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  1. Exactly! Anyway, I'll probably get this. Even though I'll probably listen to it only once or twice... Ever. 😅
  2. I love getting the complete scores just to own all the music (especially if a particularly good cue or cues are missing on the OST albums), but that's all. As for listening experience, for me at least, it can go both ways. I often don't have the time and energy to listen to the complete scores of, say, Empire of the Sun or even E.T. or Jaws from beginning to end. Oftentimes the highlights on the OST albums are sufficient to satisfy my immediate needs.
  3. Looks amateurish, somehow. Like it was done with Microsoft Word or something.
  4. I love the score to Amistad, but all the highlights are already on the OST album, aren't they? Can't think of a must have cue still missing....
  5. Why? What's wrong with it?
  6. Well, who owns this album? If you do, give us your honest opinion on this! Personally, I don't have this (yet). But I'm thinking of getting it, mostly for completeness' sake.
  7. Yeah, I'm really digging WotW now. Both movie and music are fantastic. I've come around; when this movie first came out I was less than blown away. Hard to believe this is already 14 years old!
  8. I'm hoping Minority Report or War of the Worlds. Two of the best dark action scores from JW you can really get lost in.
  9. This movie, though.... 😂 Even the trailer looks so stupid, it hurts my eyes just watching it.
  10. Nope, I don't even have the Blue Box. I only got the Japanese version of the OST of Superman (the one with the extra track) and Rhino's expanded version. Yeah, I'll have to get this LLL's version of Superman ASAP. Not sure about 2, 3, or 4! This should do the trick!
  11. So is it worth getting IYO? Much better than the Rhino version?
  12. So I've decided to get LLL's Superman... Except it's temporarily out of stock now. Hopefully it'll be available again soon. Don't much care for the other four releases, even if JW was involved marginally in these projects.
  13. So you ordered it, received a copy of it, and then forgot all about it, and ordered it again? This reminds me, I also still have spare copies of A.I. and The Jurassic Park Collection... Not due to the forgetfulness but by design. Seem rather useless now. 😂
  14. Did anybody here actually get these? ANYBODY? If I get Superman and Superman IV, I'll probably get II and III as well. My inner completist will demand that. I haven't bought a single CD from John Williams since the HP boxset a few months ago. I'm getting thirsty again... thirsty for new JW soundtracks...
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