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  1. Cloudy today with some rain. But that means things can cool down a bit and the plants wont dry out. Life is good.
  2. Those are very broad similarities though, which you could easily apply to other cultures than the classic Western frontier.The strong military aspect of Star Trek makes it distinctly unwestern to me. And yes, Starfleet IS military, despite what Roddenberry may have told hippies the the 70's!
  3. That's universal, LOL.
  4. I dunno, to me the whole "wagon train to the stars" aspect of Star Trek has always been a bit overstated.
  5. That's impressive actually.
  6. The western lies in the very heart of America's mythology about itself.
  7. It seems bizarre, but actually might play well for England in the long run. Is terrorism a big theme during these elections? With 2 recent attacks I assume it is.
  8. Well up to this point May's actions regarding the BREXIT seems to have been quite sensible. Though the elections intended to increase her mandate might do that less seccesfully than she intended. A "hawk" like Farage or Johnson would have tried to push through the BREXIT negotiations ASAP. May has been carefully laying the groundwork.
  9. That's who I was referencing!
  10. You might be better off for it. I binged on 4 eps a week ago and am feeling the withdrawal symptoms!
  11. "Don't you think she looks tired?"
  12. She kinda looks like she became PM by accident. She's no Thatcher, thats for sure.
  13. Yeah i don't quite understand the system. Apparently you can't vote for a party if they arent registered in your area?