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  1. That's where Peter Kelly runs his business.
  2. Actually I just saw in the Welcome forum what he did. Never mind, carry on.
  3. Did Pasi change his account name and delete a bunch of posts? Well actually he just changed the text to white. It appears he's now a female, account name antero?
  4. What Are You Eating Tonight?

    Boiled chicken breast with cucumbers, onions and tomatoes marinated in homemade vinaigrette.
  5. If it comes out and I can afford it I jump on it so I don't have to worry about the whole limited thing.
  6. Wrong side of the board, only a handful of us probably got the joke.
  7. I wasn't interested at the time. I try to support the labels as much as possible and that means buying stuff I've never heard before.
  8. James Horner turns the big 6-0

    <Emperor's voice> Now young Cosman... You will die!
  9. James Horner turns the big 6-0

    <Ivan Drago voice>. I will break you...,.
  10. Best JW Song written for a film

    I think the lyrics are silly regardless of who sings it.
  11. Why? I bought the first one, the Varese Club, blindly. I saw the first film when it first came to video and was never impressed by the actual film.
  12. James Horner turns the big 6-0

    But it's obvious we're never going to agree so there's no sense in constantly bickering back and forth and jeopardizing an Internet friendship with someone I'd probably hang out with in real life.
  13. I bought SR when it came out. I won't waste a dime on MOS.
  14. The last 2 Superman scores for the last 2 films. SR and MOS.
  15. The adaption for Superman II features some excellent work by Thorne. He took Williams material and didn't just paste, he rearranged it, even using some of the alternate Krypton material. It's certainly miles ahead of the last two Superman scores.