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  1. It's perfectly watchable, something i can't say for recent Marvel or DC movies.
  2. Yavar, relax, we're not writing a thesis on this shit. And i once saw 'The Chairman' and there sure wasn't a significant amount of music left off (certainly not showstoppers like 'Fire Fight').
  3. An actor which i loved for his deadpan depiction of mayhem erupting during the making of 'Island of Dr. Moreau', one of those rare big-budget movies that have to be seen to be believed. Like 'Jaws 4', actually.
  4. Geez, leave 'Hour of the Gun' alone, it's a perfectly well-written score that doesn't need any more exposure after the re-recording. 'The Chairman' is great, but there just wasn't much more in that movie, either, so i hold out for 'Shot in the Dark' or 'HT'.
  5. That's where all the brownie point collecting began: look at my unsubtle Nazi allegories! But seriously, they got that stuff right in the one before that awful final movie.
  6. Glen... Yates's Potter films are not near as bad as internet geeks claim, but they also don't take many chances (the penultimate one is the best one by far). The achromatic look fits the stories - and besides Cuaron, the rest certainly wasn't any better.
  7. It was far from offensive, just one of the movies felt awfully wannabe - the huge 'Jaws 2' billboard really was the only thing i remember (and the actress/daughter was pretty good).
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