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  1. Hollywood in Vienna posted this on Facebook today: As we suspected, this has GOT to be Williams, right? Timeframe is right and everything? 🎶
  2. I have zero interest in any SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE release. I'm pleased with my ol' Warner Bros. CD. would be great if they released some of the sequel scores separately, especially IV.
  3. Same here. I make annual "BEST OF" episodes, but I've always been uncomfortable with using the word 'awards', since it connotes a physical award and a ceremony. This goes for most review sites. None of them are actually awards; they're just 'best of' lists.
  4. Yeah, I'm a bit dense, but I understand it now. I just thought these third party sellers were also able to sell "fake" tickets for people/seats that have regular, normal tickets (and have not resold).
  5. The category is too wide for me, and so too much to choose from. I would need more specific parameters (particular music genres etc.). But I'll think about it.
  6. OK, I think I understand. Someone like me won't be affected by this, then, since I have original tickets? Nobody could sell my seat?
  7. What? That doesn't make sense either. "Shared it" with someone else? One person buys an original ticket from the RAH. A second person buys a false ticket from a third party seller. The documents are shown to the usher, and the person with the original ticket info from RAH gets the seats. No more complicated than that.
  8. I understood that, but if he's bought a ticket to a seat that is already reserved by someone who bought it from RAH initially, it doesn't matter how early you show up. When the person with the 'legitimate' tickets show up, you'll have to vacate your seats. But hopefully, his ticket is a legitimate one.
  9. What do you mean? If you arrive at the venue, and someone is sitting in your seat -- and unwilling to move -- I'll just show the order info to the usher. That should sort it out.
  10. Yeah, my guess is they're aiming for a double LP here -- as other have said.
  11. Where to start? I urge you to check out the discussion thread about the score. I know that I posted my views there, at least.
  12. That sounds rather stupid. If a seat has been double-booked through non-serious third party sellers, can't you just show the order history on your phone to the usher, proving that you are the first to purchase the tickets through the RAH directly?
  13. Nothing 'terrible' about it. I like several of the titles on the list. But it could do with a bit more versatility and non-Hollywood material.