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  1. I do hope it is the last. Its not very good until the halfway mark. There are a couple nods to original that show how superior that 1st entry was.
  2. I prefer the original but I like both.
  3. Josh. I got John Cavacas' Airport 1975. Airport came out in 1970. My mom had an LP with its theme
  4. Thanks for the laugh. I was lucky enough to find Johnny Williams at a young age. About 4. And I had my first soundtrack at a young age as well. Again about 4. My mom sensed my love of film music so over the years we had many soundtrack LP. The greatest day as a teenager was coming home from the 9th grade and laying on my bed were three soundtracks. Airport 1975, Earthquake, and the Towering Inferno. My mom rocked.
  5. JoeinAR

    Favorite Star Wars finale and end credits music?

    Star Wars is the best always has been always will be. All the others are lesser. That said rebel fleet and The Jedi steps are amazing.
  6. JoeinAR

    The small talk Thread

    Fake tree dont smell at all. But real Christmas wreaths are the way to go for the south. I doubt you have many t-shirt and shorts Christmas times.
  7. JoeinAR

    The small talk Thread

    Fake trees are fabulous. Real trees are too but major fire hazards.
  8. John had it so easy. Everything was given to him. He worked for gems like I Passed for White Gidget goes to Rome Daddy-O Daddy's Gone A-Hunting. Ah the Classics.
  9. JoeinAR

    The small talk Thread

    im a big ole queer as you know. I have an embarrassing # of Christmas trees. I put up hundreds of ornaments each year both old and new. I have stuff older than anyone here. I cant use it all but I use alot. Rotation is the key. But there are two constants on the trees, Peanits ornaments and Star Trek ornaments.
  10. Again stop the madness. WILLIAMS is so much better than Herrmann ever could be on his best day. Perhaps you should be posting your views @bhfan.com i hear its a shriek of a site
  11. Sorry don't know what the fuck you are saying
  12. Airport is not a disaster film for that exact reason you state. But it does have similar construction. It certainly is a platform for great scoring.
  13. He earned those opportunities through his reputation He wasn't givin anything. Spielberg recognized his talent and wanted to collaborate. John could have easily failed as he succeded. The fact that John didn't screw up his opportunities bodes well too. And in the long run JW did more for SS.
  14. Stop the madness. John worked his ass off and deserves the title of America's Greatest Living Composer. If others didn't make it they didn't do the work to make it.
  15. JoeinAR

    What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    Garhage list. Probably compiled by millennials Blair Witch, the badabook scary. Zzzzzzzzzz Some films belong others more be forgotten. Saw....pure trash. Torture horror is among the lowest