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  1. Personally, I prefer old school hammer and chisel rather than paper and pencil. I find paper and pencil too lazy.
  2. Yes, but which Karajan Planets? He recorded several and they are all very different. Some Planet's concessionaires do not like his Deutsche Grammophon Berlin Phil version and prefer the Vienna recording instead. I am of the opinion that there is no single perfect recording of the planets. Great piece and very fun to play (especially for low brass). EDIT: Ok, Marian beat me to this point but keep in mind that many conductors change their interpretations over time with various degrees of success.
  3. A very fine disk of deeply introspective and solemn music: Schoenberg: Kol Nidre (a late work by Schoenberg that owes much to his earlier late romanticism rather than the second Viennese school) Shostakovitch: Suite on Verses of Michelangelo Buonarroti (very late Shostakovitch which is sparse and brooding).
  4. Here is how I would answer that hole. R2 is a very common interface droid who until A New Hope, he had a mostly insignificant role. He was not a memorable droid until a New Hope where he was critical to the success of the Battle of Yavin. So Yoda had no reason to find him memorable in ESB.
  5. But that just meant "good luck" or "godspeed" without necessarily a mystical overtone. I hope they address how Obi Wan forgot he already knew C3PO and R2D2. Something like being a new hermit resident of Tatooine, he didn't adjust well to a rural wasteland. In an ill advised moment, he went to greet his Sand People neighbors who subsequently hit him on the head resulting in selective amnesia.
  6. I hope they don't use someone with hidden force powers or a jedi otherwise that would interfere with Obi Wan's interance in a new hope where the jedi were mythical and practically mostly forgotten.
  7. JWFan Composers

    Sure, I'll send to you.
  8. JWFan Composers

    Cheers. There are a few Hornerisms and Williamsisms in this piece. I was writing it when Horner died so its definitely a tip of the hat.
  9. JWFan Composers

    Thanks, Cheers!
  10. JWFan Composers

    Wow, nice job! Sounds great and nicely mixed and mastered. Congratulations!
  11. JWFan Composers

    Uploading an excerpt of a space theater piece for large orchestra that I wrote last year. Lots of noise! keer.mp3
  12. Yeah, and notice there is no one in the audience hahaha. They are probably just listening from the theater lobby.
  13. Some of you might have wondered what would the Planet Krypton and Superman sound like if played by 30 trombones? Here is the answer: