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  1. Gotta try that. I'm usually not a fan of Mexican food, but I'm open for something new!
  2. That's in America. I think in Europe and most other places, pizza is generally seen as fast food (certainly not as a proper nourishing and healthy meal), unless it's in an upscale Italian restaurant. Subway... The food there somehow seems healthier. I've eaten there, yeah.
  3. So what does this offer what the other burger chains don't?
  4. Yeah, that's okay, pizza place or other fast food joints! Never been to Chick-fil-a! Is the food there better than KFC or about the same?
  5. Anybody enjoy eating at a particular fast food restaurant except the ones mentioned above?
  6. A Beautiful Mind. I actually own that score and have never listened to it so far. I should.
  7. Wow, so around 50% will definitely get this! Better than it initially looked. I thought almost nobody will purchase this.
  8. I agree that "Revisiting Normandy" is fantastic. And "The Last Battle" is basically the continuation of the former. If you think about it, the entire bookending scene at the current-day Normandy cemetery is scored, and it's basically one big, heart-stirring, sweeping concert piece. Also, in "The Last Battle, what stands out is the death of Captain Miller. Along with the heavenly and somehow hypnotic "Omaha Beach theme," it's in my opinion the single most gut-wrenching and heartwarming moment of the entire score. The sinking clarinets and the mourning French horns are reminiscent of the most touching moments of War Horse. Watch the ending carefully again.... It took me a while to "discover" this myself, but this is really JW (and Spielberg) in top form, and it gets me every time. Music starts at around 2:05, and the death scene is at around 3:50. Also, the transition moment at 6:00 is elegantly scored with warm strings--another favourite moment of mine.
  9. James Cameron Oliver Stone (another one!) A James Bond movie.
  10. It is! It seems to me, though, that many people who see the greatness of WH miss the greatness of SPR! These two scores are actually surprisingly similar, in the way they use horns, trumpets, military drums, and strings to evoke various emotions related to war.
  11. The new version plays around a little more, elaborates on old ideas, and offers a more original orchestration. But I think nothing beats the original. Both are fantastic pieces, but the original is just a classic, still the best version.
  12. Well, to be fair, that's a major concert piece, not just any one cue. But I'm surprised people didn't vote more evenly. The way it is, WH stands head and shoulders above the rest....
  13. Yeah, you're right. That stands out. And I actually expected more people to vote for SPR, if only just for the hymn.
  14. For me, it was either War Horse or Saving Private Ryan. In the end, I went with SPR, because these days I listen this score constantly. The last time I listened to WH... Maybe a year back? I can't even remember. Time to listen to WH again...