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  1. Why is it, that Angela's Ashes can't be expanded/remastered then. Or did I mix up something?
  2. Short question: does DECCA now belong to SONY?
  3. Nemesis

    Where do I begin with LOTR?

    Thanks for all your inputs. I will give the OST another try!
  4. Can you recommend important / very good tracks which could open the door for the LOTR music for me? I have all the recordings but have yet to find access to the music. Thankful for any help
  5. Wait, The Patriot isn't Sony right?
  6. Now it's fewer than 15...
  7. I love Home Improvement!
  8. New epic celtic music track "The Path of the Warrior" added:
  9. Well, of course it's here! But right now I don't listen to The Cowboys
  10. I'm glad that my set - besides some broken teeth in the case - came in perfect condition!