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  1. Mine is coming soon, probably after the holidays. I aim to clean up my storage room and apartment for stuff I don't really need anymore. Downsizing. Also, a tip to DigitalFreak -- since he lives in the US -- is Peter Kelly's moviemusic.com store. Although I'm not sure he'll pay you the money you want, or if he even buys CDs anymore. Couldn't find much info about that on the site.
  2. Our own Marian Schedenig reviews the album extensively here: http://celluloidtunes.no/celebrating-john-williams-gustavo-dudamel-the-la-philharmonic-orchestra/
  3. I prefer to sell them privately, through forums like this and such. A bit of a hassle with Ebay etc., but I used them quite a lot in the past.
  4. Yeah, well obviously it depends on rarity, as I mentioned earlier. Rare limited edition CDs by attractive composers sometimes stand a chance of recouping your original cost. But for "regular" CDs, it's basically impossible -- whether on ebay, discogs or elsewhere. In my experience, anyway. Of course, "regular" CDs in Norway are more expensive than many other places (they've basically hovered between $18 and $23 new for the last 25 years -- I try to sell these for about $5).
  5. Yeah, that makes sense. Fastforward to the summer of 1958, when Williams signed with Revue. At that time, the early days of people like Jimmy Hoffa, music unions in LA (and elsewhere) urged TV production companies to employ composers for original music rather than just re-use existing material. Of course, they still continued to re-use well into the 60s, but it is to Williams' benefit that the unions were getting stronger at this time. Stanley Wilson, the music head of Revue, had to take this into account when he hired several composers for the second season of M SQUAD -- of which Williams was one of the names on his list. So I think it was a very wise idea of Williams to sign up already in 1950, straight out of high school.
  6. Sorry to hear that you have to sell your entire collection, DigitalFreak. If I can offer one small advice regarding pricing: I know it's tempting to put the CDs out to a price that recoups your cost, especially if you're in financial difficulties. But the reality of it is that you will never be able to recoup your original cost in regard to CDs. Not even half of it. So if you bought, say, a limited edition CD for $20 (without shipping) once upon a time, you're lucky to get $10 for it -- depending on rarity, of course. When I sell CDs (well, try to, anyway), I put them out for about 1/4th or 1/5th of the original cost, and even that moves product somewhat slowly. But at least it moves. Just to give you a 'reality check'; you do what you wish, of course. Good luck -- and looking forward to see what you have to offer, and what you charge for it!
  7. That's great. His membership in the union would then neatly overlap with his beginning at UCLA. I'm guessing music students also needed to be unionized, what with all the extra-curricular activities.
  8. For God's sake, just specify your parameters already! Don't be coy.
  9. Love this composer casting -- totally out of left field, and something that actually makes me interested in this new Bond and Bond score (which I normally don't give a rat's ass about). Romer has been a huge talent for some time, I was just waiting for his big break. BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD was one of my favourite scores in 2012. And I really enjoyed Fukunaga and Romer's collaboration BEAST OF NO NATION. Bring it on!
  10. Then why mention 'summers'? Also, I was 15 years old in both 1992 and 1993. A more specific, non-confusing headline would be 'in the YEAR you TURNED 15 years old'; without all the nonsense about seasons and whatnot.
  11. Yes, same here, as previously mentioned. Some of us were born after the summer, which means that one must reference the upcoming summer -- in the year one actually turns 16. The summer/year thing was confusing in the original post.
  12. He, he, no. It has more to do with how he's acted and some other circumstances.
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