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  1. The film might be entertaining but the fanboy bitching is even more so. I'm almost grateful for all the flaws because it gives us this kind of stuff to waste our time on. Karol
  2. Unable to Listen, Unwilling to Buy? Karol
  3. I am shocked you haven't already. You of all people! Karol
  4. He didn't make this statement in public. Karol
  5. That is what he said about Johnson's script back in 2015: It’s so good, I wish I were making it. " Karol
  6. Yeah but the strange part is that they recorded one for this film. Karol
  7. In a sense that they decided to go with the album versions of some cues. I don't really care. It's not difficult to personalise your playlist. Karol

    While the set is somewhat light on extras, I absolutely love the extended art department featurettes. This is one of the aspects of the show that never disappoints. Rewatched the entire season as well in two days. It's entertaining for the most part but feels considerably weaker than all the previous ones. Too weightless and too clean. I prefer a slower build-up. Feels more natural in the kind of carefully built world like this. Karol
  9. I mean he had a lot of spare time on the island. He might have built 45 of those for all we know. Karol
  10. I am absolutely blown away by the sound quality of this release. Karol
  11. Who said he can't have another lightsaber? Karol
  12. He was the best thing about the film. Followed by Daisy and Adam. Carrie Fisher also was much better here than she was in TFA. Karol
  13. Well, it is the most frequently used theme in ROTS and it is the second most used theme in AOTC. I'm not sure about TFA. Karol