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  1. There is of course the Montage theme, which is like a baroque fugato. And the out to sea chanty:
  2. OK, I watchecd the film for the first time yesterday (among my worst Spielberg films along with 1941 and Indy 4) and then I watched it again today taking notes about the themes. what Jay refers to as the unknown theme 1 I would call the Family theme or Family Happinness theme. It appears: - when sophie looks at the bed of the doll house in the beginning (thinking of a warm home maybe?) -when the BFG reads to her to sleep (like a father reads his daughter) -when Sophie tells the BFG to "make them happy" (in the blowing dreams scene) -in the end when Sophie wakes in the morning in her warm bed at the queen's home (finally finding a family?) What Jay calls the b section of Giant country i'd say it's a theme of its own for the bad giants. Some of the instances it appears: -BFG goes to giant country in the beginning (but we don't know if he's bad or good yet) -he tells sophie the giants' names -Sophie: "they'll catch me" (about the giants) -giants awake -Fleshlumpeater finds the blanket -Fleshlumpeater sees them when they return -shadows of giatns when BFG is mixing the dreaqm -BFG arrives at giant country with the army -giants sleeping -Sophie: "you're a very bad giant" (to fleshlumpeater) although it does appear some other times: BFG to Sophie when he takes hes in his home: -"you have no place to go" -"You is not very clever" -"I cannot be right all the time" About the Friendhsip theme I'd definitely say it's the BFG (not the film, but the character) theme. It appears: -when BFG says giants have no parents and about how old he is -walks in his shattered cave -Sophie to queen: SHould we call him? -BFG walks towards the Queen -He talks to her -Sophie to BFG: will I still have you etc. (in Sophie's future) -Fleshlumpeater grabs the BFG -BFG's home in the end
  3. I had seen this in my teens and I remember it had made a huge impression to me. I don't know how it would hold up now for me personally. But I'd like to watch it again because I found the theme being original.
  4. I have a question: I've analysed the Love theme from The Terminal by Williams. In there i've found some double dominants and irregular solutions of them, Now, i see that a V/VI-IV makes sense (according to the harmony book of Aldwell it's like III-IV). Does a V/III-IV or V/III-II make sense? Also, does anyone know where I can find a complete list of ROman numeral analysis> like this but more complete: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roman_numeral_analysis I remember having seen it somewhere in a book, but can't seem to find it now...
  5. well, they did say Williams is coming. I just didn't understand if they meant now or later.
  6. How do you know? there is still that question mark release.
  7. what was funny? I don't understand... are you working with crossdressers?
  8. I don't trust at all HDDs after a couple of them went bad. Fortunately i didn't miss anything important.
  9. Seriously? You don't have eg. any personal files that you store in CD/DVDrs?
  10. I do have Black Sunday if you want it.
  11. I have an aluminum case for 1000 cds but I can't find it anymore in my country (and it's very expensive to order from abroad). So, how do you store yours? In papers boxes? Any particular kind of contraption?
  12. Thank you very much @The Lost Folio for this very useful site!! I wish I knew what the content was for The Secret Ways piece, but it's so rare and it seems you don't have this either..
  13. This is what I found browsing the net: https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/study/undergraduate/courses/music-ba-hons/module-details/ Does anyone go to that university? It would be great if this was an online course!
  14. I find this poll insulting towards 2001. There, i said it!
  15. If it's Williams, I hope for all of those Universal titles: http://www.jwfan.com/forums/index.php?/topic/24564-john-williams-scores-by-studio/ please, be The Secret Ways. I was just thinking of it yesterday!
  16. Just wacthed the film again yesterday after some years. Very good film and of course the score is great too. I just wish it wasn't so repetitive of the main theme. Does anyone know if the ost is complete? It sounded so to me.
  17. Ok, where did this come from? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8325986/fullcredits?ref_=tt_cl_sm#cast Does it sound like mid 60s Williams to you?
  18. 12-tone rows in Knight bus (bars 3-8*) (although you don't hear 2 of them in that spot in the film. better use the ost track). *they are repeated later in the track with the same rhythm on top well, these sound like out of the blue just to create a musical chaos, rather than having a formal (or otherwise) meaning in the cue.
  19. On the contrary, I think there is religous music in the score. The whole Audience with the Holy Father track, and especially a motif that i identified as the religious theme. top voice at 0.36-0.48 and flute at 1.10-1.23. And that opening motif of the theme emerges some more times in the track. Also we have the instrumental version of the Gloria in Santoni's Confession: 1.24-....
  20. I don't understand why people say it's a copy of the Godfather. Other than a trumpet in waltz rhythm, I don' see any other connection, either in melody or harmony. Anyway, I love the theme.
  21. It's jwfan! Everything new is the best music Williams has ever written! And yes, I would agree with you as I said earlier, that the Williams name helps a lot in loving a piece. edit: Speaking for myself: I think the theme itself, the one at 1.41-1.57 with that harmony, is the best action theme in the tonal language Williams has written since...Duel of fates I think. (as you see I specified it very much: action and tonal - so that leaves out of the comparison music from eg. Geisha, Munich, Lincoln, or the atonal action pieces of WOTW etc.)
  22. when i saw it for the first time, I was wondering why it sounded like it's coming from the bathroom, and if my TV has an audio problem.
  23. I would say the first note it's definitely NOT a pick up note. I hear it as 5/4 with the 5 first notes: eighth - quarter - quarter -dotted quater-quarter (but it could be your first option too: 5/8 with the notes grouped rhythmically as 3+2)
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