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  1. It's great. You haven't lived life if you haven't faced your most prized moments turning into pointlessness. Frankly you sound like a 10 year old. The mythological forefathers of Star Wars have always been about the endless, pointless struggle and this idea that your deeds matter, and speak volumes about you, especially in the face of pointlessness.
  2. Blumenkohl

    The official LBGT thread

    What a lovely day today isn’t it? (The above is my intentionally aggressive and emotionally violent rhetoric, intended to laud my white cis heteronormative privileged pleasure at the pleasant weather outside over Alex, who is ginger, an historically oppressed class, and who may have a rain cloud over him.)
  3. Blumenkohl

    The official LBGT thread

    They turned Steef into a bread person?! What do they have against gingers?! That’s what happens when you’re a part of victim culture. Everything is a premeditated and precision strike on you, Alex!
  4. Blumenkohl


    And that my friends...that is the sound of the crappy mainstream media with no journalistic integrity awkwardly stumbling to the ground while running with scissors. Happy no collusion day!
  5. Blumenkohl


    Ah, casually insulting millions of people you haven't the slightest clue about. The hallmark of intelligence, refinement, and dignity. What's fascinating about the Trump presidency isn't the presidency itself. It's the reaction to it. It's revealed so much about how bigoted and self-righteous pseudo-progressives are. They'd led us for a few decades that they were enlightened, inclusive, and evidence based. In fact, when push-comes to shove they fall for all the same basic cognitive errors they accuse the other side of. Watch Alex reply back and try to cite some confirmation bias for why Americans are in fact stupid. Y'know casually forgetting the whole "walk a mile in the other person's moccasins, get to know the individual, etc. etc..
  6. Blumenkohl


    Because he’s made it to president, got more money than either of us, and managed to dodge every “scandal” that’s been hurled at him? Come on Alex, don’t be daft. You can say a lot of fair things against him. But that he isn’t intelligent is just Fluffy makes you feel good bologna.
  7. Blumenkohl

    The Birthday Thread

    Who are you? And why do you have my birthday?! It’s mine! Mine I tell you! Get away!
  8. Blumenkohl

    The "I miss Bespin" Thread

    He was a Frenchist.
  9. Blumenkohl

    The "I miss Bespin" Thread

    I agree that the moderators are inconsistent. Stefancos should have been permabanned long ago.
  10. Blumenkohl

    Hans Zimmer's DUNKIRK

    C'mon. Show us your good work or GTFO. Spielberg and Williams would NEVER do such a thing.
  11. Blumenkohl

    The Secrets of John Williams Writing Tools Revealed

    I agree. This is a terrible clickbait title. Ban OP!
  12. Blumenkohl

    The Secrets of John Williams Writing Tools Revealed

    Eagle electronic scorer 350. The company isn’t around anymore. But a Google search shows John donated the Star Wars pencil for a charity auction. You can probably find some new vintage ones for $4-7
  13. Blumenkohl

    The Secrets of John Williams Writing Tools Revealed

    Fun fact, he's actually wearing those jean shorts under the desk in the picture I posted. I haven't tried the Palomino, but I've heard good things from colleagues. I used to have an on-off relationship with Tombow Mono, but they started making them in Vietnam and the relationship completely soured.
  14. Blumenkohl

    The Secrets of John Williams Writing Tools Revealed

    Oh won’t it be just so grand! Uni Mitsubishi Hi Uni is a superior pencil if you haven’t tried it. Just a noticeable ounce smoother. Lumos feel a little bit more grainy.