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  1. I watched a bit of the first episode and got bored after a while. I don't remember any of the music.
  2. The Concord box definitely wasn't the best that could be done with those scores. It was a product of its time, when JW was uncomfortable with adding additional music to his albums, and also the person doing the tape transfers apparently not knowing what they were doing. (pitch problems) Surely in practical terms, there's nothing that makes them more difficult to expand than any other scores during the 80s. But it's Indy, which brings all sorts of complicated baggage and pretentiousness.
  3. Well, it likely didn't cause an absolute meltdown because we'd had at least one massive clue that it was coming.
  4. Judging by the JWFan analysis, looks like JW excluded quite a lot of small bits of score and put concert versions on instead.
  5. That'll be so it gets Oscar consideration won't it? Such a stupid archaic rule.
  6. Sometimes it has to happen if the OST assembly is going to be finished and a product ready to buy to coincide with the film's release. Particularly for scores that need a lot of editing and arranging to make a 'listening experience'.
  7. Aren't the cutoffs of this sort basically inaudible to humans? If the problem were more prominent, such as like the lossy first issue of Thomas Bergersen's American Dream, which was a huge screw-up, then for a £100 box it would be unacceptable, but for something that we can't even hear it's easily let go.
  8. It's an issue that has baffled me for years, the idea of charging labels such high fees that no one can actually afford to release anything and the union members make no money. And yes, especially when you consider the session leaks which give no money to the players or the composer. I've no doubt that the union would make a passionate argument for why they operate like this, but as of yet I don't know what that argument is.
  9. I think there's a difference between kids an adults with this sort of surprise. If that just happened with an adult (and shall we say, a slightly older artist...) then that sort of reaction would be mega awkward. A simple 'oh wow!' and handshake would suffice. But with kids I think the 'freaking out' thing is more normal. Also depends on whether the artist genuinely wanted to meet some young fans, or whether they just said yes to some YouTube channel.
  10. My parents consider driving an absolutely essential life skill, so I started learning around the time I went to uni, essentially taking lessons whenever I was home. A few years later than some around here would have, but it meant I could drive when I started work.
  11. Yep, I'm curious as to how it looks in C&C fashion, especially Viktor leaving the airport, which appears to be a mixture of score recorded for a different ending, and tracking of Jazz Autographs. I could never figure out whether that track was a concert piece that SS found worked for the ending, or is a revised score cue that JW repurposed into a concert piece.
  12. My thinking is along these lines. Surely a studio doesn't want to acknowledge in any official way the existence of bootlegs or a leak of its property, and would rather use an inferior source that came from within their own archives. It doesn't make practical sense, especially given that some composers leak or give out their own scores in perfectly releasable quality, but I don't think image-conscious companies like admitting that stuff leaks.
  13. I recently re-discovered Hidalgo via the expanded set and there's a lot of good unreleased music. I'd buy an official 2CD in a heartbeat. Having said that, I'm not quite following how you get this score from "a major Disney title and the resulting 2-CD release". Disney has a lot of scores...
  14. My playlist has always been 42 minutes, with Pre-Crime To The Rescue having the only suspense music. All the other stuff (Spyders, the chase sequences, the Sean material), is awesome.
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