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  1. gkgyver

    The Netherlands

    Just be sure to cry lots of crocodile tears every time this happens, while continuing to support unchecked immigration. How very bipolar.
  2. gkgyver

    Anyone else have sexual problems?

    The first 69% were told they had these problems by women, 11% fear they could be told they have these problems by women, and 20% are single, and/or gay.
  3. gkgyver

    Anyone else fat?

    Do you drink alcohol on a daily Basis? Because that will do it. Metabolism doesn't slow down that significantly in this timeframe. I'm 34, and lost 25 pounds last year on a semi-restrictive diet and 20 minutes of running every day.
  4. gkgyver

    What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    There is a weekly special on TV here, showing the early Bond movies. Haven't seen them in forever. Watching Thunderball right now. Film making used to be so simple, so effective, so unafraid to be obvious and provocative, so ... fun. The fuck happened? You can't watch a film these days without getting fucked in the brain with a moral or political message.
  5. First of all, I didn't forbid him his opinion, I said it's sad, which is my opinion, so, spare me the empty virtue signalling. Second of all, nobody cares.
  6. gkgyver

    Will you watch Bryan Singer's movies again?

    Fuck that pervert. Fuck anyone sympathizing with the pervert.
  7. Not necessary, December 2019 will bring enough material.
  8. That is one of the saddest things I've ever read on this board.
  9. gkgyver

    Alan Silvestri's Pirates of the Caribbean

    Piccolos make even the frogs gay.
  10. gkgyver

    Alan Silvestri's Pirates of the Caribbean

    His exact phrasing was "girly man instruments". Don't revise history, boy.
  11. gkgyver

    Batman Vs. Titanic

    What a wierd comparison. Why not compare The Godfather and Jaws while you're at it?
  12. Nobody needs to watch AOTC again, in any form.
  13. gkgyver

    Batman Vs. Titanic

    Titanic is the most overblown trash ever.
  14. gkgyver

    Hans Zimmer's DUNKIRK

    Imagine hearing this idea and thinking it's good. Imagine thinking a 100- minute Hans Zimmer piece wouldn't leave you comatose.
  15. He should have scored Captain Marvel, would have been good at least then.