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  1. Women who wait till everything is rung up before beginning to look for her damned debit card. And then she has to go back to get her 13 cent discount for having Prime. I shoulda cut the bitch.
  2. We didn't get our first color tv until 1968. It was 27 inches and we thought it was so big.i had a 9' black and white in my bedroom. We were in that sweet spot between Boston, Manchester and Portland. We had 14 over the are channels.
  3. Don't. It is garbage. Its really bad. He has done better. But this is 1/2 star.
  4. Its a valid thread. More timely than my 4 year old thread though interesting that my answers are virtually the same. Stefan referring to the Game of Thrones theme as an ear worm is apt. Its a damaging piece of.... calling it music is an insult so I wont.
  5. Roddenberry was a fool to believe a utopia would exist let alone be entertaining.
  6. Easily the greatest to me are Lost in Space Season 1 & 2, and season 3 theme(i alternate which I think is better). Goldsmiths The Walton's theme (season 2 version is the best rendition). The Rockford Files and Hawaii 5-0 (original series), are phenomenal as is The Wild Wild West. Star Trek is fantastic.
  7. No more Kelvin universe. Make it a general order like you can't mention Michael Burnham or spore drive.
  8. I like ND's Ice skating film better. BLADES of Glory. I still can't stop laughing at the North Koreans skate scene result.
  9. Very well. I too apologize for overreacting. Now back to the king of the one star scores.
  10. Really only one? Math is a different thing these days. at least Justin had the balls to say what others may or may not have implied.
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