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Today, 07:06 AM

He chose... poorly.



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Today, 06:21 AM

I can't really get into western music at all. Some of them are really great, but rarely can I listen to anything like this from start to finish. Both Broughton scores are probably one of the better ones.



In Topic: What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

Today, 06:39 AM

Apparently, the only instruction he received from Schumacher was "do your thing, you're the composer".




Anyway, inspired by KK's link on Facebook, I decided to give The Matrix Reloaded a spin this early morning. The alternate action music is really cool. While there is nothing really wrong with film versions -  Rob Dougan's Chateau is a nice nod to Clubbed to Death they used in the previous film and Juno Reactor contributions to Burly Brawl helped to create one of the best combinations of electronica and orchestra ever. But the alternates are ballsier. It's interesting that both take risks, but in drastically different ways. The score itself is the most accessible and mainstream of all three, with eclectic choice of intrumental colours and nods to many different film genres. At that point the series wasn't a horror anymore and Davis had to find new ways to branch out. It is also the only film where the filmmakers managed to find a nice balance between original music and song material (elsewhere, they seemed just kind of shoved in):





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Today, 06:17 AM

Huh. Never heard that one before.

Although, flea market would be a better term in this case. It's part of the fair that has being going on every summer since around year 1260 around my parts. You can find a lot of random stuff - from antiques to books and music.



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Today, 06:13 AM

Complete or not, it's on its way now. :)