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  1. Morn

    James Horner 1953-2015

    This is terrible.
  2. Morn

    Williams Concerti

    Has to be the horn concerto and the beautiful Nocturne.
  3. Morn

    R.I.P. Roger Ebert

    This is depressing, he fought so hard.
  4. Morn

    Google Nose!

  5. Go Patton! It's a masterpiece.
  6. Morn

    RIP Joel Goldsmith

    No. He did such a good job on SG1.
  7. Morn

    It's Summer in Winter

    What are you guys talking about? It is summer.
  8. Morn

    The Sexual Orientation Thread

    Makes no difference to me, male, female. As long as you're hot.
  9. Morn

    The Sexual Orientation Thread

    Bi-sexual (male/femalemale/male/female/female) ^^ Is this bisexuality or polygamy?
  10. Like you've never posted on a JWFAN thread from a train or a cinema!
  11. Morn

    John Williams and Implicit Lyrics

    If you listen to the alternate takes on the Star Wars main title in the Binary Sunset (Alternate) track, earlier versions began the main title without a single chord, but two notes that clearly sound like the verbal phrasing of 'Star Wars'.
  12. Morn

    News: J.K. Rowling to write a new book

    Tell me when we have a score.
  13. Morn

    John Williams and Implicit Lyrics

    Yes I've noticed this. Also many of Williams 60s scores include a main title song, so it's probably a habit of his that comes from this.