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      For those who may not know, JWFan relies entirely on donations to keep running.  Donations pay for our server bills, as well as keeping our domain and Invision Powerboard fees.
      As an incentive to donate, I am offering a series of free CDS to anyone who donates over a certain amount!   Last time this was a modest success, where I raised $500 of our desired $1,000 and mailed out 3 free CDs to lucky JWFanners.  This time I'll be doing the raffling a littler different!   Our goal is $1000 once again, and I will have four tiers of free CDs you can win once again.  But this time, the more you donate, the more entries into each raffle you'll get!   Each $10 you donate gets your name put into the raffle mug once for the $10 pool, twice for the $20 pool, thrice for the $30 pool, and five times into the $50 pool.  Here is the list of CDs you can win - and I have more to add at a later time when I get a little more organized (I'll post what they are by Friday at the latest)   The $10 pool (Every $10 you donate gets you one ticket into this pool) - will be drawn as soon as we hit $250 donated Tyler Bates - God of War; Ascension (OST, La La Land Records) Danny Elfman - Planet of the Apes (OST, Sony) Danny Elfman - Taking Woodstock (OST, La La Land Records) Christopher Lennertz - Identity Thief (OST, La La Land Records) Christopher Lennertz - Medal of Honor: Rising Sun (OST) Michael Giacchino - Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (OST, Varese Sarabande) Dave Holmes & Various - Ocean's 11 (OST, WB Records) Joel McNeely & Various - Hollywood '94 (Varese Sarabande) Joe Kraemer - Jack Reacher (OST, La La Land Records) John Williams - Born on the Fourth of July (OST, MCA Records)   The $20 pool (Every $10 you donate gets you two ticket into this pool, must donate at least $20 to be eligible) - will be drawn as soon as we hit $500 donated John Barry - First Love (La La Land) Jerry Goldsmith - The Challenge (La La Land) Jerry Goldsmith - In Harm's Way (2009 Intrada edition) Jerry Goldsmith - The Red Pony (Varese) Alan Silvestri - Dutch (La La Land) Shirley Walker - Willard (La La Land) John Williams - Family Plot (Varese Sarabande) or, any of the above CDs if you prefer   The $30 pool (Every $10 you donate gets you three ticket into this pool, must donate at least $30 to be eligible) - will be drawn as soon as we hit $750 donated James Horner - Gorky Park (OOP Kritzerland Edition) James Newton Howard - Outbreak (2CD, Varese Deluxe Edition) Laurence Rosenthal - Clash of the Titans (2CD, Intrada) John Williams - The Fury (2CD, La La Land) John Williams - Jane Eyre (OOP, La La Land) or, any of the above CDs if you prefer   The $50 pool (Every $10 you donate gets you five ticket into this pool, must donate at least $50 to be eligible) - will be drawn as soon as we hit $1,000 donated Jerry Fielding - The Wild Bunch (3CD, FSM) Ira Newborn - The Naked Gun trilogy (3CD, La La Land) Shirley Walker and Various - Batman: The Animated Series Volume 3 (4CD, La La Land) or, any of the above CDs if you prefer     All shipping will be paid by me to anywhere in the world!   I will pull names from a hat for each pool, and you get to pick whatever CD set you want if I pull your name!   To be eligible, leave your JWFan username in the comments area of your donation.  If you want to donate but not be in the running for a free CD, mention that in the comment.   Use this link or the link on the mainpage.       Thank you!   Jason, Ricard, and Andreas.

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  2. Video Game Music

    Any Shoji Meguro fans here? @Koray Savas I know you're a big fan of Catherine (me too!), have you listened to some of his other stuff? Truth be told, I find a lot of game scores that go for the uber-orchestral approach to be pretty boring (peace out, Uematsu)--I'm also not a fan of the notion that the orchestral format is the apex of artistic stature for video game music to be held to, at least when it's not done with some real personal flair (peace out, Video Games Live, Eminence, Play!, and all of that other crap). So when a composer like Shoji Meguro goes for a different sound, my heart smiles; his work for the Shin Megami Tensei games (especially the third one) is a treasure trove of great music:
  3. Now that's some synopsis. What are they going to "reveal" next, Emilia Clarke plays a woman?
  4. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    I barely speak any German, so I'm using its English name. Also great film.
  5. Your current audio equipment..

    More affordable than Accuphase or McIntosh, which have ridiculous prices.
  6. Favorite short musical moments in Williams scores?

    After feeling cold about it the first couple listens, my brain has been infested with so many wriggling earworms from The Last Jedi. Here's a few! To about :39...the low winds carrying on the theme after is great too, but man that low choir. Classic John Williams drama...that great feeling of being on a raft drifting helplessly towards a gigantic waterfall. There's several moments in this score where Williams starts something and moves away, and I think, "Aw, I wish he kept on that pulse", but as soon as I think that he gut punches you with its return! (5:28 and for a few seconds after) Another example of that's in Chrome Dome, when he brings out that dope-ass groovy beat starting at 1:19. He'll suspend it for a few seconds with some tremolo strings etc., but then starts noddin' his head again. I also love the chords from 1:43 to 1:45 or so, very much like his concert music! When I listened to "The Rathtars", I remember thinking there were a few moments where Williams was channeling his old Indy sound, and I'm happy he brought it out even further with this score! Nice to hear an 85ish year old man whip out some genuinely hard knocks, bare knuckle music
  7. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    It's called Das Leben der Anderen, Fancyarcher!
  8. Your current audio equipment..

    Parasound? It doesn't sound expensive ...
  9. What kind of TV do you own?

    I was satisfied with 1080p. Especially while watching older films that were well restored and mastered.
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  11. What kind of TV do you own?

    Glad I'm skipping 4k https://gizmodo.com/a-first-look-at-the-incredible-future-of-8k-tvs-1822113480
  12. I'll take any Star Wars movie over the latest superhero movie
  13. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    True that. No worries, I'll step it and do it. Well, maybe a scene? No? O.o
  14. THE POST - SCORE Thread

    except that missing section can't be found anywhere else on the FYC or OST I'm still not 100% sure about this but it stuck me as though the theme was a bit extended when i watched the credits
  15. THE POST - SCORE Thread

    It could just a be an edit in post, adding a section from somewhere else?
  16. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    it's only confirmed by Williams, not by Disney!
  17. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    The Place Beyond The Pines - 7 / 10 Just doesn't seem like the kind of film they'd release. Still if they did Benjamin Button (forget about that), it's certainly possible.
  18. That's correct, but that's where most of the mythology was anyway. Nothing of substance was learned before that, not that I can recall, at least, except introducing that pair of annoying proto-Scully-and-Mulder's. I didn't mean the actual episodes were erased, but rather the info they divulged.
  19. Star Trek Discovery - Beware Spoilers!

    Wow... For someone who doesn't watch this show, it sounds bizarre.
  20. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    Why do you say that? Criterion has released Fincher’s The Game and The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button.
  21. I think the problem is that this is that a movie about Han Solo not featuring Harrison Ford is just that not enticing. I had zero interest in it. Williams's involvement has increased the interestometer to about 10%. I suppose my point, if I have one, is that a run-of-the-mill synopsis does nothing to excite me given the low antecedent interest.
  22. Your current audio equipment..

    A brand called Parasound has a great looking 7.1 preamp called the Halo P7. It has two multi-channel inputs, so you can plug an AV receiver into it from the pre-outs. And I can plug my SACD player into it from its 5.1 multi-channel output. And then you plug this sucker into a 7.1 power amp, and you're all set. This might be the device I've been looking for, so I'll need to start saving.
  23. Star Trek Discovery - Beware Spoilers!

    I agree about the acting with Tyler turning and the flashbacks. I was bored with it too and glad it finally happened. It was interesting to see Stamets meet his Mirror Universe counterpart in the spore forest. Which means his Mirror Universe counterpart is the same way and can use the spore drive too.
  24. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    Somebody still needs to add Star Wars, Episode IX on the list of "Upcoming Projects" on the main page...
  25. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    The Lives of Others - 8 / 10
  26. The Post (2017) FILM Discussion

    But the guy picked up the original photocopies of the documents in person from a secret motel room and put them in 2 big boxes and those photocopies took months to make according to the source. There wasn't multiple copies and that was made clear in the film .I don't see how the other newspapers got the documents..there was no internet back then And they weren't waiting for any court decision before they published...that only came after And that brings me back to how the other newspapers published the story too
  27. THE X-FILES (Beware Season 11 spoilers!)

    Didn't they just erase My Struggle II? I don't think they erased the whole season.
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