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  1. Given that this is apparently Elfman's socre without the Silvestri rejected material, do we know how much music is missing from the score album?
  2. I could easily live with Disney releasing it themselves if the mastering and decisions for the music itself are handled by Matessino, given his work and the trust placed in him by Williams. Even if they are bare bones, hardly any liner notes, and simple artwork (Teaser posters, or original LP covers with track listings on the back), I would be happy, given that it's really the music at the heart of it. The ideal of La-La Land Records doing it with Jim Titus artwork, and a presentation on par with the Superman and Harry Potter releases (and Close Encounters, and E.T. ... and on and on ...) is a pie-in-the-sky pipedream.
  3. I loved the OST releases for Sorcerer's Stone and Prizoner, however I found that these releases to be the best presentation for me. I sold on the OSTs in lieu of this set, and never looked back as they say. But the OST arrangement / editing etc. are definitely top notch.
  4. Personally, I love this edition, the clarity and the levels etc., sound perfect to my ears. Before this release, I listened to the Rhino 2 CD release a number of times, and once or twice to the OST with 2 missing tracks I had a while back, and found myself going back to it fairly frequently. I attribute this largely to the improved sound quality and clarity, and the levels etc. rarely enter my thoughts. The LLLR release is, IMHO, definitive and all one could possibly need.
  5. I some copies at WonderCon. Not a Vinyl person myself, but they certainly looked nice.
  6. Really love both scores, but for me Star Trek TMP is the big one.
  7. I picked up the CD at the booth on Friday, alone Schindlers List and a couple of other titles. Good to see the LLLR people again.
  8. I'm definitely attending that panel. I'll also check out the booth, see what they have for sale without shipping charges.
  9. Funny you should mention Employee3. He sent a email with a tracking number. The Employee3 drone is working.
  10. It’s good to hear some of the details behind the scenes, especially for a project like this. Since this is sourced from the original scoring masters, this is it. This is the best it can likely ever be. I’m happy that we have this, and that these scores are being preserved.
  11. I only have the Rhino release (signed by Margot Kidder, so I’m keeping it), and never picked up the Blue Box due to expense. When La-La Land released Superman IV, I got it, and the same with the Superman II/III set. I decided to spring for this primarily for the sonic upgrade, but also for the artwork, presentation etc. This looks like a truly difinitive edition, and is likely the only version of this score I’ll get.
  12. Willow would be awesome. Complete Battle Beyond The Stars, Sneakers or The Perfect Storm would be fantastic for me also.
  13. I suspect there may be legal concerns about posting the artwork. It's licensed for the CD release itself, but maybe not for online distribution. Just a wild guess.
  14. I happen to love this score a great deal, and have a copy of the Promo digitally, so this is a must buy. The one thing that caught my eye was that this will be 2 CDs. Perhaps the score on one disk, plus the promo on another?
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