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  1. One thing I've struggled to understand with schedules is that if a replacement score can physically be written in a week, and yet 'normal' scores are done more in weeks/months, what's changing between those two schedules? Is the composer receiving tons of help for a short schedule? Especially given that replacement scores often seem to have the usual alternate takes and are generally equal in quality, I'd be curious as to what's different that allows the score to be completed in days rather than weeks.
  2. Similar to this. I find BFH serviceable but unremarkable. The other two barely blipped on my radar.
  3. I listened to a few seconds of that track then turned it off.
  4. I don't see why more TV doesn't just use library music. If the nature of the show means that the music isn't really prominent, there are better things for composers to spend their time on.
  5. That score felt to me like Shore hadn't really left Middle Earth at all, and had done a score in the same brooding vein but without the themes. Not a fan.
  6. My annual camping road trip to the western States on Friday, ending with a weekend in San Fran to visit my brother.
  7. I'm not hearing anything beyond some vague melodic similarity. I like Tyler's scores for this series, but his main theme doesn't really do it for me. The first half of that was definitely temped with Petticoat Lane and Hatching Baby Raptor. Particularly from 1:30 - you can just picture Hammond looking solemnly towards the island, and even down to instrumentation at 2:38. The second half sounds more original, but man... they should've just licensed JW's cues for the first half. If ever i were in an editing situation I'd show the composer a copy of the film with a temp track once (so they knew what sort of thing I wanted) and then immediately replace the temp with the shittiest, tinniest stock music I could find (of a quality that no studio would put in a movie). That way, anything the composer produced would be better.
  8. Rather cute analysis from Sherlock above, and to be slightly fair they do refer to the OST and film 'differing' near the end, but it doesn't make their actual analysis any less wrong. I've occasionally tried to explain to someone how a score album usually doesn't have all of a film's music. This has been met with blank stares.
  9. I saw a couple of recent episodes of Family Guy on a plane last year and enjoyed them. I've talked to people who don't like the randomness of a lot of the 'like that time I....' bits, but I find them really funny. I think the fact that it's a more adult comedy than The Simpsons works in its favour as they can do more.
  10. I haven't watched this since the movie so I really don't know what the quality drop has been since then. But I can imagine the cast probably want loads of money to continue by this point, whereas pretty much no one will notice if the music is done by someone else.
  11. I agree with this to the extent that because it has 3 superstar actors, is directed by a superstar director, and appears to feature the Kennedy assassination (you know... respecting history), no critic will dare to speak up if they think it's rubbish.
  12. My god, we're here again already?! 2019 is disappearing fast.
  13. This. Someone on the radio earlier was remarking that if nothing changed after Sandy Hook, it would never change. As long as the 2nd amendment stays where it is, this problem will remain unsolved.
  14. Whaa? You're going through all the crap a label producer has to go through and then Sony/Warner just loses your stuff? Jesus....
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