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  1. Happy 84th Birthday John Williams!

    Happy Birthday Maestro Williams!
  2. Ah, there's a lot to like about AOTC. I revisted the prequel scores recently and listened to the AOTC OST three times and enjoyed it a lot more than I expected. That said, I am much more satisfied with its OST than the OSTs of the other two which omit far too much great music. Anakin's Confession is the best cue not on the album, though.
  3. The Force Awakens ALBUM Discussion (No Film Spoilers)

    For some reason, I am very grateful we have the big tragic version of Rey's theme at the end of The Abduction. It just seems like the perfect candidate for a notorious Williams microedit and a moment we'd be pining after for years, like Sirus Black's Escape
  4.   1. Minority Report About 6 months ago. I went on a Spielberg binge and listened to the score after I saw the movie.   2. Saving Private Ryan As above   3. Home Alone Last week   4. Nixon It's been a few years.   5. Schindler's List Two weeks ago   6. War Horse Yesterday   7. JFK  It's been a few years although I listened to the concert suite a few months ago.   8. Raiders of the Lost Ark Last week   9. Far and Away Two days ago   10. A.I. About a month ago  
  5. Star Wars Prequel Music Resource (part 2)

    I know TPM and ROTS have a weath of great cues not on the OST. I'm a little more unsure about AOTC. What are the best unreleased cues from that score. Off the top of my head, I can think of Anakin Changes, Yoda Strikes Back and a few microedits from The Area. Anything else of note or is the rest moody underscore and the separatist's motif?
  6.     Does he still enters/exits using the stage door and signs a few autographs? Not exactly a proper "greet" though.
  7. Yup Nub sounds exactly like it was sung by Minions.
  8. My very first JW concert (and indeed my first time abroad) was Tanglewood in 2005. If I remember correctly, it was about a 5 hour coach ride from Boston. I actually enjoyed it - listening to Williams' music while staring out the coach window.   Since then, I saw him in New York in 2012 and twice in Boston (2013 and 2014).
  9. Yeah, I prefer to keep The Ways of the Force just about Rey and Ren and keep the scherzo as its own track.
  10. I prefer the OST of both cues. That building "death music" you mention is my favorite part of that cue.
  11. I will continue to use the OST as the primary source of music with the unreleased cues from the FYC included.   I have listened to the OST dozens of times and it is a great listening experience - I don't want to mess too much with that.   The exceptions to this are the combined Follow Me/Falcon track which never should have been split, and the stronger version of Rey's theme at the end of The Abduction which I'll use to replace the end of that OST track.   I think I'll use the OST version of Attack of Jakku. For Torn Apart, I'll probably use the OST version until Han's fall, and then edit in the FYC version from that point to the end.   I need to compare more closely the two versions of I Can Fly Anything before I can decide.   I'm definitely using the OST version of The Ways of the Force. There is a horrible edit at 0:32 of the FYC version that is as bad as a TMP UE edit.
  12. The only theme from the PT I prefer more than Rey's theme is DOTF.
  13.   The May tickets go on sale February 22nd at 10am (as per my earlier post)   My ticket for the 2014 concert in the "Orchestra Price 1" section was $100. But this is the higher end of the prices. Ticket prices are based on the seat location.
  14. From the Empire magazine podcast discussing the Oscar noms:   "I'll be honest the best score nominee that surprised me was JW for The Force Awakens because that score doesn't have the character of most of the other SW soundtracks."   "I agree. I like Rey's theme very much but it is kinda repeated three times on the score and there isn't really anything else that really jumps out. It reminds me of the Howard Shore The Hobbit scores which just really repeat past glories and add a little bit of extra but it is not groundbreaking."   So a contributor to one of the world's best known movie magazines thinks both TFA and The Hobbit scores just relies on existing themes and not much else. Sigh!
  15. Finn running toward Kylo kidnapping Rey. Great tracking shot with a powerful rendition of her theme.