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  1. I would love to hear the entire 80 minute work. It seems to have never been recorded.
  2. By all accounts he was a great guy. I loved him in everything I saw him in. I don't know what it was about him that made him such a standout but he had a sort of every man ineptitude that was lovable. I remember seeing this in the theater and loving the character: He excelled at stupid tough guys and was lovable at it. RIP. Damn you 2017!
  3. I really love Michael Daugherty. This work is very compelling to me because it mixes so many influences in such a unique way. In this work you get vintage sci-fi, John Adams style post minimalism, modernism, old school melody, etc. I don't think I've heard a piece from this composer that I didn't enjoy. Hell's Angels is a concerto for four bassoons and orchestra. I might be mistaken about this but I believe that Daugherty's background is as a rock musician first who went classical and I think that mix is part of what makes him so interesting. He LOVES pop culture (for example his Metropolis Symphony is based on Superman comics but is a massive symphony) but is very skilled in concert music so the combination is so engaging to me and others since his latest recording (also great) just won the Grammy. I met him at the Cabrillo festival a few years ago when they played one of his works and he is very down to earth and charming. But have a listen and let his music speak for itself.
  4. What is interesting is that the Kepler telescope only looks at 0.25% of the sky with approximately 100,000 stars in it. If the galaxy has 200 billion stars (according to NASA's Kepler page) that means Kepler is only surveying 0.00005% of the stars in the galaxy and only able to detect those with planets that transit. Plus the planets have to be big enough to see their transit. A Jupiter size planet is 1% of the size of the sun. If Jupiter was 1.5 times larger, it would be a brown dwarf so technically a cold star. My point is Kepler is finding only a small percentage of possible planets in this limited space it is looking at. Imagine a time when we can look at all the stars over time with a Kepler omni-vision telescope that can look at all directions at once (sort of like a VR camera) how many strange and amazing things we would find. With that said, my personal opinion from what I've read about Trappist-1 is it is very unlikely they will find water and life more than microbial on any of the planets. Since the solar mass is so low, most of the planets might be tidally locked like the moon is to earth so don't actually rotate. That means one side of the planet is bathed in solar radiation and the other side might be in perpetual winter. Plus the planets very close proximity to the star would result in tremendous solar radiation and atmospheric damage from solar flares. The planets in that system are more likely like Venus and Mars than earth. Still very cool though.
  5. It's very beautiful, Marcus. Congratulations.
  6. SPR is a fantastic film and fantastic score. Not because it has so many wonderfully memorable tunes but because the score so perfectly fits the story and the subtext. This is JW's equivalent of Jerry Goldsmith's Patton. For those of you who haven't seen that masterpiece, it is a 3 hour war film that basically encapsulates all elements of what makes a war film great. Jerry's score only had around 30 minutes of music so the film is almost entirely unscored. The music though has three elements. The hymn like religious, the trumpet fanfare echoplex (which JG would later reuse in Alien) representing Patton's belief in reincarnation, and the martial representing the military aspects. So with the music JG encapsulated the character in multiple dimensions with minimal notes. That is effectively what JW did with SPR. The drama is almost entirely unscored. The subtext is where the score lies and this was JW at his most subdued. He really nailed it at an emotional and sub-textual level and defined a generation of war movie scores such as band of brothers and The Thin Red Line where the score avoided any reference to battle and focused on the personal and psychological aspects of war. At the time, that was very innovative. @JoeinAR have you seen Patton?
  7. Terrible interpretation too. As if they never heard this music before. But I blame the conductor for that.
  8. That was actually a very interesting arrangement of the Han Solo and The Princess theme. The rest of the suite is lackluster and proves what is most important is the composer/conductor rather than the orchestra. LSO has never sounded so amateur in the rest of the works and a mediocre mix as well. For example, in the Princess Leia theme, the original OST has a deeply yearning quality since the high note of every phrase is held much longer than here. That must have been a direction from JW since it happens regardless of what the instrumentation is and really makes the theme feel so much more longing in a Tristan und Isolde way which makes since since JW thought of this as sort of a Vertigo longing and Herrmann used Tristan und Isolde as his model for that theme. And what's with the trumpets being so far left in the mix? It just feels cheep. I assume this is an old recording that was made to cheaply capitalize on the unexpected success of SW without any real attention to detail or love. BUT, the Han Solo and the Princess was interesting in the way they interwove the Leia theme.
  9. JWFan Composers

    The world is indeed comic, but the joke is on mankind. HAHAHA I'm going mad with insanity from these incessant dreams of monstrous doom that overtook the elder world! The transferred minds would migrate through time and space to another stopping place in the bodies of the bulbous vegetable entities of Mercury where there would be races after them, clinging pathetically to the cold planet and burrowing to its horror filled core, before the utter end. The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents.
  10. JWFan Composers

    Since you are an HP Lovecraft lover, careful about lack of sleep. Only cosmic insanity will result! It's best you accept your place in the universe and not try to understand our true place among the old ones. Nice and fun but could use a hint more ethnic instrumentation for a few moments. Anyway, nice and fun genre writing.
  11. Those are tuned tomtoms with the timpani in False Image. Can you provide a link to the "The Cage"? The track from "The Edge" on youtube had no drums at your time marks.
  12. One of the kids couldn't sing well and was blowing takes. He said in his grandfatherly voice to relax and try to get it right or we'll find someone who will get it right.
  13. He considered that experience to have been quite unpleasant.
  14. This is a perfect example of why the music is a million times greater than the movie.