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  1. I was listening to them in the film.
  2. what is your source for this? I hope they found them in the meantime; i was just listening to some cues yesterday that I think are not in the ost.
  3. These are the Touchstone/Hollywood titles they'll be releasing: https://www.hometheaterforum.com/community/threads/kino-lorber-insider-read-guidelines-post-3.355034/page-59#post-4624892
  4. Arrowfilms has a summer sale, so now it's your chance to grap the exquisite IMAGES for 10 pounds: https://arrowfilms.com/product-detail/images-blu-ray/FCD1709 According to DVDbeaver it's Region Free: http://www.dvdbeaver.com/film3/dvd_reviews56/images_blu-ray.htm In other news Kino Lorber in USA has announced that it will bring Nixon on Bluray. Hope it's the theatrical cut this time since the existing edition is the extended cut and I don't see any reason of releasing that one again.
  5. We Were Warriors Good film. A bit kitsch at times. Music obviously coming from ZImmer's Thin Red Line. Not my favourite Vietnam film, but i'd watch it again..
  6. TIntin, if only for the main title music which was something different than what we're used to..
  7. piano sheet music of the whole piece, with the pages watermarked (except for the first one), but easy to follow despite that. https://www.musicnotes.com/sheetmusic/mtd.asp?ppn=MN0185061
  8. @TownerFan Do you know mr. Pedroni? If you do, could you ask him if Williams' Elegy for cello and piano is the same with the signature edition? because i rememeber we were wondering if that edition is the original piece, or the piano part is the reduction of the orchestra..
  9. The thing I would be mostly interested in to know, but we'll never know since it's too personal, is WHY he rejected releases of those scores? Because he thinks less of them?
  10. Someone had mentioned something about clean starts/ends. Are you sure this release will have them and will not have crossfades? Because if we want them clean, maybe we should keep our old cds.
  11. well, this is not just a little bit. This is almost double the price!
  12. Why MUSIC BOX records? Why such a high price? https://www.musicbox-records.com/en/cd-soundtracks/6293-the-cowboys-deluxe-edition.html?search_query=the+cowboys&results=7 edit: Hmmm, i see in the info it says about the Delerue one.
  13. IF you want to get it now I'm giving it in the price of the new one, and you get an extra unknown track!
  14. Great news! So, I should keep my old cd and not sell it? what is that "alternate main title" anyway? (i hope it is explained in the liner notes of this release) And do we know of anything else, an album edit perhaps, that could be only in the first cd?
  15. if I limit myself to just one composer, I come up with this (I haven't listened to much soundtracks of this century) -A.I. - Williams -Lord of the Rings (i am not sure which film) - Shore -A Single Man - Korzeniowski -The Passion of Christ-Debney -The Hours-Glass -Final Fantasy - Goldenthal -Howl's moving Castle - Hisaishi -Atonement - Marianelli -The Village-Howard -There will be blood-Greenwood
  16. 23 years? This is so rare I think in gays. Good for you (I think?).
  17. It sounds like E.T. but it isn't...? like someone is mimicking E.T.
  18. I have 2 questions: 1) Why hasn't anyone asked yet what is the music that is playing? 2) Why does it sound like John Williams but I don't think it's Williams and can't pinpoint it either?
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