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    Williams just confirmed he will be scoring episode VIII at the Tanglewood concert (at least I am almost certain he said it). He will see a first print in a couple of weeks.
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    His exact words were: "The score has been completed and recorded. The OST will be released in a month."
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    So nice to hear that Luke & Leia concert suite quite regularly now. Fresh in JW's mind for VIII.
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    To be honest, I prefer the sound of TFA to the prequels in terms of the drier sound mix, the over-mic'ed brass, and the overall sound of the LA musicians. I want JW to stick with them.
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    Hillary is out of jail. Stop worrying about trading sheet music.
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    Does anyone know when is the release date of the Blu-Ray of the trailer? Apparently, it'll include a making of the trailer, a documentary about the music of the trailer, a director's cut of the trailer, and a trailer for the sequel of the trailer. Instabuy for me!
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    Pictures of Hobbit SE

    I just found some pictures of the WaterTower version of DOS here http://www.jwfan.com/forums/index.php?/topic/23901-which-version-of-the-desolation-of-smaug-soundtrack-will-you-buy/&do=findComment&comment=960672
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    Pictures of Hobbit SE

    Get the USA WaterTower ones, NOT the International Decca ones. Trust me. EDIT: It looks like the old pictures I took have vanished from the internet http://www.jwfan.com/forums/index.php?/topic/22197-howard-shores-an-unexpected-journey-hobbit-part-1/&do=findComment&comment=867107 http://www.jwfan.com/forums/index.php?/topic/23901-which-version-of-the-desolation-of-smaug-soundtrack-will-you-buy/&do=findComment&comment=958696
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    One of The Q's greatest contributions to the venerable art of urban funk. FSM released it - highly recommended - and it sounds brilliant. A hard sell on these shores, but still.
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    Nice timing! I just put the finishing touches to a rather long blog post about anticipating and then experiencing the music of The Force Awakens: http://peterdaley.net/home/star-wars-7/
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    RPO is just a Spielberg film, he can take a 2 week break from Episode 8 and bash that one out.
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    The fact that Williams is viewing a rough cut well over a year before the film is actually released suggests that he will probably write episode 8 over an extended period of time as well. It could be that he enjoyed the lengthy process of TFA.
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    Omen II

    BBC Proms 2016

    @Incanus @hornist Who knew the Finns could be so funny? Watch violinist Pekka Kuusisto's encore after playing Tchaikovsky's violin concerto with the BBC Scottish symphony Orchestra. We like this guy!
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    ? I don't understand the joy. Are you folks being sarcastic? Why get hysterical over yet another Williams putting-himself-to-sleep rehash score?
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    Why is there a samurai in the film though?
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    Desplat will most likely use the LSO (hopefully) for Rogue One so their involvement in Star Wars is not over
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    Upcoming Films

    Not at all.
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    One exciting takeaway from Williams scoring Episode VIII is that it shows that his commitment to this trilogy extends beyond just scoring the first movie. He wasn't just trying to get the trilogy off on the right foot musically with Episode VII and then say farewell to the saga, but rather he intends to score all three films if he's able to; a very exciting prospect.
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    No, but Williams' rhetoric up until now has been "I hope to do it," "If I can I will" etc This is the first time he's given a definitive yes and on top of that he'll be seeing the movie very soon and can start thinking about it, if not actually composing yet. That's the exciting part.
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    He again told the story about secretly wanting nobody else to score music for Daisy. Also mentioned he's hoping to finally find out who her parents are after he sees the first cut.
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    John Williams lounges around in a mansion in pants and a turtleneck even though it's disgustingly hot and muggy, obviously wasting shitloads of electricity to run the air conditioning and only occasionally working on a score. The least he can do is surrender the goddamn recording sessions and sheet music to us schmucks.
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    Usually, this concerts recorded by WCRB are on-demand a few days after the broadcast, at a lower bitrate. On some occasions, just part of the concert is made available on-demand, due to guest artists presence or additional video projection with film audio, but I don't believe will be the case with this one.
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    There's no point in being concerned about the law from a moral point of view when the wonderful opportunity to discover and study such a great deal of brilliant artistry is at stake. Of course, I encourage everyone to support upcoming artists and buy their products, but considering I only really listen to the works of deceased classical composers or wealthy film composers, I don't feel particularly indebted. I don't really download audio, anyway (outside of content that isn't commercially available). I have a Spotify Premium account for that purpose.
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    Michael Giacchino's Zootopia (2016)

    In case anybody's curious, I dug up the ASCAP titles. Bolded indicates a cue we have through the OST (Stage Fight and Three-Toe Bandito are not on this list so likely have different names originally): I'll attempt to put some of the Giacchino ones in order:
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    This place will try to hamper your enthusiasm for everything. Don't let it!
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    It's a pretty good movie.
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    RIP Kenny Baker

    Sad beep.
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    RIP Kenny Baker

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    Yeah, it's good. It's got some great moments, though. And the kids are outstanding.
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    I love it. He added more layers of mystery to it. As others have said, it is reminiscent of the original music for the binary sunset scene.
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    Sure, but I bet you're only saying that because of the SW branding attached. Methinks if this was the trailer for some other sci-fi for some other universe the idly cynical internet would be typing a resoundingly typical "meh". "What's this? Looks like just another generic cgi space movie." Disney only have to do half the work; the perma primed SW nuts do the rest.
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