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  1. I just noticed again that scene and saw its unscored. I thought there was a score and Williams took it from there and expanded it in E.T.
  2. Just finished watching it. yes, it brings a smile to your face.
  3. well, to view image I right click and "view image".
  4. I had to google all these! I'll be watching The Quiet Man in the evening, John Williams's favourite film! Have seen it once before and I loved it! (just a few days ago I bought the Eureka bluray which has excellent quality)
  5. Far and away

    You should watch it. it's very good! (i mean the film ) Although, my personal favourite Tom Cruise film is Cocktail.
  6. Far and away

    Don't forget Taps too!
  7. On the occassion of St. Patrick's day, i wanted to say that in my chapter in this book, I analyse - among others - the structure of the wonderful Irish theme from Far and Away. (0.22-1.13) if you manage to find a preview around the net, it's pages 246-7.
  8. Far and away

    It was a bit difficult to find a thread about this score. "far and away" or "away" in the search doesn't come up with anything. Anyway. I bumped this thread because since it's St. Patrick's Day today, it is a good opportunity to watch this film that I personally love and hear the great score too. It was one of the last old-looking-sounding epic films which reminded of the old Hollywood! Hope an expansion is in the works!
  9. You understood from my post that I haven't seen it? " some "jokes" i seem to have missed in the final film "
  10. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    When did this become an "older" film?
  11. Alan Silvestri's READY PLAYER ONE (2018)

    Do you mean that if Spielberg was paired with Williams in this, we wouldn't have a good score?
  12. Where is that exactly? edit: never mind, I found it.
  13. The white stuff (snow)

    I wish it was cold and snowed here. But it's sunny and a spring weather! I hate this. Looking forward to winter again! (Obviously i was born in the wrong country)
  14. Watching the deleted scenes and some "jokes" i seem to have missed in the final film (eg. the iron thing), I came to the conclusion that this film is even worse that I thought! How could anyone take it seriously? it makes a parody of Star Wars. I have a hunch in 20 years time it will be considered a newer "Star Wars Holiday special".