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  1. The booklet has an "in memoriam" section at the last pages. But they forgot to mention that Bob Peck, the british actor who played the Raptor expert in JP (actually, not so expert), died in 1999.
  2. I'm at work now, but latter I'd happy to post printscreens of the Adobe Audition readings of all three releases, so you can draw your own conclusions... Edit: How about if I open a new topic? We're going 30 pages now on this one already...
  3. Well, I think everything in this release sounds louder and more detailed, and the dynamic range is higher (if Adobe Audition is detailing it correctly). Not every engineer can make music like this sounding louder and more detailed and still deliver it with even greater dynamic range than before. Kudos to Matessino for achiving this!
  4. So, this whole 24bit and gazillions of kHz thing is just a marketing gimmick after all? Well, at least that's what I always thought, anyway. I read somewhere that it's just useful as a production format like recording, mixing, mastering and stuff like that. But for the end users like us, it's totally nonsense... 44.1kHz/16bit is more than suitable. I think I saw a video explainining objectively why. I'll try to find it...
  5. Is it me, or anyone else who got the CDs already noticed that the "lesser" 44.1kHz/16bit version actually sounds MUCH better than "superior" 192kHz/24bit version?
  6. I know. But I live in a small and closed world where everything regarding John Williams is a Spielberg/Williams collaboration. I even think Spielberg was at post-production of Star Wars giving directions to Williams about the music, while Lucad was handling the special effects. So don't spoil my illusion. My doctor says it can be very dangerous...
  7. He recomended John Williams to George Lucas, based solely on the previous films they worked together at that time (Sugarland and Jaws), which Lucas could have refused. He could have chosen Jerry Goldsmith because he'd score Planet of the Apes and was more experienced in the movie business, for all we know. So give the guy a break. In spirit, he was there. And I freaking want them remastered. Period!
  8. Basically, E.T., CE3K, Indy trilogy and proper remasters of SW original trilogy... if I'm not asking too much.
  9. I hope the booklet can bring some details of the recording process and what source was used for this release. We don't even know, to this day, if it was a digital or analog recording... right?
  10. Oh, yes. Definitely. But I believe the ownership of the Indy franchise is a little more complicated. E.T. and CE3K are more "acessible", I believe.
  11. Well, both were indeed "suitable" for the time they were expanded (1st E.T. in 1996, CE3K in 1998 and 2nd E.T. 2002). But as you can see, we're talking about a 20 years period in the case of the first expanded E.T.. All have terrific sound quality (especially CE3K, which I honestly don't see it can sound any better), but the standards of how the music is presented to us by the specialty labels has changed a lot in recent years. Changed for much better, that is. So, in this line of thinking, both E.T. and CE3K have a lot to catch up.
  12. I thought we weren't gonna have any significant Williams release in 2016, and now this comes up. I'm having a diffcult time dealing with all this information right now...
  13. Jaws first expansion was in 2000, and the definitive expansion was in 2015, 15 years from one to the other. E.T. latest expansion was in 2002, 14 years ago. So all we have to do is wait another year...
  14. Nod if the Indiana Jones theme played in your head the minute you read this news...