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  1. This afternoon I completed the full set of Alfred Hitchcock's 'big three' films given the live to picture treatment, with a fabulous performance of Vertigo by the BBC Concert Orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall. The orchestral forces were more conventional than Benny used in many of his scores, although there were still two harps, three flutes and two bass clarinets to remind us that this was a Bernard Herrmann score. The orchestra was led by the young Australian conductor Jessica Cottis and an excellent job she did too. I had only seen the film once before on TV and that was many years ago, so it was good to revisit it on the big screen now that I am old enough to know what was going on. The big setpieces such as The Nightmare and Scène d'Amour were especially magnificent, the music rightly given due prominence. I am hoping that orchestras will explore other Bernard Herrmann scores when considering live to picture concerts; wouldn't one of his fantasy scores such as Mysterious Island, Jason and the Argonauts or Journey to the Center of the Earth be brilliant? They didn't install an organ in the Royal Festival Hall for nothing, you know!
  2. This will be getting the live to picture treatment at the Royal Albert Hall with the Philharmonia Orchestra in December this year. Tickets go on sale tomorrow. Beauty and the Beast
  3. This was really good! Elmer's son Peter conducted the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra, while director John Landis proved to be a witty and engaging host. The pieces performed were as follows: National Geographic - Theme The Ten Commandments - Suite Hawaii - Main Titles Hollywood and the Stars - Theme The Man with the Golden Arm - Theme To Kill a Mockingbird - Suite The Magnificent Seven - Suite - INTERVAL - Walk on the Wild Side - Theme From the Terrace - Suite Three Amigos! - End Titles The Age of Innocence - Waltz and End Titles An American Werewolf in London - Suite The Great Escape - Suite - ENCORE - The Sweet Smell of Success - Theme The second half included a number of concert premieres / new arrangements. The hall was probably only about half full, which was a pity, although it did mean that lots of people with tickets for the circle were upgraded to the stalls and arena. Jenny Agutter was amongst those in the audience.
  4. This compilation video is of excellent quality!
  5. It wasn't Ride of the Valkyries, was it?
  6. I went to Hans Zimmer's concert at a packed Wembley Arena yesterday evening and was again happy that I did so. I know he gets flak from some quarters, but when he announced that he would be donating all the proceeds from the Wembley concert to those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire earlier in the week, the standing ovation he got from the audience was well deserved and quite moving. One of the highlights for me was when he invited Trevor Horn onto the stage to perform The Buggles' Video Killed the Radio Star. If this doesn't get you up and grooving you are dead to me!
  7. We won the U20 World Cup! There was much excitement in the last few minutes of the Scotland v England World Cup qualifier at Hampden Park in Glasgow yesterday. Scotland's Leigh Griffiths turned the game on its head with two stunning late free kicks before Harry Kane equalised in the dying moments of added time to silence the auld enemy. Both goalies ended with football pie all over their shirts.
  8. I love the contrapuntal bit with the trumpets in the cue On His Own from The Rare Breed, at about 12:45 here: The scene accompanies Jimmy Stewart's ultimately successful search for a Hereford bull which has survived a harsh winter against the odds.
  9. Jewish Town is in common time, 4/4 - four beats in a bar. I bought the sheet music with a view to murdering the piece on my violin.
  10. I even celebrated when the New Zealand girls beat the Australians!
  11. Composer Threads

    Violinist James Ehnes will be joining James Newton Howard for his London concert in November.
  12. I have been to Manly beach, believe it or not. I watched young women playing beach volleyball there.
  13. Roy Budd's score for the silent film The Phantom of the Opera will be performed live to picture at the London Coliseum in October! I hope this is a precursor to some of Roy Budd's other film music being programmed in concert. The Phantom of the Opera
  14. ☹️ Oh well, worse things happen at sea.