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  1. I'll order from Music Box but I guess it will amount at about the same sum..
  2. Excuse me, I have another basic question that may be dumb, but I'm very confused. I see all referring to the tarnhelm progression (eg. in a minor, it's a minor chord going to f minor) as i-bvi shouldn't the flat be on the right, since then it shows that the third of the chord is flattened (f-ab-c)? i-vib
  3. Does anyone know what part of the symphony are they talking about? http://www.r3ok.com/index.php?topic=1188.0&fbclid=IwAR3GyKha9XDG92cPGGQ13vWE7Bonph_V44xmEZBvnQgZkC3z5tCX6S3gpA8
  4. about that: I've written that it's a mixolydian V, dressed as a quartal chord.
  5. I just played the theme with a full B7 chord at that point. Doesn't this version pop up somewhere in the score? Or is this what @Nick Parkermeant? edit: oh yes it does, at bar 27.
  6. This thing is bugging me. What do you think is the B note (bars 9 and 11) in the left hand that goes up a tritone to F? I think it's just an added note to the minor chord. Could it be more?
  7. filmmusic

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    PAL Dvds? Well, you're listening to the music one semitone higher in the wrong speed. (unless they are NTSC)
  8. filmmusic

    War Horse MUSIC Discussion Thread

    Yes, it has been discussed elsewhere. In the film and album the second chord is a major. But in the signature suite it's written as minor so i guess they're using that one for all subsequent recordings and performances. Also in williams' original sketch it's written as minor. So, maybe it was a podium change when they were recording the music for the film. I like the major version myself. By the way, I wanted to ask, is this cd OOP? I see it's expensive everywhere... (and I haven't bought it still....) 🤐
  9. filmmusic

    Bucket Lists.

    if we're talking about romantic love, which is what I meant, no unfortunately...
  10. filmmusic

    Bucket Lists.

    love and be loved in return
  11. filmmusic

    Details from Mike Matessino's London talk

    Hmmmm.... I wonder if he searched for them for a possible Twilight Time Bluray release.
  12. I don't think they will be.
  13. yes, it does but the word is misused. Same it was misused for the 35mm silver screen edition of Superman in which someone would have thought that they scanned the film, but in reality they had used the bluray of the extended cut.
  14. those are scans from prints. This dracula "restoration" isn't. It's just someone that took the bluray and put the color back in.
  15. The expansions of the Star Wars soundtracks were by Matessino? I didn't know..