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  1. It will reveal all kinds of new information and stories we didn't already know, like "we need a better composer -- I know, but they're all dead" and that nobody expected the first STAR WARS film to be a success. So better brace yourselves!
  2. Yes, absolutely! But if you're not accustomed to alternative filmmaking, I suggest starting with Truffaut -- who's more accesible; and there are the Delerue scores you like -- or, say, Agnes Varda, and then work your way towards Godard or Resnais on the other side. Although "pre-political* Godard is also fairly accesible, like the beautiful UNE FEMME EST UNE FEMME. Skip Rohmer if you don't care for dialogue-heavy material.
  3. I think he changed his name to Wander when he moved to the US.
  4. I don't know. We're connected on Facebook, but I don't see much in terms of new assignments for Bill.
  5. Can I suggest Stu Philips to you, Maurizio? We've had some conversations about him on FSM, and I mention you: https://www.filmscoremonthly.com/board/posts.cfm?threadID=136656&forumID=1&archive=0 I met Stu in 2012, and I never forget it. He greeted me with "Oh, so you're the famous Thor". Had a great time at Henry's pool party in LA. I think he has a lot to share, not only about GIDGET GOES TO ROME, but many other occasions as well. And yes, that's William Stromberg on the right.
  6. They did, yes. Thanks for the recommendation, I'll check it out. It was weird going from Stravinsky to straight-from-the-heart impressionism, but it worked!
  7. No way! No time to drink very much yesterday (only a measly 5 beers), so gotta take it back tonight. Tipsy as hell right now.
  8. As mentioned in the "What are you drinking tonight?" thread -- live performances of Stravinsky's FIREBIRD and Ravels' DAPHNE & CHlOÉ yesterday. I don't own DAPHNE, but I have a CD set of Michael Tilson Thomas' Stravinsky set. 3CD set that includes THE FIREBIRD, PERSEPHONE and THE RITE OF SPRING. Brilliant (but weirdly mixed -- highs are too high, and lows are too low).
  9. Craziest day yesterday, the "Oslo Culture Night". Started off in the morning with a press screening of AD ASTRA in the biggest cinema in Norway (and in comfy chairs too). See the AD ASTRA thread for comments. Followed by a visit to to the Norwegian Music Academy -- with the symphony orchestra brilliantly performing Stravinsky's FIREBIRD and Ravels' DAPHNE & CHLOÉ. Then on to a piano concert closeby (Grieg, Mozart, Lutoslawski), the "Autumn Exhibition" with contemporary art at Kunsternes Hus (directly translated "The Artists' House), a choir in a subterrenean cave, a jazz concert, a visit to the roof of the Opera house with live poetry and spectacular wall projections, and then finally Gregorian chants at the Oslo Cathedral into the night. Today, I've mostly stayed home and gotten drunk. A bottle of red wine, 4 strong beers (Stocholm's again), and various Tuborg easy beers. Have an Otard cognac lined up. While watching movies. Events. The End.
  10. There are both good and bad films in those lists (and about a handful I haven't seen). Anyone you'd care to pick out, personally?
  11. A few months ago, I edited a film magazine about composer/director relationships that was published in June: https://znett.com/2019/06/z-nr-2-2019-regissor-komponist/ I wrote two of the articles myself, one on 15 underrated relationships, the other about the Altman/Williams relationship. Unfortunately, it's all in Norwegian (except the interview quotes), but I thought it would be interesting to share with you how it all turned out. I've linked to a pdf below. For me, it was a very illuminating experience, a kind of "test run" for how I would approach a JW book. Here it is: http://celluloidtunes.no/_oldsite/non-website/williams_altman.pdf
  12. Yeah, it's still around, but I'm no big fan of the interface. We're probably a handful of members that have stuck around.
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