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  1. Thor

    Favorite John Williams rated "R" soundtrack

    Tricky. But I voted ANGELA'S ASHES, because it's high up on my Williams list. I had no idea it was an R-rated movie, though.
  2. ORIENT EXPRESS was indeed a poor film, and the score wasn't much better (save for a track or two). So I have basically non-existant expectations for this. That being said, I have a promo of Doyle's most recent Branagh score, ALL IS TRUE, and that's quite excellent.
  3. Thor

    Anyone knows the origins of these two early songs?

    That's a good point. Even THOMAS AND THE KING was recorded for album several years later.
  4. Thor

    Anyone knows the origins of these two early songs?

    Could also be a song Williams wrote independently of films and TV shows, for album purposes, like "Aunt Orsavella", "Hello", "Augie", "Double Walk", "Tuesday's Theme" (well, sorta independent) and so on. In terms of television, there are several 1962 entries to choose from -- GENERAL ELECTRIC THEATRE, TALES OF WELLS FARGO (both of these, I mentioned earlier), CHECKMATE, ALCOA PREMIERE THEATRE.... I have this strange notion it might be a 'cowboy' song from TALES OF WELLS FARGO (if it's not from DIAMOND HEAD), but I need to dig out the few episodes I have to double-check. I'll add the song to the Williams song thread.
  5. Thor

    Anyone knows the origins of these two early songs?

    Might not be it. It was just the most likely candidate, I think. Another candidate is the piano music that is played in one of the early scenes. I can't read notes, so difficult for me to compare. A third candidate is a song that one of the frat guys sings in the staircase, on a guitar, but the lyrics don't match what's in the first post.
  6. Oooh, fantastic. I've only ever owned the three songs from the PBS video. Any tech savvy people here who can make an audio rip of that and send me?
  7. Thor

    Anyone knows the origins of these two early songs?

    I actually watched ANIMAL HOUSE again tonight. It was far worse than I remembered, I'm sorry to say (not to mention hopelessly outdated and un-PC with contemporary eyes), but there's no shortage of ideas, that's for sure. There was no TV playing in the background, and there's a LOT of source music in it, but I feel fairly confident that it's the music that plays as the Tim Matheson character seduces the dean's wife. There are no lyrics, though, it appears to be an instrumental version. But it's the only source cue in the film that has an exotica/Hawaiian flavour, and it sounds like Williams, so it's probably it. Must be an unused cue/song from DIAMOND HEAD that is not on the soundtrack (would have loved to have the recording they used, whatever it was). Can be heard here from 0:39:
  8. Thor

    Anyone knows the origins of these two early songs?

    I'll watch it again too, when opportunity allows. Haven't seen it in 25 years, I think. The film takes place in 1962, so the date makes sense if it's an old TV show in the background.
  9. So it's Cynthia Haymon in that PBS video? I always thought it was Kathleen Battle. Ages since I saw it...had it on a DVD-R once, but it's probably on Youtube now.
  10. Thor

    Anyone knows the origins of these two early songs?

    ANIMAL HOUSE, really? That's bizarre. Guess I need to see ANIMAL HOUSE again to see if I can hear it. I wonder what it was originally composed for, though.
  11. Thor

    John Williams Discography

    "Hymn to New England" is available on several other recordings too, like AMERICAN JOURNEY.
  12. Thor

    Anyone knows the origins of these two early songs?

    As you say, "Tomorrow" is from WAGON TRAIN (one out of two songs Williams wrote for "The Jenny Tannen Story", the other being "Golden West"). We've talked about the "The Way of the Wanderer" before, but right now I can't remember in relation to what. If it was a TV series or film (something in the back of my head says either GENERAL ELECTRIC THEATRE or THE TALES OF WELLS FARGO, but I could be mistaken -- DIAMOND HEAD sounds like a good bet too, given the timestamp and label). I've been unable to find video or audio of this song.
  13. Don't know anything about the videogames or scores, but I absolutely love Paul W.S. Anderson's RESIDENT EVIL movies. Just wanted to say that.
  14. Indeed. The pictures posted here do NOT do the film service. Also, comparing BARRY LYNDON(?) to SOLO is not really a fair comparison. BARRY LYNDON is one of the most gorgeous films of all time.