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  1. What I don't get... is that they made... almost no attempt to actually edit the tracks properly... And... they tended to use the wrong takes... This makes me think that this set was made in haste... but what that would HAVE to mean is that they have remastered all the sessions. IF their intention is to create complete score releases, then this may be a quick cash grab for those who are willing to pay for them (as they're reasonably priced) so that when the 'complete' versions come out at a much more prohibitive price, they will still have made some money off of doing that whole remastering process.
  2. GoodMusician

    So what are the upcoming Williams scores?

    I don't know about 'Book Thief' but I'm pretty certain William's read Memoirs before he scored that film. If I recall, he gave the book to YoYo Ma (which I think was spoken about in the iTunes exclusive concert he and Williams did) and got him interested in doing the project. I think Spielberg was suppose to direct it originally but when he fell away as director, Williams' approached the new director, Rob Marshall, saying he wanted to do it and have YoYo Ma and Itzak Pearlman (which he says on the DVD/Blu Ray interview). Rob Marshall not being out of his mind said "yes, please!" As for 'The Book Thief,' I don't know. With JP3, he did make the original film music available to Don Davis who speaks of utilizing parts of JP1's score such as "The Entrance to the Park" motif as a source for the 'Mercenary Motif.' I can say they had the original sheet music because they actually performed the End Credits Pt II version so literally that he duplicated a transcription error that apparently never got corrected. This error was played by the Trombones but when the Horns came in, they didn't play it as written--which as a performer and knowing it's mostly the same brass players from the first two films--I can imagine their thought process "wtf? that's NOT the right note! We'll play it right!--and they did it CORRECTLY. So IF Williams had been more involved, that little error may not have snuck in.
  3. GoodMusician

    So what are the upcoming Williams scores?

    I know William's has announced his involvement with Star Wars but honestly, they're already filming Jurassic World and from my understanding, Williams didn't do JP3 because of a conflict with the scoring of A.I. (I don't remember if JP3's schedule got pushed back at all due to the changes in the script but I wonder if that changed the scoring sessions at all which would have made Williams ultimately available but oh well). I know he's not known for returning to a series after he's left so I don't hold out hope for him to return, but I would ABSOLUTELY love it if he did. Star Wars hasn't even begun filming yet so I'd really think Jurassic World would be something he could do before Star Wars.
  4. GoodMusician

    The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    He made it sound like Universal had really dropped the ball and done it without going through the proper legal channels. I almost wonder if that didn't halt production of an English Blu Ray as it was never released
  5. GoodMusician

    The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    OOooo!!! I'm sooo excited for CAPRICA! When I talked to Bear at Galacticon he mentioned there would be some GREAT material on it including the sketch of the theme... he was upset over the French Blu Ray having unapproved isolated music for this which weren't from the approved mixes (some sort of legal thing going on over that too) but this is gonna be so cool! yay!
  6. That answers that then. I swear I saw one but then again, I was half asleep when I saw this was posted.
  7. Sry, yes, "My" Christmas Tree...and it does say previously unreleased, but as seen by other comments on this, most people don't realize its on that other album. Just wondered if it had been confirmed as the film version.
  8. Any news on if "Christmas Tree" will be the one on the "Home Alone Christmas" album or the film version that's just choir/piano... I imagine it won't be the film version which is kinda annoying... but expected. I know it says 'previously unreleased' but hmm The other stuff! I'm happy for...I might have to get this lol
  9. To respond to scallenger, I like the TV HD rip. It's not "better quality" than the Blu ray, but it's a bigger image, more of the picture, and less grain than the blu ray. You can tell they don't have the original masters. Just copies because there is so much of that dark snow from data loss in all the images. If you watch the extended cuts of the Harry Potter films on blu ray, all the newly included scenes have that too becuase they're slightly less quality like an upconversion. I just hope this doesn't hamper the 3D...also...I wonder if they'll make the Potter Plant/ Stage Light blend in with thebackground or will they make those pop a little with the 3D :-p
  10. GoodMusician

    Hook prequel in the works

    Anyone ever figure out why he's named after a drug?
  11. GoodMusician

    Ever hear the women singing on SWANH: Princess Leia?

    I swear I have ALWAYS heard a low mens choir singing as Anakin and Padme are brought into the Arena in Episode II. Especially in the high shot over the geonosians and slowly moving in towards them in the arena... at 1:28...the low cello line. like a mens choir singing the main melody as an "mmm" sound PS: they need to SHOOT who ever's phone went off in that Leah video...wow...choir with that is more awesome than I realized! It seems there are two rules of concerts: cough and sneeze only when it's aboslutely quiet, and leave your phone on RING, never vibrate!
  12. Cause its different. The film version is edited and partially tracked from the Epilogue cue, but the film version, if you check, there's stuff before the tracked music. The original cue is only partially used and unreleased. Also Jason, I wonder, the X at the end of the slate for "Who Will Take Care Of Me" is that maybe because its another CD Extension? "X" for e'X'tension since the film version is different?
  13. GoodMusician

    Duel of the Fates Analysis

    One could navigate it and see who plays what. I think, even without much musical grasp, it would be somewhat easy to keep along. I know Clarinets play some interesting parts. heh
  14. I had both sets at one point or another and honestly, signal processing is smoke and mirrors in this case. The Original SE releases of the albums for the OT were really awesome. They had GREAT booklets that broke down every cue and talked about everything they went through to find the scores. Great wealths of knowledge. BUT... Empire was messed up bad because the original Tomlinson mixes only covered about half the score. So, in the matter of about 24 hours, they had to remix and master the rest of the score... needless to say, there were a TON of mistakes... horn channels flipped, lack of bass, narrow-mono string channels. It's just all messed up. Then, because they couldn't locate the original elements for ROTJ, that whole score suffers from extreme de-hissing and sounds flat. They knew this. They knew that people were complaining about the product. So, when they re-released these with new holographic covers and the lot, they marketed it as having gone through this "extraordinary" new processing... BS if you ask me. Then they re-released them again. As far as I'm concerned, they didn't do anything they said they did. They just changed the covers cause that's the ONLY difference I noticed and with how easily Sony lied about "every note" on the UE of Episode I, with no legal consequences I might add, they could have simply said that they did this...who's to argue they didn't? And in all consecutive re-releases, they DON'T include the liner notes... so I think for people like me (their audience) who buys the stuff, they knew they were re-printing a sub par product due to some sound quality issues AND removing the liner notes. Sounds like a bad idea right? "Lets Market it as having gone through this special sound process to IMPROVE THE SOUND! Like it's a new product! Like we HEARD our peoples cries!" ... But of course, it didn't do squat. As has been stated, if you can get the Anthology set, you will be far more pleased with its assembly and sound. If you can, hunt down the original pressing of the SE's because even though you'll get the same quality sound as the other sets, you'll get those FANTASTIC liner notes.