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  1. The Classical Music Recommendation Thread

    A very fine modern take (2012) on a Mahler style symphony.
  2. John Williams' The BFG (2016)

    It looks like the special effects have been improved from what we saw in the trailer: https://www.yahoo.com/movies/cannes-report-the-bfg-is-giant-sized-visual-153716911.html
  3. General Harmony/Orchestration/Theory Questions

    I agree with you that the tenor clef is unnecessary in that passage. It is ultimately a judgement call to make the note identification easiest but it breaks this rule from Read's style guide: "The notator should avoid a frequent change of clef signs. If a few ledger-lines, or the brief use of one of the octave signs will suffice, that is preferred. It is better to use the clef change for longer or extended passages."
  4. The Quick Question Thread

    It is the lyrics to this fine piece:
  5. The Classical Music Recommendation Thread

    For those of you wondering what is the loudest symphony, here is what an organ with 18 trumpets sounds like.
  6. The Classical Music Recommendation Thread

    I enjoyed this tone poem by a composer I never heard of before. Jiri Jaroch's Old man and the Sea. Some Vaughan Williams in it but also Jerry Goldsmith mystical and action music.
  7. General Harmony/Orchestration/Theory Questions

    Yes, absolutely. How would you spell it? Because though I hear it as a polychord too, I can also see it as harmonic extensions and technically, my spelling would be E# (a sharp 9).
  8. The Quick Question Thread

    Cool thanks. I found a green pickup service that will wipe the drive and green recycle itfor $35 or free if I drop it off. Thank you.
  9. The Quick Question Thread

    One of my computers is worthless (going for $25 on eBay) so not even worth selling since the shipping would cost about $75. What should I do with a worthless computer? Just throw it in the dumpster? Are there recycling places or give it to Good Will? Schools don't want it...it's too old.
  10. General Harmony/Orchestration/Theory Questions

    Why not D7(+9#5). That is D, F#, A#, C, F.
  11. STAR WARS general thread

    This looks like it might be interesting...a documentary about the extras from Star Wars IV called Elstree 1976.
  12. STAR WARS general thread

    I still think she's HanSolo'skid. He doesn't recognize her because he shacked up with a one time fling. We already have precedents for this since he didn't recognize Shia LaBeouf as his sonbecause of a one off fling either.
  13. The Classical Music Recommendation Thread

    In honor of one of my favorite composer's birthday today (April 23, 1891), I present the clumsily titled "Cantata for the 20th Anniversary of the October Revolution". Happy 125th birthday, Sergei!