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  1. What is the last film you watched?

    I saw Pollock for about the 20th time last night. Best Ed Harris performance I've ever seen, unless someone could possibly turn me on to another piece of his work that tops this.
  2. CGI and Indiana Jones

    Cool! heh, puppetry is awesome. the way these effects guys reinvent their art for each new film they work on never ceases to amaze me. I remember as kid being scared out of my pants when I first saw the faces melting at the end. what a freaky moment.
  3. CGI and Indiana Jones

    Weren't those created with some form of traditional animation cells being placed on top of the actual film prints? I forget. Makes me wonder where one can go online and research how these films effects were created.
  4. Chamber of Secrets. Watching the DVD a week ago brought tears to my eyes. No, the movie itself is emotionally devoid, but the soundtrack did that to me. waaaaah! *searches for an option to turn up the music volume and lower the sfx volume like you can do in video games....nope, no luck.*
  5. What is the last film you watched?

    Insomnia ...about 2 hrs. ago @_@ ... .. .
  6. "For the love of God, play SUPERMAN!"

    Which particular night, do you know??
  7. Power outages in U.S. northeast

    I haven't been able to get my t.v. working well lately, but last I heard (in a CNN interview with some 'official'), the power outage source might be in Ohio?? what have you guys heard?
  8. I'm hoping to make it to Chicago, Nov. 29 (my birthday). It would be my first live John Williams experience.
  9. Latest craze at JWFan: Ranting

    yeah, but when you think about it, the topic IS ranting.
  10. Composition Feedback... another (WMA)

    A.I. is A.I. O_o
  11. Tron

    yeah, Guy Whitmore (an awesome interactive score writer, see No One Lives Forever) has created a few music tracks for Tron 2.0. I'm dying with anticipation to hear this new score. I'm thinking and hoping that it will set another new standard in the level of audio excellence for game composers everywhere. My understanding is that is stays true to the Tron sound mixing electronica w/orchestra. Can't wait! As for the movie, I've been a long time fan ever since I saw it in the theatres when I was 8. I've also enjoyed the arcade games. In fact, so much that I sequenced the music to MIDI which can be found at my website.
  12. Composition Feedback... another (WMA)

    this is pretty sad... i mean, is this what this board is all about? bashing? honestly, I've seen better and more critiquing and less off-the-subject ranting on vgmusic.com which mostly consists of 13-year old gamers! geez. just what IS the average age of forumers here?
  13. How many interested in Composition Competition Number 2?

    I'm gonna play my MIDI through Quicktime and then record it to an old casette tape recorder before running it back into my patchbay which runs into my soundcard which goes to my... Well, you get the idea. It's gonna rock!! (thumbs up)
  14. Who should be cast as Indy's Love Interest?

    nah, she needs to get her own video game first like... "Mary Kate and Ashley Vs. Mecha-McGuire at the Mini-Mall" after that she'll be ready. yeah.
  15. Who should be cast as Indy's Love Interest?

    Perfect! that settles it then.