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In Topic: NEW Williams title coming from La-La Land Records June 30th 2015

Today, 07:24 AM


I'm sure there's enough music from Memoirs of a Geisha, being unreleased music in the film, or alternates, to fill up a 2 cd set



Since MV just listed off so many possible candidates my bets are on A.I., The Patriot, Far and Away, (perhaps more impossibly) HPPS and Towering Inferno.

All five would be welcome.


I don't think Potter is that impossible, though.



In Topic: Official Indiana Jones 5 Thread

Today, 07:20 AM

Well, it couldn't have been rushed if three different screenwriters (at least) worked on this story for five years (at least).



In Topic: The Avengers: Age of Ultron discussion thread (SPOILERS ALLOWED)

Today, 07:19 AM

It's so weird. It's seems like he was happy with Tyler's score, and the producers brought in Elfman and redid everything... But Elfman's music sounds more like what I would have thought Whedon would like and Tyler's music sounds more like what a studio exec would think bring in. It's all odd.

He might be talking about Tyler's cue. Or even Silvestri's tracked one? Because Elfman's theme is being replaced at that very moment.



In Topic: The Official Future Films Thread

Yesterday, 09:53 PM

I was just about to post that. :)


In Topic: The Official Future Films Thread

Yesterday, 09:46 PM

And it's an interesting project for Howard Shore, too.