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  1. Richard Penna

    The Doctor Who Thread.....

    I finally gave in and got 5.1 rips of Rosa and Punjab to extract a suite of music from each. Some of it actually kind of sounds like what Gold might've come up with, but I get the impression that Akinola uses synths more as a gap filler, rather than orchestra which Gold uses, and that as a result, his orchestral material stands out a bit more.
  2. Unbelievably, I agree with KM. And that clip above from 'Spread the Word' couldn't sound more like generic trailer music. It's probably Yates' doing which is disappointing after the marvellous first score.
  3. Richard Penna

    HARRY POTTER 1-3 Complete Score Releases Confirmed

    If just the first score were announced, would that go down as a disappointment? Given all the comments about the sessions being pretty damn good. I think to truly be a 'wow' release it needs to either be PoA or all 3.
  4. Richard Penna

    HARRY POTTER 1-3 Complete Score Releases Confirmed

    Hard to tell in this place sometimes.
  5. Richard Penna

    HARRY POTTER 1-3 Complete Score Releases Confirmed

    Yeah, if anything that's good, not 'Uh oh'.
  6. Richard Penna

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    May is known for u-turns. Sort of her speciality.
  7. Richard Penna

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    It was advisory and the government pledged to implement the result. They could've ignored it completely (if you put aside the obvious political suicide that would result). May has to try to get the deal through parliament even though it probably won't get through. In the event that it fails, I struggle to see a scenario that doesn't lead to a 3-way public vote, because I think very few people feel reverting to WTO rules is a good idea. I don't think a GE achieves anything, nor does a leadership challenge. Whoever the leader is doesn't change the rules by which the EU is negotiating.
  8. Richard Penna

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    No, he's talking about you. I hate Farage's racist guts. Possibly the only bigger liar than him is Mogg.
  9. Richard Penna

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    Well ironically, many of the things Brexiteers want most of all don't actually require Brexit to happen. More control over immigration was always possible but the government chose not to do it because the cost outweighed the benefits. That, and Farage's flat out lies about people having the unconditional right to come here. We can send people home if they take, rather than contribute. This guy knows what he's talking about when it comes to what EU membership allows us to do: https://twitter.com/Femi_Sorry I should point out that in my day to day work I don't do 'technicalities'. If there isn't a very clear, practical justification for something then whoever came up with it can bugger off. If I ever had to get a vote amongst a team and it was close then I would not crown the 'winner', bur subject the issue to more scrutiny as a result.
  10. Richard Penna

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    I think I heard someone on James O'Brien's LBC show mention that reasoning once. He dismantled it, but I don't remember how. Sounds far fetched.
  11. Richard Penna

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    I genuinely don't understand what you mean with your original comment. Pragmatic, yes, I'm with you there. Remainers were always going to be on the 'status quo' side. Leave things as they are. But pragmatic doesn't mean realistic or achievable. I had to deal with a small democratic decision last week when choosing a date for an event. Close to the deadline we had a majority of one, and I was going to choose the 'losing' option because it was easier for me to plan that date. You see, I didn't see that as a majority, but an indication of no strong 'will' for either date, so I used the result as a guide and made the decision myself. I see Brexit in the same way - there is no strong 'will' for either option. At most, it should've been used as a prompt for more investigation.
  12. Richard Penna

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    Well I won't apologise for not respecting a 2% majority. The technical details of a 'win' do not distract from the fact that it divides the country neatly in two. If you're trying to make a deal that will be against the wishes of too high a proportion of the country, it's inherently going to encounter too much resistance for it to actually work. This is exactly why Brexit is failing - you can't make a deal that satisfies Brexiteers and Remainers, but you also can't ignore the wishes of the 48% as if they no longer exist. The only way out is to get a far more definitive approval, to minimise those adversely affected. It's easier with compromisable issues, but not binary decisions. You simply need a high majority. End of story.
  13. Richard Penna

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    It's good to see positive qualities in someone, and it's nice you can see them. But what I look for is, despite someone's policies, do I really think that at a human level they care about those at the bottom; those most in need? Unfortunately, I really don't think May does. I can't believe that someone who genuinely cares about helping people would enact the policies she does and then repeatedly dodge questions about their adverse effect. She's spent most of her premiership lying and blaming labour. I don't think that someone whose heart is in the right place would need to do that. Oh don't get me started..... Someone at work (who I swear should run for parliament) has published pieces online about how austerity was a political choice that took advantage of the financial crash to claim that everything needed to be cut. I don't know how true that is, but I trust this guy way fucking more than any current politician.
  14. Richard Penna

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    Yes, Brexiteers are violently against it because they're terrified that their technical victory will be stolen. Given the Peoples' Vote marches last month, it would definitely get way more remainers out to vote. While the first vote was 'do you want to leave', it's almost like a second one would be 'do you want to stop it?'.