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  1. Been listening to it last night and this morning, Fun score.
  2. I find that the best scores tell a story in the music, much like a ballet or opera. Obtaining a complete presentation allows me to take the complete musical journey. i also find that there are short gems of music that are not a good fit for a general album, such as the transition cues in Krull. It is also good to hear ideas that didn’t work, such as alternates, as they allow me to better appreciate the work, and provide some great music in themselves.
  3. Yup, unnerving. It almost literally snarls at you (that growling brass), and that creepy skittering sound through some cues makes me think of ants crawling in my brain. I can also say that I was impressed by the sound quality. Still haven't listened to the whole thing, just highlights, but this one will eat you alive.
  4. Same here, though once in a while they get a lot of orders, and they get slightly inconsistent. I use the USPS Informed Delivery service, then I get notified when packages are sent regardless. UPS and FedEx have similar services.
  5. It arrived and sounds glorious. going to listen to this in great detail tomorrow.
  6. Mine shipped a couple of days back. Due tomorrow according to USPS.
  7. Because 2 Holy Grail releases so close. I have to say, Alien3 should be an incredible release. Glad they are having good sales.
  8. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    An old film, Carousel. A bit strange, heartwarming with one rather disturbing section about being hit, but not feeling pain. Yikes!
  9. No shipping notification yet on either Alien3 or Superman IV. They likely have a lot to work through.
  10. RIP Margot Kidder

    The Lois Lane I know and love from these movies, bringing a spark and sense of fun to the role. At turns feisty, vulnerable and funny. Rest in peace Margot.
  11. I never had the Blue Box, so this was a good sell for me. Hopefully it'll be combined with Alien3 order (I sent a PM) to save on shipping. Matessino and Jim Titus are my favorite names to see on a release.
  12. Blue Box contents with very minor tweaks. I know there was a monumental effort put into restoring this particular score for the Blue Box initially. Since I never got the Blue Box, this is likely a must buy for me.
  13. The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    This would be a great thing. All 4 scores getting individual releases is something I've been wishing would be done. If they do II and III, I wonder if they will be single disc releases, since the scores seem to fit on 1 CD each in the FSM set? Incidentally, I never picked up the Blue Box, so these will be all new to me.
  14. The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    Oh wow ... Between this and Alien3, this is a great month. Expensive times.