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    And the award for best John Williams discography database goes to...me, myself and I. Well this is a shocker! I never expected this. I would like to thank myself for presenting me this award and me for coming up with this prestigious prize. Humble thanks to the academy of discographies and film score database sciences (founded by me and me as the single member) for awarding me this honor. I am truly humbled. I truly am.
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    I think it is time we inform the Moderators our ability to distinguish the Han Solo score threads has diminished.
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    Disco Stu

    Lando: A Star Wars Story (TBA/TBA)

    Sigh. Sigh.
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    Lando: A Star Wars Story (TBA/TBA)

    People don't understand The Last Jedi.
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    I'm still annoyed Lando hasn't been acknowledged in the ST so far.
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    Antz by Harry Gregson-Williams & John Powell: Really fun score, with some great themes. I especially love the tracks where both composer go full on referencing and they introduce lovely jazzy moments. It's a nice collaboration but it does not top... Chicken Run by Harry Gregson-Williams & John Powell: This score is fantastic. From start to finish you're engaged. The main theme (clearly referencing Bernstein's The Great Escape) appears through all the score but it never gets old because it's adapted to the different mood of the scene with such an energy and care that it stays with you long after you have finished listen to the album. Probably the best score of all of the Powell's collaborations for an animated movie.
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    I know what the initials are referring to, but every time I read CE3K, I assume it's regarding a Star Wars droid I've never heard of.
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    The height of the Nolan wave. Especially after The Dark Knight, almost everyone I knew into movies said I was "easy to please" for loving Batman Returns. They said the Burton films were dated, overly cartoony, and completely emtpy. My response? "You flush it, I flaunt it."
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    He likes Click, though.
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    There's no such thing. Ignore Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. Those aggregate sites are one of the worst things to happen to movie criticism.
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    Disco Stu

    Lando: A Star Wars Story (TBA/TBA)

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    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    And Nixon reminds me of Imperial March. So there you have it. Imperial March->Crimebuster->Nixon. What an evolution! Memoirs of a Geisha by John Williams: While I enjoy the great 60-minute album it really makes me want to listen to the complete score.
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    The endings of some tracks is what I didn't like either. They finish too grandiose, like they're performing a live concert and the audience will burst into applause at the end. Doesn't work when it's a studio recording for an album.
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    It’s a decent enough album, but I don’t think any of the performances will replace earlier recordings by the Boston Pops or the OSTs as my go-tos. I find the tempos just a touch on the slow side overall. Just a few extra ticks on the metronome for the Raiders March and Superman would give them a great deal more energy. Also, Greenaway’s conducting is a bit over the top with his huge ritardandos at the ends of several tracks, Jurassic Park in particular. For what it is, a nice John Williams sampler, it mostly gets the job done. I wish it was longer like everybody else here, but they probably recorded it in a single day and that’s what they had. (I figure the “packed it full” remark referred to the recording sessions rather than the actual CD. Two three-hour sessions is probably just about right for this.)
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    Saved by kitty litter
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    That's a completely fair assessment - I agree with pretty much everything. I certainly never meant the PR argument to be condescending to those anticipating it. From a purely musical standpoint I'm not complaining for a minute about a new concert piece from Williams.
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    I have just been listening some more to Michael Giacchino's Spiderman: Homecoming. I have heard in a few tracks what sounds a lot like an incidental quote of Georges Bizet's Farandole from L'Arlesienne Suite No. 2. Here is an example, around 1:01-1:15. And here is Farandole. The section I was thinking of was around 0:16-0:33, but the general tune is throughout. Obviously it has no connection and is unintentional, but it stood out to me very much.
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    Steve McQueen

    JW fan starting CD collection

    Oh, yes. Perhaps Close Encounters rather than #3 or #4, though.
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    Disco Stu

    What could be Williams' big "problem"?

    That's a strange way of seeing things.
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    What could be Williams' big "problem"?

    Well, Barbara's death -- as you mention -- and suddenly being a single dad of three teenagers is the "big problem" (if you could call it that) in his life. But there was also the bit in the 80s when his son Mark struggled with some form of abuse issue (either drugs or alcohol, I don't know), or when his daughter Jennifer came out of the closet after having been married for years, in a time when this was more of an issue than it is now. So not issues pertaining to Williams himself, but indirectly I'm sure such personal family things became an issue. Also, when he had an affair with Barbara back when she was still married to Robert Horton. Other than that, he's had a pretty 'clean slate' in his career, which I guess is why he often says his life is not interesting enough for a biography (of which I disagree, of course). But Serge Gainsbourg, he's not!
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    I predict next year's winner....
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