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  1. Exactly! Do not presume before something has even been created!
  2. But what if Gaff is a Replicant too? Would that not change the dynamic? Hmmm....
  3. From what little I've read they want to make the new Arthur the most physically imposing the King Of The Britons has ever been. Looks like just another Hollywood muscle fest to me.
  4. Good Zimmer score for that one too!
  5. We'll see....
  6. While the live-to-picture concerts have apparently been the reason why some of these score became available for licensing and release. it will almost certainly not be the case for all of them. Raiders might be coming because of its live-to-picture concerts, but Disney might also chose to sit on it for a while and see how the pre-production of the fifth movie is coming along, thinking a re-release of the old scores might serve better as a marketing too than.
  7. So you are the true genius behind the rise of the labels! Impressive, sir!
  8. So that is the limit of vision of how a great 90's score should be redone for it's remake. Get some guys in to retool the songs and score so they are more conventional? Let's hope the original artist doesnt attempt to return to to and put a new spin on it after a few decades of growing as a composer! I'm beginning to understand The Grey Pilgim a little better these days. Because what is suggested here sounds safe, and revolting!
  9. But that is clearly not the case in America right now. Just another piece is FAKE NEWS, just with a government seal of approval!
  10. Hansu is eager to show off his companies next generation of interactive samples. Soon the need for human players will be no more!
  11. That's 100% improbable because thats not how Zimmer works. He doesnt write for just an orchestra.
  12. The entire LSO could go on a luxury ocean liner where they rerecord all of JW's music!
  13. Depends on the context. I terms of Trumps presidency as a whole, how many people rocked up to see him sworn in is completely irrelevant, as it turned out to be for Obama.