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  1. I enjoyed this quite a bit. As other have pointed out, this isn't anything new at all. It isn't really all that different from Abrams' Super 8 (which felt actually much better upon second viewing). But the perfect casting (kids, especially) and a tasteful remix of nostalgic elements make it stand out. The plot might be a bit repetitive in places but the overall mystery was well handled. I liked how it unfolds slowly and gives you more information without ever explaining itself too much at any point. Your brain is able to fill in some gaps as well. And I also appreciated they didn't try to tone it down too much (because of the kids). Karol
  2. Nope. nobody wanted it. And I was giving it away for free. Ah, well.. Yeah, I saw that there is another one next year. Might go to this. Karol
  3. It's better than many. Oh, that's why I said "some". Karol
  4. Revisiting some of the strongest 2016 scores so far... Abzû by Austin Wintory Star Trek Beyond by Michael Giacchino High-Rise by Clint Mansell The Monkey King 2 by Christopher Young Now You See Me 2 by Brian Tyler Karol
  5. Oh I just read this series will be available on Netflix over here 24 hours after US premiere. Cool. Karol
  6. This is not an Alexcremers show. Karol
  7. Probably because the questions are always more interesting than answers. Karol
  8. I had a ticket. And decided not to go because of money (London isn't cheap, you see). But now it seems so irrelevant... Fortunately, I had a chance to see him live in Vienna. Karol
  9. Oh yeah, there was a Q&A session with him and he would talk to fans and take pictures. I never regretted this much not going to an event like this. Karol
  10. Oh no, and Kylo Ren will have to turn her back in IX. Karol
  11. He didn't conduct that one actually in the end. Karol
  12. The Black Dahlia by Mark Isham The Fury by John Williams Brainstorm by James Horner Chinatown by Jerry Goldsmith Karol
  13. Amen. I just noticed there are Vertigo, Psycho. There Will Be Blood and Under the Skin concerts in London next year. Hmmm... Karol