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  1. Can't wait! If even the samples sound so absolutely fantastic, can't imagine what the actual album will sound like. I'm starting to expect a noticeable and considerable sound quality improvement! Gotta be honest, I'm as excited as when A.I. was released!
  2. Quick question regarding ordering on LLL. Is a PayPal account mandatory now, if you want to order directly from LLL? Isn't it possible anymore to pay just with your credit card, the old fashioned way?
  3. Very slight improvement in the case of A.I. I didn't notice a big improvement there.
  4. That's what I wanted to hear! Fantastic, just absolutely awesome!
  5. These are two vastly different movies, the only common denominators might be that both are set in the future and both are, at its core, about family relationships, love, and loss. I think, in the end, it's a matter of taste. Well, the scope of the movie is different. MR deals mostly with the fate of one man. A.I. deals with the fate of one little robot-boy as well as that of the entire humanity.
  6. Who's to say you won't feel the same way about Minority Report? Not sure whether I consider A.I. a masterpiece (why exactly? Because of "Monica's Theme" ? "Abandoned in the Woods"?), but if I do, I'm apt to consider Minority Report a masterpiece as well. If anything, personally, I find the latter somewhat a more enjoyable listening experience than the former.
  7. At this point, I'm not completely sure which I am happier about. The complete A.I. or the complete Minority Report. Both are JW in absolute top form.
  8. Any info on how many units have been sold so far, though? The HP boxset, I mean. But A.I. is long sold out, right? I don't follow these updates, I have no idea.
  9. I wonder how long it'll take for this to sell out... My guess is around six months to a year, but who the heck knows? Maybe it'll sell out in 48 hours! Anything seems feasible, somehow. It's just 3,500 copies after all. The HP boxset is sold out, right?
  10. Well, there opinions differ. I think it's pretty well assembled. Which isn't to say, of course, that the complete release won't be better. For an OST album, in my opinion, it's pretty solid. But what are some of the highlights for you that DIDN'T make it onto the OST album?
  11. It occurred to me that MR has probably one of the best assembled OST albums. Seemingly every highlight is on it! Can't think of a single memorable cue NOT on the OST album (except source music, of course, which wasn't penned by JW anyway)!
  12. Rewatching this now, and it strikes me once again how incredibly talented Spielberg is. This scene is incredibly well imagined, visualized, and shot. The score is of course what puts it over the top. Yes. "Pre-Crime to the Rescue" on the OST runs 5:48, whereas the two tracks "Pre-Crime to the Rescue" Part I and II on the new LLL edition run 8:22 altogether... So there must be some new (meaning previously unavailable) music included on the latter. I wonder why this piece has been split up in two parts, though. Can't say for certain without listening to the new album, but I generally prefer cues like these to be included in or combined into one long track.... Even if there is a pause in the movie between them!
  13. Indeed it has been. For some reason I always assumed only parts of it made it on the OST, not the whole thing.... Listening to it now!
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