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  1. Richard Penna

    The Bear McCreary Thread

    Discovered by accident last night that the Outlander season 4 soundtrack is out next Friday and is up for pre-order on Amazon.
  2. Horner's The New World is a beautiful concept album and I couldn't care less about the film. Unfortunately I do tend to find analyses like Thor's a bit on the overanalysing side. Many shots in film are beautifully composed but I think to suggest that there's a hidden meaning in every shot is going too far, and just serves to make the person feel intellectual. Sorry Thor
  3. Richard Penna

    The Mystery of "The Map Room: Dawn"

    Very interesting OP! Unfortunately I'm a musical ignoramus and can't hear whatever it is you've noticed Although my two cents... comes across to me as a podium change that JW decided to try to see how it sounded. Interestingly I was watching the music documentary from The Hobbit last night, and remember the bit where Pope has to make a podium change, and it took a couple of attempts to get it right. Hence I'd always err on the side of assuming the composer has tried something (based on some professional judgement) and it worked great, where it could just have easily have sounded rubbish. In my limited creative experimentation, both happen all the time.
  4. Richard Penna

    What is your most disappointing CD purchase?

    That sort of happened with The Haunting DE. The extra music is just sort of 'there' and is nice, but I don't think I truly needed it on top of the OST. I ended up keeping both programs for posterity. Oh, and Star Trek (2009). I really like the OST and I was taken in by the hype of the time to get the DE.
  5. Richard Penna

    What is your most disappointing CD purchase?

    Ahh, '<insert name> Orchestra'... a very sneaky marketing trick if ever there was one. I wouldn't say 'disappointing', but I've bought a few LEs which have received close to zero playtime (Eraser, Star Trek II) and a couple of boxes for which I overestimated my interest in the music (MOH, Naked Gun) On the opposite end of the scale, I found a used copy of McCreary's first Outlander CD a couple of years ago, having no idea what it sounded like, and being taken aback by how good it was. That purchase is the reason I'm now a fan of the show.
  6. Richard Penna

    The Official Intrada Thread

    If the HP box were available digitally for say 1/3 of the price, how many people would've gone for that instead? I certainly don't have unlimited physical space to put CDs, and I don't so much arrange them for display as stack them on the least full shelf, often in front of other CDs. I put far more value into just being able to listen to the professionally mastered music than worry about the physical media it came on. Hence I don't really think it's sad that people are moving away from physical media. It's a reflection of what method consumers use to play their music.
  7. Knowing you'll have enough stock on that date maybe? You could reserve some units, bit you hardly want to decline an online sale when it's sitting there taking up capital.
  8. Richard Penna

    Death of the Compact Disc

    This! I refuse to pay for Spotify - I need to own the music. As I've said before, I'm starting to let go of CDs, with the recognition that digital downloads are quicker and more economical, and having the music matters way more than owning an object. The one thing you lose by not owning a CD is being able to do gapless rips - a feature I only discovered earlier this year - ripping a section of a CD instead of separate tracks, so that tracks intended to flow into one another are ripped as one track.
  9. Richard Penna

    On The Tank (The Last Crusade)

    Yeah, it's a brass dominated track, but there are definitely strings! Very cool track though.
  10. Richard Penna

    Alan Silvestri's AVENGERS: ENDGAME (2019)

    I'd say this is good, rather than very good. I discovered Elfman/Tyler's Ultron score around the same time and that's getting a bit more playtime. Although that's mainly down to Elfman's material and his really catchy main theme in particular. WIth Endgame it's just a bit too fragmented an experience to enjoy to the same extent.
  11. Richard Penna

    THE ORVILLE - Show Discussion

    This has piqued my interest lately but it looks like one of those shows you can't watch if you're a Netflixer/Primer
  12. Richard Penna

    Will Game Of Thrones end in a satisfying way?

    I sat down with 4 people from my walking group in the pub yesterday, and of the five of us, only one person had even seen the show, and only the first two seasons. It does therefore give me a bit of comfort to know that a show that the world was preaching was to me was 'perfect', maybe, just maybe.... wasn't.
  13. So did I, and was momentarily confused about why someone would be querying how I plan to listen to that score I'll listen to TROS as and when it leaks/is released. Couldn't care less about the film or spoilers.
  14. Music-wise, a key question might be whether Cameron will consider a composer per film, or whether he wants to find someone to commit to all of the sequels. Franglen is capable I'm sure, but for a franchise this expensive and prolific, he's going to want an actual name.
  15. Richard Penna

    The Official Intrada Thread

    'Composed and performed by' is not a phrase you see much these days is it? In this case I suppose it means it's in Edelman's usual synth style. Suppose it makes it cheap to release if there's no orchestra or other orchestrating people to pay.