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  1. I don’t know if it was Williams’ decision to incorporate it into the score or whether it was an editorial decision, but now that the cat is out of the bag, I wonder if in retrospect it meant more than what we initially thought... What do you think?
  2. I never got the issues with Babel. Songs like Below My Feet, Ghosts That We Knew or the title track are awesome and the album feels pretty coherent. Oh yeah, and it was a minor critical success as well and won the Grammy for Album of the Year. A little more love perhaps? 😉
  3. I was born in the year of Jaws, discovered Star Wars at the age of 5, just after the release of ESB I guess. Saw ROTJ when it came out on the big screen when I was 8 years old. Star Wars -and the music of John Williams- has always been part of my life and it will be until the day I die.
  4. Currently into Mumford & Sons. Their latest album Delta is great imo. The last 2 minutes of The Wild are really cinematic and epic, so anyone willing to listen to the whole 5 minute+ song won't be disappointed I think.
  5. At first I found it very similar to Agnes Of God, but after having listened to both pieces occasionally for a couple of years now, I find that The Face Of Pan clearly has its own, unique melodic core and its own story to tell. Influenced? Of course. Copy? No.
  6. It’s certainly a masterpiece, even if it doesn’t reach the heights of what many consider ‘the true John Williams’ classics’. I find War Horse so well infused with melody and themes, all of which get a moment to shine in The Homecoming, one of Williams’ finest suites. It’s a top 15 score for me and my favorite since the first Harry Potter.
  7. The song is great and so was the film actually.
  8. 1. The Throne Room and Finale from Star Wars 2. Adventures On Earth from E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial 3. Journey To The Island from Jurassic Park 4. The Rebel Fleet And Finale from The Empire Strikes Back 5. Raiders Of The Lost Ark from Raiders Of The Lost Ark 6. Theme from Schindler’s List 7. Resolution And Finale from Close Encouters Of The Third Kind 8. Theme from Jaws 9. Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone 10. Prelude And Superman Theme from Superman The Movie
  9. The Football Game from Sleepers 1960’s - The Turbulant Years from Nixon No Man’s Land from War Horse
  10. This video explains quite a bit about newsgroups!
  11. Ok, you seriously suggest I should KILL MYSELF, just because I put the word 'easily' in your mouth? I hope you don't have to deal with many people in the actual world... You start your post with 'Why on earth..', which suggests that it is completely strange and absurd that a film like SPR is rated R. Me reading that as you feeling the film could 'easily' have been rated PG-13 is not that farfetched in my opinion. The violence in SPR is extremely visual and explicit. Gruesome even, even by today's standards. Of course the film has a historical context and the documentary feel of it is something that should be applauded. This is Spielberg at the top of his game. But just because it's realistic and based on a real event, doesn't mean it is suitable for younger audiences. I'm sure there are many kids below 17 that can take a film like SPR and put the violence into the right perspective, but I'm equally sure there are many who would be scarred by the experience. 'Why on earth' would apply to films like Pocahontas or Home Alone. If those films were rated R than a question starting with such a strong notion would be completely valid. In the case of SPR it is simply not. In my mind it is definitely not an easy PG-13 film and I can understand the rating the MPAA applied to the film in the end.
  12. SPR ‘easily’ PG-13? Did you ever see it?
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