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  1. 1. Main Theme/Luke’s Theme 2. The Force Theme/Ben’s Theme 3. The Imperial March/Darth Vader’s Theme 4. The Rebel Fanfare 5. Rey’s Theme 6. Across The Stars/Love Theme 7. Duel Of The Fates 8. Han Solo And The Princess 9. Princess Leia’s Theme 10. Battle Of The Heroes
  2. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    Really? Vader is the one who killed Luke’s father, was Obi Wan’s pupil and survives the Battle of Yavin. He was clearly meant for more than just being ‘the chief stormtrooper’.
  3. Sadly can't make it... Gonna be painful....
  4. I've listened to this piece of music many times since it went online and I must honestly say it's absolutely brilliant. Williams adds layers and emotions to the theme that are profound and gut-wrenching. The melodic development of the theme seems so natural -like it was meant to be there from the start- yet it sounds surprisingly fresh as well. This is the kind of arrangement that makes me love John Williams.
  5. I see this arrangement as such a surprising gift. It’s not like anyone was looking forward to it, simply because nobody knew it was coming. Williams is well over 80 years old. He doesn’t have to write these things, but he keeps doing it. Disappointing is really not the appropriate word to use I feel.
  6. How many people here consider themselves JW completists?

    I'm a completist, but there are missing CD's from my collection, like the Superman FSM box. I have them on my wishlist though.
  7. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    I’d like to believe both Star Wars and The Lord Of The Rings represent the very best in multifilm scoring. I like both series for different -and a lot of the same- reasons. Star Wars has the stronger themes and more complex orchestrations, The Lord Of The Rings is emotionally speaking more solid and has a sense of unity unlike anything out there. Is it possible to just like both without the need to debate which is better?
  8. Is the music where Rey trains with the lightsaber on the FYC album..?
  9. I'm almost 43 now. My excitement level for a new score hasn't changed a bit since I became a fan. Even if the score doesn't click with me, I can easily put the focus on his entire oeuvre and scores like E.T., The Empire Strikes Back, Schindler's List or The Prisoner Of Azkaban always win me over.
  10. Yes, but that doesn't mean either The Last Jedi or The Post are disappointing or anything like that. I think his 2017 output -including his concert work- is outstanding and The Last Jedi clearly has the most complex and profound orchestrations, and is probably the music I will return to the most.
  11. The Two Towers wasn't nominated, allegedly for its use of pre-existing material in line with a new rule the Academy applied at that time to sequel scores, although the Academy later stated The Two Towers was in fact eligible, but no one took that claim serious. One year later The Return Of The King was nominated however and won. The Academy can change their approach to sequel scores at any time and it isn't a new thing.
  12. I read somewhere that perhaps Williams was asked to rely a lot on previous themes to keep the film -which is quite different from other SW films- rooted in the franchise. Makes sense.
  13. I've been on this board as long as anyone here and I clearly remember the initial reaction to every single Star Wars released post-ROTJ has been quite lukewarm. AOTC and ROTS were classified as 'mediocre' works and even TPM got its share of harsh criticism. In 10 years, everybody will find it brilliant. I'm not saying The Last Jedi is my favorite Star Wars score of all time, but there is a lot of beauty and power in there. Those last 4 tracks alone! I think the Sequel Trilogy -taken as one body of work- with Rey's Theme, Kylo Ren's Theme, March Of The Resistance and now Rose's Theme is turning out to be a great and unique work. I just really hope Williams will be able to complete his epic 9 film magnum opus with Episode IX.
  14. And do you know if they put information in Danish on the CD’s..? Or just English..?