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  1. Elliot Goldenthal

    This happens all the time. Chris Young had submitted the mastered OST for Spiderman 3 but Sony found the sales to the soundtrack of Pirates (I forget which one) to be underwhelming and cancelled the project. Goldenthal probably had a final mastered recording of Batman & Robin that he produced but was never picked up since the film was a dud. Some of these are still in their wrappers like The Tempest. So this collection is for show or was given to you?
  2. Elliot Goldenthal

    It is latin (remember this is Rome). Straight from Shakespeare during the triumphant entrance of Titus as be brings his vanquished goths: Romans, make way: the good Andronicus. Patron of virtue, Rome's best champion, Successful in the battles that he fights, With honour and with fortune is return'd From where he circumscribed with his sword, And brought to yoke, the enemies of Rome. (Drums and trumpets are sounding. Enter MARTIUS and MUTIUS; After them, two Men bearing a coffin covered with black; then LUCIUS and QUINTUS. After them, TITUS ANDRONICUS; and then TAMORA, with ALARBUS, DEMETRIUS, CHIRON, AARON, and other Goths, prisoners; Soldiers and people following. The Bearers set down the coffin) - Bill Shakespeare
  3. Forget it Richard. These kids won't understand the 70's if they don't remember it.
  4. Check out Night Crossings - a very fine early '80's score that is similar to his Star Trek music of that period. Unfortunately it is sold out but maybe you can find it online: http://store.intrada.com/s.nl/it.A/id.8754/.f?sc=13&category=-113
  5. What could be Williams' big "problem"?

    At least JW didn't go through Goldsmith's ponytail phase. But then again, maybe he did. He was one cool cat in the swinging '60's and early 70's.
  6. What could be Williams' big "problem"?

    I doubt it at this stage in his life. As one advances through life this becomes somewhat routine. Not that it doesn't sting, but it is the course of life that all endure.
  7. RIP Margot Kidder

    Damn those clips look like 1950's era damsels. I think why she was well cast is she held her own to Christopher Reeve with her attitude and humor. RIP.
  8. What could be Williams' big "problem"?

    Damn you, Sharky, for not posting more often. Great quote and biographic insight. I don't know what the 5 factor personality model is so will have to look that up. You nailed it @Loert I also think it is very irrelevant if it comes easy to you or not. I've ranted about this in other threads but lots of composers/comp students believe it must be easy so get into this foolish one-up-manship. Sort of like if they can convince others they hardly tried that makes them a better composer. Not true. It starts off by them rejecting a compliment by saying they forgot about the composition deadline until last night or something. Then the following week someone says "oh that thing? I wrote it while I was on the phone". Etc., etc., The bottom line is it shows when people phoned it in and it is nothing to brag about. There are always situations where the deadline dictated the final result and we wish we had more time to fine tune it because its flaws are obvious (to the artist at least).
  9. What could be Williams' big "problem"?

    Frankly, this is an outdated stereotype. Sort of like thinking someone with very high intelligence probably has some form of insanity too. There are many people out there who are brilliant and very boring too. Williams is known to be a workaholic but I don't think this is a result from his being OCD type or anything. Rather it comes from the fact that he gains great personal joy from the one thing that happens to be his vocation hence he will never retire because if he retired, he would be doing the very same thing.
  10. Powell is a very fine composer. I am looking forward to hearing his contribution to the SW universe. I'll bet he nails it.
  11. JWfaners' Filmic Influences.

    Films are less interesting to me than music. There are many great scores I love to bad movies and vise versa. For example, I love James Horner's score to wolf totem and ignore the movie. I get great pleasure from that soundtrack and I ignore the film. To me, what engages me in film is that it has the potential to engage more senses when the movie and music work harmoniously. Like a subset of the ideal of Wagner's Gesamtkunstwerk ("total work of art") which sought to engage all senses. So not just music, but included visuals, vocals, acting, staging, sets, lighting, sounds, smells, etc.
  12. Why is John Williams a composer and the other men in his family are not?
  13. Hey man, where's my CD? I ordered it two weeks ago! How long is it taking to arrive?