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    I can never decide between JP and HP1. The latter basically got me into film music, but the former has some of the most memorable passages in a JW score.
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    The Empire Strikes Back is my favorite all time from Williams.
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    The problem with these type of radio programs is pretty much all the detail is too high level for die hards such as us. We've heard all this before and frankly the music excerpts are not of the highest audio quality compared to what I'm sure we already have. It is nice to be reminded of the quality of the writing though. I like how they are spending quite a bit of time on JW's concert music. Interesting personal question about how did he find his muse after his first wife's death. After taking a year off from writing, he wrote his Violin Concerto but it was really for his children's sake that he found the urge to keep going (out of necessity) and become the blockbuster composer we know and love. So in a way, thanks to his kids we have the JW today. It's nice to hear a personal response from him.
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    Fans of Howard Shore will love this beautiful new aria set to a text by his wife, Elizabeth Cotnoir. Composed on commission from Opera America to celebrate the opening of the National Opera Center in 2012. The short work can be found 15 minutes into this video
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    A lot of fun? I'd be more inclined to call it a sublime listening experience, magnificent musical storytelling.
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    JW's Oscar prospects

    How to Win the Oscar for Best Original Score: By those rules, Life of Pi will probably win. But JW's chances aren't too bad.
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    JW's Oscar prospects

    A thief in the night? Maybe Les Mis should have won best score.
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    Uni's New Year Resolution #64: Give Lost World and Prisoner of Azkaban another try. - Uni
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    Whaaaa...? I ain' eatin' any mush... mushy... rooms... Now, gee up... Gee up, my little bunnies...
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    JW's Oscar prospects

    well John Wayne's best actor win was essentially that, a Lincoln win would suffice as such. wouldn't it be a hoot for John to win and get up there hold the statue out and scream at the top of his lungs, EAT THIS HOWARD SHORE!