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  1. Obviously porgs is merchandising. I am just glad they weren't over used.
  2. Are you a secondary account for SKY88 by any chance?
  3. Well it worked on Leia too since they had a conversation and she is force sensitive and didn't sense it.
  4. I think the historic context is also very important. It came out of nowhere and changed everything. It was so youthful and pitch perfect entertainment with absolutely no cynicism at a time full of that...so was extremely refreshing entertainment. Also unusual at the time was the false ending. It could have ended with the escape from the death star and been a very satisfying movie but then add this incredibly exciting space battle and the last second heroics of Han Solo. It is hard to explain why it is so great without the context. After all this, the sequel (quite unusual at the time) deepened all the characters, the mythology, the story. With the PT, this was pretty routine. Now it is formulaic so hard to come out of nowhere with these types of films so the expectation is just different.
  5. He died because he was heart broken that his mom, Padme, died for no explainable reason during his birth. He simply gave up on the will to live according to the EU. Nah, I just assumed its like all people with wizardry power, it takes a great physical toll out of them and here he used his great powers to the maximum. That's why when you have two equally strong force combatants like Kylo Ren and Rey, they strain to get the upper hand and usually get knocked out briefly. starwars wikia says: Force Body was a type of Force technique which allowed any Force-sensitive to push their body's endurance past a safe limit, ignoring and sacrificing their health and well-being in order to sustain their connection to the Force. Very powerful connection to the Force was required for this ability's use. With this, Jedi could live through what would otherwise kill them... Luke Skywalker displayed the ability to astral project across the galaxy, sending a lifelike image of himself to another planet. This projection was so realistic that Kylo Ren could not detect the deception until he tried and failed to strike Luke down with a lightsaber. However, the strain of creating such a projection proved to be fatal for Luke.
  6. I am not sure this is accurate. I am trying to find a specific interview or screening video but I understand Rain has said the stories were written simultaneously but I am looking for sources. A friend attended the Directors Guild screening where Rain was there for an hour of questions from directors and writers to see how it was addressed.
  7. ...which is historically accurate. B-17 bombers were sitting ducks during World War II even with armament and turrets. It wasn’t until 1944 that fighter escorts were deployed to accompany them on their missions and dominate the skies against the Luftwaffe. By that time, thousands of airmen had perished over the skies of Europe. So the agile space superiority x-wings would need to escort the bombers as they did here.
  8. But the third act is a very well earned Luke as bad ass sequence. It felt like helm's deep as the fight got more and more desperate. I loved it. I also loved the first act with great story threads. It really is that unnecessary third story thread that is the worst for me. Question - how do the writers approach writing their chapter of the saga? So JJ Abrams takes on IX but did he already know while on VII that snoke would die in episode VIII because they are all telling the same grand story or does each one pick up where the previous left off rather than they are all working towards the same story direction? Has anyone read or heard a response to this? I assume it is sort of like episodic television where the specific details are filled in by the writer of that episode however there is a general plot outline that they must all adhere to.
  9. Perhaps but I am just responding with my first hand experience that there was no slow burn. It hit like a ton of bricks right away and was very overwhelming experience right away. Also adding to the impact was you couldn't re-watch Star Wars (VCR's didn't exit) so all you had was your memory of how the events transpired. Yep, metacritics.
  10. Hey Richard, if I remember correctly you saw TESB in the theaters in 1980, right? I might be thinking of someone else. My memories were TESB were VERY well received by the critics and audience. People couldn't even get their heads around their thoughts they were so emotionally involved. After seeing it, we needed answers immediately so spent the night debating possibilities and ramifications and how could Obi Wan have lied...etc. It was an emotional and theatrical stunner from the start and not a slow burn. There was a feeling that it lacked the innocent joy of the first film but that is an opinion that is unchanged. Go easy on the booz, mate. Responding to a thread while drunk isn't a good idea...trust me I know.
  11. The Finn/Rose subplot should be edited way down and doesn't need to feel so shoe horned in. Was it really necessary that they parked their spaceship on a beach and were arrested for that? That was very stupid. Did it matter at all that they found some other guy who had all the skills they were looking for instead of the master codebreaker? Just silly plot delays that added nothing. Definitely the worst part of the film. Might not have been noticed if it didn't drag out so long and really feel so shoehorned. I think this film will benefit from a fan re-edit making it about 15 minutes shorter. The casino might have worked if it had charm but it all together lacked that. It was just CGI stuff without very uninteresting situation and artificial complexity. Who me? Yes TLJ. Looking at the 85% favorable critical rating I think is very fair. I also added this after thought to my initial thoughts: One thing I didn't quite buy, the mop boy at the end dreams of the resistance but he is not oppressed by the first order/empire. He is oppressed by capitalist profiteers so it didn't quite make his longing to join the fight ring true or have much power.
  12. I thought it is almost universally loved but not without it's share of flaws.
  13. Yes, that was when she was fighting with Luke and escalated from sticks to light saber, no?
  14. Ok, probably more accurately was this was the first time I noticed it while watching the film. As I listen to the score, there are many clusters which I mentioned not noticing in the film but I think what I meant was more like cluster progressions which now at half way through my post film listen I haven't heard. Basically the "what the hell was that chord?" moments that I felt in ESB, ROTJ, WotW (yes, yes, different film) but I felt it was an important element of "that Star Wars sound".
  15. I just returned from the film so have lots of thoughts... * I loved the surprises and action sequences and the whole Luke the badass sequence at the end. * I was hoping for a touching sendoff of Leia. She really looked quite old and tired here but I couldn't tell if that was her character or the person since we know she died after filming. I wish they could have written in a memorable sendoff. Some of Luke's dialog seemed to be a sendoff to her but the film didn't use it that way. * Score was very good and full of memorable moments while sounding like an updated version of Star Wars music utilizing previous fingerprints and themes but fragmenting them or making them generally feel altered. It certainly doesn't sound "fresh" the way the original trilogy sounded but feels like it is cut from the same cloth. I wouldn't have minded trumpets being a bit more prominent in the mix (like Star Wars A New Hope). * I thought the film took quite a few risks which is nice since The Force Awakens is generally criticized for being too safe. The film had some humorous lines but could have gone further. Granted that C3PO and R2D2 had virtually no interaction but it would have been very characteristic to have Luke call him 3PO as a nickname since they haven't seen each other in decades and have C3PO be so joyful to see R2 and then immediately resort to pettiness which is part of his character. * The new characters needed more memorable quirks. Despite all Lucas's failures as a storyteller, he did know how to create memorable characters. Rain Johnson should take a page or two from Lucas here. * It took Vice Admiral Holdo quite a while to intervene when the remaining resistance fleet was getting decimated. Not very heroic with that sort of pacing. * To me, I thought the fact that Luke was a hologram at the end was a bit of a cheap shot. If he was going to die after the hologram, why not have him killed Obi Wan style? That would have really set up Kylo Ren as far more evil than just a young boy...he killed the two great original heroes AND Snoke! What a far better set up for a confrontation with a final Rey who has no jedi mentor. * The rebels are so fragmented, there is no real alliance however the film ends with a clue that the young will be the next generation of rebels. Perhaps that is how they will deal with Carrie Fischer's death? Maybe episode IX is years later after the rebels have rebuilt? * How do these armies finance their weaponry? Wars are financed. You can't afford to rebuild battleships that you lose so easily at each skirmish. Maybe this is someone explained in a book or something. There is a point where it no longer is believable. * Why didn't Snoke sense the light saber was going to kill him? This of course requires that he sensed Kylo's motives which he missed. So he wasn't really a dark jedi who had jedi skills though he could generally master Kilo Ren and Rey mentally and physically? * It is still possible that Rey's parents are more important in the grand scheme of things (like Harry Potter's parents). It isn't really needed in the story to have Rey's parents be noones. Snoke said he manipulated the visions they both had so that might have been the vision that he made Kylo ren have to manipulate Rey. * So both armies have been decimated. Is episode IX going to be fought with the force and sticks and stones? * The film did drag during the casino sequence. Needs to be trimmed by about 10 minutes mostly during that sequence. Similarly, did this film have a few too many endings ala The Lord of the Rings The The Return of the King? * One thing I didn't quite buy, the mop boy at the end dreams of the resistance but he is not oppressed by the first order/empire. He is oppressed by capitalist profiteers so it didn't quite make his longing to join the fight ring true.