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  1. Does Incident at Islar Nublar score a chase scene? I thought it scores the opening raptor scene and then when Ellie and Muldoon search around the T-Rex paddock before the actual T-Rex chase scene.
  2. The Post (2017) SCORE Thread

    I think I was the first JWFanner to see Tintin. Unusually, it opened in UK / Ireland quite a bit before the US. I caught an early morning screening before going directly from the cinema to the airport for my trip to New York to see JW at the Lincoln Center. Spent the flight over listening to Tintin's OST. The timing worked out very well. I remember being able to report that the missing track Picking Pockets wasn't the holy grail people thought it would be.
  3. I'll be seeing the movie on December 14th. Assuming the OST is released on the 15th, I'll be seeing the movie before I listen to the album. If it manages to get into the public domain before the 14th, I'll listen to the OST first.
  4. Favorite Lincoln Melody [POLL]

    I think it was more than dedication. I think it showcases how much love he has for Americana and he probably really enjoyed writing it.
  5. Favorite Lincoln Melody [POLL]

    I know Getting Out The Vote was added for giggles, but its concert version is a really fun piece. Shame it wasn't included in the third Williams / Spielberg collection CD.
  6. Favorite Lincoln Melody [POLL]

    There are so many great themes in that score. It's actually insane how many he wrote for that movie. My pick would be The American Process. It is the piece that immediately comes to mind when I think of this score. It also the theme that mostly reminds me of 19th century American music.
  7. Danny Elfman's JUSTICE LEAGUE (2017)

    I do think it is pretty cool how he revisited his Batman theme after all these years and adapted it for a more modern sounding orchestral theme. There are a couple of bad ass renditions of it in those two bonus action cues at the end. The problem with invoking his original score though is that it reminded me how great it was and I'd much rather be listening to that instead. The most enjoyable cue by far is that Wonder Woman Rescues cue, which really makes great orchestral use of her theme and is exactly how I wanted the Wonder Woman score to sound. I heard rumors on Twitter that that cue was ghost written by someone else (Pinar Toprak) which makes sense given her theme doesn't appear anywhere else in the score. I'd give the score 3 out of 5 which for an Elfman superhero score is ultimately disappointing.
  8. Danny Elfman's JUSTICE LEAGUE (2017)

    If I blind listened to that first track, I wouldn't have guessed it was Elfman. I can hear his style a lot more in the second track, but not terribly impressed to be honest.
  9. The Phantom Menace vs. The Force Awakens

    Voted for TPM. Both are 5 star scores but TPM is JW at his very very best. I think TPM has one of the greatest differences between the quality of the score and the quality of the movie in cinema history.
  10. Ah, I remember now. Thanks TND was the very first OST I bought all the way back in 1997. Still have it. Still clearly remember trying to explain to a friend that the 'Hamburg Break In' track is the "background music" that plays during the scene where Bond breaks into Carver's Hamburg building and isn't actually a song!
  11. Make sure to get the 2CD version. The OST is missing a huge portion of the film and some of the best cues
  12. Absolutely. It's one of the best DA score period.
  13. Yup, CR is great. Closest score in the 21st century that matched his 90s high streak. Parts of Sherlock are fantastic too. But his output since TND is still disappointing compared to his potential when he exploded onto the scene. Even TWINE, which is still very good, is a big step down from TND. One of the reasons I love John Barry's Bond scores is that he was so consisently good throughout the decades. His quality remained the same even when his composing style changed. When Arnold changed his style, his quality dropped.
  14. 1. John Williams 2. Jerry Goldsmith 3. James Horner 4. John Barry 5. Danny Elfman Herrman is sixth. Arnold, Giachinno and Newton Howard are definately in my top 7-10 in some order. If Arnold had continued his career the way he started with Stargate, ID4 and TND, he would have been in my 5 for sure.
  15. Can't believe I missed the start of the sale for these concerts. Lucky there are still some tickets left. Anyway, I bought tickets for the Saturday and Sunday concerts. Was in Chicago in 2006 and always wanted to return so now's my opportunity.