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  1. The Defenders. Watched the first half. It's watchable but bit generic. At least by combining all storylines into one the show doesn't waste as much time. We'll see what the last 4 episode will be like. Karol
  2. Return to Oz by David Shore. It has one of my favourite end credit suites ever. Karol - who also listened to Desplat's Valerian today.
  3. Never said I didn't like it (not blatantly anyway). It's a good episode but feels a bit lazily put together. And @Quintus I do realise we like different things. But that's ok. I'm still watching it and enjoying for the most part. But it ain't The Wire, Deadwood or Breaking Bad. It only sometimes reaches that level. Karol
  4. The film itself is, of course, ludicrous. And doesn't really hold together that well. But De Palma's films tend to be really watchable no matter their quality. He's an extremely skilled filmmaker and you can't help but marvel at his camera work etc. And that score. It really gets to shine at various points as all the sound effects in crucial points were dialled out (Coming Down the Stairs and Gillian's Escape). It made me appreciate this great score even more. The release itself is really nice. It has some good extras and this isolated score track is nice to have. I was told that Twilight Time people were quite unhappy it was even included but it seems the pair of European releases made their set obsolete. The picture transfer looks quite nice as well. And there are some really good extras included. It is a winner. Karol - who also bought Arrow's Obsession and will watch it soon.
  5. Well, you know, a lot can happen to your teeth in over 20 years and that T-Rex you can see on the logo might have a bit of a trouble brushing it every day. Poor thing. Karol
  6. The Fury. Picked up the Arrow Video Blu-ray today. Watching now. Karol
  7. Can't comment on the films but The Book Thief is a better score. Karol
  8. While I do largely enjoy the series to this day, something is missing. As the story gets bigger and bigger it also becomes more cliched and predictable. I always liked the character moments about this the most as well as the historical/cultural references. The sheer depth and richness kept me interested - it made it seem like a real place with real people and ideas. But now it is a more generic fantasy epic. Enjoyable one but bit impotent. I frankly don't care if they stop the white walkers. In fact might be better if Darth Maul slaughters everyone as they all built a world and society that is impossible to live in. Karol
  9. Ordered Waterworld from La-La Land on Tuesday and just reminded myself that I still have a $20 voucher for Intrada releases (from collecting their points) so ordered The Black Cauldron. Shipped within 20 minutes! Karol
  10. I would watch a Qui-Gon Jinn film with Neeson. I actually would. We already have a main theme! Karol
  11. 13 companions travelling towards the mountain... Karol
  12. Nick Fury Begins: A Marvel Story? But then... Nick Fury looked slightly different back in the 1990's... Karol
  13. He's going to be in the Captain Marvel movie, no? Karol
  14. Still need to watch season 3 but his work on the first two was very strong. Always loved his main theme. His Legion is interesting too. Karol