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  1. This graybeard saw Star Wars back in the day. Me Grandma took my sisters and I to the theater, gave us some money for popcorn, and told us where she would pick us up. She may have gone to get her hair done while we saw the movie; I never asked, but her salon was about two blocks from the theater. Oh, and HAN SHOT FIRST!
  2. I thought about this and came up with a prerequisite: if an album came out by the composer in question, would I be willing to buy it note unheard? Only three living composers came to mind. There are solid composers with impressive resumes with individual titles that I really enjoy, but as JoeinAR wrote, "hit and miss."
  3. You are correct. This ain't a Star Trek thread. I, too, prefer the Angela popcorn eating gif to The Gloved One; she is chewing with her mouth closed.
  4. Don't forget "How?" They'll ship when they ship. FIFO (first [order] in, first [order] out) is probable, but there will be mitigating factors: what else is in the order-- is that title in stock, if so, where (and do I have to go over there for only one CD)? Is the appropriate sized shipping box on the shelf? Oops, we left one off the truck when the shipper picked up the outgoing orders. (You get the idea.) And once the shipper gets it, well, enter a new possible delay chain! You can't control it, only worry the you-know-what about it. Thanks to the internet, you should be able to satisfy your curiosity starting next Tues, or so. Thanks to someone deciding that the USPS should have yesterday off, the birthday card I sent my grandniece was delayed past her birthday. Yep, that's one giant griefburger that I'm getting force fed to me. The possible trials and tribulations of LLL shipments trivial bon-bons upon which to feast.
  5. I went up to Eugene, OR this last weekend to see Star Wars LTP. For the Fox Fanfare and beginnng of the Main Title, the bass sounded amplified. Didn’t notice it later, so I guess someone was actually working the mixing board. Overall, quite pleased. A couple of hits felt off, but that may be my memory. (How long has it been since I’ve seen the whole movie and have I ever listened that intently to the music?). Couldn't believe the nerve of the people behind me who thought it was okay to talk through the closing credits. A well placed “Hey!” From me shut them up. Sometimes being 6’5” is a good thing. No Princess Leia’s Theme — boo! Dozens of children there — Yeah! Texted my best friend, “Wish you were here.” And, I texted a few others, “You wish you were here!” If they do another (cough Empire cough), I’ll be there.
  6. Is that what you kids call it these days? Most of the euphemisms that I know are from 20 years before I was born.
  7. For purely personal reasons: the statement that follows "I am your father." When I got my first cell phone, I segued from that dialogue to the just the LSO for the ringtone for calls from my father. He hated it until I pointed out that he took me to see Jedi and I reminded him who saved the day in the end. And, c'mon, James Earl Jones announcing his presence on the other end of the phone line: cooler than Hoth, am I right?
  8. I, too, created my own ringtones. My favorite was for my father. When he called, James Earl Jones' voice would boom out of my phone "I am your father" from Empire crossfaded from the movie to just the score (to remove Luke's response). I use different tones for different people. My mother loves Westerns, so she gets a little Silverado. People I volunteer with on the local Little League board gets Field of Dreams. My basic ring tone changes with the seasons: baseball season gets The Natural, the holidays have Home Alone, and most of the rest of the year has a quote of the Rohan theme. Have fun with them. Just remember to silence your phone when appropriate (you know, like a funeral).
  9. Per today's New York Times Crossword Puzzle, today is the 20th Anniversary of the book's release. Don't know if the US and UK had same release date. Was pleased that the NYT used the UK title: Philosopher's Stone. Star Wars - per a source (MM, if I recall correctly), is all about the new Star Wars movie this year. So, no new releases from the vault. Considering the commentary concerning the sound quality of the two-disc OT sets, a major amount of work will be needed to properly present the OT. And the PT might need some work to restore what JW composed, rather than the mashed up mess we got in the films (do the notes exist stating which sections of which take to use for the final product?). Close Encounters might be a bigger project than we might imagine-- how many versions exists of the aleatory passages? Remember - JW pays close attention to the expanded/reissue versions of his works and has a voice is what gets done when.
  10. I concur. It isn't as tight as it should be and it's under-tempo. Just doesn't fit with the other titles. Kinda like how "Follow Me" stands out in Always. Or, to be crass, it stands out like a turd in a punch-bowl. (With all due credit to Up the Academy.)
  11. Yes, but have any of the fan edits available been done in an attempt to match the manuscript score (notes on the page)? The complete handwritten scores are also available in those dark corners.
  12. Back in the '80s, in an interview for On the Right Track, Herb Spencer indicated that "it's all there" in the Williams short score. With that said, is it any wonder that a copyist could take care of Williams' work. Other composers... yeah, probably could use a seasoned orchestrator to augment instrumentation as needed. e.g. A Clarinet in A would sound better than a Clarinet in Bb for this piece.
  13. Hal Leonard has released a couple of suites from the two trilogies as well as a few other pieces individually. All of them are "concert arrangements" of the cues rather what is in the movie. It's a start. There are various sources of the not-legal variety of various sketch scores and full scores that are primarily hand written (by Williams or whoever orchestrated it was) on nefarious sites known to be a party to such exchanges of information. Until I read it earlier in this thread, I only thought that about half of Empire was available. Apparently, I'm not nefarious enough.
  14. A dyslexic writing of an abbreviation of Revenge of the Sith? Radio Symphony Orchestra? I'm old enough to remember RSO records and had some around the family's hi-fi (which did have an 8-track player). Don't recall if I ever heard what the RSO stood for (if anything). When Jay announced that the rights had moved to Disney and knowing that Disney is planning on getting a return on its purchase of Lucasfilm, I thought that they might do two boxed sets this year: the original trilogy (remastered and including three minutes of music never before released!) in May to coincide with Star Wars' 40th anniversary and then the complete prequel trilogy released a week before Thanksgiving in the US, (a week before the specialty labels Black Friday releases) giving it a month on the market before the release of Episode 8. Guess my guess about the timing is wrong, but at some point I'm sure we'll the complete scores of the prequels as recorded. Afterall, Disney wants to get a return on its investment into Lucasfilm and the scores can provide some revenue.
  15. Jay, please fix your link. It goes to page 34, but the posts you are quoting are on 169 (the bulk) and 170 (the Q2/North section)
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