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  1. How does it rank among his other Trek scores? Karol
  2. Got mine last week and it doesn't have any defects. Karol
  3. What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    The Monkey King 2 by Christopher Young. Haven't finished yet but I might be actually prefer this score to the original. I never really cared that much for that one but 2 seems more interesting so far. One of the best of 2016, for sure. And a really terrific album from Intrada. Karol
  4. Film mix. Karol Film mix. Karol
  5. The mix of the score is a tad disappointing. But it works very well overall. Karol
  6. It's the final statement from the original end credits. Same as STID, I think. Bit of a waste of space, if you ask me. But I can see why it's there. Karol
  7. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    Watched Independence Day for the very first time last night. It's not a very well plotted/scripted movie. But it manages to entertain, despite everything. It's a pity Mary McDonnell has such a small role, she's by far the best actor/actress in this. There are no real characters in this. Just some figures that are set up in one scene and then get a payoff. So much for arcs. The first 50 minutes are pretty great at building up tension. It's a pity nothing after that really ever lives up to that. But then again, once you set such a massive threat almost every type of resolution seems like a cop out. The score is pretty great in context, bit overeager in places. Overall. I can see why it would become such a big hit, it's got all the ingredients that masses love so much. And I have to say some special effects sequences look pretty good in 2016. But, as I said, it's fun. In a campy silly kind of way. Karol
  8. What I find really interesting about this score is that it actually quotes the B-section of the main theme in the score. It's the one that can be heard towards in first film's end credits suite. Karol
  9. It's probably only the problem because Giacchino has a nice habit of composing end credits suites for many of his films. And the first score had a very good one. Karol
  10. You know, Into Darkness is a problematic film and screws up some things quite badly. And it's derivative. It's a bad Star Trek film. But... it's not a bad "big dumb but enjoyable action adventure blockbuster". If you can forget that Wrath of Khan ever existed, I mean... Or Star Trek, for that matter... Karol
  11. What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Vertigo by Bernard Herrmann. Undoubtedly, one of the best scores ever written. Never tired of it. And this is one of my favourite albums ever: Karol
  12. Wait, was she aboard Enterprise when they leave for their mission at the end of Into Darkness? Karol