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  1. Listened to Stampede and Battle for Pride Rock/Remember. Rather good stuff.
  2. The only bits I particularly like from the score are the full Jungle Chase sequence, the brief bit for Indy vs the Russian and 'The Departure'. Of all 3, Crusade is the only one I want genuinely complete, so I'm quietly hoping the definitives come out separately.
  3. I'd really rather SS dropped Indy altogether. If you ignore the existence of KotCS, you have a perfect trilogy that doesn't need to be added to. JW's score for KotCS was serviceable but hardly something that makes me want a 5th film or score.
  4. I would be amazed if this weren't being worked on in some capacity, however early stages it might be. Williams is in a completely different mindset than he was when Concord made their set.
  5. Cameron? Edit - or Malick? I'd imagine the New World experience didn't make any new friends. I don't think you'd notice any of the editing in the film on first viewing, at least. And only we'd notice it subsequently. For the purposes of the general moviegoing public the score does what it needs do. All Cameron did was irritate his editors and some film score fans.
  6. How is that different for, for example, an artist reaching a certain stage in their career before being invited to play the headline slot at Glastonbury? I'm 'content' with this announcement, although it's mostly because of the potential alternatives. But to score a film as a big as a tentpole franchise film you're going to want someone with a certain level of experience. I don't remember being disgusted (or variant of) when Balfe was announced. That feeling was entirely felt when I heard the score....
  7. Yep, love those two. Other favourites are King and Lionheart, Organs, and We Sink. The latter has an almost cinematic ending.
  8. Really got into Of Monsters and Men this week. I'd already heard 'Crystals' from the The Good Dinosaur trailer and 'Dirty Paws' from someone playing it on holiday last year, but something made me look up their two albums on Spotify and now I'm hooked.
  9. Too expensive for Bond? Hard time believing that could be true. May just be a similar case to Mendes, where the director really wants to work with their usual composer. Listening to that track from Far Cry 5 and it's really nice though.
  10. So Arnold wasn't being coy when he kept saying he had no news Based on the tracks above, which sound totally un-Bond-like, he must've submitted one hell of a demo to the producers.
  11. The sinking sequence is the only part which I remember being a creative and editorial mess. Most of the bits I liked were simply tracked (such as Rose looking for Jack). The interesting bit for me was the dive sequence which I think creatively works quite well (with a bit tracked in several times from a cue much later in the score) but just suffers from bad editing because Horner's original cue didn't allow for it.
  12. Definitely Potter. JP could contend, but the lack of the film mix of Ripples enables Potter to claim it.
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