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    This is just lovely: http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/arts/la-et-cm-john-williams-early-life-20180718-htmlstory.html
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    The Kasey Kockroach Thread

    I've witnessed a couple fine folks here gifting themselves a thread to call their very own. I dared consider myself to be possibly worthy of such an endeavor for my own selfish desires. I can vent personal woes, post drawings, talk about story ideas or particular characters! I dared to dream! But, how to commence? After all, if I am to prove myself worthy of a thread in my name, I simply must make a good first impression! I must answer the question as to whether my personality is compelling enough to warrant discussion in of itself! But, how to proceed? Post drawings? Tell the story of how I nearly missed work earlier this week because I spent the entire day believing it was Monday (my day off) when in fact that day happened to be Sunday? Gush on and on about how much I freaking love that addictive percussion in John Williams' The Lost World? Talk about my doggy and kitty? All of these options are so alluring, such potential within my grasp! But am I ambitious enough to attempt to realize this potential? Nah. So, here's some drawings of the character I've been drawing what's felt like nearly my entire life. The character that is my username, naturally. The drawings vary wildly in age and quality (ranging from "hey, this actually isn't hurting my eyes" to "OH GOD WHY WHY WHY DIDN'T YOU BURN THIS!?") as, well, again, I've been drawing him for as long as I've been mentally capable of conceiving a character and physically capable of drawing him. Pictured in a few of these is his (human) girlfriend Iris Out. You will see other characters here soon enough, including his arch-nemesis/best friend (it's complicated) Slam Wallaby, his adopted witch sister Nikita, Boober the mermaid, Earl Buzzard, and so on.
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    Wow, another concert arrangement from TFA! That makes 6, right? Incredible just how fruitful that one film has been for suites (Rey, Resistance March, Jedi Steps, Scherzo for X-Wings, Jedi Steps and Finale, now an Adagio). I wonder if this was written early on in the writing process but abandoned or adapted into film cues like Sunbeam Strings (OST track The Starkiller)? It's worth noting that elements of Torn Apart were already integrated into the concert arrangement of The Jedi Steps, but it makes sense he'd expand this cue into a suite considering it's a recurring musical idea representing death. Also, this brings the total of new Star Wars concert arrangements in the last 2.5 years to 9! We are not worthy...! How wonderful that Williams remains so inspired by and committed to the franchise at his age. Hopefully we can look forward to another 3 for Episode IX!
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    I was lucky enough to attend the Grammy Tribute last night. John Williams attended! He also gave a wonderful speech which paid tribute to the orchestras he has worked with. He was introduced by Gustav Dudamel. The event was surprisingly underattended. We were invited to move to a closer section to fill in the seats for the camera. Other attendees included Neil Diamond (who performed "Daydream Believer" with Micky Dolenz followed by "Sweet Caroline"), Emmylou Harris, The Meters and Sammy Hagar. Tina Turner accepted by video but nobody from Queen participated. We instead had to suffer through an uninspired "We Will Rock You" led by Sammy Hagar. The main point though: John Williams was present and it was a wonderful evening. I stole a few pictures but this it it because i didn't want to fall prey to their no camera policy.
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    Disco Stu

    the mstrox thread

    I own a house!
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    King Mark

    Oral Care

    I don't have a single filling on my teeth ( never had a cavity) and my gums are healthy. I don't smoke and I don't drink coffee\ You just felt the need to pop into this thread and say something nasty to me, like every opportunity you get .i don't remember making personal attacks against you, so I'm not sure why you hate me so much . In truth I don't care that much about your comments but your obviously trying to cut deep and attack a person's integrity . I hope you don't do this to other people in real life
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    The Tablecloth

    Knock yourselves out.
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    No, customers aren't made of money and a title or two may get left in the dust if they are not spaced out. Why release 8 titles one month and nothing the next?
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    One thing I've come to really appreciate about this score is how Powell was able to take JW's Han theme(s) and really make them his own. In fact I prefer any statement of either the hero theme or searching theme as they appear in the score proper over any version in the Adventures of Han track. Right from the beginning with Meeting Han and how the searching theme is given so many different permutations, you can hear how comfortable Powell is masterfully manipulating JW's music.
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    Whenever I listen to the 007 theme in the car, I feel like somebody who's trying to be cool. When I listen to Star Wars in the car, I feel like somebody who isn't cool but is cool with that (which is way cooler
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    Nick Parker

    John Williams' Magnum Opus

    I think it's beautiful, actually, to see John Williams continue these films: not only did he establish this work almost half a century ago, but there's something almost comforting seeing these new conflicts, stories, and adventures play out under the watchful gaze of a grand master in his sunset years...a man who's experienced so much, who's seen empires rise and fall in his own lifetime, and has crafted his own enduring legacy. He's like the living embodiment of his own Force theme!
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    You're wrong.
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    A Mattessino produced Azkaban expansion would be more than enough to call 2018 one for the books. My #1 Williams Grail at this point.
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    Hello Everyone, This year I ended my bachelor degree in Musicology and wrote thesis about John Williams and I want to share it with you. Let me know what you think about it, I will answer any yours question. Comment it or ask any question here in forum or you can write me on my email tomas.chren14@gmail.com EDITComplete_thesis-Characteristic_principles_of_orchestration_and_composition_of_John_Williams_(final_version).pdf
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    Well as it happens due to extremely good luck and thanks to a very gracious JWFanner Karol Krok I will be able to attend the concert on 26th of October so you can count me in on this JWFan super summit.
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    Glóin the Dark

    The Tablecloth

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    The night before The Force Awakens was released, I had an idea: Wouldn't it be nice to have a T-shirt that said "Music by John Williams" in the same design as the Star Wars end credits, to wear for the premiere of the film? It was too late to get one made in time for TFA, but I still made it (and two more for friends of mine) and have worn it for every Williams-scored film and film music concert since. I've been asked a couple of times if it was possible to get a shirt like this, so I finally dug out my old design and re-created it in a Spreadshirt shop. Now you too can join me, and Chris Afonso (and soon Joe Kraemer) in wearing one of these iconic shirts: https://shop.spreadshirt.at/marianschedenig/ Note 1: Spreadshirt has a thingy that offers a time limited bonus for newly created shops, so for the next 13 days there's a 15% voucher code linked in the page's header. Note 2: I mostly left the shop at the default settings, so I believe I get a small percentage of the total sales. Thinking about doing a Goldsmith version now.
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    Of course would @Jim Ware have a screenshot of the FSM issue with the musicians' compliments to AS. I was remembering it, too! Just a quick overview for the minimal differences between the OST and the new Intrada release. Everything that was on the OST is on the complete set; some of the tracks on the OST have been renamed, two OST tracks are split into two tracks on the Intrada (each in reverse order), and four OST tracks are found in the "Extras" section. I am very much looking forward to giving the boot the boot. 🚀 CD 1 Complete Soundtrack 01. Opening (4:53) = OST 1 (aka The Legend of the Scorpion King) 02. Tomb Raider Rick* (1:30) 03. Been Here Before* (2:46) 04. I Just Had A Vision* (1:39) 05. Sling Shot Marksman* (0:19) 06. Scorpion Shoes (4:24) = OST 2 07. Loch-Nah And Meela (1:10) = OST 3, 3:11 to end 08. Imhotep Unearthed! (3:15) = OST 3, 0:00 - 3:10 09. Just An Oasis (1:23) = OST 4 10. Bad Guys To The Manor* (0:32) 11. Bracelet Awakens (1:27) = OST 5 12. Have I Kissed You?* (0:55) 13. Meet Meela (Revised)* (0:54) 14. Evy Kidnapped (Revised)* (6:09) 15. Rick’s Tattoo (2:02) = OST 7 16. Imhotep Reborn! (2:40) = OST 8 17. My First Bus Ride (Revised) (7:43) 18. The Mushy Part (2:40) = OST 10 19. Train Chapter (Film Version)* (5:51) 20. Medjai Commanders (1:13) = OST 12, 0:49 to end 21. Dirigible Montage (0:54) = OST 12, 0:00-0:48 22. I Want Him Back* (1:04) 23. Flush Of Freedom* (1:50) 24. Tsk Tsk* (0:24) 25. Evy’s Flashback Swordfight* (2:30) 26. Flashback Finale (4:02) = OST 13 (aka Evy Remembers) 27. What? No Ice?* (0:29) 28. Sandcastles/Breadcrumbs (3:25) = OST 14 (aka Sandcastles) 29. Canyon Deluge (2:18) = OST 15 (aka We're in Trouble) CD 1 Total Time: 70:54 CD 2 Complete Soundtrack (Cont.) 01. Pygmy Territory* (1:53) 02. Something Is Coming!* (2:04) 03. Pygmy Attack (3:31) = OST 16 04. More Pygmies* (1:41) 05. Racing The Sun!* (0:54) 06. Evy Dies (3:27) = OST 17 (aka Come Back Evy) 07. Curator’s Bad Idea* (1:28) 08. Sand Warriors* (2:40) 09. Gong* (0:19) 10. Rick Battles Imhotep* (6:55) 11. False Victory (Revised)* (4:46) 12. Wrong Girlfriend (Revised)* (1:52) 13. Happy Ending* (4:07) 14. The Mummy Returns – End Credits* (2:29) 15. Forever May Not Be Long Enough (Performed by LIVE) (3:47) = OST 19 The Extras 16. Meet Meela (Original) (0:54) 17. Evy Kidnapped (Original) (5:54) = OST 6 18. My First Bus Ride (Original) (7:42) = OST 9 19. Train Chapter (Album Version) (5:32) = OST 11 (aka A Gift and a Curse) 20. False Victory (Original)* (4:49) 21. Wrong Girlfriend (Original)* (1:46) 22. The Mummy Returns (7:42) = OST 18
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    How would you rate "Black Sunday"?

    It's always what I loved about John Williams, he provides the right score that fit to the movie, always. And his range is impressive. He can score the most dark movie to the most glorious and epic one... and also those little romantic flicks. He can be discreet sometimes and bombastic when it's needed. He masters the world music too... he can add a savor from any country or region you want: Ireland, Asia, Africa, Israel, Tibet, Americana, UK, Latin America, etc. Classical music, great choral works, jazz, military marches, he can do eveything! He's really like: "What do you want? I will try to do it".
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    My package from La La Land arrived today, and one from Amazon!
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    The press release doesn't say it's JW's final SW score but JW himself has said that. Interestingly, the press release does say it is the conclusion of the Skywalker Saga. I love JW entering this assignment knowing this is his final SW score. Easily my most anticipated part of this whole film.