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  1. Omen II

    The Official World Cup Thread

    And another! āš½ļø
  2. Omen II

    The Official World Cup Thread

    Boof! Eat my goal. šŸ‡­šŸ‡· 2 v 0 šŸ‡¦šŸ‡·
  3. Well, I have the inclination, the maturity and the wherewithal...but unfortunately, I don't have the time.
  4. Omen II

    The Official World Cup Thread

    Raheem Sterling and Jesse Lingard both disappointed me again for England. The former is always trying to run through people with the ball (invariably losing it) while the latter gets into the right areas but has missed so many good chances in his international appearances. To his credit I thought Gareth Southgate made the right substitutions, although Dele Alli should have been hooked much earlier than he was. Harry Maguire gave the ball away a few times early doors but at least he was trying to pass the ball forwards, while Kieran Trippier had a good game. It looked as though Tunisia had decided to declare as soon as they scored their penalty, so overall I am happy with that result and getting three points on the board from our first game. Tunisia are the highest ranked African nation in the FIFA world rankings (21st, while England are 12th) so a comfortable victory was never a foregone conclusion. It isn't half hard work watching England in major tournaments, though!
  5. Incredibly, no. I was THAT close to tutting, but it was important to maintain some decorum in angustiis.
  6. Iā€™m English, so I turned around momentarily and gave them a look of mild displeasure.
  7. I would echo this. In contrast to the other Williams live to projection concerts I have seen at the Royal Albert Hall, this one was far from being a sell out. There was no programme available and I wonder if this was because they had not sold enough tickets to justify the cost of producing one. The price of the stalls tickets dropped considerably in the weeks leading up to the concert in an attempt to fill the arena and they were even advertising the concert with posters at Tube stations (I noticed one at Pimlico the other week, for example). I have to remind myself that this movie is more than forty years old and although film score buffs like we are here know how magnificent the music is, I suspect that the music as a whole is much less familiar to the general public (aside from the famous five-note motif) than, say, Jaws or Jurassic Park. This probably explained the smaller crowd but also the fact that those who did attend did so because they knew how great it would be if done right. I attended Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets recently at the same venue and there was a couple in the row behind who started to discuss loudly where to go for dinner afterwards while the end credits music played. They spoke even more loudly during the louder parts of the music to make sure they could hear each other over the sound of the orchestra!
  8. If everything's ready here on the dark side of the moon...play the five tones.
  9. Or maybe it will actually be a couple of books instead of CDs! The Boys' Bumper Book of Film Composers Film Composers and Their Amanuenses for You to Color The latter would be LaLa Land's contribution to the current (hopefully short-lived) trend for adult colouring books, published just too late for Christmas.
  10. Omen II

    What Are You Eating Tonight?

    Interesting. Most of the ones I eat are dead.
  11. Omen II

    The Italian Job: Live In Concert

    The Italian Job might not be the most obvious choice for a live in concert treatment, but this was enormously enjoyable. Even the venue was quite appropriate, given that the Theatre Royal has a statue of Noel Coward in the foyer (Coward plays Mr. Bridger in the film, of course). It made a nice change to see a film with a more jazz-oriented score and orchestral forces to match; there were 27 musicians including a harmonica player, saxophonist and small string section, all conducted ably by Robert Ziegler. I had wondered how they would tackle the two famous songs, i.e. On Days Like These which opens the movie and of course Getta Bloomin' Move On (Self Preservation Society), now one of the unofficial anthems of the England football team. Vocalist Lance Ellington, who will be familiar to many in the UK as one of the house band singers in Strictly Come Dancing, was on stage to sing the opening number in his best Matt Monro style. He also contributed to the few tracks requiring a vocal element, for example the version of Rule Britannia which plays as the vehicles board the ferry at Dover. For the latter song, they had prerecorded a group of well known celebrities and musicians to sing the lyrics, including Sanjeev Bhaskar, Richard Bratby and John Altman. It actually sounded surprisingly good! There was also a nice introduction by Michael Caine screened before the film started, in which he talked a bit about the film and his friendships with Noel Coward and Quincy Jones. Predictably the famous line "You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!" drew a round of applause from the audience.
  12. I have not seen any discussion of this. Did any JWFansters attend this down under? This article indicates that eight minutes of music have been restored for the live to projection performances.
  13. Omen II

    The Quick Question Thread

    Check out Gabrielle Anwar in Body Snatchers...
  14. Omen II

    Williams vs Zimmer

    This concept has endless possibilities. Tickets for Manfredini v Rosenman would fetch thousands on the secondary market with the enticing prospect of a blood-spattered Jason Voorhees staggering out from the wings to conduct the encore.