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  1. Watched it the second time. I'm afraid there is nothing more to discover here. Shame. Karol
  2. What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Hidalgo by James Newton Howard. I find it to be a really enjoyable JNH work. And also very much overlooked. It's an interesting blend of western genre and some ethnic touches. The lean and to the point album release is an easy and non-demanding recommendation. Another JNH effort on my playlist today is his solid Fantasy Beasts and Where to Find Them from last year. I am particularly fond of this theme: Karol
  3. Black Friday! - What do you believe in?

    Only this will suffice. Karol
  4. What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Stepmom. I can take or leave the entire score album, there are probably large stretches of material not that remarkable. But, boy, isn't this theme just gorgeous? Wanted to post the end credit version, with more elaborate guitar solos but it doesn't seem to be available. Karol
  5. What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Abzû by Austin Wintory. One of the best scores of this decade so far. Karol
  6. Well, she plays Jackie Sharp of HOC. I don't know what Jay was on about. Marvel played Heather Dunbar. Karol
  7. Jackie Sharp was Alma from Deadwood Karol
  8. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    Steven should also stop overusing those lens flares. Distracting! The music is nice but Giacchino could do better. Karol
  9. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    Watched E.T. for the first time. It's ok but it goes shamelessly for that 1980's vibe that's so fashionable right now. And it rips off Stranger Things. Two things I will take away from it..."penis breath" and "ur-anus"...Rude! Oh and where is that demonic clown from the sewers? Karol
  10. What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    The organ you might dislike. But what about this beauty? Karol
  11. Screen names on JWFan: VOTE NOW!

    I liked the old policy. It's getting really confusing these days. Karol
  12. What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    One bizarre artefact of this release, is that you can hear Horner's voice just before the famale vocal enters in Priam Pleads. On a sidenote, it is also the best vocal moment in this score. I used to really hate those passages but now I sort enjoy Tzarovska's performances in some passages. Karol
  13. What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    I am assuming, in all honesty. Although some people already suggested that, even before this album was announced, and it ended up being true. There is no explanation in the booklet. Can you think of any other reason? Another thing is that they mention two "tracks" were unavailable due to licensing reason, not two "cues". And yet the only thing missing is track 2 from the OST. Maybe I'm overthinking here. Karol