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  1. JW has reached such a high standard, it could be argued that (almost) anything he writes is a masterpiece. But that's not the point, I assume. Is it among the best JW scores of all time? Probably not. I can think of at least 30 other JW scores that I personally consider to be superior. Is it among the best efforts from JW since 2000? Most definitely!
  2. Star Wars is really a big deal for any JW fan. So I wanted to get all the different editions, although the content is basically the same. Plus, I liked the cover art.
  3. Who said I need them? I just bought them for my collection. I'm a collector. Those who buy different editions of classic books or pieces of art, you think they need them? No. They're collectors.
  4. I own all the OST albums of all 8 movies, plus all the expanded versions from Sony Classical, RCA, and Disney! The only thing I regret is getting the most recent Disney rereleases... They sound worse than the original soundtracks!
  5. My copy? Don't we all have the same copy? Or are there multiple editions of this? I remember buying this album. For the life of me, I can't remember whether I actually listened to it. I'm still busy with Harry Potter... 😂
  6. "The Walk to Buckbeak"! I love the short but atmospheric and kind of reassuring oboe solo at the beginning. Also the English horn (coupled with the harp) toward the end reminds me of A.I.... What a little gem!
  7. I used to be a huge fan of the TV series 24. So I couldn't help but notice that two actors who won Oscars this year had major roles on that show. Regina King played President Wayne Palmer's sister in Season 6, and Rami Malek played a terrorist who accidentally blew himself up in Season 8!
  8. It was a simpler time, that's for sure. Like making a date with someone... And unable to cancel at the last minute because nobody owns a cell phone. You had to stick to your plans.
  9. Not sure how old you are, but have you been collecting music before the advent of digital music? I have. I was actually listening to the CDs themselves when I started getting into film scores, and I was so lazy putting the CDs back in their respective cases. Also, when you were on the go, you actually had to pick a CD or two you wanted to take along (say, Jurassic Park and the Spielberg/Williams Collaboration album). Now that was messy! Compared to those times, it's a blessing what we have now! So I really don't give a damn whether the Indy series or the Harry Potter series are slightly out of order in my media library or music player... I'm still slightly baffled and endlessly grateful I can carry my entire music collection in my pocket!
  10. Yeah, I actually know what you're talking about. I remember giving this issue some thought 15 years ago, when the OSTs came out and I was just beginning to use digital music players and was organising my music collection.... But again, I don't have OCD. The time I've given this issue thought is maybe twenty minutes total. I'd rather focus all my attention and concentration on the music and its aspects themselves rather than these extraneous issues. So what CoS comes before PS, and KotCS comes before ToD (while RotLA is completely elsewhere)? One gets used to it, like everything else in life. The important thing is to be able to find them as quickly as possible.... Actually, knowingly or unknowingly, I've done that with the Star Wars series. They're labeled on my player Star Wars Episode l The Phantom Menace, Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones, etc. I could do that with HP too, but then why bother? It's just 3 movies, not 30!
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