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  1. It was a nicely designed film with likable characters... but a really boring story. Karol
  2. Because I don't have much respect for the Academy. Karol
  3. Halfway through Deadwood season 1. So far it's great. Karol
  4. Yeah, this doesn't seem to worth it. It's the same discussion as whether orchestral film music is still as worthy as concert music. Blah, blah, blah... Zzzz. As for the Oscars, I stopped following this circus about 13 years ago. Can't be bothered to care. Heard Moonlight won then? Bit of a shame cause it is a really good piece of cinema. Karol
  5. Finally got around to watching Deadwood. Two episodes in and I already know it's going to be worth my time. I'm not a fan of the genre but great writing and acting makes any concept great. Blu-ray transfer looks tad disappointing though. Karol
  6. By the way, speaking of Horner, I was also listening to to this right after reading the new NASA developments. And Sneakers In Space! Karol
  7. The opening, as ridiculous as it may be, is still the best segment of this film. And the motorcycle chase. Karol
  8. Lame documentary-like shot composition, poor action staging, ponderous exposition dialogue overwhelmed by even more ponderous music mix, brooding main character. All your favourites are here! Karol
  9. It's a proto-Avatar! But then, what isn't? Karol
  10. It's a good film. But I didn't love it instantly. Nolanesque in some respects, yeah, but not in a way you might expect. Karol
  11. Mighty Joe Young by James Horner. Hey this is pretty good. Karol
  12. Enchantress? Oh god no, it's not part of the DC cinematic universe, is it? Karol
  13. No, but it is more of a filmic score thanks to fluidity of narrative. It feels like one, definitely. The Monkey King 2 or High-Rise would take the film score crown. Karol
  14. Best of 2016. Amen. Karol