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    Hey guys, Just found this this little gem of John playing the Luke and Leia theme after what sounds like an interview in the 80s. Not sure if it’s been posted before but if not then I hope you enjoy
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    It was really lovely. Seeing Williams speak and conduct his music was a wonderful thing. Made me feel quite emotional. He appeared at the very start of the evening to introduce the concert. It was quite obvious he's going to conduct the SW section (plus Yoda's Theme and The Imperial March encores) when David Newman mentioned there might be a "surprise" at the end. Other thoughts: Absolutely loved The Cowboys and Jane Eyre segments. Galaxy's Edge was good to hear but the piece itself doesn't convince me one bit. It was nice to see three segments conducted to film. The E.T. was the opening sequence as indicated on the programme. SPR was the opening cue followed by the shortened Hymn to the Fallen and JP had the dinosaur reveal scene with chorus followed by the fanfare. Amistad was played faster than usual. I really enjoyed it. The Williams conducted segment: The Adventures of Han was played bit slower than the soundtrack recording. It's a really fun piece. Luke and Leia was the shortened version. After that, he spoke about having completed 100 minutes of the new score and having to go back to his "other job" the next day and write another 40 minutes due to film changes. And that it is a lot of music. He said he was assured by Disney this is the "last film" and then added it will be the last one he does. Whether he was being serious is anybody's guess. Then he conducted the Main Title and the two encores. Again, it was a thrilling and emotional thing to witness. I really enjoyed Tanglewood. I'm also glad me and Marian arrived early to wander about a bit. You can understand why he keeps coming back to this place - it's very relaxing. Quite a lot of people arrived later on so it lost its peaceful vibe to the big summer concert excitement. I'm glad we decided to go, especially after what happened last year in London. While only small segment was conducted by Williams himself it was still more than worth all the money. You can tell he's quite old now especially when he walks but, oddly, that goes away as he starts to conduct. It's like doing that gives him new energy. It made me think of that Yoda duel scene in AOTC actually. 😄 Karol
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    https://vimeo.com/246818846 I don't think I've seen this video posted here yet. There's some fascinating insight into JW's work process.
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    To my knowledge, no, he hasn't been forthright in coming out and verbally saying he was bothered by them. However, given that he was spotted wandering the grounds at Tanglewood prior to the most recent concert dressed as pictured below, I think we can make an educated guess as to where he stands on things.
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    And someone tried to pass off the music from Rogue One as Star Wars music.
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    No. Not that we know at least. Except on the harp, but she usually wasn't included in official group photos of the orchestra. Anyway, I've finally found some time to start going through my photos. Here are some shots from Tanglewood. Excuse the blurry Williams shots, the Shed was a bit dark for my travel zoom lens. Tanglewood looks rather like Hogwarts... The Koussevitzky bust commissioned by Williams. John Williams in his natural habitat. A dendrophile's dream. People queuing for lawn seats. The Koussevitzky shed a few hours... ...and one hour before the concert.
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    No no this needs to end where it all began. A Trade Federation ship, some Neimoidians, and a perfectly legal blockade situation.
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    Next Sunday morning, September 22, CBS Sunday Morning news has a news segment about John Williams. Not sure if it will include new interview, they just had a preview saying “next week...To the stars…with composer John Williams” as he conducted Star Wars.
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    I was fortunate to arrange for Ms. Mutter to be on the IndyCast Magic of John Williams specials that I co-host. The show went live this morning. http://theindycast.com/the-magic-of-john-williams-45-anne-sophie-mutter/ During our interview (which is the first 35 mins of the special), we briefly talked about Marion’s theme - although she gave nothing away about encore that happened at the concert. (Our interview as on Wednesday, 11 September.) I do not think, though, based on her chat that this Raiders March was a specific Williams arrangement. I think she might have been more specific about that, and in listening to it, I feel she was just playing on top. I will see if I can find out more. She also hinted strongly about a possible violin concerto. She was a charming person to speak to, and she loves this music as has been evident in the album, at Tanglewood and on the Saturday Munich concert.
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    It will reveal all kinds of new information and stories we didn't already know, like "we need a better composer -- I know, but they're all dead" and that nobody expected the first STAR WARS film to be a success. So better brace yourselves!
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    My pleasure, guys. Btw, I just learned that the Munich concert on September 14 will be also broadcasted live on German tv channel 3sat: https://www.3sat.de/programm?airtimeDate=2019-09-14 And here's a lovely behind-the-scenes featurette:
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    Here's a shot from the impromptu meet-up at Film Night on Saturday evening at Tanglewood.
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    As a violinist that haven't practiced in a few years, this was a dream album for me. Hearing Anne-Sophie Mutter gracefully and skillfully play some of these themes in Paganini style makes me very happy and motivated. A true union of classical virtuoso violin and contemporary orchestral styles. For me, I enjoyed "Night Journeys" the most because of how concert-like it sounded. The main theme was already very concert-like among John's movie themes. Combine that theme with Mutter's cadenzas and it sounded like a movement from a violin concerto in the classical repertoire. But later in the piece, it always switches back to the familiar sweeping Hollywood romantic strings as if to remind you that no matter how concert-like it sounded, it was born from a movie cue. It's just pure brilliance to me. Other stand out tracks for me was "Hedwig's Theme", which clearly wanted show off Mutter's virtuosity as much as possible. Mutter's version of "Theme from Schindler's List" was taken at a slower tempo than I prefer, but still incredibly well played. It does not top Itzhak Perlman's faster version in "Cinema Serenade" or the slower version on the OST. Finally, the title track "Across the Stars" and "Rey's Theme" are likely the most well arranged pieces with great balance between flashiness and beauty. But honestly, I can say that for almost every piece in this album. I just love it so much. Shout out to the "Luke and Leia" and "Yoda's Theme" arrangements, which are both top tier beautiful Star Wars themes. Can't wait to hear the deluxe version. Rating: 5/5
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    I'm just over the moon with this album. Even the older pieces (Schindler, Sabrina) sound superb. As much as I love Perlman playing and the two Cinema Serenade discs, this is just a dream of a CD.
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    The full quote from Williams: Well, there you have it. JW proclaims TROS is his final Star Wars score, that JJ is back to his usual routine of constant edit changes, and 100 minutes of score is already laid down (there's no way he recorded that much music before heading to Tanglewood in June; he must have made several trips back to California to record more of the score during July and August). 40 more minutes of score in the next month, then October/November for inserts (it's inevitable... it is his destiny). On a side note, that was a ripping performance of the Main Title by the Boston Pops, much better than the existing TFA recording. Please update it for TROS, Johnny!
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    A small update from d23 at the Galaxy's Edge music panel:
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    Dimitri Shostakovich and Benjamin Britten.
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    Oddly, I didn't see this official clip being posted anywhere in this thread... And yes, SPR was a highlight of the evening. Karol
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    This is a miraculous album. Imagine being able to craft such imaginative, vital and energetic new takes on this music at 87! There's incredible flair and elegance on display here, but also deep thought -and a simply stunning (and daring) command of how to pit a violinist against an orchestra. What a marvelous, generous gift.
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    I detected some small intonation issues here and there, it seems ASM sometimes struggles with that. From what I've been told, recording sessions ran longer than originally planned so that she could master all the pieces the way she wanted and also asked for many many takes. Perhaps she expected easier pieces, who knows. I'll write a brief article for The Legacy of John Williams soon about this recording (I'm waiting for the deluxe version to come out), but for the time being I can say this is exactly what I expected and I'm enjoying it immensely. Yes, these kind of film score/classical crossover ventures can quickly turn into snobbery acts toward the film repertoire (as if JW music needs an international classical soloists to be considered as good as classical music), but imho this is not the case. It just seems a project born from the desire of a classical superstar to have pieces written especially for her, with the composer initially agreeing with some reluctance, but then progressively having more and more fun with it. Some pieces work better than others, but overall it's a truly lovely listening.
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    The reason @mrbellamy's GIF is a classic and hilarious is because of how incongruous it is with Williams' words and behavior. It wouldn't be funny if there was even a whiff of actual inappropriateness! Let's bask in the glory. BASK!
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    His comments have always struck me as either grandfatherly or a bit tongue-in-cheek. Not creepy at all. I'm sure they don't even interact much. Ridley was an instant star in TFA, her charisma was positively electric. Of course she was inspiring for him as a composer who needs to respond to the characters musically.
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    Sarah Willis ( famous horn player from the Berlin Phiharmonic ) was amongst the horn section on the 24th ! And she got to interview JW
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    Literally the first response in the comments section: A-fucking-men.
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    Awesome, thanks for posting!!! Left to right: @Tanglehead, me, @Foxfan, @Marian Schedenig, @crocodile This was taken just inside the main gates. After it was taken, @Tanglehead went to his seat and the 4 remaining enjoyed beer and wine together before the show started!
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    STAR WARS Custom Covers thread

    Fixed And added Empire and Jedi as well:
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    Williams wrote a new theme for Luke (to reflect his change in circumstances), two new themes for both new main characters, multiple action motifs for the Resistance, four completely unique source pieces (after sitting them out entirely for TFA), even something as obscure as a motif for one of the new planets. And people are still whining about Williams being 'past his prime'? Get stuffed. People either have absurdly large expectations about what Williams should deliver in the 8th score for a series of films based entirely on the principal of leitmotivic writing, or are completely ignorant about the subject at hand. Short of binning all existing themes and writing new ones for every character, Williams delivered exactly the score that film required -- and did a sensational job in the process.
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    It was Mike Matessino who replied to you explaining how the process works. I copy/paste here because it's definitely interesting stuff to share:
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    Doug Adams

    Question about the Nazgul music

    The Music of the Hobbit Films was finished over four years ago. I have publisher's block.
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    I really appreciate all these new arrangements and how much Williams put thought, energy and creativity into them to bring out the violin's voice in each of these works.. These new variations allow you to hear these well-known pieces in something of a different light and perspective and in fresh ways you have never heard them before which can be an ear-opener as well as a showpiece for a first rate violinist. To me it sounds like Williams was also having such fun with the music, there is a lot of musical playfulness at display, especially in the pieces like the Duel from Tintin or The Donnybrook Fair from Far and Away or even Hedwig's Theme.
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    Search your feelings, @Arpy. You will know it to be true. I did once do a three-act plot diagram of Star Wars: I also did ones for The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. It was an interesting experiment, and made for a nice comparison. Star Wars is perhaps the most wonky of the three series in terms of its overall construction. It takes a long time for the central conflict to present itself, and its followed too closely by the major upheaval in the course of the conflict. But the overall framework is recognisable. As you can see, the sequel trilogy - as it stands - is entirely extraneous.
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    I was waiting until I'd listened to the whole album a few times to offer my thoughts - here they are... This is an incredible album. I'll admit that on first (even second) listen I was a bit disappointed - Williams' quasi-concert piece style cadenzas, etc. in the arrangements were a bit less "accessible" (to me) than his full-orchestra film cues. Yet as I listened a few more times, I started to appreciate the album more and more, until I can now say I thoroughly enjoy it from start to finish. The frantic interplay between Mutter and the orchestra in "Donnybrook Fair" and "The Duel" is tremendous fun. "Sayuri's Theme," meanwhile, contains this lovely passage (until 2:50) which I'm fairly certain is new: Reminds me of Yoko Kanno's Onna Joshu Naotora, which was itself a score clearly influenced by JW. I also adore the extensions of "Hedwig's Theme" as compared to the cut single version, particularly this bit concluding on the triumphant, expectant chord: "Sabrina" is of course gorgeous, although seemingly the same arrangement as Perlman. I will say I vastly prefer the Mutter recording of the climactic lead-in to Perlman's, though! .... With respect to "Rey's Theme," I have probably already mentioned this, but the new arrangement really revitalized the piece for me (it had become a bit stale), particularly this passage (until 1:35): Superb contrapuntal writing - I like this version even better than the original TFA soundtrack one. "Night Journeys" and "Luke and Leia" really soar in their latter halves, but I also really like this quiet moment from the second of those two pieces: Additionally, "Nice to Be Around" was a piece I hadn't heard before, but it's just sublime, particularly this passage (until 2:10):
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    Rose’s Theme

    Isla Luka
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    JW playing Luke & Leia on Piano

    This makes me wonder - how incredible would an album of just Williams, his themes, and a piano be? Just him playing his themes alone as he hears them in his head. Nothing fancy, but these iconic themes being played by the man himself. That would be an incredible album. He could record it in a day!
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    For the curious 0:00 - 0:10: Pregnant sustained G 0:10 - 0:37: Slow, stripped down Yoda's Theme on Fr. Horn in C lyd 0:37 - 1:12: Non-thematic section, vaguely reminiscent of Yoda and Force themes. Based Cm<=>DM progression, setting up V of G-minor 1:13 - 1:30: 3-fold repetition of Rey's theme's last phrase in G-min (circling around its dominant) 1:30 - 1:39: Climactic, sustained D maj (V/G) chord 1:39 - 1:49: No music, lots of suggestive sound effects that someone else should dig into. 1:49 - 2:00: Loud, densely scored partial statement of Force Theme in G-min, Gm-EbM progression 2:10 - end: Quiet statement of Rey's Chimes in G-min 0% chance this is Williams, beyond use of his themes.
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    No need to be so hard on yourself. Perk up!
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    STAR WARS Custom Covers thread

    I did one using the original poster, with a borrowed design from heidl.
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    ...or renounce his attirement. No more turtlenecks!
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    Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize I had accidentally stumbled into a Star Trek thread. I'll be on my way then...
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    The Official Intrada Thread

    Gosh I hope Willow is in the works, and coming soon!
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    Trent B

    FILM: The Last Jedi (2017)

    Too many people stuck in the past and still bitching about this film even 2 years later which is sad. I mean seriously it's just a movie people. Also for those that hate (or dislike) this movie and expect everyone else to (and even insult others who don't comply) well to me you stopped being a "fan" when you insist on that. For those who also say "this film ruined my childhood!" oh my lord grow the fuck up you're supposed to be adults it's just a damn movie. It's just so sad to see so many "fans" bitching about this movie to this day even as far as going after the actors / actresses and harassing them. That is NOT cool at all and another reason to me that you're no longer a "fan" when you do that. By the way I for one enjoyed both the film and the score.
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    Just wait until you get to the finale with all the DotF concert piece bits replacing all actual other, better, intended recordings of it. Thor, why the hell do you feel the need to stick your nose into matters you know and say you have no idea about and will never actually care about?
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    Boy, what a fun night in western Massachusetts I had Saturday night! I arrived, bought my lawn ticket for a mere $23, walked through the gate and immediately saw @crocodile and @Marian Schedenig waiting on the other side! They introduced me to @Tanglehead who had posted those videos from Williams' appearance conducting at Tanglewood last month, and then @Foxfan came over as well. @Tanglehead was smart enough to grab a selfie of us (I always forget to do that) before he headed to his seats and the 4 of us grabbed a beer at the beer tent nearby. We discussed travel, accents, Karol and Marian's first trip to the US, and how it was clear why JW loved being out here so much before we quickly had to find out seats as the concert was starting. I grabbed a spot on the lawn and sat down to enjoy the first half! I didn't know what a night "hosted" by Williams meant, but we found out right that it started with him coming out to start the show and talk for a bit. I really enjoyed this because he ended up talking for a longer period of time than I've ever heard him do before! I cannot remember now everything he talked about, but with the concert being streamed online and on the radio hopefully someone posts a transcript. I remember him talking about how he had been coming to Tanglewood for almost 40 years, and that the venue had been there for 80, but he was "just a bit" older than that or something along those lines. He also talked about the importance of performing film music in concerts and how this orchestra has always done so well with that, and ended by talking a bit about the legacy of the Newman family and how Alfred Newman had more Oscars than he did, and introduced David Newman. David came out and started the first piece right away! WHITING/arr. WILLIAMS Hooray for Hollywood This was played to a video montage of classic Hollywood moments. I've heard this arrangement live, set to either this same or a very similar montage more than once before, but it's always a nice way to start any film-focused concert. Very fun! WILLIAMS “The Cowboys” Overture Oooh boy I liked this quite a bit! I never had the old 90s Varese CD and still have not seen the film, so my first exposure was hearing this Overture in Boston once before, which I really enjoyed at the time. Since we got the terrific Matessino production of the complete score and I came to REALLY enjoy the entire score and it's bevy of themes. Hearing this Overture again knowing what all the themes are, and hearing all the unique aspects to it that aren't in the original score anywhere, was a real treat. This was shown to a montage of Western movies that I believe I had seen before. At this point David Newman took the microphone and mentioned how that was from The Cowboys and that it was notable for being "the only film where John Wayne is shot by a good guy" which seemed like a bit of an odd (and spoiler-y) tidbit to mention. He then indicated next would be two pieces from Jane Eyre, which he said like The Cowboys from from John's "early" period, before Jaws, and that they would be followed by a selection from Raiders of the Lost Ark from 1980. WILLIAMS Two selections from “Jane Eyre”: Reunion—To Thornfield I hate to say it but over the years I've just never been able to get into this score and this performance did nothing to change my opinion. Maybe some day! WILLIAMS Marion’s Theme from “Raiders of the Lost Ark” This was the wonderful arrangement from 2008, set to the same montage of Hollywood's classic heroines that I've seen in concert many times. No matter how many times I hear it, I still love this arrangement of the theme! David then took the microphone again to talk a bit about his father and his family's relationship with John Williams. Celebrating Alfred Newman NEWMAN 20th Century Fox Fanfare NEWMAN Theme from “How the West Was Won” RODGERS The Carousel Waltz (film orchestration supervised by Alfred Newman) The 20th Century Fox Fanfare was a blast to hear live! When I saw Star Wars live to projection they played it there too, but I can't remember if that had the CinemaScope extension or not, which this one did. Very cool! I am not familiar with much of Alfred Newman's work, but I really enjoyed the How The West Was Won piece! At this point the intermission arrived and I went to find Karol and Marian, but someone ended up not being able to find them. As the second half of the show began, I was able to snag a seat in the shed so was able to enjoy the second half from a proper chair!
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    JW playing Luke & Leia on Piano

    Across the Forest: Love Theme for Ewoks I love that most JW themes, when distilled down to a simple piano arrangement, sound like they could be jazz standards. Great stuff.
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    For the SW and IJ scores with the money of Disney behind them, Mike would be able to do whatever he wants and not have to worry about the things he has to when making a product funding by a boutique label with limited budget. And also for these scores the same entity owns the film music and the mechanical rights so that issue doesn't exist either
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