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  1. Classical music lovers would probably be most familiar with his Eclogue for piano and strings, Five Bagatelles, the clarinet concerto and the cello concerto. But I take your point. Love's Labour's Lost, which I posted somewhere earlier in this thread, deserves to be better known and played more often as well.
  2. There's nothing like a bit of Gerald Finzi at this time of year when the evenings are drawing in. One of his lesser known works is Farewell to Arms, the second part of which (Aria) is especially beautiful. Here it is sung by Ian Partridge with the New Philharmonia Orchestra.
  3. I would be very surprised if Anne-Sophie Mutter stopped her performance due to concerns about copyrighting. It was clearly distracting her enough that she felt it was affecting her performance for whatever reason, therefore I completely understand her stopping the performance and asking the young woman to stop. It might be that she was in a crabby mood that day and might otherwise have let it go, but that is her prerogative as the performer (Williams himself has gone on record as saying that she is a woman you cannot say no to). It might be partly a generational thing too. I grew up in an age without smartphones whereas many youngsters nowadays are used to having every aspect of their lives recorded for posterity as soon as they emerge from the womb (literally in some cases!); they therefore see nothing wrong in videoing anything and everything that happens to them and are less bothered by others that do so. I still feel a little self conscious just taking a couple of still photos with my camera at the end of a performance during the applause and cannot envisage myself ever recording during a performance in a classical concert. For me it is not a question of whether or not I can still enjoy the concert at the same time as videoing it, it is a question of whether or not I could do so without affecting other people's enjoyment of the concert. I usually do find the use of smartphones during a formal performance very distracting. At somewhere like the Royal Albert Hall where the seats in the stalls and circle are very steeply raked, you can easily see when someone in the rows in front of you turns their phone on. It seems that so many people cannot sit still for three quarters of an hour without checking their phone. I was at a Proms concert a few weeks ago where a man actually took a telephone call during a magical performance of John Luther Adams's In the Name of the Earth, until he was quickly taken to task by the people sitting around him. That said, I am open to accusations of hypocrisy here given that I have enjoyed the occasional video taken by concertgoers and indeed have linked to them plenty of times here. For example there was a video of the final scenes of E.T. live in concert that was brilliant, although I am glad I was not sitting behind the person taking it!
  4. It was the world premiere of Skyfall in concert at the Royal Albert Hall this evening and the audience was treated to two Newmans (or should I say Newmen?) for the price of one. The score was conducted by David before Thomas appeared on stage with him at the end. Bless! They should do a concert together some day and with Randy too, why not? Apologies for the crappy photo but here's the evidence:
  5. I am glad I was able to keep you "across the Czars", so to speak.
  6. From the description I am guessing it must have been Czarina Russell.
  7. I think that An Architect's Dream from The Towering Inferno and The City Sleeps from Earthquake would both make ideal accompaniments to the montages of those late costume designers and cinematographers whom we cannot quite place.
  8. The Sunday evening performance by the Philharmonia was astonishing, especially considering that it was the second time they had played the score today and the fourth time this weekend. Even after all these years and my familiarity with the score, there were so many little details I noticed in the orchestration for the first time. If someone had told me even five years ago that one day I would be able to hear the whole of the Battle of Hoth sequence and The Asteroid Field played live to the film I would not have believed them. It was great to hear the round of applause during the end credits when John Williams's name appeared and also to see Dirk Brosse hold up the score at the end.
  9. I will be setting off soon for the evening performance. I am very much looking forward to it. By the way...
  10. Michael Giacchino will also be conducting a Christmas variety show at the Royal Albert Hall on 20th December 2019. Colour me intrigued! https://www.royalalberthall.com/tickets/events/2019/royal-albert-hall-christmas-variety-show/
  11. I caught the last half an hour or so of that match on TV and was very impressed with the Dutch. Their third and fourth goals were the culmination of two excellent team moves. You are in a very difficult group with the Germans and also Norn Iron going well so far, so qualification could go down to the wire. I went to the England v Bulgaria match at Wembley on Saturday and we won 4-0 with Sir Henry Kane Esq. scoring a hat trick. In truth Bulgaria offered very little and were a far cry from their great team of the 1990s with the likes of Stoichkov, Letchkov and "the werewolf" Ivanov. I am also going to Southampton tomorrow evening to watch the England v Kosovo match, the first ever meeting between the two countries and the first time I will have been to an England home game anywhere other than at Wembley Stadium.
  12. I command you to trudge around the rough areas of Philly with your hands in your pockets like Bruce Springsteen in the Streets of Philadelphia video, but singing If We Were In Love from Yes, Giorgio in the same mumbling style as the Boss in said music video. And please, report back on how the Williams / Bergman classic goes down in the 'hood.
  13. Ben Stokes needs to be knighted. Now, please. Jack Leach too, might as well.
  14. Here is a nice performance of Giovanni Battista Pergolesi's Stabat Mater Dolorosa by the Academy of Ancient Music. Of added interest to John Williams fans is that the video was recorded at All Saints in Tooting, where the album version of The Fury was recorded with the LSO.
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