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  1. I have all OSTs of these. Too bad the speed on Raiders is wrong...
  2. New single released

    Another single I just released is a solo guitar piece which is inspired by Hawaiian music:
  3. Just wait some months and it will be our holy grail.
  4. THE POST - FYC (For Your Consideration) Album

    The question is: will it be shared here?
  5. New single released

    I'm glad it entertained you!
  6. New single released

    My dear JWFan fellowers I recently released my first single and now I want it to share with the world. It's a piano track. I am aware that nobody waited for my music. But I appreciate every help I get to spread it all over the world! Maybe there are some well-meaning members here who help a "little tiny" musician? Anyway, I have no expectations. So, if you like my track I would be very thankful if you would share it on social media. I think, there is worse out there (just kidding)! Thank you very much!!
  7. La La Land Records Black Friday 2017

    Man, can't wait for CE3K!
  8. Anniversary Fanfare

    Anybody else? 😅
  9. Best Christmas Music

    Miracle on 34th Street by Broughton is fantastic! Blizzard by McKenzie is also always on my playlist.
  10. Concert Band Music

    If you're fan of concert band music you my like this:
  11. Anniversary Fanfare

    Thank you Thor, you're comment is much appreciated!
  12. Anniversary Fanfare

    Do you think it's too "Williamsy"?