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  1. Josh500

    John Williams - La-La Land Records: 2019

    Back when the LLL's Hook came out, I remember we went through the exact same thing as we did just now with the HP set. Ordering the minute (hell, the second!) it went online, wondering whether it'll sell out within hours, days, or weeks, getting furious and impatient over the postal service being unacceptably slow and generally ineffective, agonising over what might be missing or what might have been screwed up on the album, almost insanely exhilarated and happy when it finally arrived.... Talk about deja vu! 😂
  2. Josh500

    John Williams - La-La Land Records: 2019

    Don't give them ideas! I forgot what was the issue with the previous expansion of Hook again? It was incomplete, it had pitch issues, it joined together unrelated cues...? Hook is a score that hasn't been high on my list of favourites so far. Dunno why, maybe it's because I disliked the movie, I just never got into it.
  3. Josh500

    John Williams - La-La Land Records: 2019

    They could do a Tom Cruise John Williams boxset. Far and Away, Minority Report, War of the Worlds... Ah, the possibilities (albeit not very likely) are endless!
  4. Josh500

    John Williams - La-La Land Records: 2019

    Can't wait for JFK! I don't think a lot of music is missing from the OST, but I cannot wait to get a hold of some very good incidental cues.... Plus, "Prologue" and "The Conspirators" maybe remastered?
  5. So does anybody have an update on how many sets sold so far? And how many sets made up the first batch? Come to think of it, that must have been one humongous batch, consisting of what? 3,000 HP sets? Or more?
  6. Josh500

    John Williams - La-La Land Records: 2019

    I'd like to see the Oliver Stone trilogy: Born on the Fourth of July, JFK, and Nixon. A 6-CD boxset. That's unlikely to happen, since all three movies were made by different studios, but I guess one can always hope. JFK is slated to happen soon anyway, so why not make a three movies deal out of it?
  7. Oh you have only listened to PoA so far? Yeah, you'll be blown away!
  8. Agreed! But for me, it's the whole set. I'm starting to think of these 3 Harry Potter John Williams scores as one big giant symphony, with three movements.
  9. Well, depends on what your definition of "immersive" here is. If you mean it's immersive because of combination picture and live performance, then needless to say, a CD set can't compete.
  10. Oh, I know you do. Trust me, I know. And the whole world does too, including the Russians and the Chinese. That's why they call you guys dumb warmongers, I guess. Thank you for proving my point. Athough I'm sure not all Americans are like you, too many still are... It's sad, very sad.
  11. Well, that's natural, though, isn't it? It's John Williams conducting the orchestra and coaxing the best out of the players under a controlled setting (meaning it's not a live performance, where a few mistakes are always bound to happen)...
  12. Agreed! It's a new, exhilarating experience. Unforgettable.
  13. Yeah, me neither. And I'm not actively looking for something wrong with it, either, like some of us seem to be doing.
  14. Nobody wants to conquer America. Conquering other nations based on propaganda lies... That was Hitler's thing, wasn't it? And of course that's what the US government has always been doing. Nobody thanks America for that, I'm sure.
  15. The difference is, we're not so dumb as to claim that, like many of you guys do 24/7. 😂 Start cussing again? Don't lose your nerve now. I'm thinking probably not the truth.