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      (UPDATE 1) Server migration next weekend   11/26/16

      Hi JWFAN.COM members,   Update: The migration need more time.   5-11. Dec. 2016.   The server is ready, a dedicated system:   Intel Xeon® E3-1225v3 Quad-Core 32 GB DDR3 RAM 2x 512 GB SSD   New os: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Plesk Onyx Management system
      Server backup 250 GB, not the same datacenter. External backup   Server location: DataDock in Strasbourg
      Fully redundant MPLS ring structure with a total capacity of 550 Gbit/s Core backbone Frankfurt-Strasbourg: 100 Gbit, Deutsche Telekom: 17x 10Gbit,
      Level(3): 10x 10Gbit, TeliaSonera: 8x 10Gbit, Cogent: 5x 10Gbit, Telefónica: 3x 10Gbit,
      DE-CIX: 6 x 10Gbit, ECIX: 6 x 10 Gbit Uptime 99.99%  (Network)     server migration next weekend.
      3 or 4. Dec. 2016.   I post a update when I start the migration.
      JWFAN.COM is offline for 3-4 hours.   Andreas  


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  1. That's my line, stranger!
  2. Nobody gives a shit about what you think, LeBlanc!
  3. Just don't read any of the English newspapers. Their media is just about the worst out there.
  4. Probably because your taste in films is very often rubbish.
  5. That's probably my least favourite Anderson. That or the Indian one.
  6. Pity they arent making a straight up and serious movie version of this iconic 90's TV show.
  7. It's high time this long neglected score got it's due with a flawless and utterly complete release! Thor might look elsewhere, but for me it would be an instant buy.
  8. Even for Williams fans Night Journeys and The Men Of The Yorktown March are relatively obscure. How often is either discussed, really? I for one would welcome a CD release featuring some of the more unusual suspects.
  9. Am I misremembering or did the character have an Afrikaner accent?
  10. If you are noticing the person you are with is dull, then you haven't drank enough!