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  1. I try not to go under 16's. And even that feel incredibly awkward and uncomfortable. Karol
  2. Poltergeist and The Twilight Zone: The Movie. Wish Goldsmith had more opportunities to work with Spielberg. Karol
  3. Braveheart. As much as I'm trying to discredit this score (due to its ridiculous levels of popularity in the 1990's) it always strikes me with its beauty whenever I revisit it. It's almost annoying how good and memorable it is. And the 2-hour expanded release did nothing to harm it. Karol
  4. Best releases that we already have? Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, Total Recall, Alien, First Knight, The Ghost and the Darkness, The Blue Max (Tadlow). Poltergeist II is also a good one because it is an sound engineering miracle that even managed to outsmart/outdo the great Botnick. What I want? A proper Supergirl, baby. With the full score and the fart-free OST. Karol
  5. Yup. Creative expansion of the known material can be fun. What I'm mostly bothered about is straight re-use of stuff with little or no variation. Karol - who still hasn't decided whether having V'ger material in Poltergeist is a good thing or not
  6. I don't think spambots are alive in the first place. Karol
  7. It's all Dies Irae anyway. Karol
  8. I think it might be locked, yeah. Karol
  9. I've never actually seen it but I heard the two are almost identical with some very slight differences. Nothing you'd really notice unless you compare them side by side. Karol
  10. Yes, they did actually. I'll be getting that soon. They are sort of like a British B-film/cult equivalent of Criterion. And, of course, Donnie Darko is as enchanting as ever. One of the few coming-of-age stories that I actually like. It's sometimes bit self-indulgent, especially with the music montages, but it works. Karol
  11. Watched the brand new restoration of Donnie Darko just released by ever-excellent Arrow Video. It's a great set and both versions of the film are there. The film on this Blu-ray looks really good now, better than ever in fact. Karol
  12. I'm not sure whether it's that good. Williams has such a big repertoire of big works. But it is indeed quite unique and a lot of fun. Not a single weak cue in that one (unless you count the end credits suite). It was my first full JW score soundtrack ever and it will always hold a special place in my heart. Karol
  13. The Monkey King 2 by Christopher Young. One of my top 2016 scores. And the best score of 2016... ABZU by Austin Wintory Karol
  14. Oh has that come out already? I didn't even notice. Karol
  15. Both use Doc Ock theme and Spidey's theme. As a piece of music I like Young's more but it also doesn't sit very well stylistically with the rest of the score. EDIT: Just watched the video. I sort of thing they are both on about the same level really. Karol