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  1. I think JWFan would be improved with ads. Watch this 15 to 30 second ad before you can read this post.
  2. It is always gratifying to be called arrogant by an entity larger and more powerful than you. Never when that entity is smaller or weaker.
  3. Crackhead Drax has lost his marbles!
  4. Say you're watching the next James Bond movie, and in some seasons Daniel Craig looks green like he is about to throw up and in others he looks perfectly healthy. That's the kind of problems you'd get if you did that. Or the grass looks blue on in one shot, and yellow in the next. The editors and graders might sit in a room for 10-12 hours per day color-correcting the film. Most monitors, TV's, projectors, can't keep color-accuracy for long stretches of time. So let's say you start your day at 8:00 AM. With a cheap monitor it could mean by 8:15 AM, the colors you see on the screen aren't accurate. The green LEDs might dim faster, the blues might be too bright, the reds might be too dim, which means the frame on screen that looks green at 11:00 AM is actually yellow at 8:00 AM. Or this is what might happen to your bright red color as the monitor loses accuracy: What happens is that everyone does their work on their cheaper monitors, and then at various checkpoints they take their work to these super expensive screens and check to make sure what they intended to look green looks green. These expensive reference monitors themselves can't maintain color accuracy for very long, maybe an hour at a time, and as the LEDs start to dim, they actually have indicator lights that say "what you're looking at is isn't color accurate." With these Apple monitors, the claim from the event is you can sit in the room for a full day, and the color you see at 8:00 PM is the same color you see at 8:00 AM when you started.
  5. Not at all. Apple targets this monitor at a slice of customer who have their own mounts 99.99% of the time. They fucked up the announcement though. This is a $6,000 monitor, period. You can opt to not get a stand with it and save $1,000. The monitor and the stand combined are as dirt cheap as Stefancos turned Amsterdam red-light district evening companion compared to the current reference monitors that are available: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1278465-REG/canon_1827c002_dp_v2420_17_4k_uhd.html/?smp=Y&ap=y&lsft=BI%3A514&gclid=CKu7xLnw2eICFWv-4wcdS34N-g 24", 4K, $29,500 and can't hold peak brightness for an hour. Comes with a stand though! https://www.adorama.com/tvlum310r.html?utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=adl-gbase 31", 4K, $32,395 and can't hold peak brightness more than an hour. Comes with a stand though! I've worked at places where there are only one of these monitors in the entire building, and you've got to share time on it. And Apple has come in and given pros 6K, Infinite Peak Brightness, 10-bit color, HDR, beautiful industrial design, and dropped the price by 10x. This is mind-blowing from the perspective of professionals. No. You're just clueless.
  6. Have you met your specialists? What was their initial assessment/recommendation? Not yet. But we'll see!
  7. Why do you have a thread if you don’t delve into the gory details of your struggle? WTF is the point of me coming here to read you went to a shrink if you don’t tell us why...and what you said and what they said, how you felt, whether you agreed, how your family reacted, the disturbing nightmares, etc. Bob Ross provided more dramatic episodic content!
  8. We haven’t! Not in a decade. We are a foul, mucilaginous emulsion of stagnant words, impure thoughts, and fervent, cultish religiosity wrapped in a shroud of inside jokes. The only change that graces us is rot! Now get the fuck back on topic before I report you all to our do-nothing moderation team!
  9. Do you eat industrial cricket powder and mass produced grass shakes?
  10. What do you expect from people who spend thirty minutes of an hour long dinner figuring out what numbers to plug into an app to split a fucking $25 check?
  11. Star Trek: Picard Let us squeeze the old Trekkies for a few more pennies one last time, for old times sake.
  12. Avg Age of Forum: Older than when Joey first started posting here. Pictured: Joey when he first started posting here...
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