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  1. I did a massive purge a month or two ago, and I tend to do it every few years. I find it a good test of whether I really need a score - delete it, then if I get a sudden urge to listen to it within the next few days, it comes back. The most notable victim considering where I'm posting: TFA. I realized I only ever listen to Rey's Theme and The Resistance from the FYC.
  2. With Fierce Creatures, I seem to vaguely recall that when Jamie Lee Curtis was touching a chimpanzee (or something like that) and there was some tender music that I couldn't find on the album. It was a long time ago, but I'm sure I'd have combed the album.
  3. The Official Varese Sarabande Thread

    Edit - n/m. I think 'Display Name' meant they should be ready to do AF1.
  4. The Bear McCreary Thread

    Walking Dead is on spotify. There must be future volumes planned, as it's a pretty rubbish amount of music for 7 seasons. My one bit of geek disappointment (and this is pretty much guaranteed to happen at least once with every TV show) is that an absolutely pivotal moment is an alternate - Sophia has a different 'reveal' moment to the show, and I think the TV version is vastly superior. And astonishingly, Mercy of the Living isn't on here (well, it's in a more orchestral from, but not as heard in the pilot). A quick glance at the FSM thread will demonstrate how popular this piece is.
  5. Yes, I think the main problem is length and bloat. The EE is around 4 hours which is stupendously long. I think PJ could've gotten it down to maybe 2:45/3:00 and kept the basic story. Lose some of the Pelennor Fields battle, lots of the ending and you're getting somewhere. The length also allows us to focus too much on some below average CGI in places, which I'd imagine was largely due to the rush to finish the film in time.
  6. The Official Varese Sarabande Thread

    If they regularly release interesting stuff, people wouldn't lose interest. They just need to do what LLL and Intrada do - regularly put out stuff of varying interest. Varese's problem is that they largely ignore their customers and don't communicate anything about what their long term plans are. Hence when they put out batches like this which have a *very* limited appeal, people just shrug and forget about them for another couple of months.
  7. The problem here is that I'd say Fellowship for both, but it's unfair to some extent because the stories get inherently more complex, and time was clearly becoming a luxury, as the trilogy went on. Shore's FotR feels more streamlined, whereas by RotK, I can't shake the feeling that he had written certain bits very quickly, and it shows. PJ was juggling so many storylines by RotK, and while he did a fantastic job (compared to some attempts at epics), I don't think it's as good and 'clean' as FotR.
  8. The Official Varese Sarabande Thread

    I don't see why Varese needs to do these - digital releases for scores of this scale can't be difficult to put out by other independent labels. Varese has far more important work to do with getting their older club releases out.
  9. The white stuff (snow)

    Yeah it was a mix of forest fires and Saharan sand. Probably lasted for only an hour or two but it got people's attention. Now it's just clear skies and a bit cold.
  10. The white stuff (snow)

    And now while you guys have rain and wind, we have the weirdest, blade-runner inspired sky you've ever seen. It's morphing from red to green to orange. Looks exactly like an eclipse does when it's cloudy. Might be the end of the world.
  11. Jurassic Park VS The Lost World

    I think film-wise it's an easy call: JP. TLW is a mess, and while I can see the overall story arc, there are too many things going on, and given how SS treated JW's score in many scenes, he was clearly having problems with the tone. I also think he really should have reconsidered the entire San Diego ending. Score: I went for JP too, but that was very close. JP is more beautiful, with unforgettable set pieces and a sense of child-like wonder that will never leave me. TLW is way more complex to my ears, and has a ton of fantastic set pieces, but it's more of a task to listen to the whole thing, and could use a melodic break now and then. Having said that, the TLW concert arrangement is one of my all-time favourites, and kicks f****g ASS! I also think that SS's tracking in both films works really well - I recreated several of them when I got my box, and the use of the respective 'hero' themes works better than what JW came up with in most cases. I've never really liked the raptor theme at the climax of T-Rex Rescue, and the end of Ceiling Tiles sounds very anti-climatic without the TLW theme almost literally saving the day.
  12. I'm surprised AF1 hasn't come out yet. It's probably the highest profile 30-minuter which has yet to be rescued. It would be nice to see The Mummy come out too. Although both of these would seem largely symbolic to me, as we've already got them in their entirety. I struggle to think off the top of my head of any unreleased and unobtainable Goldsmith I need. I've felt that way since The Edge came out.
  13. The white stuff (snow)

    Might make it a bit warmer. That's all it's doing for us South Easterners.
  14. The white stuff (snow)

    I will be watching with empathy.
  15. The white stuff (snow)

    Probably never been such a contrast in weather - you get a storm, we get a >20c heatwave.