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  1. Richard Penna

    RIP Nick Redman

    Wow I'd pictured him as younger than that for some reason. RIP.
  2. Richard Penna

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    Well it's not clear who was at fault. If (if) it was the other driver going too fast or not paying attention (or something like that) then age probably isn't relevant. There'd better not be any knee-jerk reaction from the council because a Royal was involved and they have to be seen to be doing something. They should treat this no different to any other road incident. Anyway.... this is a Brexit thread.
  3. Richard Penna

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    I read something last year about what happens when the Queen dies. Everything in the media stops. It's probably the one thing that would absolutely guarantee The Maybot would extend article 50 because it would be political and public suicide to do anything except kiss the feet of the Queen for the next week.
  4. Richard Penna

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    Meh, god knows what happens now. I don't think the Maybot does either.
  5. Richard Penna

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    And The Maybot makes a statement saying.... absolutely bugger all. How ironic that she keeps saying that we must proceed in the national interest, when every government analysis says that any version of Brexit is damaging. This stupid woman (a phrase I hope Corbyn actually did say) is in total denial. "It is my duty to deliver on the British people's instructions" a) Just what were those instructions, Maybot? Chequers? Canada? Norway? Unicorns? 350M for the NHS? Blue Passports? b) Just how the hell are you planning to do that now? c) It's actually only about 35% of the country who actually voted for this (turnout considered).
  6. Richard Penna

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    You misinterpreted my JP quote... Ah, gotcha. That's now twice that May has effectively used taxpayers' money to buy power.
  7. Richard Penna

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    I thought I heard earlier that there were nowhere near enough Labour MPs to win it, and that it would rely on some Tory rebels. I guarantee it! Ugh, I'm getting so sick of self-righteous, smug Brexiters being interviewed outlining the purely technical process by which we have the irrevocable will to leave the EU. If I had to make a decision and was faced with the same margin that May just won by, I would ignore the result and make my decision using some other criteria. Because that result indicates a split, and nothing more.
  8. Richard Penna

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    Wow. Got that wrong! Means a lot of Tories don't like their own government. It's a Brexit-style majority all over again. With a winning margin of just 19 she can't possibly consider that a 'victory'. Now that a GE is ruled out, will Corbyn finally endorse a second vote? It's just been pointed out by the BBC that if the DUP hadn't supported her, she'd have lost by one vote. The maybot continues to buy her power.
  9. Richard Penna

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    Watching PMQs today was especially cringeworthy. May is in total denial that her deal has been obliterated.
  10. Richard Penna

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    Only 20? I reckon May's going to win this spectacularly. Assuming the total number is 600, I'm going to guess about 500 nayes. Bercow's started the process so we'll know in a few mins.
  11. I realised that a version of the Main Title I've had for about 15 years is the Prague re-recording. The string statement at the end is slower and richer than the score version. The Erich Kunzel version of Re-Entry and Splashdown also works very well as a more concert-like presentation, omitting the more dramatic/tragic-suggestive section.
  12. The bit at 12:42 onwards is becoming a current Powell favourite moment. I'd love to know what's happening on screen. This is sounding good! (The song not so much - could they not have used one of Powell's melodies?)
  13. Richard Penna

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    I interpret it as the former. I think there's a very real chance he'd win a GE given the government's scandalous track record.
  14. That wouldn't surprise me - I have old versions of edits and album covers lying around all over the place. Although obviously I don't do it professionally, in which case I'd expect to be a tad more organised.
  15. But don't LLL and Varese post artwork too? It would surprise me greatly if it were something that cost the labels so much that receiving one complaint about an incorrect upload causes them to reconsider. @Jay yeah my comments are directed at Roger's quotes. I agree 100%,