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  1. Abbey Road or Air Lyndhurst?
  2. Why would that be a problem?
  3. Alex will no doubt take my opinion with a gain of salt, but I definitely consider this to be Golden Age viewing. The way it slowly but surely works it's way towards the climax. Building tension and suspense by never quite revealing its intentions fully is incredibly well done and incredibly satisfying. Some might be turned off by the final scene. But I like how it's both a complete surprise AND confirms suspicions I already had. And how it will keep me pondering about what is to come next season. It's also a shows that builds it's world in great detail. The art direction is excellent and I love the differences between the Japanese and Nazi parts of America. In one white folk are secondary citizens, in the other they are the only ones who havent been annihilated. The unspoken tension that exists between the two cultures throughout. And the ironic knowledge that the one thing keeping Japan and Germany from going to war is Hitler. Also, a very interesting set of characters, played by just the right cast. You can often infer things about the characters by a look, stance or intonation of words. Very important for a show that plays it's cards close to it's vest. This wipes the floor with Stranger Things, in just about every way.
  4. Indeed. The point about sexual reproduction is that it requires years of practice, and then it's a skill you hone and maintain throughout your life!
  5. A man with the surname Cosman could never become a Nazi. Know your history, Alex.
  6. Not in The Greater Nazi Reich!
  7. It's Amazon, so I doubt you will ever see it on Netflix. Is Netflix the limit of your viewing nowadays? There are other places to find good viewing. Not as easy perhaps, but more worthy.
  8. Don't you know? Didnt you watch this? Scott and Philip K. Dick, you said this was of interest to you!
  9. Two are sci-fi, two are historical drama.
  10. Where can I sign up? I'll only make my deposit in person though!
  11. Ep 9 just finished. And with one more to go I'm absolutely glued to the edge of my seat. Mostly because the plot has been slowly but surely developing and I still have no idea where the last episode will take me. There's a edge of subtle dread that strongly permeates the show as pretty much every character has to make a decision that either will cost them their lives, or be the catalyst of something bigger. And in the midst of all this there's the reel of film. Showing something that cannot be. Being Philip K. Dick this is of course sci-fi., but it's so deeply hidden in the shows texture that the revelation of the films contents is actually rather shocking. While I agree with Quintus that this film has a pulpy, graphic novel feel too it. It's done with a patience, and subtlety and a complexity that I really wasnt expecting. Unless the last episode really balls things up this is absolutely Golden Age material. But the people who made this have so far done so with utter confidence so I doubt they will falter on the last lap.
  12. Probably not. He was ocupied with TFA in that period.