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  1. Bought it right after midnight. What I heard was really nice and relaxing. More poppish Horner but in a nice way. Karol
  2. I can't remember anything from Giacchino's score. There is a lacklustre theme that sounds like it wants to be Kirk's theme but doesn't know how. The music isn't necessarily horrible, it sort of does some things right. Not really a typical Giacchino but, at the same time, doesn't sound like anything. Marvel's dry spell continues. Might give it one more chance. Karol
  3. Is it out yet? EDIT: Oh it should be in 55 minutes. Karol
  4. And yet the isolated score doesn't have this cue either. What about the funeral source? Either way, I'm happy cause this needed a sound update anyway. EDIT: It just shipped . Karol
  5. Still no film version of The Altar? Ah, well. It's one of my favourite Goldsmiths so ordered it along with Abzu. Karol
  6. They wouldn't dare... Karol
  7. I guess they could add more plot. That will work! Karol
  8. People love Deadpool because of the "4th wallbreaking". The other attraction is R-rated action. We've seen both already. The next one can only be weaker. Karol
  9. I can't really imagine a successful sequel to this. The first film says all there is about Deadpool. It's a gimmick. Enjoyable, sure, but just a gimmick. Karol
  10. Oh you mean the guy who co-wrote Superman Returns? Karol