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  1. Josh500

    Williams' scariest music?

    Yeah, I don't think this is an actual instrument. At the very least, it could have been done with a synthesiser. But I agree, it sounds more like an actual whistle or something similar. Wonder how JW marked this in the written score.....
  2. Josh500

    Williams' scariest music?

    That's actually the first that came to mind for me, then the Jaws theme. Finding Orca from Jaws 2 features some scary music too. By the way, does anybody know how that sound effect (?) at 2:48 was achieved, when it sounds like air is leaking from the air tanks...? So effective!
  3. I apply this rule generally in life, not just with movies. Food, job, place of residence, girlfriend... 😂
  4. Yes, but.... This isn't school. Why would you let this bother you? Just don't watch those movies and don't listen to those scores! Problem solved!
  5. Josh500


    Wow, congrats! 20 years... And I've been a member for 15 of them. That's crazy! As a surprise, I expect John Williams himself to make a special appearance here....
  6. Josh500

    John Williams - Low Quantity Alerts!

    After the Discman, I even used Sony's MiniDiscman for a time! Actually I still think the MiniDisc should have taken off, instead of the Compact Disc. We're so used to it now, but if you think about it CDs are so impractical! They're easy to scratch, relatively big, rather awkward to handle, they skip so easily.... It's like the old LP vinyl records, only in miniature. The MiniDiscs are so much better! They don't scratch, they're smaller, they don't skip, they can be easily overwritten.
  7. Josh500

    John Williams - Low Quantity Alerts!

    Actually it did. As is the case with all orchestral music, it was the difference between hearing the contrabass clearly or not! I, naturally, preferred my music only with Mega Bass!
  8. Funny stuff! I just saw these outtakes for the first time... 😂
  9. Josh500

    John Williams - Low Quantity Alerts!

    The very first CD I ever bought was Schindler's List. I used to listen to it on my Discman over and over again... That was a pretty well-made little player! I think it lasted me well over a decade before it finally broke and stopped moving... I might have dropped it once too often. Oh well.
  10. Josh500

    John Williams - Low Quantity Alerts!

    I still remember at the very beginning, in the mid 90's, I used to listen to Jurassic Park on one of these bad boys! 😂 Ah, those were the days! And then the CD took off, and I got my very first Discman! I used to love Mega Bass...
  11. WTH isn't cussing. Cussing would be What the hell! 😂 Besides, if you have a new idea, create your own thread! This thread is for discussing Star Wars!
  12. Josh500

    John Williams - Low Quantity Alerts!

    You know, I used to think so too. Now it doesn't matter to me anymore, at least when it comes to CDs. For me, the advantages of digital releases seem to outweigh the joy of owning the physical products, it seems, especially since I hardly ever handle the CDs at all, after ripping them on the very first day. Plus, they take space. Books are different, though, at least for me. And that's only because I don't want to ruin my eyes by staring at some screen for hours on end... That's gotta be worse than staring at printed pages! And that's really the only reason. If it weren't for that, I'd welcome digital books too!
  13. Josh500

    John Williams - Low Quantity Alerts!

    Or soon it'd become possible to download these! In pristine digital FLAC files, complete with booklets and covers. I'd actually welcome that. No more waiting for the mailman, no more broken teeth, broken cases, scratched CDs, or battered slipcases because somebody decided to practice their soccer skills on them. All of our problem would be solved in an instant!
  14. Couldn't agree with you more! But if questions such as these are posed (Which score is the best? Or Which track of the new album is the greatest? or Which Harry Potter installment is the weakest? etc.), I think it's tacitly understood that it means in your opinion. It's just the few chumps that believe their opinion is the only one that matters and that could be right! "Great" means all sorts of different things to different people, after all. So it's not just hard to determine the objectively greatest Star Wars score, I'd say it's impossible! WTH you talking about? Wrong thread?😂