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  1. Was it made for less money then the previous one?
  2. Lee should play this at the wedding
  3. I suppose i have to be greatful Alvar didn't translate my name to Stefanus.
  4. Go for it, Lee!
  5. Your tiny wrickly penis!
  6. Hold to your resolve!
  7. Youtube will probably block it. Its a copyright nightmare.
  8. But do you condemn us for it, like Thor?
  9. Arent all these films silly though? Just told in a very grim and gritty way.
  10. Seriously Thor. This is a forum dedicated to a film composer and film music in general. You really expect a musician like Brian Eno to be common knowledge here? Why would you?
  11. What I like about Legacy is that the lead character there is almost the opposite of Bourne in the last previous two films. A bit of a congenial chatterbox.
  12. So why am I the dog? At least I got to kill the Belgian.
  13. A pity. The first film is still the best. Bourne actually seemed like a human being. He could talk, and smile and fall in love. And the stunts and fights seemed more realistic and credible then. There was an actual sense of danger.
  14. I will have to catch that in the cinema this week.