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  1. At this point, I really couldn't care less about original original original versions. These movies are 35-42 years old. I say take what's available and move on.
  2. Most evocative Bond music ever.
  3. Never heard one of his songs in my life. And if I did hear one and it didn't grab my attention, then the answer is probably Yes.
  4. Yes, that's the point of my post, so not sure why you remind me. Bond retiring and that girl taking his number is just such a good metaphor for feminazism, though. Moderate feminism used to be about both genders coexisting equally, whereas modern feminazism is all about "we are taking this over now because you are bad, we are better, and you won't get it back". That's also the difference between said female agents in previous films, and that crap above.
  5. As if the concept of a "female Bond" was anything new. Anya Amasova, the agent in Licence To Kill whose name I can't remember, Wai Lin, Jynx, etc. But 20th century feminazism has killed other fun things, so why not James Bond? After it inevitably fails, and sexism is properly blamed, maybe we can reboot James Bond, too. Maybe with proper composers again.
  6. Originals: No Prequels: Partially Sequels: Heavily
  7. You expect something evolutionary from Hans Zimmer?
  8. Stefan looks like he's approaching Johnny's age. Rapidly.
  9. Marinated two pounds of Iberico ribs with a Louisiana dry rub, and put them on the grill with some wood chips for a few hours.
  10. Meanwhile, look at half naked billboard ads, appreciate them for their character, and admire those women for their courage and unwavering loyalty to emancipation.
  11. Yes, back when superheroes could be fun, and weren't overloaded with fake melodrama.
  12. That's because the rest is getting so fat that a dad bod is the new sixpack.
  13. Is it even politically allowed anymore to find women hot because they're hot?
  14. Haven't seen the film, but purely by the themes, these are by far Giacchino's weakest franchise scores. Just very very paint by the numbers. Doesn't reflect Spider-Man to me at all. Might as well be unused material from Star Trek or Jurassic World.
  15. I could get used to it.
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