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  1. Richard Penna

    The Official Intrada Thread

    Where did those suggestions come from?
  2. Richard Penna

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    *facepalm* I think this interview with Anna Soubry really encapsulates the current mood, specifically where she says that this is the biggest dereliction of duty by a UK government in history and that clearly she doesn't have a Plan B. And the arrogance this woman has to blame parliament for a failure to get her deal through, when almost everything she said at the last PMQs was a lie or a non answer. How fucking dare she.
  3. Richard Penna

    The Official Intrada Thread

    Unfounded speculation: It's such a big or obvious title that if Roger said anything else, we'd guess it.
  4. Richard Penna

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    In response to PMQs today, I have one comment: May has to go. She's a self-serving, reckless failure of a PM, blaming everyone but her for the current crisis. The fact that she refuses to revoke A50 9 days before the cliff edge, even though her deal is dead, demonstrates how breathtakingly reckless she is being with the country, in order to preserve her power. I'm now really nervous that we're heading for No Deal by default because of her arrogance and incompetence.
  5. The Mummy is in my top two Goldsmith scores (with The Edge). The Ghost and the Darkness has some good parts and I got the expansion for my birthday a few years ago, but somehow it never entirely clicked. Might give it another chance.
  6. Richard Penna

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    If May was anything except a self-serving, arrogant little toad and had an ounce of dignity left in her, she'd revoke A50 and resign. She's failed. PMQs could be interesting tomorrow - there's really only one important question: what reason are you giving Tusk for the extension?
  7. Yes I remember some comments about thart not being complete. Weird.
  8. If you've decided on a single CD, something has to go.... Astonishingly it was released nearly a decade ago. If it were released today it would be 2 CDs without blinking.
  9. Those microedits essentially killed any chance of my buying it. The full Ontological Shock was particularly important to me. It was a very half-assed 'DE'. It must've occurred to Townson, even informally, that what they were releasing was inferior to what was already out there.
  10. I would also consider it his weakest multi-score year. CoS is the only score from that year that I truly enjoy. Bits of MR too. CMIYC is not to my tastes, and the less said about AotC the better.
  11. Richard Penna

    Brexit: The Official Thread

  12. Richard Penna

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    If May gets third time lucky next week, then it will be a short extension to get the legislation through and May will be the smuggest piece of shit since Farage on referendum night. If she doesn't then it will be a long extension. Question is, will the ERG be so afraid of a delay (and potential stoppage) that they'll begrudgingly vote for her deal at the last minute? I'm sure labour won't because Corbyn wants his customs union-related thing, and DUP still won't because there's nothing May can do about the Irish border (unless some clever computer type person says he's found some technology behind the sofa).
  13. Richard Penna

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    Even JoB has run out of things to say at this point. Earlier today I was really angry that it's come to this point. Now I'm just sad. And Farage was at it again, imploring the EU to ignore the 'Will Of Parliament' and refuse an extension. What a hypocritical piece of fecal matter.
  14. Richard Penna

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    Well, this is going nice and smoothly. Things parliament doesn't want: May's deal No deal 2nd referendum Labour's plan Things parliament wants: Unicorns for everyone
  15. Richard Penna

    Do you own the OST to STAR WARS (excluding recent rereleases)?

    I own 4 Williams Star Wars albums, and Ep IV isn't one of them.