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  1. Episode 3x02 has some amazingly directed scenes.
  2. I'm really surprised Getting Out The Vote wasn't on vol 3. I thought it was a sure thing.
  3. The full adult choir version of Dry Your Tears Afrika sounds absolutely stunning!!
  4. His turtleneck unboxing videos are legendary!
  5. Conceptually, Augie's Municipal Band is excellent. Disguising the emperor's theme in a major-key brassy fanfare to denote Palpy's secret success is genius. Sadly the children's choir "ya-ya" nonsense and strange electronics completely overshadow the merits of that concept. Probably the only real blip in an otherwise outstanding score. If it was a traditionally orchestrated fanfare like The Flag Parade, I think it would be one of the best.
  6. Wow, Dry Your Tears, Africa sounds absolutely immense!
  7. Imagine the shit storm here if this mistake happened to John Williams and his Oscar taken off him mid-speach and given to some sound design score!
  8. The whole movie is pointless, but at least we'll get Menkin working with these themes again, and a much more generous OST than the original. This alone makes the whole thing worthwhile. Still annoyed they haven't released an expansion of the original score yet.
  9. Maybe we'll get all three within the next few years!
  10. Imagine if you were in the audience waiting for the concert to start and suddenly JW sits down beside you.
  11. Question for those who were at last year's Film Night - how does the split between JW and Lockhart work? Does Lockhart conduct the first half and JW the second half? If so, do we not see JW at all until the second half?
  12. Weekday hotel rooms might be cheaper too
  13. The weekday only performances is unusual. I wonder if are the EP8 session schedule is to blame - perhaps he must be back in LA that weekend.