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  1. I feel exactly this way, but it's a part of generally losing interest in anything in life...
  2. I will agree here. I generally don't like arrangements of existing music, and to "show-off" a particular instrument on top of that.
  3. For anyone interested Arrow is releasing a bells and whistles edition of Robocop on Bluray with 2 isolated score tracks!! https://forum.blu-ray.com/showpost.php?p=16786560&postcount=654 The official announcement will be in an hour in facebook.
  4. Upcoming film by Makoto Shinkai (Your Name). Looks impressive!
  5. Well, I don't think the problem is that it's cheap. It's the script.
  6. I see the previous bluray had a 2.0 DTS-HD MA . I don't think this film had ever a 5.1 audio.
  7. For those that are interested Shout will release a bluray of • DRACULA (1979) (Collector’s Edition) – John Badham’s slick and sophisticated telling of the legendary story flies into our midst in a 2-disc set. Includes a new transfer of the theatrical version as seen in theaters in 1979 with full color as well as the alternate director-approved version of the film created in 1991 for home video with a muted color palette. Expected Release: Nov 2019.
  8. King Solomon's Mines (1985) I bought the bluray (along with its sequel Allan Quatermain and the lost city of gold). Well, it surely isn't a very good movie. It's a bit entertaining but I had it in my mind from my childhood as something better. I enjoy though the Jerry Goldsmith score and especially the theme which I like almost as the Indiana Jones theme. One thing I don't like about the score though it's that he used a Ride of the Valkyries variation as the Germans' theme.
  9. Hello. I wanted to ask a technical question. My replies in a personal conversation keep merging and I don't want that to happen. Let's say a person reads my last message, then I write something else and my reply is merged with the last one, so the person doesn't see my last message. Isn't that so?
  10. Sorry if it has been mentioned before (i haven't really watched this thread): Have you @Jay done any spreadsheet for the first 2 Harry Potters?
  11. This is among my favourite 5 scores of all time and it just has been released as a complete sheet music score by Omni! https://omnimusicpublishing.com/product/danny-elfmans-batman-returns-full-orchestral-score/
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