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  1. Blumenkohl


    Last time I went to Quebec (Montreal, a year ago) I did not even have to dust off my rusty French. Everyone spoke English to me. It was weird. I fought back with my rusty French anyway.
  2. Blumenkohl

    Anyone else need support?

  3. Blumenkohl

    Anyone else need support?

    You sound quite alone and isolated. Have you considered supplementing your medical treatment with a spiritual one? Join a church. Preferably one that is more structured with ritual and pomp (not protestant, think Catholic or Orthodox) supplemented with a great big organ. And just attend regularly for a while. See if you like it. You don’t need to believe. Just take part. I suggest this to you as an atheist myself.
  4. Blumenkohl

    Account merge request

    Can I merge with my old account Stefancos please?
  5. Blumenkohl


    3/4 of experts were saying the vote itself, if affirmative, would cause an economic crisis, due to uncertainty. The economy hasn’t changed drastically from before the vote. But let’s be kind allow that the actual exit date has to come to pass...before the crisis sets in. Shall I put you down as predicting the UK is fucked?
  6. Blumenkohl


    You can’t be racist against Northern Europeans brah.
  7. Blumenkohl


    You’re Belgian! Your ancestors spent their lives avoiding falling under the thumb of Imperial powers on the west and the east. And now you happily submit!
  8. Blumenkohl


    Stop it!
  9. Blumenkohl


    Eloquently put. Makes you have to run the books all over again to make sure you didn’t forget to carry a zero somewhere.
  10. Blumenkohl


    You are why I get lumped in with idiots. Blind support!
  11. Blumenkohl


    I revise my beliefs to fit the facts!
  12. Blumenkohl


    Are you still stuck on that? The world has moved on. We are about to have peace in the Korean Peninsula. We are resetting our relations with China. We’ve got free trade with Mexico and Canada sorted. Hell across the pond even Great Britain has not collapsed into the dark ages by leaving the Great Bureaucracy, while the EU slides into the dark ages under German rule. It’s greatest contribution to the world? Every fucking website giving me a pop up about their cookies. Fuck off you conquered Ginger!
  13. Blumenkohl


    You gotta be presidential bro.
  14. Blumenkohl


    I don’t really look at specs other than to determine power requirements. Only way to realize a good pair of headphones is to put them on and see if they work for you. Trial and error.
  15. Blumenkohl


    Quite remarkable actually, if you stick it out. Surreal but remarkable. In twenty minutes Kanye takes Trump from staunch pro-stop-and-frisk to “I’m open minded about it, I’m willing to change my mind.”