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  1. How about N64 games for download on Switch? I don't care one iota about SNES.
  2. It's not infantalization. People are now raised to be narcissists, which only seems like infantalization because infants have no consciousness of right and wrong yet. People are educated to not accept criticism of any kind, under any circumstances. "You do you"
  3. 3 hours for a Horror film? What the fuck is wrong with movies today?
  4. Star Trek films, while they are great films, never felt like big cinematic movies, but rather like a multiple parts TV episode.
  5. When the movie will inevitably fail as a wrap up of the whole saga, watch the apologists turn around and say "it's just a movie".
  6. I have a hard time finding a story in this new trilogy. What is it? Rey's "journey" that has no obstacles whatsoever?
  7. It's not poetry, for god's sake. After 9 bloody movies, it's a damn running gag.
  8. Can't be that hard to get Shore to write some music for this. Must be expensive, though. After all, he needs to get paid compensation for having to Hansify his score to please the suits.
  9. Williams has more than enough lead left for such a youngling.
  10. You have quality standards in the negative star range, so that doesn't count.
  11. Just watched the first Spider-Man movie. Just such an awesome film. Jesus, what happened to movies?
  12. Something to read: https://www.forbes.com/sites/michaelshellenberger/2019/08/26/why-everything-they-say-about-the-amazon-including-that-its-the-lungs-of-the-world-is-wrong/#63199935bde0 Something to just look at for those who clearly refuse to read:
  13. By the way, for some actual data instead of fake panic news, as per the Global Fire Emission Database, the cumulative monthly fire count as of August 21st is below 2016, and overall within the 15 year average. According to NASA, activity was slightly higher in Amazonas and Rondonia, but below average in Mato Grosso and Para. The 42 areas of Amazonas that are officially protected are totally fine, by the way, no deforestation. 40% of Amazonas are outside Brazil. On top of that, what causes these fires to a large degree are ranchers and farmers who lay fires to illegally acquire land. Large parts in the last 20 years have been legally destroyed for, wait for it, soy bean production. If that isn't some hypocrisy ... let's eat less animals to "save the planet", while eating the soy crap that destroys far more than cattle. Also, the rainforest will remain largely intact until at least 2100 according to research the past few years, even with higher emissions. It survived the last glacial minimum, when it was quite warmer than it is now. And even if large parts did die - oxygen residence time is 3000-10.000 years. If all the plants on this planet were miraculously wiped out tomorrow, we could breathe oxygen exactly the same for roughly 2.000 years until the sea level oxygen pressure got down to 60%, which is equal to the Tibetan plateau. At which point, vegetation will have inevitably grown back again. But I apologize in advance to Alexcremers for spoiling his nice fear mongering thread, started with nothing but a polemic statement and a random photo, with pesky facts.
  14. It's false advertising for one. It's a chore to listen to, as well. Anything else is secondary.
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