the shout-out, TownerFan!