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In Topic: What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

Today, 04:04 PM

They are sooooooo different from each other, apart from main theme being in both.



In Topic: The Big Bad Star Trek (X)III Thread Coming 2016?

Today, 12:42 PM

Wish Star Trek would go back to tv. They can keep making these mediocre films with declining returns if they want. But it works best on Tv.

I'd love to see a new series with a Game of Thrones kind of budget and 10-13 episodes a year format. Would be cool.


In Topic: Soundtracks, Compilations, or other recently purchased Music

Today, 09:59 AM


I just wish they would have released Superman: The Movie separately in some way.  The other scores have their moments, but I don't care much for or about them.  I'm not spending $120.

Yeah. For a person interested mainly with the first and the fourth score the Blue Box is just too darn expensive.
This Rhino set suffices for me for the time being. Perhaps I'll finally land a steady job one day soon and can let my inner collector completely loose.
Don't forget the book, it's worth its weight in gold. A FANTASTIC addendum that details what went into writing the scores and the movies they accompany, even if half of them don't interest you.
The blue box is one of my most cherished purchases. 1,2 and 4 are the main attractions, 3 is good and even the animated series has a couple of worthy cues.
The Superman fan in me is completely satisfied with it.  :drool:
It doesn't seem like a reasonable purchase at first but, once you get it, it's just pure joy. You kind of get it. I bought one not long ago and it's great. The first score never sounded better, fourth is a msrvelous discovery, two I enjoy and three contains some gems, too.

Having said that, Rhino set is a solid and safe buy.


In Topic: JWFan Survivor A Game of Admins: Round 9

Today, 09:55 AM

Are we seriously killing off narrator as well? That's even beyond Martin's wickedness.


In Topic: BREAKING BAD & Better Call Saul

Yesterday, 09:34 PM

Hank turned out to be such a wonderful character. At first, he seemed to be this dumb and arrogant douchebag. But, in the end, he's one of my favourites.