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    And the award for best John Williams discography database goes to...me, myself and I. Well this is a shocker! I never expected this. I would like to thank myself for presenting me this award and me for coming up with this prestigious prize. Humble thanks to the academy of discographies and film score database sciences (founded by me and me as the single member) for awarding me this honor. I am truly humbled. I truly am.
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    I think it is time we inform the Moderators our ability to distinguish the Han Solo score threads has diminished.
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    People don't understand The Last Jedi.
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    I'm still annoyed Lando hasn't been acknowledged in the ST so far.
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    Antz by Harry Gregson-Williams & John Powell: Really fun score, with some great themes. I especially love the tracks where both composer go full on referencing and they introduce lovely jazzy moments. It's a nice collaboration but it does not top... Chicken Run by Harry Gregson-Williams & John Powell: This score is fantastic. From start to finish you're engaged. The main theme (clearly referencing Bernstein's The Great Escape) appears through all the score but it never gets old because it's adapted to the different mood of the scene with such an energy and care that it stays with you long after you have finished listen to the album. Probably the best score of all of the Powell's collaborations for an animated movie.
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    I know what the initials are referring to, but every time I read CE3K, I assume it's regarding a Star Wars droid I've never heard of.
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    The height of the Nolan wave. Especially after The Dark Knight, almost everyone I knew into movies said I was "easy to please" for loving Batman Returns. They said the Burton films were dated, overly cartoony, and completely emtpy. My response? "You flush it, I flaunt it."
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    He likes Click, though.
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    There's no such thing. Ignore Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. Those aggregate sites are one of the worst things to happen to movie criticism.
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    Donald Glover is really having a cultural moment, isn't he? As someone who was a fan since watching Community episode 1 in 2009, it's nice to see.
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    Best Disney Classics and Disney Pixar Scores?

    Crikey! The youth of JWFAN strikes again. I mean, Menken is a great hero of mine, and late 80s and 90s Disney is probably my favourite too, but I'm surprised so few of you acknowledge the previous 60 years of brilliant Disney scores. Of those, I have a particular fondness for "The Five" (SNOW WHITE, PINOCCHIO, DUMBO, BAMBI and FANTASIA [OK, classical music, but still]), as well as LADY AND THE TRAMP, SLEEPING BEAUTY (gobsmackingly beautiful!), THE FOX AND THE HOUND, THE GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE (arguably Mancini's best orchestral score) and THE RESCUERS DOWN UNDER (one of Broughton's alltime best, coinciding time-wise with the Menken revival).
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    Jurassic Shark

    JW fan starting CD collection

    This is all you need: You're just jealous because you don't have the Dracula OST.
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    I think I posted it in the Powell thread. Very confusing having two threads in separate subforums for this score
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    I guess i'd rather have someone new try it than Giacchino,Doyle or Desplat
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    The Illustrious Jerry

    The Jerry Thread

    So it's settled then. I am going to see Solo: A Star Wars Story next Friday. Exciting.
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    I think he was agreeing with what you and Tom said...
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    I think his point is that it is odd that on a JW fan board, there are several people who clearly would have preferred that Williams stayed out of the project altogether and are, thus, disappointment that he did write a couple of themes.
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    Haven't you ever heard of the healing power of laughter?
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    The Illustrious Jerry

    The Jerry Thread

    Who wants a Solo: A Star Wars Story review from Jerry next week?
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    I love the Ken Thorne scores, he did some terrific adaptations of the original JW themes. The dramatic rendition of the Krypton theme for the scene where Clark is trekking north by foot and fails to hitch a ride is fantastic. Also the bit where Supes and Lois fly back to Metropolis and have their last farewell is heartbreaking. RIP Margot Kidder
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    JW fan starting CD collection

    In no particular order: No doubt the last inclusion will be controversial, but it does offer a very broad cross-section of Williams music from a range of films and covers all the highlights, even if a few of the performances are iffy.
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    Indeed. It was where I started off.
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    He looks like he's about to say "Yub Nub".