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  1. I'll be attending those concerts too but I exist only on a molecular level so I'll be pretty hard to spot.
  2. Star Wars: The Last Jedi scoring Sessions 360 video

    When John first notices the camera at the end, I'm reminded of Ian Malcolm tapping on the car's camera in Jurassic Park.
  3. It's funny how things can change fast. Rey's Training was always my favourite rendition of her theme that was omitted from the OST but that is now suddenly and completely replaced by that Rey running cue. Rey's Training, as lovely as it is, is basically a variation of the concert suite, but Rey running is an entirely new arrangement. It is just as good as The Abduction from TFA, It is actually a shame that scene was cut from the movie. Luke had an important message for Rey about balance. There was a lot of other stuff in the movie that could have been cut instead. Yeah, it sounded it would be pretty clean although I presume there will be some sfx bleeding into the rear channels when she lights up her lightsaber. I just listened to the extended Fathiers scenes. A lot of good unreleased moments there, although I can understand why Johnson shortened that scene. It went on for far too long and some of the humour (especially that spa scene) was rubbish.
  4. It is fantastic we got the iso score so soon but it is a shame the deleted scenes didn't have it too. Rey's theme in action mode when she is running to the village is awesome and one of the best quotes of her theme from the two films. I haven't heard the extended Fathiers yet but it sounds like another unreleased gem.
  5. Would the version of Escape on this isolated score be the same as on the FYC or are they different?
  6. A Life in Music: New recordings of JW by the LSO

    This is such a missed opportunity. We could have had The Force Awakens suite recorded by the LSO. And maybe even the new version of Han Solo and the Princess.
  7. It was probably open since 08:00. I'm glad I got good seats but disappointed for those who didn't. Damn it - they really should have been fair and told us when the queue started.
  8. How many people were in the queue at 08:30. I joined at 09:00 and was at around position 1500. Lucky i got tickets.
  9. It would seem odd for him to travel that far for just one concert. I predict another one or two have already been planned but they are waiting to release that info to the public for sales/marketing reasons.
  10. It is a shame the box office didn't advertise the queue system because it was obviously open for queuing before the advertised time of 9:00. They should have said when the queue would actually start.
  11. I got a very good position in the stalls. I would have liked to have picked my own seat but ended up getting a decent seat. Never thought I'd be seeing JW twice in one year (Chicago and London). I've been to London loads but it'll be my first time in the Royal Albert Hall.