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  1. I like her informal 'chat' style (which is something I strive for in my own interviews), but she could have been more insightful/detailed for us film score nerds. There wasn't much new information here we didn't already know. And I could be without the hundred variations of the STAR WARS theme.
  2. The idea of a Velazquez score is tantalizing indeed (if he could steer away from the "RC tropes" he'd done lately, and return to his more musical roots), but alas there's no way we will know now.
  3. You mean you're not aware of all the spin-off films and tv shows, coffee mugs, t-shirts and action figures?
  4. Williams filmography in Bluray - a list

    That's great. One of my favourite movies JW has scored. We've had to suffice with a crummy-looking DVD so far, which is basically a scandal. I'm hoping they've restored it properly, so Zsigmond's awesome cinematography shines like it's supposed to.
  5. First Born! Pretty cool that ol' Jerry keeps on drumming, though. He's around 80. Then again, isn't Emil Richards still going strong at 85?
  6. JANE EYRE, without question (the first two are JURASSIC PARK and RETURN OF THE JEDI, so franchise scores).
  7. John is actually the oldest of the siblings, but Jerry is the second-oldest.
  8. Yeah. I've been trying to google around for the info, but haven't found anything. I ask because I'm hosting a quiz in a couple of weeks, and I want to play something from the year's films and tv series. It would be embarassing if I played a track from WINDSWEPT that wasn't included in the series (the title track "Windswept" is too obvious). Then again, the whole album sounds like TWIN PEAKS, so they'd probably catch it anyway.
  9. Hello from Norway

    Hey, I missed this the first time around! YET another Norwegian! We're invading this place, viking-style. A late welcome, Johannes. We've previously talked on mail, as you might remember.
  10. Wasn't "Motel" included, for example? I have this weird feeling it was.
  11. Your favorite John Williams pictures

    I don't recognize the two girls. They don't resemble anyone in Williams' family that I've seen.
  12. Which tracks on Johnny Jewel's (wonderful) WINDSWEPT album actually features in TWIN PEAKS? Does anyone have a full run-down?
  13. That is correct. Not "a bunch of stuff", but some.
  14. John Williams Fan Art

    Very cool!
  15. Hi from Norway

    Hei Jostein -- velkommen (about time you became a member here)!