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  1. Two very different themes, represeting two different things. I'd vote for both.
  2. I don't consider boot music that can be heard on the rear channels of the 5.1 audio from an official DVD/Blu-ray release.
  3. No. All tracks mentioned in the poll are on the 2008 Concord release.
  4. Yes, I thought about that, but since It's still unreleased, I decided not to include. "The Child Returns" is also excellent.
  5. I was listening to "Indy and the Villagers" just now. It's been a few years since I didn't give ToD a comprehensive listening, and that specific track just got into me. It was a weird experience that me realize what a powerful score ToD is. I don't have a favorite Indy score from the trilogy (yes, trilogy!), but I realized that the ToD score sort of "affects" me more than Raiders and LC. So I just thought about making this poll.
  6. Could it be the "fool's gold" edition?
  7. Yes, of course. Original albums don't need remixing. They are just meant to sound better than what they did when originally released, not to sound different. However, a newly expanded edition will definitelly benefit from the technology that a modern 2017 mixing software can bring than a 1982, 1996 or 2002 could do.
  8. That's probably the 30ips analog dub that Hoffman mentioned. But wouldn't be great to listen to a pristine transfer from the digital masters instead of an analog dub?
  9. Here's what Steve Hoffman said in his forum in 2005 about the E.T. recordings: " ET was recorded on four channel 1/2" analog tape at 15 ips Dolby A with a split "mixed" feed to Botnick's two-track digital machine. From that he DIGITALLY edited the soundtrack album onto a 1610 digital master. I prepared a DDD CD release for Uni in 1984 from the Botnick digital master (without the gaps for the side split) but I have no idea if it was used or not. The filed LP cutting master tape was 30 ips analog DUBBED at Whitney Studios from the 2 track digital tape as prepared by Botnick at Digital Magnetics in '82 (or was it '83?) So the tape marked "master" is really a dub of the digital edited U-Matic tape. Confused? Well, I have never heard the ET soundtrack on CD so I can't help you. HOWEVER: Listen to the beginning. If there is any tape hiss on there it's the analog safety. If it's quiet as a mouse AND it doesn't sound like noise reduction was used then it is from the tape I prepared which was completely DDD. I did it at DM under Botnick's supervision. Heh, my version had a whopping 80db of dynamic range which was almost too much for the playback gear of the time to handle. For most of the opening piece the VU meters didn't even MOVE! The analog dub was limited down to 20db which was still pretty radical for an LP cut in the early 80's on poor vinyl. I bet they had a lot of returns.." Source: http://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/original-mca-e-t-soundtrack-cd-aad-or-ddd.62501/#post-1315267
  10. I have both the standard and the gold CD from the 1996 reissue. They are EXACTLY the same, except that the gold CD (if it's gold at all) will make the reflective layer of the disc last much longer than the standard aluminum one. You'll probably be able to make your grand-grand-grand-grandchildren listen to this classic.
  11. Okay, I may have exaggerated a bit. They may not be "completely" different, but they're still a lot different from take 19. I'll upload to youtube the first 8 seconds from all the takes for an easier comparison.
  12. The finished version opens with take 19. And only the first 8 seconds of it was used. All the rest of the finished version are from takes 18 and 20. Now, if you listen to those same 8 seconds from the other takes (16, 17, 18 and 20), they're completely different. And for all the opening themes of the other Star Wars films, John Williams followed what was recorded on those inital 8 seconds of take 19. I guess we can call it "Take 19: the 8 seconds that changed film history".
  13. They should've just repressed the 1995 DCC 2LP album, same cover, linear notes and everything. We would get complete "Well of the Souls", "Desert Chase" and "Washington Ending / Raiders March" I don't care much for "Washington Men / Indy's Home", "Bad Dates" and "Indy Rides The Statue".
  14. Thanks! It was no huge deal, after all. I ended up laughing in the end, thinking about the music editor who worked on this back in '77. I imagined him when JW started to do like "I want take 19 here, then take 18 there, then blablabla...". He probably wanted to kill JW!
  15. A couple of hours, for sure, going back and forth between the raw takes and track 2 of CD1. And that was just to solve the puzzle of the correct takes. Then came the "pleasant" surprise that was to realize that different portions of the takes were used in different portions of the final version. Then there was the editing process, and THAT took me even more time. It was grueling, to say the least. But ultimately satisfying