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  1. Call To Arms tracked into every thread!
  2. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.
  3. Brilliant!
  4. Everyone has Aspergers now. It's such a fashionable thing!
  5. Everyone has aspergers now, and those who don't are autistic or have OCD.
  6. Aptitude for Star Trek is proof of a sound mental state!
  7. Real v Barcelona Annoying latest version of El Classici that didn't deserve a winner but sadly got one when Messi scored in the final second. What happened to him though? He's now more annoying and obnoxious than Cristiano ever was! The beard, which looks disturbingly ginger, the tattoos, the endless back talk! I almost cheered when Marcello's elbow drew his blood. Gareth Bale's man-bun is vile!
  8. *high five*