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  1. Please don't suck... please don't suck... please don't suck... Karol
  2. But Alex.... You're a connoisseur, a lonely voice of reason. After Roger Ebert's passing you're the last bastion of good taste. You can't be talking about heart. Karol
  3. I think this film is Close Encounters 2 in disguise. The Spielberg Cinematic Universe is slowly converging. The explosion Jim witnesses in Empire of the Sun is the same one that Indy survives in KOTCS. It's all connected. Karol
  4. I'm still amazed that it all still works as well as it does. Karol - who, for whatever reason, started to like Ant-Man after a recent re-watch.
  5. I like Age of Ultron too. But you have to admit that film actually feels like there's too much stuff in there and none of the elements ever get a chance to play out fully. There's the villain who supposedly has an agenda... but it gets reduced to a couple of lines of dialogue. There's a hero whose ambition ultimately causes terrible tragedy but you never get to see any consequences of his actions (they rectified that in Civil War, thankfully). You have a love story... that doesn't really feel like much. Everything is sort of very compressed and undercooked. True, but the first one moved more quickly. Karol
  6. It's not un-enjoyable. It just feels bit unfocused. My two cinema companions loved it. But I heard some of the younger audience members sitting on the other side saying they "prefer the first one". So people will have different opinions on this one. This one definitely feels less like Star Wars and more like Jupiter Ascending.If you liked the colourful and over-designed world of the first film, and you love your one-liners, then it should be fine. This film has more of that. It's probably more s-f comedy rather than space opera this time. All the successful ingredients are supposedly there but they don't feel as fresh and as well balanced. It's a bit like Age of Ultron in that respect, a film which isn't really bad at anything, just slightly... off. It does reference a lot of Marvel stuff. But not in direct plot-related way. Some things may setup something that might happen in the next two Avengers films but it doesn't really matter. Karol
  7. Now THAT was a turd. Nice Desplat score though. Karol
  8. It's not terrible or anything. Just doesn't really hold together very well. I can't say I really cared about the story at all. The smaller moments and eye candy visuals are still appealing. But it's less than sum of its parts this time, I'm afraid. There was a point, about halfway through, that I started to think to myself: OK, what is this story about again? It seems to really almost entirely on character moments and jokes. Half of which already reference the original film. Karol
  9. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. It gave us more of everything - gags, character motion, flashy visuals, pop music... running time. It's fun for the most part but somewhat over-indulgent, overlong and poorly paced. A very awkwardly and clumsily put together story held together largely by one-liners. The first one wasn't a masterpiece of plotting but this one, while not devoid of some humour and heart, doesn't hold together as well. But James Gunn is trying very hard to outdo himself, bless his heart. It felt a bit like a tie-in to an actual film than the event itself. Peter Jackson can sleep peacefully. Karol
  10. My sneaky suspicion is that it might end with end credits. Karol
  11. Try 'Murph' too. And this is a great cue too: It's a great Zimmer score but is probably best experienced in the film. Karol
  12. Alien: Covenant by Jed Kurzel Karol
  13. Ditto! I do admire A.I. for the lot of things. But it just ultimately is a mess. I think Spielberg's more "literal" approach doesn't mesh well with the allegorical themes of the story. But there are some images in this film that stay with you so I'm giving it some credit. Minority Report is a better film simply because it mostly achieves what it sets out to do. Which isn't necessarily a lot but it holds together for the most part, even after 15 years. Karol
  14. David Fincher to direct World War Z sequel with Brad Pitt. Karol
  15. The Silence of the Lambs by Howard Shore. I don't listen to this very often, it's not something I'd pick to enjoy. But the opening and closing tracks are among Shore's finest work. He should combine the two as one neat concert suite. Karol