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    And the award for best John Williams discography database goes to...me, myself and I. Well this is a shocker! I never expected this. I would like to thank myself for presenting me this award and me for coming up with this prestigious prize. Humble thanks to the academy of discographies and film score database sciences (founded by me and me as the single member) for awarding me this honor. I am truly humbled. I truly am.
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    I think it is time we inform the Moderators our ability to distinguish the Han Solo score threads has diminished.
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    Disco Stu

    Lando: A Star Wars Story (TBA/TBA)

    Sigh. Sigh.
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    People don't understand The Last Jedi.
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    I'm still annoyed Lando hasn't been acknowledged in the ST so far.
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    Antz by Harry Gregson-Williams & John Powell: Really fun score, with some great themes. I especially love the tracks where both composer go full on referencing and they introduce lovely jazzy moments. It's a nice collaboration but it does not top... Chicken Run by Harry Gregson-Williams & John Powell: This score is fantastic. From start to finish you're engaged. The main theme (clearly referencing Bernstein's The Great Escape) appears through all the score but it never gets old because it's adapted to the different mood of the scene with such an energy and care that it stays with you long after you have finished listen to the album. Probably the best score of all of the Powell's collaborations for an animated movie.
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    I know what the initials are referring to, but every time I read CE3K, I assume it's regarding a Star Wars droid I've never heard of.
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    The height of the Nolan wave. Especially after The Dark Knight, almost everyone I knew into movies said I was "easy to please" for loving Batman Returns. They said the Burton films were dated, overly cartoony, and completely emtpy. My response? "You flush it, I flaunt it."
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    He likes Click, though.
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    There's no such thing. Ignore Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. Those aggregate sites are one of the worst things to happen to movie criticism.
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    I bet you'll win the 1st JW discography prize (handed out by yourself).
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    The endings of some tracks is what I didn't like either. They finish too grandiose, like they're performing a live concert and the audience will burst into applause at the end. Doesn't work when it's a studio recording for an album.
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    Saved by kitty litter
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    Until the actual threat of the movie kicks in (I turn off when Superman gets the high frequency message), Superman is a beautiful movie. Light-hearted, good-natured, and purely exhilarating in large part due to John Williams' profoundly and genuinely heroic score, it made me finally proud to share a name with the Man of Steel. Batman was the first date, and then Burton stole home base with Batman Returns.
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    The earthquake that tears apart Krypton is dated and somewhat cheesy, but Jonathan Kent's death is beautifully handled by Donner, Unsworth, Williams and the cast. I don't know about "dark" (whatever that means), but it's certainly sombre and poignant. which is more than I can say for anything anything in Burton's Batman.
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    So...who wants to start a JPfan forum with me?
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    Steve McQueen

    JW fan starting CD collection

    Oh, yes. Perhaps Close Encounters rather than #3 or #4, though.
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    What could be Williams' big "problem"?

    Perhaps John Williams' biggest problem is that he hasn't got a problem?
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    Quite a name for one of the most esteemed orchestras in the world.
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    I predict next year's winner....
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    Couldn't have happened to a better John Williams, IMO.
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    Regarding the two Boston Pops albums, none of the arrangements are from John Williams (except for the Home Alone tracks of course). No indication of that on the two LLL Home Alone sets either... About the origins of these carols, I'm not a specialist, it's hard to tell if any of these albums showed some carols or arrangements as "premières"... Of course, some are traditional carols and some are from the 50's and 60's... The arrangements of the christmas carols for the Home Alone soundtracks seems to have been made especially for the soundtracks (and by many arrangers)... but hey, there's nothing very special to say about them, the recordings are great, but the arrangements are pretty "classical"! You can make a great playlist selecting all those christmas carols recorded by John Williams... but that's pretty much all there is to say about these recordings... ;-) Now, whistle the Jaws Theme instead of Christmas Carols... we are still in july!