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  1. The second of those clips is obviously the best of the two in terms of sound quality but the tempo is too slow. Hopefully we'll get a proper recorded version on a CD sometime. Very interesting that a small snippet of Torn Apart appears in the middle of The Jedi Steps concert version.
  2. Would it not be possible for the two films to have different post-production schedules even though they are similar release dates?
  3. Jon Watts, the director, has mentioned Michael Giacchino (mispronounced his surname) at around the 3:00 mark in this interview. It isn't a confirmation that he is doing the score, but at the very least he is in the director's thoughts for the music. http://collider.com/spider-man-homecoming-vulture-jon-watts-interview/
  4. I'd ask him why he decided to microedit the best minute from Truck Stop out of The Lost World's album.
  5. I also think there are far fewer unreleased highlights than the first two, presumably due to the extra 16 minutes. ST09 and STID had loads of great cues missing from their OSTs which made the deluxe editions much more importanant. Aside from a few brief moments here and there, and pretty much happy with Beyond's OST and won't be too disappointed if it doesn't have a Deluxe. I'd probably feel differently if the OST was 45 mins like the previous two. Me too. That definitely isn't a spock action theme. The Franklin makes much more sense. I'm curious, how did the 5 years mission theme become identified as such. Was it ever mentioned by someone associated with the movie, or was it someone here who saw the movie?
  6. Does Jaylah have any thematic material at all? If so, it has gone right over my head after seeing the movie and multiple album listens.
  7. Does the brassy theme in Crash Decisions (which also appears towards the end of A Lesson In Vulcan Mineralogy on flutes) represent something or is it just a minor action motif. Anyway, it is absolutely great and Crash Decisions is definitely one of the best cues of the year.
  8. I had a feeling that was it. It's a gorgeous theme.
  9. I love how he incorporates the various elements of the main theme in the action music. It sounds great! Still getting to grips with the different themes - what is the 5 years mission theme?
  10. I assume the superior quality of TFA movie is a big cause of that including the character of Rey.
  11. Great, thanks. I was worried there was some microediting at the end of that The Witching Hour track.
  12. Does anyone know if the sudden end of The Witching Hour track leads directly into more music in the film?
  13. Jonathan Broxton has his review up: https://moviemusicuk.us/2016/07/06/the-bfg-john-williams/
  14. Tintin, War Horse and Lincoln are all above average JW scores spanning different genres. Lincoln is an incredibly heartfelt and touching score. Parts of KOTCS may be by-the-numbers but it suffers from a remarkably poor album presentation and the actual highlights (including the complete jungle chase) contains some of the best music he has written this millennium. There is no denying that his compositional style has changed throughout the years but that doesn't mean his writing is of poorer quality. Having had 7+ months to digest TFA, I'd place it above AOTC and ROTS. It is a 5 star score through and through - he scored the biggest movie of 2015 with the year's best score so I strongly disagree with the idea that he should focus only on more intimate films. JW is not just a composer but an expert musical story teller regardless of the genre or scope of the movie. As for BFG, the compositional skill on display is extraordinary. It may be an average entry in his career, but an average JW score is still one of the year's best. I haven't seen the movie, but by all accounts, it is a light and fluffy movie and therefore the score is equally light and fluffy. If the movie doesn't have ET or War Horse levels of emotional weight, the score can't be expected to have that too. It is a great listening experience on album and I enjoy it a lot.
  15. Rey's Theme >>>> Sophie's Theme