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  1. A little box came in my mail today. It said "Close Encounters of...". I thought I was in some sort of dream where my LLL CDs arrives in little over a week from the day it shipped, instead of the usual 45 to 50 days. Then I opened the little box, and look what was in it... 😁
  2. I still use Winamp. It's the ONLY player that can output ASIO decently with my Asus Xonar DX soundboard. And I still burn CD-R too...
  3. The sequencing might seem a little odd at first, but once the music gets into you (and it will), you won't really care if CD1 is not "complete". What is great about this release is that you can easily put together a C&C presentation via playlist. It won't fit a single CD-R though (for those, like me, who still have a decent and above average CD player hooked to a equally decent and above average sound system with none of the modern connectivity like WIFI, DLNA, NAS...), but it won't be a "problem" for most of us, I guess.
  4. I agree with Disco Stu. But I also agree with MM on this one: I mean... OMG, this release is amazing! The assembly, the extra stuff. AND, of course, the sound quality. Sounds like a modern recording. I wish Jaws was a Columbia Pictures production with the music recorded by John Neal in the same recording studio. I'm stunned, to say the least. The ONLY things I still prefer in the 98 CD is how "Forming the Mountain" and "The Mountain" (CD1 tracks 09 and 11) were balanced. Not that it sounds bad here. Far from that! But I prefer those tracks as they sound in the 98 release. But for everything else, the LLL release is king!
  5. I guess I just joined the "I agree with Disco Stu" team. That's exactly what I was gonna say about ESB.
  6. CE3K should have won the Oscar in 1978... There, I said it!!!
  7. If they have all JW releases remastered from first generation tapes in glorious 96kHz 24bit FLAC, then I'm in.
  8. I was hoping the Mothership itself would bring my copy...
  9. Employe2 or 3 is yet to ship mine, and ONLY THEN I can start to count the usual 45 to 50 days... so let's talk about FLAC.
  10. My phone is all FLAC too. Lossy music only via streaming (Spotify, Deezer), and only during emergency.
  11. Every time a precious audio frequency gets torn apart by a mp3 encoder, a piece of me gets torn apart too. FLAC is salvation, FLAC is the messiah!
  12. Yes, but classical music tend to have a, let's say, a special care regarding recording, preservarion and all. That's not so common with film soundtracks. The multi track tapes of JP are already shredding. E.T. OST masters are only survived by a copy of a tape found in London, and that is tape used for cutting the lacquer for the LP. And so on...
  13. CD2, Track 8, "False Alarm"... this one sends shiver down (and up) my spine.