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  1. It was probably open since 08:00. I'm glad I got good seats but disappointed for those who didn't. Damn it - they really should have been fair and told us when the queue started.
  2. How many people were in the queue at 08:30. I joined at 09:00 and was at around position 1500. Lucky i got tickets.
  3. It would seem odd for him to travel that far for just one concert. I predict another one or two have already been planned but they are waiting to release that info to the public for sales/marketing reasons.
  4. It is a shame the box office didn't advertise the queue system because it was obviously open for queuing before the advertised time of 9:00. They should have said when the queue would actually start.
  5. I got a very good position in the stalls. I would have liked to have picked my own seat but ended up getting a decent seat. Never thought I'd be seeing JW twice in one year (Chicago and London). I've been to London loads but it'll be my first time in the Royal Albert Hall.
  6. So is that Balfe rumour not true now?
  7. Anyone spending some time in London and looking for some sightseeing tips might be interested in attending the Bond in Motion exhibition. It has pretty much every major car and vehicle used in the Bond movies. The actual ones used for filming. http://londonfilmmuseum.com/
  8. I think it will sell out within the hour to friends and patrons. If I select "Best Available Seats", the only seat left is restricted view.
  9. I wonder why he is coming to the UK. I doubt he is making the trip just for that one concert. He might be recording something with the LSO at Abbey Rd.
  10. My concern is that whatever happened with Fallout has made him an unsafe choice of composer for a major franchise in the eyes of the studios. Back in 2015, I really thought Rogue Nation was his big break like The Incredibles was for Giacchino. It seems that wasn't the case sadly.
  11. I'll give Balfe the benefit of the doubt. He may end of writing a good score but based on his back catalog, it will probably end up only being serviceable and a major step back for the franchise. The sting of Kraemer not returning would have been lessened a little had someone like Powell or Arnold replaced him. Even Tyler. But Balfe?! It is a real shame that Joe Kraemer hasn't returned. Not only did he produce a widely praised action score that even Cruise himself loved, it was a great example of a talented composer outside of the typical rota of blockbuster composers being given a shot at a major franchise and absolutely knocking it out of the park. Like Chris Young with Spidey 3. I'm currently alternating between action cues from Tomorrow Never Dies and Rogue Nation. I've no doubt that Kraemer could match what Arnold achieved in that score especially the way Arnold incorporated the various elements of the Bond theme into the action. It's probably unlikely now, but Kraemer doing the next Bond score would be a great consolation.