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  1. They get lots of TV stations on board, though.
  2. Of all the leitmotif pedantry among film score fans, "Han's / Han&Leia's theme" is the most tedious.
  3. Awesome Score - Awful Movie

    Swooping in with my first contribution...and it's TV... Da Vinci's Demons!
  4. It looks like Johnny is conducting one (or a few) pieces. Has he the stamina for a whole concert? Well, as a Brit living 3-hours train ride from London, having never seen John Williams in the flesh, I will be queueing up on the internet to buy a ticket. Last year at the same time was Giacchino's birthday bash, which was my favourite concert ever until I heard a full Star Wars concert in Birmingham than, musically and performance-wise, superceded it. I ought to see him do his thing before he leaves us!
  5. Actually, on multiple listens, I agree with you. This doesn't 'soar' because it doesn't let rip with the full theme and sub-theme narrative like other arrangements, or with the momentum of the theme as heard in the score. The hesitance and melodic 'juggling' in this arrangement seems characteristic of modern Williams' writing; it's complex, interesting and deliciously orchestrated, but lacks the drive of the theme from, say, Gerdhardt's recording. It almost feels like this is the wrong theme for this arrangement. However, as a musical illiterate, there's probably lots of interesting features of this new arrangement that I'm missing.
  6. What a treat for fans! It seems to lose its simple romantic force when it was couched in the ESB score, gains a melancholy edge (with shades of his 70s scores like Eiger Sanction), dabbles with melodic exploration and soars far beyond its origins. And this is why we love John Williams. When's the first recording happening, hmm?
  7. RIP Jóhann Jóhannsson (1969-2018)

    Agreed, it could have been. Alas, I think his style could have evolved into something even more interesting. In respect I have listened to Arrival again, and out of pragmatism I have deleted tracks that don't grab me, so that I have a playlist that I'm more likely to listen to again, for there is lots of interesting music there.
  8. What will the title of SW Ep. IX be?

    The New Vision The Hurried Funeral The Franchise Ruptures
  9. As a Brit, I know the location (and have a heuristic about the character) of particular US states because I want to, not because I should. American exceptionalism runs deep!
  10. I don't see how it couldn't be a PR move. Of course it's not solely a PR move (aha!), but it is obviously about marketing the movie, like all of the movie and the talk about its creation is. I'm going out on a limb and wondering whether Han's theme will be based at least partly on The Asteroid Field - a one-off melody that scores Solo's audacity, and can be turned into something with attitude (John Powell has been writing themes 'with attitude' for some time now!). It also has to be a melody with a hook, and Johnny hasn't been writing many of those lately (as engaging as Holdo's Resolve and March of the Resistance are to listen to for me, as a film score fan, hooks they have not).
  11. How can you sell a FYC disc and not get tracked by the publishers or academy? In any case, these extra tracks are nothing too special, and the quality from the download is good enough for me!
  12. I get the theme in my head then end up humming The Songless Nightingale.
  13. The Bear McCreary Thread

    So I'm really enjoying Battlestar Galactica and hearing in context the music I've been enjoying for nearly a year now. Some of the scoring choices are stunning, such as: A Promise To Return - the screen version of this is different to the album version. Does anyone know if it has had a release? Are there any bootlegs of this series' music?