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  1. In many ways the prose is whats most attractive about the book.
  2. No, the Fellowship theme is more well known
  3. His skills as a director more then make up for his skills as a writer. Unlike Nolan
  4. Williams has often written expansions for concert performance for Star Wars. This is nothing new anyway
  5. I've been trying for 15 years. Nada!
  6. Close, but not quite
  7. Can't get more epic then this:
  8. That's perfectly fine. I havent been exposed to Herrmann as much as some. Certainly not while I was a wee lad. Horner was far more prominent.
  9. Phew! I was just about to insult your dancing skills!
  10. I've been listening to film music for about 25 years now. Are you suggesting I don't know what the hell I'm talking about? If you are then I actually and seriously take offense to that.
  11. For a lot of people the top 3 means Williams, Goldsmith, Horner. Certainly if you are of a certain age.
  12. I have knowledge about film music? Does that count for anything here anymore these days?
  13. I don't watch any. Who needs 24 hour news really?