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  1. 2016 is sure starting off great!|362856137&linkId=21089342
  2. Rey's Theme – John Williams' Best Theme Yet?

    Yoda's theme is perfect for his serene wisdom about the light side of the Force. It doesn't really convey anything about his grumpier side.
  3. Rey's Theme – John Williams' Best Theme Yet?

      Williams should have given Rey's theme to Indy!
  4. Rey's Theme – John Williams' Best Theme Yet?

      I was thinking about the same thing. The Raiders March, at least in the triumphant concert suite/credits form, really adds something to the film, as opposed to underlining something that's already there. In the film, it's generally reserved for moments of triumph, and even then, it usually surpasses the film in terms of victoriousness. (Like you, I don't see this as a bad thing.)   I'm not sure I see Rey's theme the same way, though. I definitely view its different components as highlighting different components of her character and her story, all of which were already there and none of which are really exaggerated.
  5. Rey's Theme – John Williams' Best Theme Yet?

    I'd say Rey's theme is a similarly close match. The Raiders March is as similar to Star Wars or Superman as Rey's theme is to Harry Potter - that is to say, there are some definite stylistic similarities, and you can get some interesting results by switching them around, but ultimately, what Williams wrote for each film is what fits that film best.   I'm sure the phenomenon you're talking about does happen, though. The composer consciously projects as much of the character into the writing as they can, and then we as listeners subconsciously project the character back onto it, too - even as we project the music onto our interpretation of the characters themselves.
  6. We won't get any unreleased music. If we're lucky, we'll at least get an Episode VIII score, though.
  7. Rey's Theme – John Williams' Best Theme Yet?

    Are you referring to the flute statement of her theme (on the FYC, it's part of "Lunchtime")? If so, I completely agree. Absolutely gorgeous.
  8. Rey's Theme – John Williams' Best Theme Yet?

      It's pretty glorious. I'm very partial to the counterpoint with the Force theme toward the end, too. But my favorite use of the theme remains its introduction in "The Scavenger", though, I think.
  9. Star Wars credits segues, and why they've started to suck

      No serious snark intended - like much of this site's content, all my posts on this thread have been a bit tongue-in-cheek. Apparently it was a misfire in this case and I apologize. I seem to remember having a brief discussion in some thread about ROTS, but I didn't think we'd devoted a thread to it, and certainly not in the post-TFA days.   I'll respectfully bow out of the conversation now.
  10. Do you think JW should compose a symphony for Xylophones?

    Love me some xylophone. But no.   A broader "percussion" concerto, though? I'd love that. Williams has an unusual approach to writing percussion features that I never tire of. (See the sand people music in ANH, for instance, or some of the chess music in HPSS.)
  11. Star Wars credits segues, and why they've started to suck

    Allow me to be perfectly transparent, TheGreyPilgrim - I know this conversation is completely subjective, based entirely on emotional reactions that will vary depending on our individual prior experience, education, personality, and taste. I readily accept that my opinion on this is no more valid than any of yours and really, it doesn't offend me one bit if everyone has a very different reaction to the passages in question. Everyone's entitled to an opinion, especially on something as subjective as this.   That being said, anyone who likes the end of TFA is a dickhead!
  12. Star Wars credits segues, and why they've started to suck

      That's just glorious! Would that sort of moment work as a transition into a credits cue of a Star Wars film? Hell no. But in this context it's wonderful.
  13. Star Wars credits segues, and why they've started to suck

    I'm fine without a celebratory cue - I just need it to resolve to the credits in a way that really feels like the end of the movie!
  14. Star Wars credits segues, and why they've started to suck

    I do really like the way it subverts our expectations of the melody by jumping down an octave and then going through all those uncertain, haphazard ascending lines. It's literally just the couple of messages when it transitions into the credits that's a WTF moment for me.