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  1. Enjoy the evening all of you! Hope you’ll have a great time!
  2. Nah, don’t be my friend. It was a great experience, but in the end it’s his music that gets me through tough stages in my life. This Euro JWFan gathering sounds kinda cool though and I would love to have been part of it... Are you going?
  3. Uhm, I’m kinda jealous that you guys get to talk about all this preparation stuff for a concert I cannot attend so yeah, can somebody please close this topic?
  4. Sandor

    I’m offering a reward of 1 MILLION!

    I prefer it as well! I adore the scope of the piece!
  5. To anyone who can find a video of the only known live performance of the Williams’ piece commonly referred to as ‘Satellite Celebration’, conducted by Seiji Ozawa during the New Year’s Day broadcast recording from Tokyo. It’s one of my favorite Williams’ compositions and I’ve been living with that one crappy sounding bootleg recording for too long now. I would at least love to see how it was performed live, with its various locations, soloists and all. Somebody (a LEGEND) found the Michael Dukakis fanfare a couple of years back buried deep within the video archives of the internet... ...How about this one?
  6. For me, this is the score I’ve always wanted to see get the La La Land treatment, if only for the packaging. Greatly looking forward to this!
  7. I’ve always felt SL broke from that more as a whole, reminding me of a European type score in the vain of Piovani, Karaindrou or even Morricone, which tend to be a bit on the sentimental side as well. I don’t hear much ‘Hollywood’ in it...
  8. I have a friend who thinks the world is a pretty crappy place. Child abuse, torture, war, terrorism, greed, starvation and such are all proof to him that humans are a deplorable race, destroying the planet at every turn. It is not always fun to talk to my friend about life. Because I believe the world is foremost a beautiful place. I think of all the various kinds of animals, mountains, the ocean, good hearted people, art, architecture, and it instills so much joy in me. My friend and I don’t always agree on the state of the planet and mankind. Is any of us right? Yes: we are BOTH right. It is truly a matter of perspection. I’m just very happy with my more positive and optimistic view on things, because to be honest: my friend’s way of thinking is pretty depressive. When it comes to Schindler’s List -both film and score- guys like publicist or TGP are not wrong. They just look at it from a more bleak and apathetic perspective. I tend to look at the film -and especially the score- from a much more positive angle and I see beauty, profundity and inspiration. I think it’s been a great succes story for both Spielberg and Williams, a defining moment in both their careers. Call me a fanboy, naive, a dreamer, I really don’t care. I think I’m better off this way.
  9. Although I’ve warmed up to The Book Thief these past few years, Schindler’s List is one of Williams’ very best scores and the primary theme is one of the most performed and most recorded pieces of film music in history. The score is a classic: powerful, beautiful and haunting.