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  1. No love for The Fugitive? This is a case where I saw the movie, and immediately I had to get the music. The helicopter chase in particular is fantastic.
  2. When did he ever mention Mozart? I'm actually surprised not more people mention JNH. How many JNH scores do you own? I own only 2, but I like them well enough. The Fugitive and ER.
  3. I agree, although I wouldn't exactly compare Mozart and Beethoven with John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith! 😂 That's really comparing apples and oranges.
  4. Favorite Jerry Goldsmith score and why?

    As a novice Goldsmith collector (so far I collected around 30!), I love this thread! My top 10, so far: 1. Poltergeist 2. Basic Instinct 3. Alien 4. Total Recall 5. Gremlins 6. Rambo - First Blood 7. Dennis the Menace 8. Planet of the Apes 9. Congo 10. Malice
  5. Hard to imagine it's better than CR! I gotta get ahold of this one of these days....
  6. I don't know David Arnold well enough to comment one way or another, but I'll take your word for it. By the way, I never realized Tomorrow Never Dies was so high up there! Would you say this is DA'S best Bond score?
  7. I think Casino Royale is pretty high up there too!
  8. Yes, Elton John is gay. So? You like him? 😂
  9. ALL the songs were written by Elton John! The Lion King score is great, buy let's be honest, the highlights really ARE the songs!
  10. The only Hans Zimmer score I own is Lion King, which is quite good actually.
  11. Really? Do you have this too?
  12. By the way, just because there are different many Hans Zimmer fans here. Anybody know the score to Hannibal? How is it? I recently saw this score for 2 bucks. 😂
  13. I thought it was okay. The main theme is cool, yes, but that's it, and even by this I'm not so impressed that I want to start an Elfman collection...
  14. Wow, Elfman and Goldenthal are really popular here. Personally, I don't much like Elfman (the best thing he's done is The Simpsons theme, IMHO), and I don't know any Goldenthal score at all!