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  1. Blumenkohl


    You never had a serious woman in your life have you?
  2. Blumenkohl

    ALBUM: Spells (Bonus Track Version)

  3. Blumenkohl


    My wife uses the BeatsX at the gym. I haven’t tried them myself. But they have almost the convenience of the AirPods (use the same Apple W1 chip).
  4. Blume Score: 100% Sublime. That is all, to say, really. Going off the beaten path to share music by one of my favorite artists, Ben Lukas Boysen (aka Hecq). If you want to be moved by music at some primordial level, this is it. Turn out the lights, put on your headphones, and press play. I imagine "Sleeper Beats Theme" is the music that plays as we all inevitably die.
  5. Blumenkohl


    So let’s stop spending money on fertilizer Joey old people.
  6. Blumenkohl


    Around 2/3 of annual government spending in the US is on welfare. In 2018 that’s $2.5 Trillion.
  7. Blumenkohl


    These are like the AKG K702 but with shrill highs. Cymbals will make your ears bleed. I like them for for video games though.
  8. Blumenkohl


    No opinion on IEMs since I don’t use them!
  9. Blumenkohl

    SCORE: Star Trek Nemesis (Deluxe Edition)

    The meditative quietness of this thread > the shit show that is General Discussions.
  10. Blumenkohl


    Better to starve free than live a slave!
  11. Blumenkohl

    How's your hearing? 2018 Check In.

    Tough to tell. At least a little hearing damage. Mine is just getting loud enough that it gets annoying if I wake up at 3:00 AM in the morning. Sounds like a TV is on. Incidentally, I can no longer hear a TV that's turned on...
  12. Blumenkohl


    Thoughts and prayers.
  13. Blumenkohl

    How's your hearing? 2018 Check In.

    Sounds like you need one of these: https://www.soundandvision.com/content/eminent-technology-trw-17-rotary-subwoofer
  14. Blumenkohl


    Aren't all people living under European socialism? "Let us join hands and be miserable together!"
  15. Blumenkohl


    Fuck it, do you want me to buy you a KSC75 for $10?