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  1. One can tell that many people here have no idea about the creative process. If the soundtrack to a movie is around two hours for example, it's not like the composer wrote 3 hours of music and only one hour was discarded, rejected, or got lost. He wrote literally 20 hours of music! And that's a conservative estimate. Most of it is no good, but more importantly, the composer thought it's no good. The creative process is one of a never-ending series of error and trial, half-baked and stupid ideas, and picking out the gems from the whole mess. This applies to not just music, by the way, but to the literary process as well. For example: Williams wrote over 300 examples of the iconic five-tone motif for Close Encounters—before Spielberg chose the one incorporated into the film's signature theme. If you want everything he wrote, you want all 300 examples? And that's just one theme!
  2. Agreed! I remember watching that scene with Nedry over and over again (man, how that car jumps!) just to listen to the music. Very short cue, but it's awesome. This sounds like something out of Raiders, almost!
  3. Well, JW is still alive. We can worry about the unpublished and unperformed music after his death. I'm sure the relevant people will. Not sure what the OP intended, but imo everything he wrote is just too broad. That can literally amount to anything.
  4. It should be everything released, whether in film or on CD. What JW writes but decides not to publish is anybody's guess. That could be anything at all....
  5. Again, your statement is so general as to have no meaning whatsoever.
  6. And now we assume JW composes two minutes a day. That's 30 days. And now let's assume Mozart composed 1 hour of music every day, for 30 years.... Blah blah. So? Sorry, but your statement is so general as to have no meaning whatsoever! Now this makes more sense.
  7. Josh500

    Rate "The Adventures of Tintin"!

    This reminds me... When is Peter Jackson gonna do part 2? This was supposed to be a trilogy, right? I'd love for JW to continue with this series, develop the themes farther!
  8. Unfortunately, air disaster movies are a genre JW hasn't dabbled in so far. The plane crash in ToD is probably the closest thing, and he scored it truly magnificently! I still think this entire sequence starting from "Indy Negotiates" is JW at the very top of his game.
  9. Hmmm. I'm getting really curious about the Airport soundtrack. Not sure I like it so far, but it's not bad at all. But this is a disaster movie, right? The main theme actually sounds like it's from a light-hearted comedy or something. No sign or foreshadowing of the disaster.... Or am I missing something? Oh, I just saw you were talking about the sequel. I think I like this title theme better. At least, at first listen.
  10. I meant from the composers you mentioned above.
  11. I'm talking about underrated among us, of course, the film score fans, and especially the John Williams fans! The general (listening) public doesn't listen to film scores at all. So it's certainly not about them and what they think is underrated or not. Agreed! đź‘Ť This somehow reminds me of the David Arnold's African chase and fight music from Casino Royale....
  12. So which soundtracks specifically do you own? And which are your favourites?
  13. Good one! Yes, considering how good it is, it's rather underrated, all right.
  14. This scene is certainly very well scored... Evokes the Golden Age era, but it's not too over the top, either.