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  1. The "I miss Disco Stu" thread

    I thought she was Ms. Trox. I always pictured her as a rotund cat-herder woman.
  2. I discovered more. Little details and connections from one end of the movie to the other....without hammering you over the head THAT THIS IS A CONNECTION. Beautiful cinematography and atmosphere, masterful transitions. On the second viewing I realized how well done the pacing of the film is. You are watching and learning the story in step with Gosling’s character. You don’t know more at any point, and you don’t know less. And the rare occasions you do feel a step ahead, there is just enough ambiguity to make you doubt, so you can’t runaway and solve the puzzle. That’s the mark of a good detective movie to me. I still felt some of the sets and lighting were disappointingly sterile and TRON: Legacy.
  3. In order to engender greater positivity and fill the dark negative void in your eternally damned souls, I will personally oversee the resurrection of this Church. It it is clear to me now that in my absence as Holy Messenger (by virtue of my deep connection to John Williams as his shrink), the masses at JWFan have turned to darkness and Negativity. We shall exorcise these demons and vanquish the dour!
  4. I hear we discuss this Negativity Cinematic Universe a lot at JWFan. It’s in every sub forum. Like Tolkien, is it time to have a sub forum dedicated to Negativity?
  5. The "I miss Disco Stu" thread

    I would only use the ignore list if it worked like Twitter’s block. You can’t see my amazing, insightful, powerful, moving posts if you are signed in.
  6. I just signed in yesterday and everyone is freaking out about name changes, FSM JWFan Reviews, Disco Stu has left, Stefan is asking if we need to change to appease FSM. I suspect he has divided loyalties at this point. Jay:
  7. Y’all are so dramatic you might win a dramatic performance Oscar.
  8. That second trailer blew. Hard.
  9. Dystopic science fiction is fun to dream about when you live a sunny life. At least half of America doesn’t feel very sunny these days.
  10. Great movie. Felt like Blade Runner despite the 30 something year gap. Which is more than most remakes, reboots, and sequels can say. That said I was bummed out by the lack of textural detail in the film. The original was just rich in visual textures and little touches that took the film, regardless of story and acting and music, to another dimension. By the third act the film looked as sterile and streamlined as Tron. Is Deakins to blame? Or did Denis just not take time for the little touches? But he had 40 extra minutes!
  11. To Justin White

    Steef, You whine too much. Regards, Blume
  12. The spambots are getting more sophisticated in their marketing tactics. Innocent questions like has anyone ever tried this penis enlargement pill? I’m considering ordering one, I’ve heard great things.
  13. The Photography Thread