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  1. Which are your Top 5 James Horner scores?

    I've looked into James Horner's work (mostly through watching the movies), and I've decided not to start collecting James Horner at this point. Who knows, maybe later. I've my hands full right now collecting John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith (although I somewhat only rarely listen to Goldsmith).
  2. I guess I'll watch it eventually. But I'm in no hurry. Right now I'd rather rewatch the first 3 (maybe 4) movies. Patrick Doyle's contribution to the Potter franchise pales in comparison with what JW came up with, but Nicholas Hooper makes him sound like a genius!
  3. I've never even seen the last 3 Potter movies. I just lost interest.
  4. I think its purpose hasn't changed much. It's generally the "friendship theme." And since Hermione is Harry's good friend.... Ron is somewhat there for comic relief at least in this movie, so this theme doesn't quite lend itself to accompany his antics, I guess.
  5. I think so too. "Adapted" means little more than putting the pieces JW composed for PS and CoS together and see what fits where. The themes themselves are phenomenal; the "adaptation" sucks, in all honesty. Even the few original cues JW wrote for CoS are great. Ask those who think and are not shy to say so!
  6. Why don't you make a poll on that?
  7. Well said! Agreed 100%.
  8. I recently realized that I listen to CoS more often than I listen to PS! CoS includes some mind-blowingly good highlights. It's a shame these don't get mentioned here more often. These scenes are some of the few well-scored ones... Music starts at 2:20: The entire Spiders scene is fantastic, musically as well as visually. This almost sounds like music from Indiana Jones! The last scene, much more powerful than the ending of PS! I love this short scene when Hermione makes her first appearance, scored with themes from PS (terrible sound quality in the video, but the music is great)!
  9. Many people also trash the movie, which I don't understand at all. This movie is awesome, if somewhat lengthy (but this is a good thing, you do wanna get lost in this magic world, go on a long magical journey)...
  10. I've added a poll, with 4 questions.... For me: Yes. Yes. Yes. No. This score is absolutely fantastic, the new music especially, but also the old themes sound great (the opening prologue or the Knockturn Alley, for instance). Just the way the score was incorporated into the movie as a whole is frustratingly below standard. Not sure how much William Ross was involved, but considering both PS and POA have no problem whatsoever in this regard, it's rather obvious that it's mostly (I don't wanna say "all," although that's what I think) his fault.
  11. I've been listening to this a lot lately, and I gotta say, the new music JW wrote for this movie is really top notch. I'm fact, I sincerely believe it's better (of at least as good as) Prisoner of Azkaban. It's just the way of it was incorporated into the movie that sucks. Still, the music itself is absolutely fantastic, my favourites being Fawkes the Phoenix, Chamber of Secrets (the title track), Dobby the House Elf, and The Spiders.
  12. I really think it's Harry Potter and/or the Star Wars prequels. Of Indy, we've already seen an expansion treatment, although it's not complete.
  13. Happy 86th Birthday, Maestro Williams!

    Happy birthday, John Williams!
  14. Rate "The Post"!

    I just realised something. The first track, The Papers, sounds very much like Saving Buckbeak. It's the same rhythm and atmosphere, written in the same spirit. I guess it's the conspiratorial thing, something's afoot! That alone makes the music great. I still find the movie to be very underwhelming, although not as bad as Bridges of Spies.
  15. I remember reading somewhere that James Cameron heaped tons of praise on John Williams. Obviously, JW was his first choice for Titanic, but when that didn't happen, he seemed to take it philosophically. Oh well, James Horner was pretty awesome too! Now, I still wonder sometimes how a JW scored Titanic would have been. Probably no Celine Dion song, but a symphonic JW masterpiece on the same level as Schindler's List and E.T., with a dozen major and minor themes and motifs?