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  1. gkgyver

    Explain Your Avatar

    Self explanatory. Never been a bigger fan of America.
  2. I know these pieces, I'm pretty far in the game. It's nothing I would listen to on its own.
  3. Am I the only one thinking that BOTW's score isn't that memorable? It sure fits the game, and it can be very soothing, given that you sometimes, you know, wander around aimlessly, but altogether, I find it a bit dissapointing. Just bumping this because I got the Switch plus game for Christmas, and am about to enter Hyrule Castle.
  4. Anything noteworthy in the last months? How about a name?
  5. gkgyver

    Patrick Doyle's DEATH ON THE NILE (2020)

    Then don't set it up. There are about a dozen stories suitable for adaption.
  6. Every time I hear underage girls getting major roles like this in Hollywood, I can't help but get a bad taste in my mouth.
  7. I predict it'll have one new theme, one suite of said new theme, many out of context force theme statements, the tone of Last Jedi, some rerecordings of OT material, and will end with - sigh - Binary Sunset.
  8. gkgyver

    In your opinion, is Avatar a GREAT score?

    Too long with Titanic theme ripoff.
  9. gkgyver

    Contacting John Williams?

    I don't know how much you make per month, but my guess is, not enough for this.
  10. Decided against getting a second box, and will spend the money on a Nintendo Switch instead.
  11. gkgyver

    What Are You Eating Tonight?

    Dominos is a good place to order pizza. I know the proper italian pizza has a crunchy crust (well, most of them), but I want my pizza with a soft and fluffy rim, which is how I make them at home, and Domino's is closest to that in my area. And when I order extra cheese, they do mean extra cheese.
  12. gkgyver

    What Are You Eating Tonight?

    My part of Bavaria is big on fish, as we have plenty of them in our lakes and streams, so it's tradition here to eat carp in the first week of New Year. A friend of ours has a gastronomy, and they have their own carp ponds, so I had a freshly baked peppercorn carp today. Each fish is spliced in half, dusted with some flour and ground black peppercorns, and fried in butter fat until especially the tail and fins are crunchy like crisps. The result is a crispy skin, extremely savory and crispy tail and fin, and a juicy carp filet on the bone. As kids, we used to fight for the crispy tail. Some lemon juice on the freshly fried fish, and with it we had some marvellous beetroot salad, potato salad (not the ghastly mayo version), and a sweet and sour leek salad. Frankonian meals are usually fuss-free. Cook leeks with some onion, take the harshest vinegar you can find, stretch with some cooking water, add an unhealthy amount of sugar and salt, and marinate the fuck out of the leeks until they turn grey.
  13. gkgyver

    Question about the Nazgul music

    My guess is voicing.