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  1. How bad does a film have to be that you call in George Lucas to save its story?
  2. I know movies have passed me by when I read names of actors, and have no clue who they are, despite having watched the movie they're in.
  3. The mistake wasn't to continue the film with a new script. The mistake was to try and redo the original in the first place.
  4. Godzilla Raids Again sucks. Looks like Godzilla is buried in a pile of icing sugar.
  5. Finally some good news about this film. Probably made some demos and they realized what a shitty choice they made.
  6. If the fact that human beings play a single instrument in a score can become that significant, Jesus, what state is film music in?
  7. No problem. I found the best way to deal with someone like you is to just politely nod, and walk away.
  8. I won't watch a video whose title starts with "George Lucas lectures"
  9. The universe is so gigantic, and we end up, of all planets, on Endor again? GTFO
  10. You could have put scenes from the last 5 Star Wars films into this trailer, and I wouldn't have noticed.
  11. What bugs me the most about this Trailer is that there is nothing even remotely interesting and enticing about it. No interesting lines, no interesting plot teases. It basically goes like: "The Force - destiny - here's C3PO for you nerds - Star Wars - just watch it" The whole thing says this is Star Wars, so you'll watch it anyway.
  12. That this thread is only two pages says everything about the state of this franchise.
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