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  2. Alexcremers

    The Official Future Films Thread

    No fans of Unbreakable or Shyamalan here? What happened?
  3. Bespin

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    John Williams - The Cowboys (the 1994 album “reconstitued” using the Deluxe Edition tracks, no edits)
  4. kaseykockroach

    The Kasey Kockroach Thread

    No, that's down the hall to the right. Ya can't miss it!
  6. Today
  7. kaseykockroach

    JWFan Milestone?

  8. Bespin

    The Introversion and Anxiety Collective

    Introvert, that’s me. Adjustment disorder with depressed mood. That’s pretty new, but it seems that’s me too now! Can I join the club?
  9. And now it's six! Edit: no it isn't.
  10. Not Mr. Big

    Describe your last toilet visit with a movie title!

    Battle of the Bulge
  11. Richard

    The Best John Williams Score of the 2010s

    CONRACK has a score of fifteen minutes. I wouldn't call that "feature-length", Steve. DEAR BASKETBALL is a score in a made-for-cinema film. It deserves to be included. Anyway, I voted for THE BOOK THIEF. The film is risible, but the score makes a welcome change from all that STAR WARS sturm und drang.
  12. Have you ever posted something optimistic?
  13. Brundlefly

    Jerry Goldsmith THE MUMMY Intrada 2CD set!!!

    It's Goldsmith. He doesn't overscore, unless he's forced to. Some people may lack the imagination, but aforementioned scenes work without music as well.
  14. Richard

    The Official Future Films Thread

    Can anyone guess the twist, yet?
  15. As it is in the films. But for one to be invested in the tragedy of a relationship, one has to first be invested in the relationship itself. It works well enough for me, but I can understand how someone else might have an issue with it.
  16. Not Mr. Big

    The Best John Williams Score of the 2010s

    Nothing in TLJ comes close to the emotional combination of score and imagery in "The Starkiller".
  17. Stefancos

    The Kasey Kockroach Thread

    This is not the mstrox?
  18. Cherry Pie That'll Kill Ya

    What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    Mother! Might be the weirdest home invasion flick I've ever seen. But I tell ya what though, that bloke must have written some damn good poetry.
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