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  1. Imagine this scene with a Williams score... (In case you don't know, the clip is from a late 80s animated adaptation of the book for British TV. I loved it as a child) Some of the comments of that video are quite interesting: "The music in this film still gives me chills (in a good way)" "I wish I could find a soundtrack of some of the background music"
  2. So, can we easily predict the themes? - Sophie's Theme - The BFG's Theme - The 'evil' giant's motif Maybe a London motif. I love the anticipation of a new JW score a few months before its release.
  3. I think CGI Rylance looks fantastic. I didn't expect them to use so much of his likeness. Looks such a perfect movie for Williams' magic.
  4. Official Danny Elfman Thread

    Yeah, me too. Really cool comparison though.
  5. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    I saw the movie today. I really dislike the score except for those badass electric guitars when WW appears during the climatic fight. It was a real "wow" moment in the score that I didn't expect. Rest of the score is pretty rubbish though.
  6. Official Danny Elfman Thread

    I was reading these reviews of all the Superman and Batman scores over at http://entjunkie.blogspot.ie/2016/03/a-brief-history-of-batman-and-superman.html. He mentions Elfman's Batman theme is very similar to Herrman's Journey To The Center of The Earth. I never heard this comparison before so I checked it out at 0:47 in the video below, and I was like, holy shit!!!
  7. So I presume Spielberg's schedule is: The BFG, Ready Player One, Indy 5.
  8. Williams will be 87 in 2019, same age as Morricone now, who is still actively composing. That's my benchmark, and recent footage of Williams shows him in good shape. I think SW9 is currently a summer release but I wouldn't be surprised if that is moved to Winter like the other two. Indy 5 will probably be a summer release. Hopefully there won't be a conflict for Williams.
  9. It puts this into perspective...by George Anderson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  10. 2010's will be Williams' best decade?

    I would enjoy The Book Thief a lot more if Angela's Ashes didn't exist. I just hear too many similarities between the two. I am due for a relisten though, so my opinion may change. War Horse, Tintin, Lincoln and The Force Awakens are all 5 star scores for me.
  11. Star Wars Episode VIII (Rian Johnson 2017)

    And what will the main crawl be? "Star Wars: Episode VIII Please see previous movie for details"
  12. Happy 84th Birthday John Williams!

    Happy Birthday Maestro Williams!
  13. Ah, there's a lot to like about AOTC. I revisted the prequel scores recently and listened to the AOTC OST three times and enjoyed it a lot more than I expected. That said, I am much more satisfied with its OST than the OSTs of the other two which omit far too much great music. Anakin's Confession is the best cue not on the album, though.
  14. The Force Awakens ALBUM Discussion (No Film Spoilers)

    For some reason, I am very grateful we have the big tragic version of Rey's theme at the end of The Abduction. It just seems like the perfect candidate for a notorious Williams microedit and a moment we'd be pining after for years, like Sirus Black's Escape