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  1. Miz

    Henry Jackman's DETECTIVE PIKACHU (2019)

    I know nothing of Pokemon or Henry Jackman, but I know that Puss in Boots was an excellent score for what I assume is an average animated film. I expect this could be the same.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/events/1758991460816073/
  3. I think that finale piece was grand and captivating, but by no means the most interesting or intelligent of his writing for the film. It ranks high in my scores which "I know it's great but I don't really listen to it"... when I do it is the soundtrack to the long nights of autumn! By these clips I'm glad to hear the Potter musical tradition is still being carried confidently forward. It has Newton Howard all over it, and that's no bad thing.
  4. Yes, wish him a speedy recovery and good health and no feelings of guilt or feeling like he let down his fans, as it is not his fault. But to speak more crassly and selflishly than I usually would... As I cannot travel from the UK to the USA, I thought I would be able to see John Williams conduct a concert before he passed away. Now I must accept that, by the smallest of margins, I have not been able to see John Williams live during our shared lifetimes. Ever thankful for his existence though!
  5. Cheesy request, but... I'm looking for really Russian-sounding music. I like Dario Marianelli's score for Anna Karenina because it channels so many Russian folk idioms (cliches?). I'm looking for something similar, like Russian folk/chamber/orchestral music than exudes that feel, rather than (from my ignorant point of view), just being written by a Russian.
  6. They released their last podcast only a month ago. Give them some time! I'd rather have another high-quality set of shows later, than some rushed ones sooner.
  7. 1:27 in the woodwind, then 1:35 in the strings...both motifs from Chicken in the Pot. I haven't read on this page of the thread the spoilered theories as to why this is here - I haven't seen the movie yet!
  8. 1:35... but I'm doubting myself now!
  9. Anyone else spotted the riff from Chicken in the Pot in Spaceport?
  10. I could only listen to this one-and-a-half times before I put it down. Now I have enjoyed this score within the film much more. I appreciate it would've been foolish to musically represent the crowded pop culture references (and if you give a nod to a few, why those and not others?). But the pace and tone of the score fitted the movie well, even the self-conscious Back to the Future music. The themes did not excite me at all, but I can see how they are drawn from the tone of video game scores and work well in that sense.
  11. CC can only buy into symphonic leitmotif scores, or anything that has that as its core. Anything else has little chance of impressing him.
  12. He means 'tenets', not tenants. I feel like writing a relevant corrective email to Mr. Bloatpiece, but I cannot be bothered.
  13. What an over-long review! And, now, again, I cannot read from a white page!
  14. Half of all newly-commissioned works at the BBC Proms (the world's biggest classical music festival) will be by female composers, by 2022. Eat that! https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/02/26/bbc-proms-give-half-new-commissions-women-2022/
  15. I'm not impressed by my first listen (and I'm a certified Giacchino fanboy, my wife made my a doll of him!). I know lots of good scores are 'growers', but I felt a stark contrast to Powell's Solo, which leaps forth in its energy, musicality and off-screen storytelling, and had immediate impact on me, as well as being 'a grower'. I am hearing lots of Roar-style monsterisms, lots of Lost-isms, noisy and forceful action music, and not much musical prowess. So far I rate Rogue One higher than this, and he had more to time to score Fallen Kingdom (I assume). However, I can see there's some enjoyment of this score in this thread so I won't give up on this score yet (as I did Ready Player One) and am giving it more listens through. Does anyone have a highlights tracklist to recommend?