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  1. Die Hard 2: Die Harder by Michael Kamen. Now this score kicks some serious butt. It builds on the material from the previous score and kicks into high hear. It takes a while to get going but once it warms up it doesn't let go. What a fantastic and mischievous action extravaganza. The first score is a great suspense score with a couple of superb action setpieces. This one is one of my favourite action scores of all time. Having Don Davis handling the orchestrations doesn't hurt either. Karol
  2. It probably is better than a lot of his work, yeah. Karol
  3. There is enough material on there to warrant a purchase. Karol
  4. Southpaw Arrival The John Williams Jurassic Park Collection Doctor Strange A Palace Upon the Ruins Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them The 33 Karol
  5. Yeah that title card looks like it's been pasted in. Don't be shy KK, we won't judge you...too harshly. Karol
  6. My god, how badly do I want this score complete. That album just won't do. Sorry maestro, it's just poorly conceived - incoherent, badly paced and often redundant. Karol
  7. Not what I meant, Jay. How much is completely new as in previously unheard? Stuff that wasn't on the album was also unused in the film. Karol
  8. I don't have much hope for an imminent LLL release of this one though... Karol
  9. It's not a great film but.... it is one of the better looking Spielberg films in quite a while. Janusz Kaminski's finest work. Or one of at least. Karol
  10. Jurassic World. I have a confession to make: I enjoy this film. It's not exactly great and feels like another modern blockbuster with no real personality. Yes, it does try to cram in as much of stuff as possible, and it is sometimes over-referential. And yes, not enough practical effects. But it's still an enjoyable ride, I've watched it for the first time since its cinema release and it hasn't changed my opinion. If I can enjoy The Force Awakens, why shouldn't I enjoy this one? They're both essentially the same thing. And, again, this is one of the Giacchino scores that absolutely needs a complete release. Yes, the main theme is very lackluster but the remaining material and secondary themes are all pretty strong. Some of the best action writing in Gia's career as well. Karol