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    NOTHING taints the original! It's one of the greatest films ever made, full stop. Robert Shaw created one of the most memorable and iconic characters in cinema history. The first time I ever got drunk I recited Quint's speech from Jaws. My only regret is that Spielberg never made his "Indianapolis" sequel. That would have been something.
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    Star Wars Disenchantment

    TPM ***** AOTC ***** ROTS ***** TLJ ************** R1 **!*!*!*!*!! TFA :--( ROTJ $$$$$$$$$$$ SW ???? ESB 💩
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    No, while many would pin Giacchino's Rogue One to have been lackluster, we must admit that his cue titles are always amusing and punny. The other day I considered what a Giacchino track list for Solo might have looked like. Here's what I came up with. 1. Introductions and Han-dshakes (Meet Han) 2. How To Chase a Speeder (Corellia Chase) 3 which was Spaceport I couldn't think of one. 4. Not A Wookiee Mistake (Flying with Chewie) 5 (Train Heist) could easily be Heist to See You but he's used that for Incredibles 6. Not Nesting Around (Marauder Arrive) 7 Chicken in the Pot is already an oddball. 8 Is This Seat Taken? I couldn't come up with one. 9. Falcon at First Sight (L3 and Millenium Falcon) 10. The Lady, the Pilot, and the Wardrobe (Lando's Closet) 11. That's Mine! (Mine Mission) 12. If Ain't Break Out Don't Fix It (Break Out) 13. A Han-dsome Guy (The Good Guy) 14 Reminiscence Therapy is already pretty clever. 15. I Want My MawMaw (Into the Maw) 16. Leaving the Nest (Savareen Stand-Off) 17. The Vos Breaks (Testing Allegiance) 18. Kicked the Beckett (Good Thing You Were Listening) 19. Beating the Cheater (Dice and Roll)
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    Nick Parker

    John Williams: Unpopular Opinions

    Goood, goood, Sev! Let it out, let it alllll out! Let all of that filthy, disgusting, vile, sacrilegious, shit-brained, hare-brained, idiotic, piss poor, insulting, putrid, vomit-inducing, bowel-emptying, reused colostomy bag that you DARE call an opinion OUUUTTTT!!!!!!!!!! What a lovely day for you to share with your family here, Sev. 🙃
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    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    The Amazing Spider-Man by James Horner: Heck this is actually a pretty great superhero score and easily among the strongest Spider-Man scores (I never warmed up to Elfman's Spidey scores). Familiar it might be in style and execution for anyone well enough versed in Horner but the guy had such good dramatic instincts and ability to write engaging lengthy sustained pieces of music for film that these little Hornerisms are easily forgiven.
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    I think it is curious that 2 minutes of Private Ryan gets people to take out their wallets, but 5+ min of Superman doesn’t? Yeah, it’s an odd inclusion - but so what? What is the world - and JWfan!!! - coming to?! Is it because it’s source? MM should’ve put “film version” in brackets at the end of each title, maybe that would’ve helped... ?
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    Currently watching Braveheart

    @TitanicFan2018, its now Tuesday. Have you finished BRAVEHEART, yet? I've heard of "director's cut", but this is ridiculous!
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    Kasey Kockroach

    Star Wars Disenchantment

    But we need stars to help us defeat Bowser and rescue the princess! I want that cake, damn it!
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    Nick Parker

    Venom (2018 Sony movie)

    And then there are the Transformers movies! I don't think it's healthy to swing too far the other way of what you describe: I find the attitude of "This movie is supposed to be _fun_, turn your brain off!" to be potentially just as obnoxious and disheartening. Why the hell should I have shut off my brain to have a good time? There's been plenty of great, lighthearted, kooky, adventurous, goofy, whatever movies over the years that have a certain zest of intelligence or wit to them. There are directors who made their career off of these things! (Joe Dante, Blake Edwards, and to a lesser degree, Steven Spielberg come to mind.) Am I pretentious 'cause I don't like watching movies where Melissa McCarthy and co. act like grown-up dumbass Looney Tunes kids? I don't think the people who see those are necessarily dumb by any stretch, mind. I think some people when watching a movie really do just want to relax the critical part of their brain for a little while...just don't get pissy at a dude or dudette that asks for more.
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    Hurwitz Fan


    Hello! I am James. I love John Williams, Howard Shore, La La Land, classical music, Indiana Jones, and I been visiting this board a bit within the past two years. I decided to finally join.
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    Well, not necessarily a story arc in the Moffat sense. But even the Ecclestone series had Bad Wolf, and after Broadchurch, where every series was just one long story split into several episodes, I will probably be disappointed if the new series doesn't have *some* element to tie it together.
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    Jay, tell publicist to stop fake quoting my posts!
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    Explain Your Avatar

    This was 1984, and those were his moonwalking zapatos!
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    The Illustrious Jerry


    Hello James! Welcome to the forum. You will fit in will judging by your preferences.
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    Explain Your Avatar

    @Quintus's new avatar is amazing!
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    Currently watching Braveheart

    Not long after getting the LLL Braveheart album, I ended up watching the film twice in one week, and it wasn't even spaced out much it was like viewing one was on a Sunday while the second was a Tuesday. I was just so happy to revisit the film, which as I said before has such a stunning Blu-ray release, and getting an even better sense of the music through the LLL release really added to the enjoyment and appreciation of the film. Hard-hitting, tragic, but such a inspirational and hopeful story told by what was clearly a group of people who had a hell of a time. Horner once said Braveheart was the score he was most proud of. It's not hard to see why.
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    The Classical Music Recommendation Thread

    I've been exploring Morricone's non-film music recently. I came across this interesting set of three pieces for children's choir, titled "Il silenzio, il gioco, la memoria" (= Silence, game, memory), based on three texts by the Italian musicologist Sergio Miceli (who was a friend of the great composer and wrote important books and essays on his works). I find the second piece, "Zum Beispiel" (the "game" part) particularly interesting. It starts at 7:18 and ends at 11:25. In the central section of that piece, the 25 boys forming the choir sing the same modal melody, but they must individually delay their entrances (by an amount fixed by the composer), creating a sort of 25-parts canon that achieves a nicely chaotic effect (that mimics the noise of a crowd of children playing and shouting outside, I guess). It's a good example of the kind of experimental (albeit tonal!) writing that Morricone applied to his most unconventional film music as well. Enjoy (the audio file is not great, unfortunately):
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    the mstrox thread

    Autumn called me this morning. Said he was running late. Would arrive in my neck of the woods next week, at the earliest. Capricious fellow.
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    The Composer's Thread

    I liked it! Has some appropriate Englishness. Nice transitions and melodies.
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    Currently watching Braveheart

    I finished the movie already, but I'm probably going to watch it several times over and over. It was a really good film.
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    Currently watching Braveheart

    Wait 'til he tries the Kingdom of Heaven Director's Cut! Which is also fantastic, BTW. Probably the single film ever that has most benefitted from, and been transformed by, a DC.
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    Currently watching Braveheart

    Braveheart is fantastic, the score is fantastic, the battle scenes are fantastic (and some of the best ever put to film), and it all only gets better with age. What Mel Gibson did as a relatively inexperienced director was a marvel. IMO this is a movie that should be taught in film school. Gibson clearly had an incredible commitment and passion for the project, which shows to anyone whose watched some of the behind the scenes docs. Gladiator is excellent as well, but much more polished. And perhaps closer to the spirit of the old style Hollywood epics than Braveheart. I love them both, and I wish Hollywood made more historical epics like these.
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    Star Wars Disenchantment

    I've found rating systems to be increasingly inapplicable. They never truly represent a film.
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    Kasey Kockroach

    Star Wars Disenchantment

    Who cares about stupid stars and pointy arrows!?
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    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    selections from Presumed Innocent by John Williams Solid stuff. Thematically strong. Different from his usual output, which makes it interesting, yet unmistakably in his voice. The Terminal by John Williams Really like this one. Pleasant and engaging. Great clarinet work, of course. Like how it gets kind of sweeping at times, heartfelt, too. I sense John had a rather good time writing this one. Batman: The Mask of the Phantasm by Shirley Walker I really dig this one. I kind of wish it were longer, more fully developed, but the atmospheres Walker created here are quite excellent. Love the main theme, really like the romantic material. Cues have pretty decent structural integrity, too. The most pleasure I've had from a Batman score. selections from The Spirit of St. Louis by Franz Waxman Several years ago, when I was a kid, I watched the whole movie and loved it. A couple of days back I caught the ending on TV, and really was impressed anew with Stewart's performance, the editing, and the glorious score. Listened to the Berlin Radio Symphony recording with narration (hit and miss, that part). Such beautiful writing. Elegant romanticism. Full marks.
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    Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. The ballsy big orchestra version of TAS material. Probably one of the better feature Batman scores out there in all honesty. Karol
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    The Doctor Who Thread.....

    Whitaker does The Doctor with seeming effortless ease, and the new Companions looks promising. This looks shot in anamorphic.
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    Glad to hear it hasn't been forgotten about! I am still looking forward to another one very much. The first one was tremendous fun; most adventure I've ever seen fit into a single film! With some good effects, creative cinematography and John Williams doing his usual great job. What more could there be to wish for?
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    What Do You Still Like About JWfan?

    Maybe BloodBowl is Mattress and this is his biggest joke.
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    Star Wars Disenchantment

    Can you change the title of this thread for "Life Disenchantment". Mercy.
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    What Are You Eating Tonight?

    Mediums rare or bust.
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    Disco Stu

    The NINTENDO Thread

    Played Super Mario Party with my wife and eldest child last night. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up, fine holiday fun. Haven't played a Mario Party in 10 years and this seemed like the perfect game and time to jump back in. The mini games were great, my daughter loved it all.
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    That's cool. It'll be nice to have official slates and cue titles.
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    Not Mr. Big

    Currently watching Braveheart

    Here's to 47 more!
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    HOT TAKE: I have no opinion
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    Original meme by Jerry, his former illustriousness. Circa 2018.
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    It's always good to have another JW release, but is there really much unreleased music at all?
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    I like Psycho II. It's a cool score. Psycho is one of the most brilliant, fascinating scores in film history.
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    Kasey Kockroach

    STAR WARS general thread

    Yeah, I figured I probably missed that, but still, in comparison, Rogue One still gets brought up a lot with the whole WORST STAR WARS SCORE EVER nonsense (even if that's technically correct). Whereas I never really see his Star Trek stuff get brought up in WORST STAR TREK SCORE EVER rants. It's probably just me though, as I'd think having to follow up Goldsmith would be infinitely more terrifying than following up Williams.
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    Oh snap, was that the Force wave from Han there?!!!!??!! Han Solo Force ghost for Episode IX confirmed.
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    It's pretty much the only prequel movie that has scenes you sort of feel make sense (story wise, entertainment wise, and cinematically). Order 66, Obi Wan vs Anakin are both things that went right with the movie I guess, so it made it superior to its predecessors ( at least the prequels). That's why I like it. It felt like they were the closest in the entire trilogy to making a movie we wanted to see. Ideally, ROTS should have been the type of movie to come first in the prequel trilogy, with the divided Jedi and the developing Empire taking the rest. That way there wouldn't be such a gap in their that they are now trying to fill.
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    He still has the drive but has now (in his film scores) regressed to producing loving homages to his own house style since the remarkable renovations in between 1995 and 2005. I blame a dearth of challenging projects (Tintin? Lincoln? War Horse? TFA?)
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    All of the best Ewok Theme statements are in Return of the Jedi.
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