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  1. Ha! I look again and you seem to have hit the nail on the head!
  2. Who's between George Lucas and Ron Howard? Some of the expressions in that photo are awful!
  3. I have trouble navigating all of this. I have the Prequel Trilogy on the same rips from CDs. Is there any new music on these remasters? If not, it sounds like the Prequel albums would be just the same? I have the Original Trilogy Special Edition OSTs on 320kbs rips from CDs. I like having the complete soundtrack (their flow is much better than the Prequels' complete versions). I don't care for OT original album presentations and edits very much. I have tried the original RotJ albums for better sound quality, and some tracks are preferable. Is this RotJ version a complete one, and does it have any improvement in sound quality from the SE RotJ complete album?
  4. Agreed. I have a southern England RP accent, and I think it's the worst in Emilia Clarke (outside GoT) and Daisy Ridley. They should've given Rey a plucky northern England, like Manchester, accent - but it would've played badly outside of the UK where old British movies have conditioned audiences that anything outside of Received Pronounciation is basically working-class...(Rey is working-class!). Anyway, too much analysis over too little music from that clip. I'm glad we have fist-punch theme callbacks, but I agree that they're getting a little crowded as the franchise recycles itself again and again.
  5. Am I the only one who finds this score quite underwhelming? Maybe I need to see the film then re-listen. There's no great hooks, and much of the action writing lacks definition and seems to just recycle musical ideas we've heard in Silvestri's other scores - I know most composers do, but here they just sound the 'least different'. It's putting me off some Silvestri a little: I mean, I loved The Mummy Returns as a kid (one of my entries into film score), Back to the Future is a deserved classic, The Abyss has its fascinating moments, and he hits the write tone with Americana dramas, but I cannot seem to get excited about the rest.
  6. The Bear McCreary Thread

    It's good for game score, but it feels a bit like Da Vinci's Demons-lite.
  7. So is this version now available for those who have the whatever-needed to see it? Let's hope it gets torrented.
  8. Film: in-your-face, but I appreciate that it had more to say - and better representation and values - than any other Marvel film (and most centre-stage Hollywood fare). The score I have been coming back to frequently, it really elevated the movie, has stunning variety seamlessly melded, and is rich enough for a pleasurable and quite catchy listening experience. I am chanting "T'Challa" around the house now.
  9. Ahh, Clemensen. If it's not symphonic leitmotif, he's not that interested. Of course he's gushing over John Williams: the composer has written all the archetypal scores which he measures all other scores against, thinking there is an objective way to view these things. I agree with him on many issues, but he practically autistic in his approach and appreciation of film music. (For example, that The Shape of Water has European sensibilities within an American setting is somehow a negative to him, rather than an intentional and elevating aspect of the film/score relationship - especially in a film about outsiders and victims of the American military machine). And he needs to stop conservative criticism of the films themselves, thinly veiled through reporting other people's criticism.
  10. Hoping that a torrent of this comes about. Disney don't need more of my money.
  11. Classic Giacchino power-chord monster-movie mash-up. However, Jurassic World had never really grabbed my attention (except for a little of the action music). Tomorrowland was the far better score of that summer. I doubt this number two will have any seriously inventive or captivating material.
  12. Thanks Miguel, comprehensive! Is there any studio recording of the Viola Concerto? The only one I can find is full of coughs!
  13. Star Wars - Live To Projection Concerts

    Waiting for ESB in the UK...