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  1. Thanks! I never knew the 'Irina's Theme' track was an edit. Definitely hope the concert arrangement is on this new album now. Surely, we'll finally have a Williams conducted Marion's Theme on album too.
  2. What's the difference between Irina's Theme concert version mentioned here and the OST track called 'Irina's Theme'? Is there a recording or video of it somewhere?
  3. I'd love to see JW's reaction if someone presented that picture for his autograph at a concert.
  4. It grew on my after my third listen or so. Relative to JW's career, it is a solid 3 stars. Relative to current mainstream scores, it is 4 - 4.5 stars.
  5. Gia has written some excellent End Credit suites and he'll almost certainly do one for Rogue One. Looking forward to that.
  6. Even Williams doesn't think Williams is as good as Williams
  7. I don't necessarily think it is bad news but I do feel conflicted. I'm a fan of both composers. Desplat is probably more consistent but Gia has higher peaks. I feel sorry for Desplat and his score certainly would have been great. But if Gia gives us a SW score with the same epic feel as John Carter or Jupiter while using some of JW themes, the result could be extraordinary.
  8. A Star Trek score, a Marvel score and a Star Wars score all in one year. That is pretty insane for any composer.
  9. Being a score fan certainly has its drama
  10. What an absolute bombshell! I'm a huge MG fan so naturally extremely excited about this but also a little disappointed we won't hear a Desplat Star Wars score. This is a major career milestone for MG, I truly hope he knocks it out of the park.
  11. Yeah, I agree completely with this. GoldenEye is just an outstanding film. The direction, acting and writing is all great. It has a real classic feel to it. TND is a very enjoyable watch too even if it does get a little too action heavy in the second half. I think the problem with TWINE is that everything is so mediocre - the villain, the action, Denise Richards' character, the plot...it's all so bland and uninspired. I've always felt that Brosnan was burdened by bad scripts especially his final two films. He can easily pull off the gritty realism that was seen in the Craig movies, and you see a lot of that in GoldenEye and parts of TND (Dr. Kaufmann in the hotel). I think if his final two movies continued the tone established in GoldenEye his era would be much more fondly remembered. ...and yeah, DaD is absolute garbage. It's like a bad piece of fanfic. I rewatch the Bond series every few years and I can barely bring myself to watch it. Honestly, Brosnan deserved a much better end.
  12. The second of those clips is obviously the best of the two in terms of sound quality but the tempo is too slow. Hopefully we'll get a proper recorded version on a CD sometime. Very interesting that a small snippet of Torn Apart appears in the middle of The Jedi Steps concert version.
  13. Would it not be possible for the two films to have different post-production schedules even though they are similar release dates?
  14. Jon Watts, the director, has mentioned Michael Giacchino (mispronounced his surname) at around the 3:00 mark in this interview. It isn't a confirmation that he is doing the score, but at the very least he is in the director's thoughts for the music. http://collider.com/spider-man-homecoming-vulture-jon-watts-interview/