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  1. Jaws first expansion was in 2000, and the definitive expansion was in 2015, 15 years from one to the other. E.T. latest expansion was in 2002, 14 years ago. So all we have to do is wait another year...
  2. Nod if the Indiana Jones theme played in your head the minute you read this news...
  3. I did read, actually. Just wanted to read it again from another person, just so I can be more convinced.
  4. Okay, great! But if they're (already) anticipating this and JFK, then it means there won't be ANY Williams release this year, right???
  5. That's on page 21, if you look at the page number footer. But the PDF indeed marks as page 23. I think it's worth to say that this situation happened with the 1993 Anthology CDs. For the 1997 SE CDs, they were able to locate the 2" 24-track tapes sessions from Empire Strickes Back, but only for the cues that were already released on the 1980 2LP edition. The remaining music was apparently sourced from the 1993 digital masters, as stated on pages 27 and 28 (of the PDF marker, or pages 25 and 26 of the page number footer). It's also worth to mention that the first version of this excellent document was written in 2005. I believe many good things happened since then... and Mike Matessino mentioned in the terrific interview that Jay conducted with him that he'd love to work on Star Wars again, but is not allowed to say anything about such projects (see here, the last two questions: If he's not allowed to say anything, then neither Nick Redman, Ford Thaxton nor anybody in the business, I would say. I sure hope this means something good.
  6. But there is, unfortunately... the original LP and counterpart CD is a little faster than the Anthology and the SE.
  7. I hate to call it "Episode IV - A New Hope", but that's the one I'm talking about...
  8. I have the distinct feeling that the pitch problem from Star Wars was not fixed for this release... it still seems a little faster.
  9. I know that there isn't much one can do with a limited source. But the thing is that I have 2 vinyl copies from CE3K, one in mint condition and the other in not so great shape, but still a decent play anyway. Out of my modest JW vinyl collection, CE3K sounds the worst! When I got my 1990 Varèse CD, I couldn't believe that a CD that supposedly used the same album master could sound SO MUCH better. That's the only time I had to hand it to a CD based on the same master. Based on that, I was a little hopeful that the 2004 DVD-A could sound better, even if it was based on the very same master. It didn't. So came the SACD with Steve Hoffman sitting behind the desk this time. And my hopes were kind of high again...
  10. No worries... When you said it doesn't sound THAT different from the older CD versions, I figured it would be the same about the DVD-A, which to this day, I think I wasted my money buying it 9 years ago. The one thing that really made me buy the SACD is the "Mastered by Steve Hoffman" deal. But I suppose he can't turn water into wine... :/
  11. My copy is in my country already, waiting for clearance from the customs service... Drax, if you have the 2004 DVD-A, can you tell if the SACD is better?
  12. I never really paid much attention to that part, just the negative restoration.
  13. Jay, you could have asked about the 7.1 mix from the 2012 Blu-ray. The documentary about the 4k restoration seems to sugest they did not expand the 5.1 2000 mix to 7.1, but went back to the original analog elements and did it from scratch...
  14. Terrific interview! Too bad Matessino couldn't elucidate more about future releases and anything about Star Wars... that darn imperial decree! About the composer and director approval on these projects, I wonder what was their first thoughts when they listened to the 2000 Decca version of Jaws, or what Lucas and Williams had to said about the 1997 RCA version of RotJ (the two worst sounding expanded Williams release that came to my mind). I would risk to say that depending on how much money is involved for them, they'll approve anything...
  15. My copy shipped yesterday... now a month or so to reach my hands.