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  1. Thor

    The most valuable OOP John Williams CD

    From that list, it seems my guess of TOWERING INFERNO was right (I don't count promos).
  2. Thor

    Rate Stepmom!

    Here's my STEPMOM thread from last year: The score is wonderful (4 stars), the film forgettable (2.5 stars).
  3. Thor

    The most valuable OOP John Williams CD

    Joke never gets old, eh?
  4. Thor

    The most valuable OOP John Williams CD

    For me, personally, GOODBYE MR. CHIPS is the rarest and most difficult/expensive to find. Back when it was released, I didn't pick it up. I've always regretted it ever since. Somehow I must have believed that my LP-to-CD-R album was enough, practically ignoring my own rule to have everything in original physical format if it exists (C&C or not). And as you can see from my GOODBYE request thread over on the trading board, it's not exactly been an overflow of offers. I also need to get the STANLEY & IRIS/PETE'N'TILLIE -- not for the STANLEY & IRIS, but exclusively for the PETE'N'TILLIE in original physical format (rather than the digital I have now). I guess the longer I wait to buy it, the more expensive it will get, GOODBYE MR. CHIPS-style.
  5. I don't know, I don't have the reissue, and have no intention to. I'm satisfied with my old 98 release. The review was written by Nils, one of our writers.
  6. Nils reviews the release (in English) at Celluloid Tunes: http://celluloidtunes.no/saving-private-ryan-john-williams/
  7. Thor

    The most valuable OOP John Williams CD

    Must be a geographical thing, then. I had far more trouble finding JFK back in the day than I did TEMPLE OF DOOM, ACCIDENTAL TOURIST, SPACE CAMP and others.
  8. Thor

    The most valuable OOP John Williams CD

    Really? Then that's had an opposite evolution. I remember in the 90s, I had to search quite a bit before I found an original copy (to an affordable price) to replace my CD-R. Amazingly, at a New Year's party in the late 90s, my friends and I had borrowed someone's house, and I discovered he had a CD of JFK in his collection. Very random, since he had no other film music. I remember being jealous of the guy, but there was no way of contacting him to inquire about buying it.
  9. Thor

    The most valuable OOP John Williams CD

    No idea. Things like DRACULA (before the recent issue), THE EIGER SANCTION, THE RIVER, JFK were not that hard to come by back in the 90s (OK, maybe JFK a little bit), but have apparently become rare over the years without me noticing. I don't have any John Williams LPs, but I wonder if some of them are rarer than the CDs these days. Different topic, though. I still think the FSM release of TOWERING is the most rare JW CD these days, but maybe that will have a rerelease soon too.
  10. Thor

    The most valuable OOP John Williams CD

    I guess we're lucky to be "old", getting the limited releases like TOWERING INFERNO right when they were released.
  11. I want pictures of beers and partying!
  12. Thor

    The most valuable OOP John Williams CD

    I only had a CD-R of the original JANE EYRE release, as I could not afford the original. But of course, I quickly snapped up the Silva reissue in the late 90s or early 2000s when that came about. I also had a CD-R of SPACE CAMP, but managed to get TEMPLE OF DOOM, ACCIDENTAL TOURIST and WITCHES OF EASTWICK in original format through private and/or Japanese connections back in the day. SPACE CAMP, I bought in original format when it was reissued in the 2000s. It's weird that all those 80s titles became so hard to come by on CD for almost two decades. Not to mention all those titles that never got a CD issue at all in the early CD age, like MONSIGNOR.
  13. Thor

    New JW Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Music!!

    "The Mission" I sort of get, but "Great Performances"? That basically sounds like "Masterpiece Theatre 2", if anything. Cello heavy, broad stuff that doesn't really sound anything like this.