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  1. What does everyone think of 'March of the Resistance'?

    That's fascinating to me that one of my favorite parts of the theme is its biggest sticking point for other listeners. "One man's trash" indeed!
  2. The Force Awakens Disney Records OST

    Sound-wise, the only real difference between the OST and the FYC is that the OST has somewhat more aggressive dynamic range compression. But if you line up the same passage from both and mess with the gains so the volume levels match, they sound pretty much identical. Can't tell which is which. When I was initially putting together my edit, I thought the OST sounded better, too, so I prioritized it over the FYC. Then I came to realize that the differences were all in my head and I just focused on getting all the music in there. If you want to hear some truly different mixes, check out the Blu-ray audio channels - the fronts are clear and balanced, the sides are very wet with little definition, and the rears are totally dry and darker in tone. I could easily tell these apart blind. The FYC and OST...not so much.
  3. The Force Awakens Disney Records OST

    That about sums it up for me too. Again, very glad we can have the best of both worlds!
  4. The Force Awakens Disney Records OST

    I've mostly just listened to my own combined edit of the two versions. Each one omits contains some good stuff that's missing from the other. If I had to pick just one, I might still stick with the OST, but fortunately, I don't have to make that choice. My listening habits may soon change, as I'm now about to embark on the journey of adding stuff from the Blu-ray, but I'm not sure how fruitful that'll be. A lot of the cues I'll be adding or fleshing out are a real mess in the film. This score is one that really just needs to be released in full.
  5. What does everyone think of 'March of the Resistance'?

    Really? I disagree entirely. There's something unexpected yet perfectly inevitable about those two simple notes.
  6. What does everyone think of 'March of the Resistance'?

    The two punchy descending chords at the end of the main melody were among the most memorable elements of this score when I first saw the film. It's a great theme, especially when delivered with the right energy and a decently fast tempo.
  7. Combing through the Blu-ray audio, I'm coming to realize just how much editorial mangling this score suffered. While some cues are fairly intact, a lot of scenes just have a bunch of different cues tracked in on top of each other, and there are numerous spots where the music is dialed out completely for a while. Pretty crazy. Star Wars' legacy of hacking wonderful scores to bits lives on, haha.
  8. The Force Awakens Disney Records OST

    I noticed it more so with the percussion than the woodwinds in the prequels, and mostly in ROTS. Doesn't help that the percussion was recorded separately. There are certainly moments when spot mics are used to bring out other adjective instruments, but the mix all seems fairly natural-sounding to my ear. Certainly more so than with some less "traditional" film composers' work. That was part of what made Hooper's Potter scores sound so jarring to me, for instance - the whole philosophy behind the recording was totally different.
  9. The Force Awakens Disney Records OST

    Did Shawn Murphy not use the Decca tree for AOTC?
  10. The Force Awakens Disney Records OST

    I think TPM sounds a little better, although I have a tough time putting my finger on just what changed. Both sound very good. I think TPM is perhaps a little wetter, achieving a wonderfully "big" sounds but without losing clarity. The horns also have a rather different sound in AOTC - not bad, but different, and I do prefer the way they sound in TPM.
  11. The Force Awakens Disney Records OST

    This recording sounds pretty good to me, for the most part. Nice clarity and punch, even if the woodwinds do get buried a bit in the louder passages. What really annoys me about this recording is the trumpets, though - I don't know if the fault lies with the writing, the room, the performers, Williams' direction, or some combination of all the above, but the trumpets never really "sing" the way I want them to. You never get that brilliant, heroic tone that's found throughout the other Star Wars scores (among many other great recordings). This problem isn't unique to this score, though - it started with KOTCS's tepid trumpets and hasn't gotten much better since. It's a pity...Williams used to get some really wonderful trumpet performances, even on scores when he didn't have the LSO or Maurice Murphy. Otherwise, TFA sounds pretty good to me, if a little "small" at times. But TPM remains the gold standard for how a Star Wars score should be recorded and mixed, as far as I'm concerned.
  12. The Great Logo Music Showdown of 2016

    Haha classics. Hadn't heard those in a while.
  13. The Great Logo Music Showdown of 2016

    Indeed - but that thread is so two years ago, and poll-less to boot!
  14. The time has come, friends. Let us embrace wholeheartedly that oft-neglected cousin of the film score proper: studio logo music. Countless composers have contributed to this genre, producing few-second-long compositions that range in quality from awful to awe-inspiring. Let's figure out which one we like best. To qualify, the composition must be found at the start of multiple films, i.e., it cannot have been written uniquely for use in a specific film (though those cues can be stupendous as well). For clarity, it would be best to include YouTube links where possible, since many studios have used different cues over the years. I open the floor for nominations! A poll will follow. Or not, if no one gives a shit. As for me, I nominate Goldsmith's Universal logo. Utter brilliance. Many outstanding logo cues exist, but if I could only listen to one for the rest of my life, this would be it. Discuss!
  15. I really liked it on first viewing, except for the blatant rehashing of ANH. That reservation went away for my second and most sublime viewing. Subsequent views have more or less maintained my current opinion: it's a very fun, very heartfelt addition to the franchise that could have benefited from including one or two less tropes from ANH.