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  1. Thor

    The Western Scores of Jerry Goldsmith

    BAD GIRLS has always been my favourite JG western score.
  2. JANE EYRE is not unreleased. It has a perfect soundtrack. Not sure why it's being brought up in this thread.
  3. Thor

    Favorite King Kong score?

    It's hard to beat the Steiner due to its position in film music history, but if someone put a gun to my head, I think I'd go for the JNH in terms of sheer listening pleasure.
  4. Yes and no. I can understand this sentiment in relation to something like SUGARLAND, but not STORIA. It's a lush, romantic score and a perfect flipside to the other romantic score he did that year, JANE EYRE. And we know how much he likes that. STORIA's disadvantage, however, is that it's a far more obscure film, and not a very good one. So that may colour his judgement or memory of it. My guess, anyway. Someone needs to refresh his memory by actually playing him the audio rip of the fantastic Cortina sequence!
  5. Sorry for the confusion. It would be exactly the same tracks as the OST, in the same order. Didn't hear any unreleased tracks that would warrant an inclusion, but I'll probably need to give it another listen to see if I missed any unreleased highlight that would fit into the existing programme somehow, without losing the flow.
  6. I've now listened to the promo, and while the sound quality sounds reasonably fresh compared to the OST (yes, I'm going to call it that), it's not really a radical difference -- like the two releases of RAIN MAN, for example. Also, the presentation and sequencing makes it borderline unlistenable as one singular piece/work, IMO, which is a shame because it has so many good individual tracks (and that's without the bonus/alternate tracks at the end taken in consideration). The music is top notch, and unquestionably the best western score Williams did. The OST is perfectly selected and arranged, whoever did it (probably Townson); it contains all the highlights. But I'll probably hold on to the digital promo, in case I want to replace the tracks of the OST with the new tracks in my iTunes (slightly better sound, correct channels etc.).
  7. That's fine. I just disagree with his remarks. It's like we're supposed to believe that the totality of all those "errors" make the album superflous and best forgotten in the light of this new "shining" soundtrack presentation. I think this does not represent it well, and is rather unfair. But obviously, his personal experience with the production of the 1994 CD differs from my own joy of listening to the album for 20 years. Incidentally, Matessino is mentioned nowhere in the liner notes of the 1994 CD. Do we know his full capacity on this release?
  8. Sure, I trust him too. I just think the totality of his disparaging remarks about the OST is at least partially a PR ploy to get people to buy the new album. I don't think it deserves to be dismissed entirely like that.
  9. So are we to assume the 'produced by John Williams' note on the CD was one of several "errors"? That's interesting. Due to the selection and sequencing of cues, I still think it works great. It's a good work by whoever did it. I don't share Matessino's disparaging remarks about the album at all.
  10. I love that ending! Allows a more bittersweet end note than the more typical end title. As for the duration of the OST, no doubt reuse fees played an important role in the selecion of the cues. But I loved how these limitations "forced" the producer/composer to reconceptualize within that frame.
  11. Probably. But as I said earlier, I think the sound on the OST is absolutely fine, even with the reversed channels. If it had been a "RAIN MAN situation", I would probably have considered it. I've received a digital promo of this, however, and am curious to finally hear it with the 'correct' mix, just for comparison's sake.
  12. As long as an album is presented C&C, it does not matter how involved the composer is. Whether he was given a phone call and notified, whether he approved it or even if he was involved in the production of the album (like Goldenthal on BATMAN FOREVER). No careful selection and restructuring of the material has taken place, hence it disqualifies entirely for my use.
  13. Whether it is approved or not is irrelevant. This is produced by Robert Townson, and is seemingly C&C. It does not contain a careful selection and sequencing by the composer himself. The OST does, providing the 'produced by John Williams' note is correct.
  14. It would have been a great bonus disc in this set. Even I might have picked it up then. Á la latching PETE'N'TILLIE on to STANLEY & IRIS.