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    This concert was absolutely wonderful. Flawless performance. LA Phil recorded it for commercial release I believe. The announcer said "silence the phones and don't applaud till music is finished because it is being recorded for a future release". I would expect if it was for the radio they would have said for future broadcast. Regardless, it was so good - the concert hall has excellent acoustics for this type of detailed music. It was a little distracting watching Johnny listen to his own music but the whole sold out audience seemed to envelop him with love and admiration. Dudamel would frequently bow to him during the performance and everyone enjoyed watching the nonverbal exchange of joy, passion, and musicianship. The sonorities were so refined and richly detailed, bombastic and intense when needing to be. Program: Olympic Fanfare and Theme (with the mighty organ) Close Encounters suite (excellent half diminished flat 5 to tonic, @Ludwig with glorious harp gliss'...you would approve) Shark Cage Fugue/Out to Sea from Jaws Harry Potter Suite (Hedwig's Theme, Fawkes the Phoenix, Harry's Wondrous World) Schindler's List theme Adventures on Earth from E.T. -Intermission- Flight to Neverland from Hook Jurassic Park theme (sounded amazing with five unison trumpets and a very emphatic ending) Indiana Jones (Motorcycle Scherzo, Marion's Theme, Raiders March) Suyuri's Theme from Geisha Star Wars (Imperial March (imagine hearing it with 8 horns, 5 trombones, 5 trumpets, 8 percussionists at Disney Hall...never heard it sound so good), Yoda's Theme, Throne Room and Finale from Star Wars) Encore: Williams's Adagio for Strings (<-- gorgeous this!) Superman March It was a long concert - ending around 10:30pm with several video clips. I especially enjoyed during the Throne Room, they played scenes from the 8 star wars films including scoring session photos from all of them. JW looked great, happy, energetic, and deeply moved by the performance and audience enthusiasm. Sorry the video with Dudamel talking is hard to hear, he didn't have a mic. IMG_4574.MOV IMG_4578.MOV
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    This set is the best album I have ever bought. It’s still unreal to me that all of my favourite music from my childhood is newly remastered and released. I’ve been looking forward to discussing every second of Williams’ scores since the set was announced. Unfortunately due to a tragedy in my family my life turned upside down this December. I simply haven’t got the time, physically nor mentally, to truly enjoy this wonderful music at the moment. I just want all of you who participate in this thread to know that reading your interesting, funny, analytical posts on these favourite scores of mine really has been a much needed and appreciated ‘escape’ from reality. Keep up the good discussions, guys!
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    Stupid thread is stupid. Josh, take this kind of shit somewhere else. JWFan is about sharing our passion for music and film with each other, not this crap.
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    "... so I grabbed him by his neck and said 'JJ, you will not allow Michael to score MY trilogy!"
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    John Williams speaking at Dudamel's Walk of Fame ceremony right now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8DWED8QE0A
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    The BSO posted their third episode of BSO360, this time a retrospective on the Boston Pops and their last three music directors as well as a profile on Leonard Bernstein. During the first half, dedicated to the Pops, you can see and excerpt of Williams conducting his own "Celebrate Discovery". https://www.bso.org/Medias http://bso.http.internapcdn.net/bso/podcasts/images/BSO360/BSO360Ep3.m4v
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    It was an obvious troll thread designed to revoke negative reactions and then insult the people who responded negatively to it. Basically he was baiting people so he could say "Your reaction proves that you are not intelligent". There's no way in hell he couldn't have known what his thread would do. He just wanted attention and is getting it in spades. Jason needs to wise up, take some responsibility, and remove him. For a very long time or permanently.
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    "'Ow, my ears!!'. Williams reenacts hearing Dudamel's Star Wars main title for the first time"
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    OK I think this thread is ready and done.
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    As promised, here's my mockups of a couple of Azkaban alternates that weren't recorded/on the set
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    The complete opposite. That is very humble for a professional classical music critic to write an article with the title "I was wrong" and sincerely mean that she dismissed it because she used to feel the genre was beneath her.
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    JJ: "John, I need twenty six versions of 15m7 Finale! I want to hear Rey's Theme on every instrument before making my decision!" Williams:
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    https://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/music/as-a-classical-music-critic-i-used-to-think-the-star-wars-score-was-beneath-me-i-was-wrong/2019/01/17/80fe0744-18f0-11e9-88fe-f9f77a3bcb6c_story.html?noredirect=on&amp;utm_term=.051e39f560ea Some representative excerpts: I was particularly heartened to see this because just a few years ago (as she acknowledges) she had written a pretty harsh review of Air and Simple Gifts that I'd read! (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/01/20/AR2009012003560.html) (e.g., "It was functional, representational music, and it actually did serve a function: It allowed everyone some downtime before the main event of the oath and the new president's speech.") She's changed a lot! Hopefully she is able to now move even beyond SW and to JW's other work. Also, "Good means good, effective means effective" sounds like something TGP would say (and I mean that in a good way).
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    John Williams was performing with the Houston Symphony in the fall of 1983. I was unable to go to the concert, but I knew one of the trombonists and had a heads up on the rehearsal. I waited outside the Music Hall, spoke for a minute or two when he arrived, got the picture/autograph (ROTJ/Superman), and then went inside for the rehearsal. I don’t recall there being anyone else other than musicians (no security – I just sort of walked in). The rehearsal was enjoyable – I remember them running through Jubilee 350 (which I had never heard before) as well as Jabba’s theme. In 2013 he came back to Houston and I had an opportunity to have him autograph the picture – I think he was amused as we both had aged a little…
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    His agility reminds a lot of my great grandma when I was a child. Back then she was also in her 80's. She's 20 years older than Williams, though (born in 1912), and still around today.
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    John Powell to score new 2019 live action film " Call of The Wild" directed by How To Train Your Dragon's helmer, Chris Sanders Source: John Powell's comment on Facebook:
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    I think JW is more interested in leaving a different kind of legacy than a bit of pavement, like the support of educational and performance facilities in LA and that Hollywood respects the musicians as well as the actors, filmmakers etc.
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    RIP Nick Redman

    This is incredibly sad news, indeed. As I wrote on Facebook, he was a champion among champions when it came not only to film music but really, all things film. As with most folks, the Star Wars box set was my first real introduction to his name, followed by the DCC release of Raiders of the Lost Ark. The rest is history. I was privileged to have had dinner with Nick and his wife Julie Kirgo on a few occasions while visiting LA. Preceding one of these work trips to LA, a mutual friend of ours had arranged an introductory call between me and Nick. I was nervous as hell to speak with him, but he couldn't have been nicer and graciously agreed to a dinner meet-up in Santa Monica. Nick and Julie picked me up at my hotel in Julie's MINI. Nick kindly gave me the front seat (I being taller than he) and before we even pulled away from the parking lot, he handed me a stack of CDs he had produced/been involved with for Intrada and Varese. I was floored!! We ended up at a sushi restaurant, and enjoyed great food while getting to know each other through diverse conversations. Nick was very much an American. He said he never looked back once coming across the Pond. (As an aside, John Leguizamo strolled into the restaurant during our meal.) My girlfriend (now wife) and I also spent some time in Chicago with Julie and Nick during the wedding weekend for our mutual friend. Here I am standing behind Nick during one of our breakfasts together: Our mutual friend had arranged for a film music "Name that Tune" game during the rehearsal dinner, and I and the other gentleman pictured above teamed up against Julie and Nick. We had the distinct honor of besting Julie and Nick in the game, and it became a running joke whenever we spoke after that. Nick was so very warm and direct, albeit somewhat quiet, and I found myself trying to make him laugh because he really lit up when he did so. His knowledge and passion for film and film music was unparalleled, yet he was never boastful. His love for Julie was evident. They were a perfect match, personally and professionally. He made an incredibly positive impact on my life beyond the many projects in which he was involved, even though I certainly didn't know him as well as others here on JWFAN and elsewhere. RIP Nick.
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    The Children's Suite really is fantastic! It makes me wish that film composers, especially Williams, would be given some extra room to be able to write these suites that encapsulate the essence of the score in several themes. What makes this suite special IMO are the circumstances which afforded Williams time to write these pieces from a place he must've truly cared for - not just as music for music's sake, but music that could be educational and inspire listeners to explore the orchestral soundscape.