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  1. Why the mistery? Just tell us. We're big boys. We'll can handle it just fine. It will make a great subject on the MM interview we're gonna have once CE3K is released, won't it?
  2. Didn't Kathleen Kennedy said they won't tackle with any Indy property until the 5th film is on the way?
  3. When I paste the code into my local postal service website, it only shows "Flight Departed". I bet they sent it through messenger-ravens.
  4. I asked because I read some complaints from eBay sellers that those new "UA" codes aren't traceable outside US because it's a cheaper shipping method. And I beggined to worry a little because I'm expecting two packages from eBay with this darn code, and both are celebrating little over a month now of departure from US. E.T. was also sent with that code (which makes me wonder why charge $16,50 if they use the cheapest shipment method). But it was only on october 5th, so it's kind of soon to panic. But if you said yours arrived in your country, then USPS must have changed something in their system.
  5. Mine is still on it's way to my planet. I hope it doesn't get hit by an asteroid or something... @Bespin, did your tracking code begin with "UA"?
  6. I think the Botanicus sound quality is as good as it can be. I'm sure Botnick and MM handled it the best way they could. It isn't great, but it doesn't suck either. Now the music itself certainly didn't live up to the hype created here. It's nothing more than a background music to a ride probably full of loud SFX, noisy children (and adults too, maybe), etc. JW certainly wouldn't want to waste his time and talent creating a symphonic masterpiece for that kind of experience. But it's great to have it here.
  7. Guys, I was just being ironic. It's kind of funny that everything from "Adventure on Earth" is identical to the film version, except for 2 mere seconds of a single instrument.
  8. Is this overlay something of a power dispute between JW and SS? Like "Okay, Spielberg-baby, you may have the final say on the film version, but I'm gonna show who's the boss here and I'm gonna throw a revolutionary revision of the Departure cue on my OST album, so it won't be YOUR version anymore".
  9. So, the Departure cue, we have the non-Steve's fix (i.e. JW original version) from 1996 and 2002 CD, the Steve fix from the film mix and 2017 CD, AND we have the Steve fix with the horny overlay from the 1982 OST. Is this accurate?
  10. I think the full RGB range were meant for PC video cards, videogames and etc. For video formats like DVD, Blu-ray, HDTV broadcast and etc, because of the necessity of signal compression to fit the video, this limited RGB (after the YCbCr conversion) was needed. I don't really remember where I read that, actually. I think those banding issues have more to do with the color bit depth, not the color range.
  11. @Simon R. Blu-ray is YCbCr 4:2:0, not RGB. The final signal is RGB after several conversion steps, depending on your video processor, that can occur either on your player or on your display. One can make a better job than the other. Check this very interesting article by Spears (not Britney ) & Munsil on color space. And if possible, buy their blu-ray calibration disc as it's the best way to properly set your display for the best image it can get. I sure hope they'll release a calibration disc for the new 4K UHD standard. Speaking of which, the current 4K UHD Blu-ray standard only allows 10-bit color. We won't be seeing discs with 12 or more bits of color in this format, unfortunately.
  12. Why am I reading horny overlay instead of horn all the time?