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  1. Totally Totalism

    That was very Williamsy.  You might also like Julia Wolfe.  I forgot the name of the piece so let me look it up.    Edit: I can't find it on YouTube but you can hear the whole work on her website here: http://juliawolfemusic.com/music/my-beautiful-scream
  2. I am not sure if I should post this in the JW thread or General but since there is already a Hollywood Bowl thread, I'll just mention:   Pretty exciting Hollywood Bowl lineup this summer - including Lalo Schifrin's new guitar concerto, Korngold's violin concerto, and a first L.A. performance of one of James Horner's final concert works.  Giacchino's "Star Trek" live to picture; and another Black Movie Soundtrack night!
  3. Rey's Theme – John Williams' Best Theme Yet?

       Good point, at their core, these are themes for archetypes...Hero, villain, damsel, wise sage, bumbling clown, etc.
  4. Rey's Theme – John Williams' Best Theme Yet?

    Hmm, I never thought of it in that way...interesting.
  5. On Friday, February 5....

      Wow that is crazy that this site was formed just two years after the web.  Who was the first member?  Let's find them and send them a balloon.
  6. Yes, it is glorious.  Check out this little gem from the archives of JW:     ...and notice how he got to that huge D major theme.  This is exactly what Shosty did to get to his D major...it is a resolution by step.  So hopefully you see this is not a jarring penultimate progression but a very dramatic and satisfying one.
  7. On Friday, February 5....

    Congratulations!  How old was the internet back then?   Was this one of the first websites EVER?
  8. I didn't mean this as a dig. I think JW must have written it for a previous edit and after the sessions they kept editing. 
  9. JW receives an award for life time contribution to Hollywood music: http://www.afm47.org/press/john-williams-receives-lifetime-contribution-to-hollywood-award/
  10.   Exactly, the music works great on a macro level but on a second by second basis it isn't quite right and I don't blame the composer...I think these are just examples where the action+tension music is a moment or two late/early towards the end and the amount of effort JW puts into hits makes it feel like the music doesn't match the visuals/drama like a glove.  For example 0:34 Qui Gon drives his saber drives into the door it's completely ignored musically but the music at 0:38 seems more appropriate though doesn't quite fit that scene.  So I mean at a very specific micro level, not overall globally.   If this had been RC wallpaper scoring with drone + rhythm, it wouldn't have mattered much but here it doesn't quite match completely.
  11. Do you think JW should compose a symphony for Xylophones?

    I would like to see what Williams would do with forces like this (6 sets of timpani too!)      
  12. That's really cool - makes the scene feel much more exciting.  It doesn't quite line up though, I wonder if there was a late cut to the scene or something.
  13.   Rosenman also has a symphony but as far as I know it's not been performed.   Edit: yes, it looks like Rosenman's symphony premiered in 2004.
  14. The Composer's Thread

      Cheers old buddy.  This is just Sibelius export using note performer software which is really good.
  15.   Not entirely true if you consider his jazz beginnings in the 1940's and 50's.  True his pop was a session player but he was known first and foremost in jazz circles.  He was first and foremost a musician.  Film was the medium.