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  1. Oh, I get it. Sequels tend to cheapen everything that came before and themselves in the process. Because there never will be a happily ever after, the emperor wasn’t the end all and be all, and I’m sure there will be a Snoke 2.0, Emperor 3.0. I agree. You know why they left you wanting more with Snoke, right @Quintus? So here are the risks I saw Rian take: The fandom wanted a deep historical backstory for Snoke as some master architect character – Rian killed him off and made him unimportant to the story. The fandom wanted/expected some vital parentage for Rey, maybe even Skywalker's daughter – Rian made her a nobody. The fandom wanted Rey to play with the dark side, as is fashionable with heroes these days – Rian made her empathetic but unfazed by the dark side. The fandom wanted Luke to be an ongoing presence in the trilogy – Rian killed him off. Those are gambles. The divided reaction to this movie tells me Rian took risks. If you say he didn't take big enough chances, I'd agree. But having Luke be darker and edgier is not something I consider a risk (as the marketing hinted). It's pandering to fashion these days. Anyways, I just doubt we will ever see a big gamble with these movies under Disney.
  2. I reaaaallllly loved that detail. It’s the kind of thing you often see in ancient mythologies. These tiny misunderstandings that lead to cosmic consequences.
  3. To be fair, did you know much about the Emperor in the OT?
  4. I never understand people who think they own something by virtue of consuming it. Fair enough.
  5. Why don’t you judge for yourself? Need me to tell you what to think?
  6. I’m changing my vote to TLJ on a second viewing. The highs were higher, even if it is less consistent.
  7. We will likely never again get anything more than fine entertainment out of Star Wars. It’s a business model of an abstract and now even larger amorphous entity, not a wacky vision of a motor sport aficionado with mold growing on his face. And thats fine. You can get your fill and when you’re done you can unplug yourself from consuming the model. No, just critic and let’s English Major everything culture.
  8. Screw all the meters. Critic and audience. Toxic aspect of the modern entertainment world.
  9. Can’t help you there man. Sorry you didn’t like it.
  10. You are on point. I like someone willing to take risks.
  11. So New Alliance is basically John Williams aping Michael Giacchino aping John Williams. The circle is now complete. We have classy bombastic action music turned into mindless directionless bombastic action music with funky drums turned into classy mindless directionless bombastic action music with funky drums.
  12. If anything, rather than adding more new themes, John needs to kill some. It’s a bit of a leitmotif shitshow! He no longer writes music! Just stitches themes together.
  13. But dat Poe’s teme in the first track doe.... Wait is that Poe’s theme hybridized with the Resistance theme? What comes after it is clearly the resistance music. Johnny went beyond meth. I think he dropped acid. The first track is just a cacophony of motifs and themes.
  14. Some say Rian tried to poison the maestro's coffee. The hate is strong between the two.